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MarkHB: nope, but good guess.

Hint: the political parts of the show are fairly highly-rated but leave the critics unimpressed, while all the critics say the comedians have a great future in in cult films ahead of them.

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sorry I can't seem to spoiler tag it

It's simple.  Either click on the little slash-in-a-circle symbol above the box and enter what you want spoiled in the little window, or type [ spoiler] and [/ spoiler] before and after it (only without the spaces).  (I took the liberty of fixing the spoiler tags in your post.  Hope you don't mind. :) )

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Nope. Further hint: the rom-com lead was a doctor in a previous life. (Also, sorry this was kind of misleading, but the show itself isn't a rom-com, just the actor I'm referring to is known for them.)

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She's an athletic robot, fighting crime in a frilly-aproned dress, tiara and an amazing set of bracelets! She also has to make sure the nosy neighbor doesn't find out her secret! Life is hard when you're ....

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11 hours ago, Twilight Man said:

Gene Rayburn hosts a 30 minute game show at the local Renaissance Faire for a chance at the Iron Throne. Charles Nelson Reilly co-stars as the foppish court jester with a little secret of his own...


Match Game of Thrones!


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