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S04.E08: Wishful Thinking

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Sam and Dean come to a town where wishes come true and no one is careful about what they ask for.


Bi-polar Teddy Bear...need I say more?


Oh my Chuck, do I love this episode. It's got a little bit of whimsy, it's got a little bit of crazy and it's got a whole bunch of whack-a-do that I adore. I don't even care that Sam Rami's character did so very wrong, in the end he reversed the wishes and I was greatly entertained. I rarely find child actors all that impressive, but man both Audrey and Todd were fantastic and really held their own. And Dean's little speech at the end. Love it, I tell you...Love. It.

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So, I've been working my way through season 4. I think I finally figured why I find this season so hard to rewatch. It gives me serious whiplash. Not only from episode to episode but often within an episode. They started tackling such enormous issues and it's all interspersed with "funny". And for the sake of funny, they need Dean to be walking upright despite remembering 40 years of hell and Sam not being affected while they chase teddy bears and bar wenches.


Don't get me wrong, I adore the bar wench and the bipolar teddy bear but the extreme tone change between and sometimes within episodes is annoying the hell out of me.


Well, and I still can't believe Dean can string two sentences together with 40 years of hell memories in his head. But I've come to terms that I will never get over that particular ridiculousness. Maybe.


Loved Audrey. Best child actress ever.

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I really like this episode.  The teddy bear.  The kid yelling "Kneel before Todd!"  I wasn't really thrilled with the guy who wished for the girl, but at least he started to have a conscience about it.  They didn't make him one of their human "monsters".  I watch this episode whenever it comes around.  It never fails to amuse me.  


The only problem I had with this episode was how easily the little girl let Sam and Dean into the house.  It bothers me every time.  

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OMG, you guys, this episode had me laughing so hard last night. I especially enjoyed anything to do with Audrey. This show had some very good kid actors back in the day. Her whole "ouch in the head sad" monologue got me to giggling so very hard. And Sam and Dean's reactions are just so priceless.

I'm really enjoying this re-watch ever so much. I took a break from re-watching for about a year and it feels kinda like I've returned home after a very long trip.

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This one was viewed last night during my 'I'm going to watch supernatural slightly inebriated' binge... And Oh my gosh was it so funny.

i hadn't seen this episode in a year or two, which was nice .

Everything about Audrey and the Teddy Bear was hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing and that little actress was just so brilliant. Dean and Sam the teddy bear doctors, and they way they talked to Audrey had me rolling. Much needed laughs (unlike Yellow Fever laughs that are tinged with bitterness, lol)

however, my one gripe so far is that SEASON 4 gives me whiplash.  Deadly serious episodes intercut with humorous episodes are making it tough to follow where the brothers Winchester stand with each other and undermine the seriousness of the angel/demon drama

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8 hours ago, GirlyGeek said:

however, my one gripe so far is that SEASON 4 gives me whiplash.  Deadly serious episodes intercut with humorous episodes are making it tough to follow where the brothers Winchester stand with each other and undermine the seriousness of the angel/demon drama

That was kinda my reaction to the first part of S4 when rewatching this summer. I think they needed to smooth the edges a bit more so the mythology flowed from episode to episode better. I think they do a much better job of it in S5, but this has always been something the show has struggled with, IMO. 

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I feel the need to give the perky waiter at the beginning credit. He was believably annoying without being unpleasant. "Damn right I wanted to save naked women" may be the most Dean Winchester sentence ever spoken. I'm amazed that Sam and Dean had an appropriate badge ready to pose as "teddy bear doctors." They both pull out health inspector badges when they had not been posing as health inspectors before. (And after I type that Dean fumbles for the same badge at the Chinese restaurant) "Ouch in the head sad," "smells like the bus," and "For tea parties!" That Audrey actress was great. Poor suicidal teddy bear. That invisible boy was on Disney Channel. Why are so many Supernatural people on Disney Channel? Him, Lilith, Jared. I know there's more. Oh, I just noticed that Dean quotes Spider-Man in an episode guest starring Ted Raimi! Nice job, show. 

The weird shifts in tone are much more noticeable in marathons than they are week to week. 

The last scene on the pier is just gorgeous. And knowing stuff from future episodes make Dean's speech about hell even sadder. Namely,


"The things that I saw... there aren't words. There is no forgetting. There's no making it better. Because it is right here... [taps his head] forever. You wouldn't understand. And I could never make you understand." Oh, he'll understand one day, Dean. 

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"Damn right I wanted to save naked women" please dean you already did in S1 Ep3, that's enough for one lifetime buddy ;)

okay, me, my sister and mother mother were rolling when not only the teddy bear tried killing himself, but when he was screaming he wasn't dead. OMG. and the camera went away from the face as if we can't bear to see the gore of him shooting himself, LOL

"You actually walked up to a wishing well...dropped a dime...and wished to be invisible so you could spy on women in the shower?" lmao that line delivery by jared is so on point. but sam kinda let out the part that he was naked too. like....why naked...._.

you know that jensen is a good actor when #62787: dean was talking about his time in hell and his expressions and delivery was so on point i avoided looking at him almost the whole scene. i wonder if sam will do anything to try to understand how dean felt in hell so he won't bear it alone. that's what i would do.

also random but because jared is so basketball giant jensen gets overlooked, so when the camera panned out with him walking on the pier i noticed for the first time how tall he actually is.

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The teddy bear just about killed me. Then I was dressing my daughter and realized her onesie had a teddy bear not unlike the one in the show, which cracked me up. 

This was a fun episode. I loved that Dean asked for a sandwich. Todd was hilarious and Audrey's parents look sunburned and less than relaxed. 

The town and mountains were gorgeous. I want to go to there 

Agree on the tone change comments. The final scenes were well done but felt tacked on 

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In bizarre news, the young actor who played Todd, the bullied young boy in this episode ("Kneel before Todd!") is currently on trial in British Columbia for the murder of his mother in 2020. He also had an elaborate plan to drive to Ottawa and kill the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  You just never know about people.

I didn't realize it but he also played an unnamed character in 11x01 - the young man who found Castiel in the barn after Rowena's attack dog spell.

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I’m doing a selective rewatch of the show and that ep came up for me just a couple of days ago. I actually thought, “I wonder what little Todd’s up to these days,” but didn’t check. When I saw that news yesterday and read about the situation, it made me so sad. You’re absolutely right - you just never know.

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