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  1. They absolutely did not know what to do with her. It was a complete waste. Then, presumably realizing that the fans were understandably underwhelmed by her story, they try to retcon her into something else. I found myself getting increasingly irritated by the scenes that were meant to show she was actually there and supportive the whole time, and as I said in the last episode, their last minute attempts to show growth were jarring enough for me to wonder if she was either possessed or committing suicide.
  2. It was so painful to watch them try to retcon these scenes into the show. They rang hollow out of context. All I could think was that Jack's attempt to bring back Mary and bringing back a shell was an apt metaphor for the writers' attempt to revive her character. 😆😥 I can't argue with this. This episode was just not compelling tv for me. You can't throw in a bunch of scenes at the end to establish a relationship you never built. It's cheap. At least Rowena was awesome
  3. My hatred of him is reaching Negan levels. They even had a slow motion shot of the smarmy face he makes that makes you want to punch him. 🙄
  4. If they wanted us to feel horror instead of relief, they should have chosen a character we weren't all insanely sick of, and a character we hadn't watched murder and torture people over and over again. The entire episode, I was thinking "JUST KILL HIM." Beyond what he had done, he represented a massive threat to humanity. He wanted to bring back Lucifer. He wanted to be a vessel and go back to killing. Struggling to find the horror here, particularly after watching the show kill people off in significantly more brutal ways over and over. It is so silly at this point. No matter how well acted, the stakes are 0 and we all know it. I don't know why this made me giggle. Objectively and out.of context, it's such a weird statement. 😂 Replace episode with season. 😭😆 This. We have watched monsters get taken out for less. We have even watched humans get taken out for less. They TRIED to leave him alive and incarcerated and he proved that it was neither effective nor a deterrent. Yup. Either we are supposed to conclude she didn't think he needed to be taken out or it was too quick for her to do this. The visual of him in the car honking the horn was so bad. Additionally, the inconsistencies in their fighting ability for plot reasons makes the show so frustrating. The out of character statements were so glaring that I was wondering if: 1. She was suicidal, or 2. It was a sign that she was possessed or not Mary in some way. Then I concluded they were killing her off (not sure if that will be the case). It made no sense. Sam has been pretty clear on the need to take Nick out and he has been feeling extremely guilty about letting him loose on the world. The only reason to let up was plot. It was so poorly written that he would say: "yeah we might be able to hack into the feed but it will take time, maybe more than we have" and then try to go question Nick. What? If it might be possible, you need to get working on that. Agreed. Yeah, they definitely didn't make it gruesome enough to raise an eyebrow in this show. We have watched Sam torture and kill a demon. We have watched the guys bury someone alive who can't die. We have seen them kill monsters because they were potential threats. We see them kill innocent people possessed by demons without even trying to use exorcism. We have watched cause massive collateral damage to save each other. The world established here is brutal and people die in horrifying ways every week with a hell of a lot less justification than this one. Honestly, I just want Nick gone and assuming it sticks, I will have to give some credit to this episode. But it was just so poorly written.
  5. I believed you and still I am disappointed.
  6. Glad I am not alone. Less glad that I don't have much to look forward to in the remainder of the season. 😂
  7. Plus the teenage girl making out in thr woods was immediately killed. 🙄 During the intro scene, I thought we might get a fakeout. She survives and finds the two guys killed by a MOtW. But nope. Hey, at least the lesbians survived. It was such a fail from a blocking and direct standpoint. Who would run towards the knife? Could he bury the writers at sea instead? Can't they? I know they can serve alcohol here but require a special license. I was definitely selling wine when I was a cashier at a grocery store at 19/20. Something was wrong with Netflix on this episode. The episode of Supernatural I was trying to watch kept being interrupted by a terrible pilot for a show about teenagers being obnoxious. Really, the switch to the other story was so jarring. You would be settling into the creep factor of the dark woods and the monster and all of the sudden, you were watching kids study. It didn't work. The woods plot was solid. Not fantastic, but it was nice to see the flashlights in the dark again. I thought the monster itself was a rare fail from the effects and costume departments. From the weird shirt thing it was wearing to the fact that it was so bulky. It looked like a tree rather than a constantly starving dessicated creature. I would have pictured something entirely different from the backstory. Nevertheless, I love a good creepy jaunt through the woods. The acid effect was pretty good and the concept was sufficiently creepy that that half could have been a decent episode. The Jack stuff was horrible. Awkward abd poorly written and directed. "I can't help it if you are cute when you are angry" the girl says to her girlfriend who in no way resembles anger, for example. Or the kids hanging out at the abandoned house to study because reasons? At least give em a beer or something. The story ground to a stop every time we switched to them. Plus the forced lie conversation that made 0 sense in the context of this show. What the hell was the point of any of that?
