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  1. Why do exits need to be numbered anyway? Just name them based on where they lead. That seems more useful to me.
  2. I used to watch House and kinda liked it until about season 4, maybe 5, I think. I recently started it again on Amazon Prime and barely made it into season 2. There was a humanity to him at the very beginning that seems to disappear fast in favor of more and more outrageous behavior. Having said that, some of the scenes at the clinic with weird and stupid patients are still rather funny.
  3. Has anyone seen Vikingane aka Norsemen? It's hilarious and a little disturbing but I've been laughing my socks off. I found it on Netflix Canada and since I don't see any discussion around here, I'm assuming it's not everywhere. I think it's Norwegian. The beginning of the trailer sums up the tone quite nicely. Norsemen season 1 trailer
  4. I actually thought this was a series and got all excited about Charlize Theron doing a whole series. Still, I liked it. Although I was a little disappointed that Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) ended up playing a bad guy again. He was so impressive as the Artist in the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. An absolutely enchanting performance.
  5. I haven't seen or used them but they seem like they would get fogged up like glasses. Then you end up having to take them off because of that and have your hands in your face anyway.
  6. Me too. Although I'm wondering if it's still so delightfully awkward when they are adults themselves.
  7. In my city, they made them all automated and added signs that pushing was not necessary anymore. At least one good thing coming from this: no more having to push the "begging button"! I really hope it stays that way.
  8. So funny and interesting on how this could be seen. I interpreted is somewhat like Fincher wanted it. Well, almost. I didn't think it would be a kid who killed the cat but just any future serial killer. Some start later. I love Anna Torv's and @Taryn74's interpretation too. Excuse me now while I go hug my cats.
  9. I think the sword is long enough to have a healthy distance.😉
  10. There was nothing clever about HIMYM. That frame about the kids became ridiculous after a while. I'm still mystified what people found so good about it. I watched quite a few episodes to see what the fuss was about and really, Ted, the "Nice Guy", Marshall almost a caricature of a person. And then, there was Barney. Yikes. The female characters were somewhat easier to handle but overall, I don't really know. And then what I heard about the end, it was a textbook case of showrunners not having a plan after the show got renewed for a few times.
  11. I went to get a hair cut. I feel like a person all of a sudden again and not some shut-in with questionable hair. I generally tend to underestimate what a difference such changes can make to someone's mental health. There was a lot of hand washing, sanitizing and both I and the stylist wore masks until he had to cut around my ears, then I took mine off. Overall, I felt it was a good experience. And now I don't need to keep tucking my bangs behind my ears anymore and keep my hands out of my face. It's the little things.
  12. I have two litter boxes for the two cats. One of them might use the second one once a week to pee, maybe twice. For about a year, they used them both equally but since around January, it's just the one. I'm fairly certain, once I take it away, they will start peeing in that place. Or at least complain. They pop in once in a while, dig a bit and then walk away. The digging is just for fun. I cleaned it, disinfected it, replaced parts, I even used parts of the favorite one (it's a whole system). No change. At least the favorite one is in the laundry room, so I'm ok with it all.
  13. Fox and Scully, waiting for more boxes to guard.
  14. 'confused' is not an infinitive, and 'is' does not indicate one either. Split infinitives refer to constructions like: To boldly go where no man has gone before. You "split" 'to go' by having an adverb boldly between to and the non-finite verb form go.
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