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  1. KingOfHearts

    S06.E06: Dark Waters

    That's what I've been doing!
  2. It's funny because I just recently finished S3 of Stranger Things and realized that show was almost nothing but tropes. The difference between ST and OUAT is that the creators of ST actually know how the tropes work, down to the last detail. They have the format, style, and character beats down to a science. Usually it takes writers a season or two to find their show's groove, but A&E never did. They couldn't pin their show's strengths or weaknesses even six seasons in. They got close in S3 but it didn't stick. I can't imagine all the media and movies the Duffer Brothers watch meticulously in order to understand what they're getting their inspiration from. We always joke that A&E only read the back cover of the books or movies that adapt, but it honestly felt so true most of the time.
  3. Eddy: "What you wanted to see them go to the DMV?" The show truly missed out on some fun midseason filler by having characters like Hook or Regina go do mundane things. Remember how entertaining it was to see Rumple freak out in airport security, or Ingrid visiting a sham fortune teller? Just watching fairy tale characters react to random real world things could've been half the fun of the show. It didn't have to all be comedy, either. Fish out of water stories definitely have their dramatic moments.
  4. KingOfHearts

    S06.E06: Dark Waters

    I'll probably join in by watching them in the background... I feel like I give a unique perspective as the only one here who liked Regina at a point in time, LOL.
  5. KingOfHearts

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    From what critics are saying, The Lion King is very shot-for-shot and lacks a lot of new material. It's difficult to portray a wide range of emotions on hyper-realistic animal faces. I myself haven't been too keen on the subdued color scheme or the fact it's an animated remake of an animated film. If Disney is going to remake its own stuff, they need to at least try to spin the story in a new way. The problem is that if it's just a slightly worse version of the original film, I could just be watching the superior older one.
  6. And that's just one from this month. I guess OUAT was a learning experience in this department?
  7. KingOfHearts

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    I'm still hoping some cheap spin-off or reboot premieres on Disney+ so we can all go laugh at that.
  8. KingOfHearts

    S05.E22: Only You / S05.E23: An Untold Story

    The problem with doing good on this show is that everyone only does it for glory or obligation. It's not about true selflessness or legitimately caring about others. It's all a game about becoming a "hero". The morality is so bland because there's no heart behind it. Regina doesnt do good because she cares about the Charmings or feels bad for doing evil. She does it because she's forced to and needs validation. Her intentions are still selfish, hence why doing good is such a chore.
  9. KingOfHearts

    S05.E22: Only You / S05.E23: An Untold Story

    And no one questioned it, LOL.
  10. KingOfHearts

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    I'm starting to think it's completely arbitrary who has "unfinished business" or not and that the writers just couldn't or didn't want to bring back certain characters. The only characters who've died on the show that didn't really have unfinished business were Graham and Ingrid.
  11. KingOfHearts

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    It's annoying because Zelena's character doesn't have to be written or acted out this way. She has legitimate grievances against people like Regina, meaning she can be taken seriously when she brings them up like a normal human being. She doesn't have to snarl. The way she whines is closer to Regina, but she has a completely different background. Growing up as the daughter of an abusive woodsman wouldn't make her an entitled heiress who feels everything belongs to her. If the flashbacks in "Sisters" are any indication, she would be grateful for any kind of acceptance or recognition. I don't think the "jealous bitch" persona, which is supposed to be pivotal to the character, fits her story. Rebecca Mader can act really well when she's directed to act like an adult. I truly think the directors and writers made a mistake when they hired her to play someone so unlikable. Zelena's got the potential to be a sympathetic character, but making her the green-with-envy Wicked Witch of the West was just dumb.
  12. KingOfHearts

    S05.E19: Sisters

    James trying to switch with David in order to return to the land of the living sounds like the best way to incorporate him into 5B. I would've rather had Charming get a character beat by helping his brother move on than just killing him and forgetting about it. The Regina/Cora/Zelena love fest kind of works and does feel necessary, imo. Regina and Zelena needed to resolve their conflict to somehow, and Zelena needed to deal with her abandonment issues. Mills family melodrama is usually insufferable, but it seems to fit the needs of the plot here. (As annoying as it is to see Cora go to heaven.) I just wish it was this constructive all the time.
  13. KingOfHearts

    S05.E19: Sisters

    I'm confused why James was even brought back to begin with. He doesn't impact Charming's character all, even after Charming had to damn him. What was the point? We don't learn anything new (other than James' mommy issues, which never amount to anything). He disappears for half the arc like most of the characters reintroduced in the premiere. It's not much of a surprise that Snowing got another crappy subplot.
  14. KingOfHearts

    S05.E20: Firebird

    I really like this because it alludes to Emma's lie to Henry in S1 about being a waitress and Neal being a regular customer.
  15. KingOfHearts

    S05.E19: Sisters

    I'm guessing Underbrooke magically adapted like Storybrooke did with its technology. Perhaps it appeared because Snow and Charming had entered the Underworld?