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  1. I enjoyed this scene and I love not knowing how much was manipulation. I also loved getting some fallout regarding Sam's experiences. Agreed. I am glad she it wasn't the end. I am still angry about it, but I hope when she inevitably goes, she gets an active role. The stuck to the ground scene was hilarious. I agree. I don't think it is a redemption path and I don't want it to be. She is far more interesting when you are wondering what her angle is. It's honestly what I wanted from Crowley. Agreed this line didn't work. It wasn't Dean at all. I am learning to accept that they sometimes write Dean as a buffoon and that I probably should just ignore it because it just irritates me, Sigh. Preach. It can't have failed to be driven home repeatedly that the consent issues are awful and problematic. I really do think the show is better when communication like this is shown. I was happy to have Rowena back and I didn't dislike this episode despite the problems. The character scenes were good enough to outweigh the items that bugged me.
  2. Hands down, the richest and best relationship on this show was Margo and Eliot. Their friendship was incredible to watch. Two broken people who understand each other and are there, judgment free, always. So, naturally, we get jackshit when it comes to closure/an ending with them. The truth is that Eliot was wasted. Are we supposed to be happy he ends maybe with some dude who lived in his head. They have this beautiful slow buildup to Eliot and Quentin, kill off Quentin, and throw him together with someone he has had 0 romantic involvement with at the last second? Disappointing for sure. Hell, at least he had chemistry with the Dark King. And then there is Julia. I don't even like Julia that much, but what a shit finale for her. Stuck in a bed liked a fucking prop for WorstPenny's man pain. She didn't even get a good push in. Just: okay, she pushed out the baby. That's it. I mean, she feels the connection severed and DOESN'T EVEN GET TO TALK ABOUT IT. Seriously, she holds her baby for the first time, a baby she has a magical connection with, and all she can say is that she pooped? ok, rant over. It was a good tie up to a story but it had no heart and precious little magic or suspense. But, I did love Margo sitting in a world as it ends eating Josh's sandwich. I am happy they ended up together. I liked that Fen got to fix some of the problems inherent in Filory. I loved that we got high king Margo. Margo the destroyer and the creator. In the end, the finale didn't make me feel much at all, which is shocking for a show that has made me feel so much over the years. It was safe and a bit disappointing. But I will miss this ridiculous, silly, poignant show. Peaches and plums, motherfuckers. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Now off to write my headcanon where Eliot dies someday and ends up in the afterlife to find himself walking through brakebills, only to hear a voice tell him: "you're late." 😭😭😭
  3. I feel you pain! My hair has returned to its naturally wavy state and I may have have to release it back into the wild. 😆 Thanks, and I hope you are staying safe and coping well. It is a stressful time and there is no end in sight!
  4. This made me giggle so hard. Y'all, I work for a hospital system and I am slammed working from home and homeschooling and I am catching like half an episode a night and I haven't been able to post (I will), but it has been such a shit few weeks with COVID 19. My siblings are on the front lines. I live in a hot zone (Nola) and have already lost a friend to the virus. I am working my ass off and not sleeping. I cannot describe how badly I needed this episode. It was so fantastic. I stayed up after the baby fell asleep to watch it, because it was the very heart of everything I needed. I don't even know where to begin. The two shows were woven so well. Dean's enthusiasm never fails to make me happy. I didn't even mind the exaggerated charactistics because it was a cartion. I loved that the bad guy was a shady real estate developer. I loved the heartbreaking and poignant ghost. I loved the existential crisis and the nightgown and the giant sandwich and the ridiculous trap. Even the subtitles which again had [Baby purrs] and [Baby revs]. Basically, I loved this episode. I don't have any smart insight. I just find myself glad I started this journey last year because this episode hit so perfectly.
  5. What bugs me is that Penny doesn't care. He claims he loves Julia and recognizes she isn't the same person, but he never actually shows that. So to have him treat another character as interchangeable pissed me off
  6. I disagree. She is not the same person any more than the Julias or the Pennys are the same person. They share life experiences, but they diverge into other people as of the time reset. Regardless, it was ridiculous not to address it at all. It felt like the writers forgot about it.
