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  1. supposebly

    A Star is Born (2018)

    As an Alias fan, I loved Arvin Sloane being in AA.
  2. supposebly

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    You must have watched Supernatural. TWOP was much better in reigning in this kind of stuff. People found it too harsh. I often found it not harsh enough.
  3. supposebly

    The Last Kingdom

    (Hopefully) finishing season 3 on this still awfully cold day. Episode 5. Soo proud of Edward. Aand Haesten is running again. Dick move, Alfred. using this as a teaching moment with the slight hope that Uthred might get killed in the meantime. So very very petty. I loved the conversation between Alfred and Uthred, both pointing out each other's greatest dreams and failures at the same time. Episode 6. So much love for Brida. I guess the morale of this story is, don't stick a stick up anyone's arse, especially not a seer's. Uthred is right, Cnut is a weasel. Althelwold is however even more of a weasel. I do hope Brida gets to kill them both. She deserves it. That was rather harsh with Sihtric. Alfred really hates that he always needs Uthred, and now Edward will need him too. Episode 8: Seriously, Aethelwold, he doesn't learn, does he? Does he want to loose another eye? Or something else? Ding dong the "seer" is dead! Finally! She was such a one-note character. Hi Hild! It's been a while! I missed her. Final Episode: Excellent Ending! Although I think Brida should have finished the weasel. Feel so sad for Father Beocca, Thyra's death was horrifying. Aethelwold has long outlived his amusement factor after he killed Ragnar. The scene between Alfred and Uthred was beautiful. Some kind of closure. I liked that Alfred had enough honesty to admit that a lot of his actions were out of pettiness and fear. And proving by leaving Uthred out of the chronicles, kings and victors write history. Haesten got away again?
  4. He has the right to an attorney. However, I hope he'll alienate ALL the good ones. It seems he's doing a good job of that.
  5. I always wanted to become her when I grew up.
  6. supposebly

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    So, after quitting this show after season 10 and the stupid killing Death debacle (or rather the Carver years that slowly made me hate the Winchesters), I had heard JDM was coming back, so I watched. And I wish I hadn't. While it was a nice piece of Winchester family fluff and Supernatural nostalgia, I also think this wasn't particularly on point. Closure episodes had been done before and frankly, much much better, such as in In My Time of Dying or in The Song Remains the Same. Or even the one with Grandpa Winchester. But I guess 2003 Castiel has forgotten that he doesn't have to engage in fisticuffs with mere humans. Or rather the show has forgotten that a human shouldn't be able to engage with an angel. At all. At least Zachariah hasn't forgotten to be a prick. Not sure what to think about the Mary thing and I don't really care much but I loved JDM's reaction to her voice. So overall, all this episode has achieved to remind me how good this show used to be, that the actors are still bringing it and that it's been way way way way past its sell-by date. And that JDM can have my babies.
  7. supposebly

    Disturbing TV Moments

    This is beautiful. I didn't want to watch the show since I'm already paranoid enough about people and I do worry about myself missing the warning signs. Or even if I do, that it doesn't matter. But I love the repeated "didn't you ask for it?"
  8. supposebly

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm sorry but.....moron.
  9. supposebly

    Bird Box (2018)

    "But isn't this belittling of every other tragedy? Whether it's 5,000 or 50, it's still a personal tragedy to someone. If one disaster is sacrosanct then all disasters are." (sorry the quote function doesn't work for me properly). Well, I do think it's disrespectful to use easily recognizable footage. I wonder how Americans would feel if the Twin Tower disaster was being used as a few second clip in a movie. Or Katrina footage in a movie that has nothing to do with it. Or the California wildfires. Just a thought. This is something that has rattled Canadian society considerably and if you can actually recognize the footage where your relatives or friends have died a few years ago and which has devastated a town, maybe it's not a good idea to use in a movie. So, I wish people would stop trying to "belittle" this one. Or make assumptions that There is plenty to be upset about.
  10. supposebly

    Bird Box (2018)

    Maybe it helps to get a sense of the scale of the Lac Megantic train disaster. It wasn't just any old train derailment. The downtown of a 5000-6000 town was completely destroyed, 45 people dead and were 5 never found. The environmental destruction will take forever to clean up. It was a bit over five years ago and people in the town are still suffering the after effects. So, no this isn't a "snowflake "triggering". It's the fourth-worst train derailment and the worst in non-passenger trains in Canada's history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lac-Mégantic_rail_disaster
  11. You mean singular they to avoid the dreaded he or she? That's called binding or co-reference, not agreement. At least in Linguistics. I'm not sure about the popular usage. According to Merriam Webster, that has been in use since the 1300s. https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/singular-nonbinary-they
  12. You don't SAY you should of. The problem that people are having is that should've and should of sound (almost) identical, that's why people SPELL it wrong. There's nothing wrong with how they talk. So, that joke really doesn't work except in writing. Where is the agreement error?
  13. supposebly

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    So much YES!
  14. supposebly

    S00.E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    I binged the latter half of the season yesterday starting with Demons of the Punjab and I feel like I was a lot more engaged and the episodes were a lot better than the first half. The thread of Graham and Ryan dealing with their loss was wonderful. For once, someone actually stays dead. Loved this one. I don't know if a Dalek ever acted as a parasite, I think in Dalek, Nine actually said that they abhor the touch of another living being, so that would have been rather surprising to the Doctor. I thought it was reasonable to expect the Dalek to scamper, having no shell. Are the scouts that left Scaro first somewhat different Daleks? It was laughing, wasn't it? That was odd. They don't usually do that from what I know. Overall, I loved this one. Shades of Dalek but very different and I really love this Doctor and how she deals with things. Overall, I'm very happy that the Universe doesn't implode on a weekly basis anymore and I like small-scale stories as long as they are done well. Nothing yet like Vincent and the Doctor or Father's Day but those don't come along often anyway.
  15. supposebly

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Fair enough. Something else that strikes me about the scene between Rocket and Thor. Rocket in that moment is twice the captain Quill is who can't even lay down the law when it comes to not taking someone's ship who needs help. I really never liked him...It's partly the writing and partly I don't think Chris Pratt can act. He doesn't sell anything beyond annoying man-child to me.