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  1. Not sure if this is the place to post this, but look who was behind me at the airport?! I was looking at a sign that was far away, LOL, but we both look confused HA HA. (my friend snapped this pic even though I said it wasn't necessary, LOL- didn't bother him. he was on the phone)
  2. Did we know Felicia Day was Pregnant? I've been MIA for awhile. Is this for real? If so, yay! :)
  3. GirlyGeek

    S12.E07: Rock Never Dies

    I always assumed that was a condition of Vince saying "YES" to possession by Lucifer. Wasn't that even alluded to in the episode?
  4. GirlyGeek

    S12.E07: Rock Never Dies

    Pretty dull episode and I'm so over Lucifer. But wow did the boys look good. Loving Sam's hair for once too You know its not good when that's all I've got ;)
  5. GirlyGeek

    S12.E05: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

    I haven't decided how I feel about this episode- there was some WTF moments and some funny moments and I enjoyed some of Sam and Dean's bantering. Loved the grenade launcher and agree with someone upthread: I bet they do argue over the use of the grenade launcher way more than we get to see :) The fight scenes seemed both intense and over the top... no? I mean, it really pulled me out of the episode to watch Sam and Dean punch, kick, get thrown through walls and furniture and then get right back up again. It was like they were given super hero status all of a sudden. No blood? No bruises at all? Not even a limp? Just jump back up and keep kicking ass? I know this is 'hollywood' and it happens a lot but it seemed excessive that there was literally ZERO consequences for 2 humans getting pummeled in the face. I also don't get all the nail biting about being related to Hitler. I mean, who cares? I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep if I got that news- it would effect my life in zero ways and would have zero implications on the type of person I was... hmm
  6. GirlyGeek

    S12.E03: The Foundry

    This: "Did you cut your hair?" Mary: "I'm gonna keep it short if I'm gonna go out on a hunt, you know? Why give the bad guys the advantage of long, pullable hair, right?" Dean: "Wow. I've been trying to tell Sam that for years." **** and this: Sam: "I mean, she's trying to bury herself in hunting to avoid dealing." Dean: "And how do you know that?" Sam: "Years of personal experience." ** Had me laughing so hard! So, I liked this episode (and we are on a roll this season, which makes me very uneasy). I love how awkward it is for Sam and Dean and Mary to co-exist- just as it should be. Trying to find how they all fit together... and turns out they just can't right now. I get, I really do get why Mary needed to leave. But the instant shut down of Dean, the way he stepped back and turned away- like he'd been punched in the gut. Heartbreaking to watch and Jensen killed it. This is the first time in many years that I've enjoyed SPN so much right out of the gate, so I'm wary but optimistic. :)
  7. GirlyGeek

    S12.E02: Mamma Mia

    One thing I forgot to mention: It seemed to me like Dean and Sam were skirting around the issue of Sam getting back into hunting after Stanford. Anyone else? Like they didn't want to say: well Yellow Eyes (you remember him mom, the one you made a deal with??!) well he killed Sam's almost-fiancee by burning her on the ceiling just like you. Ok, so they wouldn't say it like that, but I kept waiting for Dean or Sam to say that Sam jumped back in because of Jess dying... and they went right around it. In an episode where they didn't seem to be sugar coating much, was this intentional? I could be way reading into it, though.
  8. GirlyGeek

    S12.E02: Mamma Mia

    Loved this episode and so surprising since it was B/L for writers. I'm trying not to get too excited for this season, but its coming up all good so far. Yes, I could have used a little more 'reunion time' between the boys and between Sam and Mary. And a little less Lucifer time. But overall it was great and I'm interested in the Season. Loved the ending. Jared played it perfectly and managed to make Sam look so little somehow (LOL, cause he's a freakin giant compared to Mary). Broke my heart watching Sam talk to Mary- he was looking at her like she was going to explode or poof out of existence. And Dean. Doesn't know how to act, what to do, what to say, but is trying anyway. The way he deals with Mary is sweet to watch. He's softer, reverent... IDK its hard to put into words, but Jensen is playing it so well. And the end scene, with him looking at old photos and drinking on the floor of the kitchen was well done. Mary's back, just down the hall, but Dean's looking at old photos instead. The reality of her there is not easy for him to get a grip on, and its different, I'm sure, from all the times he's wished or hoped she'd be there. And he's keeping a bit of distance, because he knows the Winchesters don't get a break, they don't get to keep good things, and they lose the ones they love. And I don't know if Dean could lose his mom again. The old photo (from the alternate universe) is odd, and seems way too obvious for the prop team to get wrong. Could Dean have kept the photo when in the alternate universe and brought it back with him? Would the photo still exist (head-hurty, timeline wonkiness).
  9. I can't disagree with you too much. But, to be fair, the character of Dean is such a TV trope, a complete cliche, that its easy to see 'copied' in other roles. Dean's only saving grace was that they lucked out on casting Jensen. He gave Dean life and pushed him beyond the cliche. As for Timeless, I actually laughed a little when the NOTDEAN guy said his wife's name was Jessica and Really, out of all the names that's what you choose? LOL way to look like you're moving on from SPN
  10. GirlyGeek

