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  1. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: Weird Questions Lightning Round

    Further Aaron Sorkin Porn Titles: Pajama Penises But Your Little Brother Is Standing In The Middle of Two Afghanis The Jackoff-el
  2. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: Important TV Telephones

    Two words, boys and girls: FOOTBALL PHONE.
  3. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: The Forcening Returns: Dave Forces Sarah

    Dave, you're a monster. Also, someone with actual PS skills please make one of these for this: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/friendship-ended-with-mudasir
  4. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: Other Tanks, Other Sharks

    The restraint you just showed for not making a "You're dead to me!" joke is admirable.
  5. I'm sorry, Timothy who? Looks like you mis-spelled his name there. :)
  6. Misanthrope

    Sneaky Pete

    I've been missing my requisite con man show since White Collar went off the air (don't judge me). I doubt it will live up to Hustle, but I'm hoping for a Leverage-esque crime romp.
  7. Misanthrope

    S04.E09: Broken Promises

    Dear Fitz & Radcliffe: When you correct someone that Ada's an android, not a robot, not only are you being assholes, you're being incorrect. Androids are robots BY DEFINITION. They're a type of robot, specifically a humanoid robot.
  8. I was totally prepared to snarkwatch this show until you said Tarsem Singh. The Fall is one of the most under-rated films of all time (OF ALL TIME!) [See, Kanye agrees with me!] so it's probably worth a shot.
  9. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: The Sum Of Their Parts

    Khloe's award sounds more like a booty prize to me...
  10. Misanthrope

    S03.E09: The Present

    Literally me last night: Sitting down to watch the episode: "Well, now that we're finally done with this Flashpoint horseshit, Barry can stop obsessing about changing the past." (Barry IMMEDIATELY starts obsessing about changing the future.) Me: GOD DAMMIT.
  11. Misanthrope

    EHG 134: Going Long With Saturday Night Live

    Some of my favorite SNL sketches: Bill Hader's Alien Sportscaster sketch. I love Hader, and they did 2-3 of these and they're all just bonkers in the best way. This is the only clip I could find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b84Ra-etfd4 Z-Shirt: This one needs an explanation. The first half of this sketch aired early in the show, and the second half aired like an hour later, completely taking everyone by surprise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fgEpyu2gHU Darrell's House: Another one that only makes sense in total. Again, the first half aired early on, and is just weird as fuck. Then the second part airs later and it all becomes brilliant. Part One: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/darrells-house/n36356 Part Two: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/darrells-house-ii/n36360 Lastly, I'm still shocked this one, from the Richard Pryor show, ever aired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2u1bpXVGHE
  12. Misanthrope

    Luke Cage

    Good news! She has yet to meet her comics-canonical husband yet. Bad news! It's Iron Fist. I mean, it may be good, but I doubt it.
  13. Misanthrope

    S04.E02: Meet the New Boss

    That book also figures heavily in to the lore of Dr Strange, which seems like not a coincidence.
  14. Misanthrope

    Luke Cage

    I felt silly for a few minutes last week when I took Friday off from work just to mainline this show, but it seems I might have made the right call.
  15. Misanthrope

    EHG Mini: Favourite Childhood Cartoon

    Favorite cartoon when I was a kid (literally taped the whole series onto VCR), Starblazers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItKC89IVEJc Still one of the best theme songs of all time. OF ALL TIME! Favorite cartoon as an adult: Legend of Korra. I love serialization, really. Both tell a long-term story with consquences and action.