  8. An excellent point. I will never question them again. Not much from this season is worth revisiting
  9. I noticed the glaring anachronisms and they signaled to me that someone was cultivating this town. I really enjoyed the town and the mystery. I definitely blamed the milkshakes. 😆 I expected someone was behind it in some mind control way when people knew about them impossibly quickly, but I was actually surprised by the bad guy which is rare. I have to say, I rarely find myself on the total opposite side of a reaction from the rest of the forum, but I really really enjoyed this one. On the town side of the story, I liked the mystery and the Stepford creepiness. I thought it was a great MOTW story. I loved the resolution being somewhat humane and the fact that they left a benevolent monster alone. I enjoyed Cas and Sam together. We don't get that often. I didn't even mind the running away stuff because I think it was fairly relatable, not fully in Sam's control and ultimately counteracted by Sam's desire to return to his life. On a shallow note, I am definitely more of a cardigan and glasses girl, and Pleasantville Sam was fairly enjoyable for me, three olive martinis and all. 😆 Now for the more controversial Dean stuff. I am honestly floored because I thought he was acting lighter and sort of silly because he wasn't fighting Michael in his own head. I was sitting there thinking how fun it was to see him enjoy a sandwich. I mean, yeah, he has also been through a lot but his headspace has to be so much better. Michael isn't beating down the door and he isn't facing an box for all of eternity. I didn't feel like he was dumbed down as much as the times that have really stuck out to me (the college campus being the one off the top of my head where he acted like he had never seen women or food before). I actually enjoyed that he brought Jack to Donatello. It made a lot of sense. I liked the discussion, coffee close-up notwithstanding. I think most of all I don't feel cheated out of the emotional fallout because I hate the main storyline and would be happy to just see them "he's in the wind" the entire fucking thing. They would just fuck up the complex emotional stuff anyway. So maybe that is part of it too. To that end, I don't disagree that dropping the Jack/soul issue would have made me even happier, but I enjoyed this one which is more than I can say for most of the season
  10. I mean, what vet leaves a dog all alone unsecured? An apparently ill dog on a big table. Also, the medications were hard to get because they were controlled substances, so they are of course in an unlocked glass cabinet. What? ALSO, I thought we all agreed that the writers weren't allowed near dogs anymore. 😂 I don't ride many ships. I am just not a huge shipper. However, it has come to my attention that this ship is known as Samwitch and that nearly melts my cold dead heart enough to root for them. When she became Michael I thought: "shit. There it is. Sam is going to kill her trying to get to Michael. Dammit, I love her." 10 second later: "oh, nevermind. Well, that's anticlimactic." That's the theme of the season, yes? Ugh. Someone please spoil me and promise me Lucifer gets killed and MP finally goes away. Please? Guys? Anyone? I loved that line. Well, I hated this episode so much. Opinions clearly vary on this but I thought the gorgon actor was terrible. He was so over the top. It just didn't interest me (though, as always, kudos to the props team for some great grossout effects). Then, what, head injuries are suddenly a problem for these guys (I kid). But, seriously, they throw away the storyline (which I didn't even like, but stiiiill) with the world's most anticlimactic fight of all time. I mean, the gorgon and Michael lasted about the same amount of time. Look, the writers wanted to zig instead of zag. Pull a big fakeout. The problem is that they don't understand how to.do that. You should be saying: "woah, all those pieces fit in a new way." Not: "wait, what the hell? That's it?" I don't mind Jack as much as most people do. I actually kind of like them adding a less cynical character. But I agree with others that they forgot to give him a personality. They also forgot to build the foundation for the Winchester line. Or do pretty much anything to make us care. Whoops. I can't say I am surprised they wasted the Michael storyline for a third time. I believe I even called that. Still, to just have Jack suck him up like cosmic soup? What a waste. Speaking of a waste, they really couldn't think of on interesting way to use the AU characters? There was so much they could have explored.
  11. Sad but true from what I have seen of them so far. Agreed that there was a lot of foolishness to get to the sweet parts. I won't rehash it all, but agreed there were some glaring issues. It probably helped that my expectations have been set by those of y'all who tried to warn me (and because I had no previews or expectations). Also, it came in a season that I am struggling to enjoy, so I will take anything. 😆😭
  12. I read the end of this too fast and thought you said you hoped her pearl got smashed. I was like: "huh, that's a new euphemism for me." 😆 Negan has seriously ruined my enjoyment of anything with JDM. Yeah. It was cheesy and it ignored a lot to get where it was going, but it still gave me the feels, in part because they sold the hell out of it. I think that was where I landed. It was sweet. There were some good moments. Were they all earned? No. I mean, it sorta felt like fan fiction with a note at the beginning that says: I discarded some of the canon to get to the fluff. I don't really see myself going back to this one, but i enjoyed it despite its very clear flaws.
  13. Yes please. 😆😆😆😆😆 I hate basically typing up a bunch of complaints about this season. I hate Nick and I hate Michael and this entire storyline is hard to get into. I don't believe for a second that the show is going to have Dean end up in a box for any real amount of time. This all feels like the same plot that has been done 100 times (brother prepares to sacrifice himself for the world). The actors clearly poured a lot into the BM scenes, but I still didn't find the episode compelling.
  14. I liked this one. I liked the bar scenes and the inclusion of the reapers and Pamela (!). That being said, I just cannot get into the Michael storyline. The angel with daddy issues feels done to freaking death. "I am mad at my father and want to break his toys" doesn't interest me. As a result, it is hard for me to get into this season. That being said, JA was definitely a little scary when he was throwing himself up against the door. I appreciated the references back to canon and liked the episode over all.
  15. This. I just can't get excited about revisiting a storyline that has already been fucked up twice. My problem with this is that you shouldn't have to come up with an explanation. If they are going to go against canon, they need to explain it. This bugged the hell out of me. Why the hell wouldn't they ask her to join in the fight against the person who has been sending monsters against her? It was so obviously to have Dean holding the spear. Sorry to everyone excited enough about the end to think this episode was watchable. To me, it was like someone turned an outline of the storyline into a script. It was so much talking about off screen action. Oh, we need the egg? Instead of showing its acquisition, we will have a skype call about mailing it. What? Ok, we have to break in somewhere and go after some monsters, finally something is . . . Oh, guess the break in is done and the monsters are gone. Coool, let's all talk instead. Not even some menacing video of the monster army lurking. Just talk talk talk. Even worse, I got super excited about Die Hard and instead it turns out we were in an office building for no real reason. We got a few minor references and the rest was just zzzzzzzzzz.
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