  7. This was all I could think about. This isn't Penny 23's mother. There is another version out her that would have split with the timeline. This makes no sense. Why didn't they at least address this? Do they think we forgot? It was really distracting. I agree. The transitions weren't done as well and I didn't love the song choices. She really was fantastic. I wanted more of her and less of Alice. I agree. A different version of her would have been created with every timeline, just like a new Penny was created. They cannot be tethered unless all Pennys and all the versions of his mom across the multiverse are tethered together. But she is a copy. Just like 23 is a copy of Real Penny (still salty). If the tether exists between her and Penny 23, the tether would have to extend between all Pennys and app versions of his mother. I don't think that is a logical conclusion. The reset of the timeline duplicated everyone at the point of reset. She is not the woman who gave birth to Penny23. The entire plotline just pissed me off because it reinforced that Penny23 doesn't see the people from his timeline as distinct, which brings us back to the fact that he clearly doesn't like Julia for Julia. I tried to enjoy this one despite its flaws because I am going to miss this episode. I swear, Hale Appleman can give me all the feels with just one look. The way he softened and sat next to Alice was so great. I love that we aren't shoehorning Margo and Josh drama in. We get good, mutual respect and affection. The heist feel was enjoyable, and I will miss the quirkiness of a show that has a pig man join in a musical number and Santa rescue a group of thieves (and somehow the episode is a bit boring 😆). I don't think anything will ever match Under Pressure for me. And seeing Quentin in the previouslies threatened my enjoyment of the show. I don't want this show to be over but it does feel like they lost a lot of the things that made this must watch for me.
  8. This. Apparently he is willing to hold a minor at gunpoint, but now he is chill. Also, there are still no repercussions for that. This. It was sudden and it felt too much like Dean. Also, I was disappointed that Eileen didn't even get a cursory mention. It felt like someone was like: "What if the roles were reversed and Sam lost his optimism for an episode?" and that was the end of the thought process. This. Even though I found the episode spotty on the character moments, I loved having Donna and thought the MOTW was interesting. The motivation was suspect, given the prices of those body parts (as opposed to meal delivery like Blaine in iZombie), but I think the poor justification was actually a reasonable thing to throw into the episode and probably intentional. We weren't supposed to buy that it was actually saving lives. I was disappointed that poor Donna got dumped, but she deserved better.
  9. I was assuming they had data up until the robot revolution, because at that point they were no longer able to track it. So they had to guess at what would have motivated him. And in fairness, Sizemore grew a conscience was probably fairly less probable. 😆
  10. I also said he should have frozen and my only fanwank here is that he was substantially more developed than the NPCs. The processing power would have prioritized him. Alternatively, he has his own globe and therefore has essentially some independent processing/code. That would leave the door open on him coming back too. So many people have theorized that Stubbs was a robot. I really wish there was less speculation on stuff like that. I thought it was that he knew because the computer identified anomalies that indicated her presence. She disrupted the system. Aww on both of these. I have face blindness and struggled to recognize Hector even though I knew it was him from context. I agree. He confirmed she didn't have the answers regarding the forge which gave him several critical pieces of information including Delores's role in everything. He did have a lot of information (to rebuild Sizemore) but he made some incorrect assumptions. I loved this episode. I feel like I am always an outlier, but I love this show and particularly Maeve. I enjoyed the simulation twist and some of the other reveals. I enjoyed Drogon and would argue that if this is our world, a ton of people would 100% be ready for GOTworld.
