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  1. I don't. I wish I knew. Maybe they are weightless? But then they should float? The whole thing makes very little sense if any at all. Or they stand on the out-of-phase floor and we perceive it as "our" floor?
  2. What does that mean? If it's just one person thinking that, I wouldn't worry about it. And writing in a way that gets everything across is difficult for many people. That happens to many. I blame a lot of conflict and stupid arguments on the internet for that. Writing isn't speaking. A lot is lost.
  3. That would have been reason enough for me not to go. Lilac looks terrible on me. 😉
  4. I have the same. It works well as long as you clean it once a week and replace the filter once a month. I had to replace one after 2 years with two cats in the house. The pump was making too much noise in the end. I'm still dreaming about this one but they don't deliver to Canada (yet). No plastic and no filters to replace. https://miaustore.com/us/
  5. The difference between can in You can go. and can in That's a large can. is mostly because functional words like modal auxiliaries such as can, will, etc. are unstressed, so the vowel in the middle becomes reduced. While nouns like can, box, etc. don't show this reduction. How much reduction and what the vowel in the noun is, does differ across English variants. Also the amount of nasalization of that vowel compared to the one in cat. In case you want to check out the Yale American dialect atlas: https://ygdp.yale.edu/phenomena-by-category Although it's mostly about grammatical
  6. I like the soundtrack in Blade 3. And Ryan Reynold's abs. Agreed on the Bond movies. They're all stupid and ridiculous and to me pretty much all the same. I like the ones with Judi Dench. And the ones with Timothy Dalton. And the ones with Pierce Brosnan. These actors are the good things about those movies for me. I couldn't tell you which title goes with which movie. I can tell you however the plot of them all: Something with an over-the-top bad guy and some McGuffin device and/or a McGuffin plot reason. Or two. Rarely three.
  7. Pet Peeve about inspirational quotes. Why are they on furniture? Every time I see a piece with something on it I think this would get old so very very fast if I had to look at it every day multiple times.
  8. Thank you for the exemption. Because I was about to launch a defence of Craig Ferguson with multiple supporting youtube clips as evidence. Thanks for saving me the time!
  9. So, this Teigen person is famous for oversharing and being a bitch on Social Media? That's it? I hate this. Her sharing her miscarriage seemed to help quite a few women including my sister who is still dealing with her own experience having a stillborn baby. I hate that this was coming from someone like that. I'm grateful my sister doesn't know these things. You know, there is sharing to form or support a community and then there is just oversharing. Which looks like an addiction.
  10. Maybe we should move the grammar talk to the Say What? Literally and other offenders on the grammar police Especially since this kind of stuff veers dangerously into linguistic discrimination when not kept in check. Also, most of these grammar pet peeves are really not grammar rules but style preferences. Many are only style preferences and some have function in discourse. Language doesn't exist in a vacuum and doesn't exist if it's not spoken. And when it's spoken, we change it. And many so-called grammar rules are based on an 18th century guy's preferences. https:
  11. Yeah, I didn't get it either when I watched it the first time recently. I guess you had to be there. Boring and meandering.
  12. And there goes a part of my childhood. The Drei HaselnĂŒsse fĂŒr Aschenbrödel played around Christmas every year in Germany. I so wanted to be her and ride that horse!
  13. That's pretty much my strategy. Buy cheap at the beginning and build slowly.
  14. Facebook Purity. It cuts down quite a bit. But you need to install on all your devices. https://www.fbpurity.com
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