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  1. It probably would've been humorous if he still referred to himself as a pirate yet wore jeans and plaid or modern leather jackets. He just needed to keep the guyliner and jewelry.
  2. It still makes no sense to me that Regina wouldn't put herself back in pantsuits or the more comfortable "hero attire" we see her wear in later seasons. She hated people seeing her as the Evil Queen, so why did she continue to wear what people associated that title with? That's something that kind of annoyed me about the show - characters wearing their fairy tale outfits so often when they're in EF even when they didn't have to. That whole thing about Philip and Aurora making a deal with Zelena was interesting. Too bad all that came of it was the two of them becoming flying monkeys.
  3. I accidentally let my Disney+ subscription auto-renew, so I've found myself rewatching an episode here and there. I can't bring myself to do a full rewatch. Today's episode is "Witch Hunt", which is one of my personal favorites of S3. It does a good job of formally introducing the villain, dealing with the fallout of being brought back to Storybrooke, and integrating all the new and old characters. Some of the better episodes of the series were not centrics, and this is one of them. You see a bit more of Regina but that's because she's the one initially going after Zelena and working with
  4. I don't know, Jacinda's story was so good I don't think we need another Cinderella adaptation ever again. Nothing can really top it.
  5. The Missing Year was a good concept in of itself, but there was too much going on to make it all work when the writers throw in Oz. You needed a strong antagonist to come in to instigate the external conflict that would bring everybody back together, but did it really have to be the Wicked Witch of the West? The flashbacks would almost certainly need to be in Oz to make it worth it. Oz was not something you could just namedrop or borrow a character from if you weren't going to explore it more in-depth later. Heck, an entire "Once Upon a Time in Oz" spinoff could've happened. That's not to say
  6. They ended up making Cruella a completely different character from 101 Dalmatians for the live-action remake? "Prequel"? (Or as Disney calls it, a "reimagining") I thought it was funny they used "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones at the end of the film, since that was the name of Cruella's episode on Once Upon a Time. Slightly spoilery...
  7. Oddly enough, I do think a lot of ideas in S7 could've worked, just not for the original main characters except maybe Zelena. Ivy/Drizella could've been a great gray character if they hadn't made her "muahahaha evil" halfway through the first half. She had real chemistry with Henry. The Rapunzel/Lady Tremaine melodrama made for a very strong and understandable character motivation. It's a shame it gets wasted on a rip-off of Devil Wears Prada. Zelena dating a muggle boyfriend wasn't even a bad idea if the writers had taken the time to develop their relationship. However, the stuff with R
  8. This show is kind of hilarious when you watch scenes out of context because YouTube recommends them to you. It's not as if context would allow them to make any more sense, but... I love how the writers wanted Ivy/Drizella to be this "mastermind" manipulating everyone. She wanted Roni to be more suspicious of her mother so she would feel like something wasn't right, making her susceptible to the memory potion. Check. But the random photo Ivy planted of Regina and Henry in Storybrooke was so out of place. Why the hell would Ivy's mother leave this random photo stuck in the
  9. I think it's interesting no one can agree on the time period Cruella exists in. The animated 101 Dalmatians took place in 1958, the live-action remake in the modern 1990s, in OUAT it was the 1920s, and now in the new "Cruella" movie its the 1970s. As flamboyantly iconic of a character she is, it's weird how well she fits in various decades. I'm actually curious how the new "Cruella" movie will compare to OUAT. I'd say there's a decent chance I'll prefer OUAT's version of the character, as what happened with Frozen 2. OUAT's Cruella was actually a really cool reimagining of the character e
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if we thought it was an anthology series, only for the twist at the end of the first season to be that it's actually all part of a single multiverse and Rumple The Author The Seer has been the one pulling the strings in each story. This sounds so much like OUAT. It's like they just wanted to keep doing OUAT but with different actors. It's still a very broad concept, though.
  11. I don't think repeating iconic characters was a bad idea per se if the alternate takes were interesting enough. This show is about reexamining fairy tales, after all. It probably would've better if they had done that before they had run out of ideas so people would think they were creatively bankrupt, only for the writers to pull the rug out with a whole new batch of characters. The Wish Realm wasn't even that horrible of concept, it just wasn't executed very well until an entire season later. The problem with S7 wasn't seeing Cinderella again but the fact she was just so awful no matter who s
  12. It would seem they'd have to whitewash her story like they did with Maleficent. I can't see them doing an honest to goodness villain backstory where she becomes the unapologetic puppy murderer we love to hate. Disney has become pretty allergic to straight-up villains that aren't "complex" or "tragic." They can't make Cruella too evil and they can't make her too sympathetic if this meant to be a prequel to 101 Dalmatians. This movie really isn't something anyone wants. I personally like what the live action remake of 101 Dalmatians did with Cruella and even the OUAT version where she was
  13. I feel like either the Witch of the East or North or both would've been a good choice. Imagine Zelena screwing them over in the past then having to deal with the ramifications of that in the present with them instead of Hansel. As much as I hated those kinds of plots with Regina, it would've been good to see Zelena deal with that because she actually had time to redeem herself beforehand. It would've been less contrived than throwing Hansel and Gretel in Oz and far less messy than having alternate fairy tale characters in Oz Prime instead of some Disenchanted variant. Really didn't need
  14. Also Madam Mim, Yzma, maybe an alternate version one of the Oz witches, Morgana Le Fay, and the witch from Brave we never thought we'd see again.
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