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  1. A brief history of singular they A brief history of you Early Modern English pronouns
  2. I have loved every soundtrack Ramin Djawadi has ever put together but this cover is pretty awesome.
  3. I'm with @GHScorpiosRule on Pierce Brosnan. I started watching for him. After him, I watched for Judi Dench. So, I'm done again. Overall, I can't really tell one movie from the other, they all seem the same to me. And I found Sean Connery rather skeevy.
  4. A brief history of singular they and the idiots who tried to police its use. https://public.oed.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-singular-they/ I believe however that the use of they here is a tendency these days to use the subject form as a case of over correction. If I'm not sure, subject form feels better. Hence the changes with conjoined pronouns such as: I'd like this to remain between you and I. I'm thinking that we are about to lose the distinction altogether, a development that is well established for subject 'you' and object 'you' in plural and singular and subject 'it' and object 'it'. Some dialects only have 'them' already.
  5. Nothing romantic about the final scene but Julie was never a real person for Miller, just a means or a symbol. So, kissing an image of her makes sense, although it's still creepy as hell. I'm just glad he and his terrible hair is gone, I'm assuming at least for a while (never read the source books, so I don't really know). This is scifi, so I expect some kind of protomlecule return. What I want to know is What happened to the missiles?
  6. I would think that doctors would be equally worried about quarantine. That part made no sense other than making it look like Holden had more reason to shoot at them other than containing the information. I still can't stand Miller or Holden. I was so hoping that would be it. For Miller. For a moment there, I almost liked him sitting there, for once seeming a little less miserable and assholish.
  7. I finally started watching this and it strikes me that these supes (the homophone makes giggle. How do you kill a supe? You eat it. Sorry.) are not scary for the obvious reasons. They are not scary because they are superpowered but because they are awful people with too much power. Homelander as the overpowered psychotic child who stares at his own portrait, Deep with the casting couch, Translucent, the peeping Tom, A-train, a regular douchebag. I will try watching anything Kripke develops, but I'm quite intrigued by this. Sooo much better than Timeless.
  8. All I'm wondering is what is wrong with seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
  9. No need to buy one. I've been using the free version of Avira for 15 years. No problems. However, that won't help with issues that are usually resolved by patching the operating system. So, you still might want to update to Windows 10. You don't actually have to buy a new computer unless your current one is too old to run Win10.
  10. I'm rewatching Spin City and I'm still bitter about them breaking up Ashley and Mike after the first season. They were an enjoyable couple and all of a sudden the show seemed to become about everyone's dating life. Was it so hard to keep writing about city politics and Mike and Ahley maneuvering often being on opposite sides professionally? I guess it was.
  11. I'm in. I love the use of the phrases heard over and over and over. Every guy's worst nightmare, must give HIM the benefit of the doubt, etc.
  12. Deadwood springs to mind when it comes to beautiful stylized dialogue without being repetitive. Except for the swearing. Although even that was beautiful.
  13. I guess that's why I won't find my personal favourite Timothy Olyphant on this since I can't see him agreeing to this circus show.
  14. That seems to me like such a medieval attitude to women's bodies and their worth.
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