    S08.E08: Hunteri Heroici

    Finally a breath of fresh air! And I can't even be mad with the flashbacks because I am finally getting insight into what the heck Sam is doing/feeling, etc! Its about 8 episodes and a 1,000 Sam bitchfaces! and Sam bitterness too late, but hey, I'll take it! I see now where Amelia gets her down right rude attitude and sour lemon look. Her dad is a prince too. But its through his words that we get a smidgen of insight into what the writers are trying to tell us about Sam. I don't like it and I don't agree, but there it is. Other than the FBs, I love this episode. Funny, the brothers and Cas are more like earlier season's versions of themselves and Cas talking to the Cat is hilarious. The cartoon deaths are endearing and funny, too.
  11. GirlyGeek

    S08.E06: Southern Comfort

    No. Just no. I can't with that conversation at the end. Every single time I see it, my jaw just hangs open like... "really? how did these guys allow these words to be filmed?!" And I just don't understand how or why Sam is so pissed off about Benny? It blows my mind. Threatening to be the hunter that kills him?! Just spiteful and hateful. That's not Sam. I think I've made my feelings pretty clear on this Season. Not sure if I should continue to post, lol. Not good for my blood pressure obviously.
  12. GirlyGeek

    S08.E05: Blood Brother

    I could watch the Purgatory flashbacks or Dean and Benny hunt all day long. I liked that about this episode. Unfortunately every single scene with Sam just pissed me off. Amelia is a bitch. There is nothing redeeming about her character and not one bit of chemistry between her and Sam. I just don't get what the writers were trying to do?? You know when, in AHBL2 there was some wonkiness with the shooting schedule and the weather and the ending got a little hacked up and green-screeny? I can forgive that. I still love the episode. Want to know why? Because Sam and Dean were still Sam and Dean. This wasn't the case with these episodes or Season 8 in general. A new head-honcho should have meant fresh, new, well-thought out storylines. Not this mess. The writers were handed so much potential on a freaking silver platter, and still screwed it up. There wasn't issues with the shooting schedules or actor schedules or weather problems or blah blah blah... nope, they just sucked. Dean in Purgatory- WOW could have been great. A year is a long time to be in a daily war with monsters. Think of the potential storylines. Even if they didn't show him in Purgatory, just him coming back could have been great. PTSD and difficulty coping with being back and the real world, etc etc. I mean, they just didn't even bother to try. Sam left alone, not sure where Dean is. Everyone he trusts and cares about is dead? WOW could have been great. What I wouldn't give to have seen Sam leave Dick Roman's building. Alone. walking out to the very broken Impala, getting in and trying to start the car and it won't and Sam loses it. That is compelling and interesting and moves the character along. Having him look for Dean for a day, a week, hitting dead ends. Trying to call Meg or Crowley or Garth or Charlie or heck even Jodi Mills for help. Or, even showing where he was going/where his head was at when he hit the dog. What he was doing in between the time Dean died and when he met Amelia. Giving Amelia a personality. ANY of those things would have made this better. I come away from the first part of S8 wondering if they were writing these characters so poorly on purpose?? With the wealth of storylines and threads they could have followed... its just blatant piss poor writing and direction. Makes my head hurt. Luckily I like my TV too much to throw things at it.
  13. GirlyGeek

    S08.E03: Heartache

    Unfortunately, I know it doesn't. But I can deal once the majority of S8 is over. Its palatable (for the most part) after S 8 (but sometimes not by much).
  14. GirlyGeek

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I'm late to this party but I'm leaning towards BMOL are a bigger issue than what's being said so far. Perhaps the women we've seen don't have all the info and are acting on orders (grunts on the ground following commands without all the facts)...? Maybe they're being fed the info and going after the 'enemies' based on orders alone? I'm picturing kind of a Watcher's Council, directing the (obedient/not Buffy) Slayer(s)... (sorry for the Buffy reference for those that have no clue what I'm talking about) :) As for Mary, I'm stuck on one idea, based on the wording the Amara used: "Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you." *needed* My brains been stuck on the idea that Mary will literally be needed for whatever is coming next/big bad/etc. I'm going to wait a couple more episodes before deciding on how I feel about the BMOL. But, I will reiterate- this show's season premiere really need to be 2-parters. It rarely ever fails that the premiere episode is a lot of set up with no payoff and then we have to wait until episode 2 to get any kind of closure (after waiting all summer already). Someone remind me next year to NOT watch episode 1 until the following week when I can watch them together!!
  15. GirlyGeek

    S08.E03: Heartache

    Hate hate hate Hate this episode. Hate this Season 8 nonsense. Hate these Revenants that are calling themselves Sam and Dean. Dean's being passive aggressive and the writing has him going way overboard (Yay hunting! Hunt all the time! All we need is us! Normal life? Why would anyone want that?) and then he's just picking, picking, picking at Sam (you remember Kevin? Hey guess you missed that during your 'time off'...). And Sam's just NOT SAM. He's a whiny, mopey, asshole. I'm sorry, but he IS acting like Dean returning to the land of the living somehow means Dean pissed in Sam's cheerios for all time. Sam's character assassination is the worst for me. Dean's I can hand wave as his way of coping after Purgatory. But this train wreck is NOT how Sam would cope. I'm surprised he didn't sell the Impala for money for Amsterdam or something equally not Sam. It doesn't even make sense from one episode to the next. Also, Amelia can die in a fire. I can barely make it through these episodes. I care about these characters, and the writers of this season (and the show runner) were obviously writing for some other people called Sam and Dean.