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  1. i don't like that suddenly R&Z are suddenly childhood friend so that they can get some quick reconciliation. and yeah i'm not happy about cora getting redeemed but this is a show that redeems rapists and child murderers. just put jack the ripper in here, they'll get to him yet! the one thing that disturbed me was cora and regina crying and holding each other. their relationship always grossed me out. regina's twisted love for her mother only because she can't full understand parental love was personally, shown in a light of pity. so there was no emotional attachment when they said goo
  2. i don't like how they made liam do something like this. can't he just have been a good person? yes make him flawed and make killian realize that, but he doesn't need to be in the damn underworld. whether liam made himself look perfect was actually irrelevant, little sibs look up to their older siblings regardless just as killian did without the lie liam made. it's just happens. i'm a defender of sibling relationships because they're treated so horribly. the push for emma and hook will always be grating to me since to this episode we still don't have any genuine reasons to even be best fri
  3. i'm sorry i just can't believe that regina actually took the heart that easily because "woo hoo mom powers". pan had the heart...he was supposed to be unstoppable right? i really hope it's some explanation behind that sometime later on in the season.
  4. only 6 episodes in and i feel like i've been given 3 gallons of water after wandering the desert for an entire year. for one thing, when i went to check this episode i was shocked to see i wasn't even in the double digits, as i had been spamming and actually enjoying this season. i still don't like emma (and doubt i ever will) but since there are more characters they can be expanded on, and since they're split up they don't have to either revolve around her or henry or regina. so in that sense i can take her more than i used to. i don't care for hook much but i am a sucker for sibling sto
  5. i was actually pretty happy when i found this episode to be about pinocchio. i do have a bias for him originally since pinocchio is my favourite disney movie of all time, but i like how they did his character and august is a perfect name for him, unlike a lot of the characters on here who's previous names sound like they're from a soap opera. anyways when he first appeared his character or actor must have had a lot of charm, because he was just plain attractive as a person. i honestly don't blame him for leaving emma (he was like what, 11) and how he fell for each and every temptation the eart
  6. how are we supposed to feel anything bad for regina when she just displayed she was willing to brainwash (another form of rape) her own son to love her because she's so evil no-one ever would? this is why i never believed a syllable she said no matter how many times she cried about how much she loved henry. she's not capable of loving anyone. also about rumpel being even worse than regina, that may be the case, his actions are. but he's not as jarring to see on screen because as awful his deeds are, he only takes action on the people who have specifically wronged him. regina actively searches
  7. best episode of the entire show hands down. for once everything connected and i was actually left with conflicted feelings, something I actually like when I watch TV shows. while I hate the western view of "don't kill or else you will end up like the villain" ideology I do feel that snow acted out of vengeance instead of justice. that being said I'm not really going to berate for it but those are just my thoughts on it. as for cora as of right now, i feel like her actions aren't justified but understandable, at least more understandable then her daughters. the reason why i say this is be
  8. LOL the only thing this episode achieves is showing that the queen is even more petty and childish than she was shown previously. how could anyone even think for one second that this episode justifies her being a murderer, rapist, liar and manipulator?????? and besides all that, why did they make her stupid as hell for her not to immediately know that her mother manipulated snow into telling the secret? and i know that children who grow up with one or both abusive parents have a stunted immature personality but eventually people gotta grow up and see their mistakes. there was no way she "
  9. if emma straight up died in this episode with no explanation whatsoever, i wouldn't care. she was peak annoyance she has ever been with her denial, oh my god. and i love snow with her "i would never hurt anyone uwu!!11" ideal is completely throw out the window, (literally, actually) by launching jeff out of one. i know she was protecting herself and her friend but not really good timing lol.
  10. this episode was a drag. firstly the romance of mary and david had dried out so quickly even before this episode but now it's really reached its peak. for one thing i have to say the actors with each other is off the charts and is very enjoyable to watch and i really adored watching mary and david's teasing with each other. but it really all went down the drain when they kissed for the first time it was so unsatisfying and it felt like the writers were working the audience for nothing. then secondly they were showing their relationship in secret as if it was cute or something? their story
  11. i really hate the "victim falls in love with their captor" trope because it screams stockholm syndrome, but this is belle's story after all. but what i hate even more is how anyone could even think kindly of a disgusting slimy snake as rumple let alone love him. i was so grossed out i even blocked my eyes when the kiss came up. but this episode had the best acting ever since the show started so i'm torn lol
  12. UPDATE i will come to this show later on as it has come to me that the white queen comes before this one...at the moment this show is put on hiatus until i finish the white queen.
  13. watched ep 1 and elizabeth is already in the top 10 most obnoxious characters. the show tries its absolute damndest to make the audience feel badly for her but she's just annoying and everything bad is almost always her fault. feminism today tries telling us that being a hard headed jackass is what makes a strong woman when all it is, is just a huge turn off. she wants to talk shit and then get shocked and turn into a puddle of tears when shit comes back at her, cries that a dead man's baby should be inside her (wtf), gets even more mad when the king expressed no desire to even touch her WHEN
  14. I'm watching S5 on Netflix now and there's always been some sort of "thing" between them, and it appears the show has always made a way to focus on their relationship, as foggy as it is. and I don't know if it's because of the actors or not, but there is always a type of tension between them, sometimes stronger and sometimes just subtle enough. I don't think the show will make them end up together but I do believe that Gordan still has strong feelings for Barbara, but judging his character so far he's probably unconsciously buried them so he'll never notice. Barbara, I feel, will always love G
  15. S2E5. i'm really sick of this karen-frank plot. pretty sure frank was raped since he was hella drunk and you could hear his protests. everyone keeps saying he banged her and i don't think frank even belives he was raped since he's a shitty person with shitty self esteem so he just feel guilty and doesn't say anything. also, i will never forgive him for what he did to dottie. i feel the show went to far with that. he literally murdered someone for a hope of some cash. like what the hell man.
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