  11. Agreed and I have a major problem with this episode in part because of it. Because somehow all the gay love stories in this show have become the gay villain trope, and everyone else is being paired off in these heterosexual couples. Even Eliot was described in reference to his marriage to Fen. The only gay couples we have left are Marina who is eeeevil and not allowed to be good and a couple whose love is LITERALLY DESTROYING THE WORLD. TPTB can pat themselves on the back all they want about telling stories that aren't about white male protagonists and featuring LGBTQ characters, but this season sure is looking pretty straight. But let's see how the stories about women are going. I didn't post last week because seeing infinitely better Penny, original flavor, made me bitter all over again. Penny23 is the worst. THE WORST. Finds out about the pregnancy and his first thought is how it affects him. Then he infantalizes Julia by trying to direct her fucking care. To the point that she gives up and says she gets no autonomy and is just an incubator. That's right, folks. Julia continues to have no agency. "What a brand new twist to her story" said nobody who has watched the show. But it's okay, because Penny23's has feelings. So she should just be a good little girl and submit to invasive treatments without any real discussions with her medical provider so that Penny23 doesn't have the feels. Even when worrying about her safety, Penny23 does it in a way that prioritizes his feelings. Oh and for some additional misogynistic fun, let's have Hyman justify stalking women and invading their privacy by explaining how lonely he is. Maybe he can discover the internet where he can whine about how he is a nice guy and women owe him sex. Why bother with a storyline where he grows through self introspection and education? Maybe his problem was asking Mr. "Only my Feelings Matter." Thank Ember for Eliot, Josh, Fen and Margo. Margo and Josh showing the sole healthy, mature relationship on the block. Fen finally speaking up (and on a shallow note looking fantastic). Eliot being kind and thoughtful and listening without being dismissive. Can we pop them into a seahorse and take them to a better story?
  12. It would take me awhile to get to lizard-eating hungry I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. 😄 I don't dislike Claire like so many do, but I agree. It was oddly focused on Claire and the result made it not as good as it could have been. Honestly, the writers of this show always seem to struggle writing for an ensemble. But this is supposed to be an ensemble show. Kaia didn't even get any mourning other than Claire making it all about Claire. And I agree it was horrifying to compare it to the loss of a child. And don't get me started on acting like Claire doesn't have a frame of reference for loss. Both of her parents are dead. She is a traumatized girl who has been trying to reassert control over her life and they suddenly wrote her like she had no clue what trauma felt like. You know, now that you mention it, Negan is a strong argument for making the villains unable to speak. THIS! All I could think was: hey, she called it. We apparently only care about the pretty blonde one. I mean, even in the "girl power" version of the show, we STILL had to have a woman die helplessly and then have lingering shots of her dead body. Sigh. Overall, I do think this pilot had a lot more potential than Bloodlines and I am actually a little sad that we didn't get to see where they were going. I think it could have been really interesting to have an ensemble show in this universe. I think that they made some mistakes, and it was a little clunky and awkward, but I could see it turning into something interesting.
  13. Continuity? What's that? I also like Jack, which continues to be shocking to me. I don't think the dinosaur reveal was supposed to be as funny as I found it. I was enraged by this decision. I don't care what they say about how he wouldn't have actually used the gun on the teenage girl. She didn't know that. She feared for her fucking life. That is not okay. There were plenty of ways to show his desperation and guilt that didn't involve threatening a child. Paired with the kinda creepy SIX CALLS to a teenage girl, it was not a great episode for Dean. They needed a fuckton more to establish and justify this for me. Particularly when the girl he threatened was vulnerable. It was a bad look. This x100. This was a straight up villain move in my book. The ONLY way I can get past it is to decide it was an OOC decision by the writers. Agreed. He was pretty damn scary and when you combine it with the fact that she was clearly scared of him and didn't know it was a bluff, this doesn't mitigate it for me. Fear not. If they stick around they will take on human forms and pick up some suits. 😂 The Bad Place definitely needs more Vicky. Yep. He's a real peach, isn't he? Telling his daughter to stop being the way she was born. Disowning her for trying to save a life. I hated a lot about this episode. Nothing more than Dean pulling the gun, but I also spent the entire fight scene yelling that Jack could teleport. Exactly Ha. Ok you fixed it. At least they didn't just sit over the unconscious president in this one
  14. I agree. There are some pretty big plot holes and a few wtf moments but it was entertaining. Blowing on the fire was ridiculous, though. But . . . pie. Evil pie is still pie. I loved that line Agreed. It was entertaining, despite its flaws and there were definitely some pretty big ones. I think the weirdest thing for me was that this guy made a deal to save his son, found leverage and used it to . . . live forever. He could have asked for his son back. And all of this happened under Crowley? I am assuming. I sorta assumed it was Dean and Sam. It's in their nature to kill demons. It's what they do. Guys, perhaps Sam was just being protective of his shoes.
  15. I don't know. If Teddy couldn't make her less murdery . . . .
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