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  1. I'm fairly certain Future Zelena was in San Francisco with her muggle hubby. The Zelena at the coronation was 2017 Zelena. So now Robyn will now have to watch her mom raise her younger self.
  2. I would've liked to see Ivy/Anastasia make an appearance, if only to make sure Ivy hadn't tried to kill her sister again.
  3. I remember thinking there wasn't enough Storybrooke in the last two episodes. Not because I was hoping to see a rendition of The Last Supper or anything, but because it was teased so much in promos and spoilers. This episode is literally called "Homecoming", but iurc, most of it takes place in the Wish Realm. The curse should've been broken much earlier in the season. Dealing with the fallout should've been the majority of 7B. I thought it was dumb when half the characters had their memories and the other half acted EXACTLY like their fairy tale counterparts. There was no tension because everyone was basically the same.
  4. I think that's the conflict in of itself. Emma, after making amends with her parents and BFF Regina, seeing the life she could've had. Supposedly she had worked out those issues and chose Storybrooke over the real world - but can she choose it over the fairy tale world? I'm not saying she'd move to Wish Realm, but can she be happy knowing what her life could've been? Those kinds of questions I think do fit into S6's loose narrative. However, if you broaden the scope to all Storybrooke citizens, it becomes messier. Some people had worse lives in the Enchanted Forest and got better because of the curse. Others' lives were ruined, making Storybrooke as a whole look worse. So I think if the focus was kept only on Emma, there's still something to mine in the story. One of the main problems with the Wish Realm was that it changed Emma herself instead of just her circumstances. The writers tried to make the Wish Realm look worse by turning Emma into a sniveling coward. But if they had to the balls to say the Wish Realm was actually better, that would've flipped it around and created an interesting dilemma. How can you be happy with your current circumstances when they're worse? How can you be satisfied with your life knowing most of your suffering could've been avoided? How do you accept that? Granted, this was just a totally "fake" alternative universe and not a timeline change. If this were Emma having to choose whether or not to go back in time and change the future for the better, that would've been a whole lot more sophisticated of a problem. But as it stands, the Wish Realm is pretty weak sauce. (Except maybe it isn't because it might be real?!) Having Wish Henry there was such a cop-out. In a no-curse scenario, she wouldn't have Henry or Hook in her life. Because of this, Hook would've been a better character to reel Emma back in than Regina. She wouldn't have her BFF either, but her BFF was literally responsible for it all so that's dead on arrival.
  5. It's really annoying that it's just a redo of 3B. The writers didn't try to do anything creative with the TLK. Were there really no other options? Not even Alice/Robyn? I'm the last person to clamor for a Henry/Jacinda kiss, but heck - not even Henry/Lucy or Jacinda/Lucy? I know this episode had a deleted scene where Henry and Regina had a fight while looking for colleges. I think this season was supposed to explore Regina's role in Henry's adult life, but the writers never did much with it. She's just kind of there and nothing really changes. I could see them doing an arc where Regina's struggling to let Henry go so she pals around with him on his adventures, but she acts over-protective and gets in the way. She'd then discover he's fine on his own and maybe get a love interest or new calling. The writers could've done more with her and Henry's relationship, imo.
  6. Haven't rewatched, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I thought it was more of Henry doubting himself, much like Emma's "I don't want to believe" problem. Its not that there wasnt evidence or that he needed his memories, but because he didn't want to deal with the fact he's Henry freaking Mills who needs to be a hero or something. I don't know, that's just how I interpreted it. Kind of like how Rumpbelle's TLK didn't work. Rumple was afraid. From what I remember, this episode was meant to deal with Henry's self doubt. The phone call to me was him being reminded of the person he used to be before he got jaded as an adult. Or it was just a cheat code to force him to believe. Probably the latter because this is A&E.
  7. They probably think it's "Selfless, Brave, and True" just because of the taser.
  8. The Land Without Magic was the only realm with a Party City nearby.
  9. This episode wins the award for "Most Bizarre Flashback". Like, you really can't make this up. Mother Gothel is a wood nymph from prehistoric Earth who got teased by Victorian mean girls in 1980s prom dresses and killed the entire human population with her Carrie powers. Oh, and humans evolved from fishes over just "thousands of years". Seriously, what were the writers smoking? LMAO.
  10. Wouldn't Anna be the Guardian, LOL? She was tempted by darkness, but turned away. Wasn't she supposed to be pure hearted enough to break Merlin's protection spell? She never did anything murder-y or objectively wrong. I feel like she would've been a perfect candidate.
  11. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker was almost A&E levels of fanfic-y. (Not quite there, but close.) In some ways, the movie was very OUAT-ish, both for better and for worse. Fun adventuring and wish fulfillment and all that. But there was also a lot of WTFery I'm sure A&E would think was just amazing.
  12. The way they were talking about the Guardian, it seemed like not only a resolution to Rumple's character arc, but the Dark One problem as a whole. There had to be a way to destroy the Dark One without a chance for another vessel to take Rumple's place. While I remember Cora saying in S2 that if Rumple died his power would just boil off into the air, didn't he die already? Dead Dark Ones just get sent to the Dark One's vault and get resurrected. That also happened to Hook. So how was Rumple dying supposed to send him to The Bad Place with Belle and get rid of the curse for good? I don't think the idea of the Guardian being a benevolent entity that can take the Dark One power is necessarily a bad idea. But making it any innocent girl is dumb. There's also the question of whether or not the Dark One powers are inherently evil. I think by S7 we'd all say dark magic like that has no place in a perfect world, so why give it to an innocent? Wouldn't that just corrupt them? If dark magic is evil, shouldn't it be completely destroyed? Picture!Belle is probably one of the most unintentionally funny moments in the show.
  13. I bought the script for this deleted scene from an auction that explains the show's mythology. Here's a snippet. Regina: "Who is this stranger who has come to town?" Mr. Gold: "I forgot to mention it to you, dearie. He's part of the prophecy. After the Savior™ comes to town, the Stranger™ will also arrive to assist The Truest Believer™ to nudging her toward belief. The Stranger™ will also come to the Dark One™ seeking guidance." Regina: "Then kill him when he does!" Mr. Gold: "Leave and forget about this entire encounter... please™."
  14. I remember a line saying they got the DNA evidence from the hospital.
  15. She was the f'ing sheriff, wanted to find dirt on Regina, and was locked into a vicious custody battle. Of course she would be investigating all the weird crap about Storybrooke. It's always talked about how Emma was a bailbondsperson who was clever, could read people, and always got her man, but what did she really do? When has she ever really figured out something on her own without it being spoon-fed to her? Also - did Emma not have any connections from her job that could've helped her? Nobody she could call for information or do some digging? Did she not find it weird Storybrooke existed right near where she was found as a baby? If the curse was smart enough to create fake records (enough to clear an adoption out of town), why didn't it create better fake memories for everyone? The more I think about Emma's journey to belief, the more I think the writers used the "she didn't want to believe" mantra or her WALLS as a crutch. They couldn't make her too smart because she couldn't be smarter than themselves.
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