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  1. My guess is users will have to make our own if we want a new thread every week. But probably a single "master" thread will suffice.
  2. I think Jared Padalecki is super cute, if only because he's the rare working actor in my preferred height range, but that hair. . . early on I thought he was trying to cover up the enormous forehead. But at this point it has to be that he's trying to assert his heterosexuality through heinous fashion choices.
  3. Excellent extra credit topic @deangirl! Tara must never be allowed to forget Under the Dome!
  4. David's bad accent(s) at the end are more of Dylan's pernicious influence. Clearly that was the terrible Freud accent Dylan/Luke Perry improvised about a hundred seasons ago.
  5. As one of your self-appointed EHG historians, I believe I can shed light on the confusion over the Dawson's Creek mugging episode. My memory is that it was first rejected on the grounds that it wasn't the absolute worst Dawson's Creek episode out there. But in a precedent-setting reversal, it was later decided that, just as canon episodes don't necessarily have to be the single best, nonacs don't have the burden of being the very worst. It was then retroactively given nonac status. However! Dawson's Creek has no episode in the canon, and EHG historians continue to debate over whether "Downtow
  6. I think we've known Woody Allen is gross for a long time. The Soon Yi stuff happened in 1992.
  7. Had the exactly same thought. Maybe Sarah just liked Seeing Dr. Elizabeth Corday steal the episode.
  8. Neither "Blink" nor "Midnight" are typical Dr Who episodes: "Blink" was written to give both series leads a break in the production schedule, and "Midnight" was from the following season, when they had a "Doctor heavy" episode followed by a "companion heavy" episode, so the actors could have their breaks in shifts. Which I'm only pointing out because it's interesting that EHG listeners clearly think the only way to sneak the show into the canon is by finding episodes that elide the shows core elements. Anyway, "Midnight" is well loved by the "real" fans, but it contains my absolute biggest Dr
  9. It's in one of the sound clips. When David tries to blame his sex-addict love interest for her bad taste in men, she says something like "I didn't choose my father." Is that Shawn Christian in the visual aids as Donna's new himbo? People will know him from soaps, but to me he'll always be Shawn Christian of Star Search, Tremors 3, and that one episode of the American Coupling.
  10. I don't know what it says about me that during the discussion about Nailed It judges I had the thought, "But Jason Mantzoukas has a very serious egg allergy!" Like, how do I even know that? Does the internet get beamed directly into my brain while I sleep? But now that I've seen the episode, I know that this is fully addressed, and those were some crumbly eggless cakes.
  11. Considering recent news, I don't think my worries received enough attention at the time.
  12. My feelings about The Good Place are similar to Tara's. It's a fine way to pass 20 minutes. I more or less like it. But it almost never makes me laugh, and I feel disconnected from the fuss over it. My best friend has feelings about Deadwood that are similar to Sarah's. Were she here, she would say that in addition to finding the Shakespearean speechifying annoying, life is too cheap on the show, and the hero (however hot) is too much of a sour puss to counterbalance it. Personally, it's one of my all-time favorites, but such is life's rich pageant, I guess.
  13. Did you get to the one where Joe puts an SNL episode forward for the canon, and in the process talks himself out of it? To me that's the defining moment of Mark I. (The defining moment of Mark II, since no one asked, is the one where everyone has to watch Under the Dome, and Sarah takes personal umbridge at the fact that it even exists.)
  14. Two things: One, I knew from the screencaps not only who selected the episode, but who it would be for. So I'm that weirdo. Two, Back when Tara was doing the Pickle and Peanut theme song challenge, this was the clip youtube chose to show me when I asked it what the fuck Pickle and Peanut is. So I've now seen exactly 6:18 of the show, and it's the same 3:09 twice. I'm sure I have a very clear idea of what it is!
  15. Congrats on the book! I can't wait to buy it! Though I'm a little concerned that y'all are in a monkey's paw situation where you've been cursed to be connected professionally to this dumb show forever. . .
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