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  1. Police shows and movies have celebrated the "no-rules-apply-to-me" kind of cop character for decades while denigrating the internal affairs kind of cop or made fun of the one that actually follows the rules. Law and Order SVU isn't an exception to this at all. Benson just followed in Stabler's footsteps, didn't she?
  2. All I can think of would be a society with mandatory birth control and you need to apply for a licence and fulfill some basic criteria, maybe take a test, when you want to have children. I guess we aren't there yet.
  3. I just watched the Cardassian Damar throw the sticky Kanar (some popular alcoholic drink on Cardassia) against the mirror in Start Trek DS-9. One or two episodes later, he gets off his ass and rebels. And also becomes a more interesting character in the process. The mirror helps to find your better self, at least on TV.
  4. I'm not surprised. I'm just always rather uncomfortable with that scene in one of the Star Wars movies where they are fixing something on Han Solo's spaceship I think. I'm not terribly familiar with the Star Wars movies. His face is creepy.
  5. I guess my unpopular opinion is that I would never put the words nuanced and charismatic together in a sentence with Harrison Ford. It mystifies me what so many see here. To me he has an underlying aggression that I find utterly offputting especially with his leading ladies/love interests/background wives.
  6. So, these days, do female sports teams get a cheer-leading squad? And would they be female or male or co-ed?
  7. Being from a country where the only cheering comes from the audience, I'll never understand cheer-leading. Why do American athletes need cheering so much? And why does it have to be from girls wearing skirts that barely count as such?
  8. This just confirms that having children should require a licence and detailed vetting. Adopting requires all kinds of tests and questionnaires and stuff, I will never understand why everyone is allowed to have children without at least a few caveats in place. Apart from, can you afford to have one, give 10 reasons why do you want one? If more than 5 reasons have to do with yourself, that should automatically disqualify you.
  9. I think I've used them all now, the video talking apps. MS Teams for meetings with colleagues, Google with my Coop board, Skype with my mom and sister, whatsapp or FB messenger with friends, Webex for meetings, I attended a workshop on Zoom, and in the fall, I will be using the new Learning Management software our uni has acquired, Canvas and Panopto for lecture recording. It's exhausting and I'm sick of them all.
  10. I just started watching. It's better than I expected. Although the main character is kinda boring. The boss vampires could wash their faces once in a while. Just saying. They're kinda gross. Episode 1.07. Seriously, Julius. Gross. I like that Vanessa isn't entirely invulnerable. This show is so dark I couldn't see what was different about the one that bit her. Also, I wasn't paying a lot of attention.
  11. If you make a show about characters, you don't need to dump them on a mysterious tropical island with a polar bear. A suburban setting will do. So much crap, they tried to sell with Lost. I stopped watching in season 2 when I realized that I would never learn why there was a polar bear. At least not to my satisfaction. I cared more about that poor animal than any of those characters.
  12. The creepiness would rather spoil my appetite.
  13. I just re-watched and I noticed something I've never noticed before. At the very beginning when the camera moves around Doc's house, one of the clocks has a guy hanging from the hands. And I've seen the movie many times. I don't know if it's particularly meaningful but it has great re-watch value and it's probably one of the very few movies I don't get tired of.
  14. I will always crack up at: I am your density.
  15. She seems to say: Why is half my face on the floor?!
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