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  1. I skipped the last season, it just didn't seem interesting and rather unsubtle in how it presented relationships based on clips I saw and what people said about it here. However, this seems better. The casting for Diana looks spot on, and while I'm not sure about Maggie Thatcher, I will watch anything Gillian Anderson does at least once. And I do wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that first conversation.
  2. Huge pet peeve: Leaf blowers and snow blowers. They're not really doing anything. And when I walk past someone blowing, I get blown with leaves, dust or snow! They should be outlawed. Use a bloody rake and a shovel. It's good exercise, it's quiet and doesn't stink like diesel.
  3. Sending you all my best wishes, crossing fingers, and because I'm also German, we are squeezing our thumbs for good luck!
  4. Nirvana. Any day. I can't believe I never got to see them. Janis and Bon Scott would be interesting. Freddie and David Bowie would be a PARTY! and I'm not sure I'm ready for a party yet.
  5. I wish people would stop running after the next food fad on the internet or TV all the time. I mean, it's not complicated. Reduce your processed food, eat more vegs than meat, eat more fruit than sugary stuff, go with complex carbs over simple ones. Moderation in everything. In the end, no one says anything different.
  6. Every time a new movie with witches comes out, I'm reminded of what Meryl Streep said when she turned 40, all of a sudden she got offered a lot of witches and how she wondered about society's horror about older women. Meryl Streep on being offered a lot of witches in one year.
  7. Always newspapers over TV for me. But I'm old fashioned.
  8. I think I can confirm that for myself. I don't get sick much but as soon as I'm around children under 10 for a day or 2, I get a cold. I swear, they invent and breed new germs.
  9. I also try to keep my news sources international. As a German Canadian, I read Canadian and German news. Different perspectives on the same thing.
  10. That's always been true to some degree. However, what I consider reliable is at least based on someone doing some work on their research. I heard it from my auntie who heard it from her neighbor who heard it from some guy on FB is not research.
  11. Maybe someone should tell him NOT TO YELL! This seems especially threatening.
  12. I would cancel. Cleaning can be postponed. I have cleaning done once a year at most, sometimes less. My teeth are fine. It seems you have a good cleaning routine at home. It can wait until next year if your are so anxious and also considering the WHO's advice.
  13. Congratulations! That was a LOT of interviews!
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