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  1. I don't really care about Shatner's ego. He's probably the one who cares about that the most. I keep thinking that they should shoot a few of those flat-earthers up there.
  2. They are gorgeous! And I'm sorry, I don't know how to operate a Mac.
  3. Well, try, I want to see them! I open the pic in Paint and then reduce by 50% and save. Does that not work for you?
  4. We do that too 😉. I'm very happy to see that Quirk has come around to cuddling with the room mate! And always happy to see the other two black kitties around here!
  5. One of the things they haven't gotten bored of yet. Although crawling underneath is a new one. Up until now, they would just catch imaginary things that disappear underneath. I'm not sure.
  6. My cats don't like noisy toys. Crinkly paper balls, bells on toys, noisy bags, it's all a big "I don't care". The latest, I saw Scully fake-jumping around/attacking something. I thought it was an ant. Instead, it was a dried-up piece of carrot. She loves that thing. And she's not a cat who plays a lot by herself. I just found Fox like this while I was on the phone.
  7. I'm no Trekkie by any means but I doubt the idea of Star Trek was for a few bajillionaries to make a few jumps. These things look like vanity projects of people who don't know anymore what to do with their money. Not an undertaking that is supposed to benefit humanity. I'm happy for the people who get to go for one reason or another or because the bajillionaires decide that they like the idea of this or that person to go, but I feel this is an utterly obscene way to spend a ton of money. Call me a cynic, I've been called worse.
  8. Not even Brida and Aelswith? Is Hild in the books?
  9. Well, then you obviously shouldn't get up. Unless there is something edible.
  10. Judge Fox presiding in the box.
  11. I'm only a fairly new pet owner and except for when the only cat I had in childhood went missing, I haven't had to deal with the loss of a pet yet. But you all sharing your grief here is helping me to prepare a bit for that inevitable loss. So, thank you, @isalicat for sharing. You have my condolences for your loss. You gave him a home in his later years and I'm sure he had a wonderful life with you despite hating the washcloth baths.
  12. My default browser on Windows and Android is Opera. Maybe that will help?
  13. My department has a Twitter account, that I have access to. It's for posting departmental news but if there is really something to read on Twitter that wouldn't otherwise be accessible, I guess I could use that. I don't think that's gonna happen. FB is for work for me. Colleagues and members of work groups are spread all over the world. Institutions, conference calls and updates from my university I went to grad school to, also in there. My Cat Rescue, so I know if there is an emergency and someone can't do their shift, things like that. In the end, it's really all about how you use
  14. It probably was an accident but I also think at this point, he probably wasn't too concerned about keeping it all secret from Sam anymore, who was now old enough to figure things out. So, leaving the journal behind was probably partly an accident and partly from not caring too much anymore. It also gave an easy way to get Sam to find out and avoid the conversation altogether.
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