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  1. Same on all of this except the last one as this was my first live episode. Weeee. I love the gory special effects but I could not look at those fingernails. I loved the ghostbusters montage so much. It was nice to see the guys happy. A little calm before the angst. It's about time those cars got some use. I loved that Dean got to be firm that it wasn't something that he could just forget about. Overall, it was fun and a bit silly. I really liked it.
  2. I could watch Dan Levy's reactions on loop for hours.
  3. I guess my point was they might cover it up, but because of the potential exposure, he might be sent out somewhere else like The Deep. Plus, even the allegation might be enough to lose his sponsorship deals. He has to know that nobody has his back if there is a chance the cover up fails. I do think it was a bluff, but I also think it at least had some teeth. Agreed. I think Starlight did in her own way (see when she helped the random civilian), but there is a lot of ego in it for all of them (except again possibly current-day Maeve who feels more trapped than the rest of them). It's a little old studio Hollywood, a little reality show, and a little corporate malfeasance all rolled into one.
  4. Oh for sure. Evil or dead (possibly for running her mouth). She is way too enjoyable. She isn't looking for a conviction. She doesn't need beyond a reasonable doubt. Her threat was to go to ESPN. To drum up enough controversy to have all his sponsors drop him. To lose public support. I recognized his voice and couldn't stop laughing. The scene was just so deeply unsettling, weird and hilarious. He is so creepy. So incredibly, deeply creepy. Talking about being a god. Threatening in that low key conversational way. And Maeve, talking about his abusive, murderous ways. That made me shudder. I don't know who wins in a fight, but I don't think ATrain knows either. He also doesn't know who she has ready to spill. He doesn't have any backup, but he knows she has Hughie. He takes a shot, he better kill her. And even then, there are other players involved. Karen Fukuhara was amazing in the scene with her brother. Truly great work. I agree. His reputation is critical if he wants to remain where he is and not get sent off to some small town somewhere (or worse if the reputational harm blows back on the Seven and Homelander gets involved). The Seven are barely superheroes. They are packaged, marketed media-driven personalities. I love Starlight standing up to ATrain. I loved the montage of the same garbage questions and the glitzy media rollout that felt like a steaming pile of bullshit. I actually enjoyed this episode way more than the first. It had some lighter/funnier parts and the pacing was better, in my opinion. I also really liked the change in the team. The refusal to just go along with Butcher. I am least enthralled with The Deep, but the gills were hilarious to me and the pseudo-scientology angle could be interesting.
  5. Now I can't stop envisioning a finale where Manbun Sam is trying to learn magic from original Sam while original Dean destroys other Dean at pool.
  6. It has definitely been a different experience than watching it over 15 years would have been! I am really glad I did, even if there have been some disappointments. Plus, the fans are awesome. I wonder if AU Sam and Dean will sell their monster killing services abroad. 😆
  7. Same. I enjoyed it and thought alterna Sam and Dean were hilarious (JP and JA seemed to be having a blast). I actually laughed when they said they got paid for hunting monsters. Me too. I actually thought it was as good of an apology as we ever get on this show and it was nice to see a beat before forgiveness. Yes please. Me too. It was funny to see them playing RPS All of this. I actually enjoyed this one a lot. I MADE IT. Less than a year ago I started watch this series with the hope of catching up for the finale. I slowed down when COVID shut everything down, but I did it and the next episode I watch will be liveish (kids, man).
  8. I do not know why, but I cannot stop giggling at this. I have never hated Claire the way so many people do, and I actually feel like they could have done something good with the show (whether they would have is a different question). I didn't hate tying this loose end up for a few reasons: 1. Whether or not it was for spinoff purposes, the arc here was established over several seasons and Jody, in particular, has been an ongoing and important part of the show. I found it somewhat satisfying to see some resolution for her and her family. 2. I was willing to give them the love story because they managed to not kill the lesbian after alll (and I am on record for being in favor for all the plot armor for LGBTQ+ characters), and I will simply concede that the story would have been less ham handed with more screentime that would have been in the spinoff and that I am happy to skip in the main as irrelevant, 3. I do think there was a loose end leave NotKaia running around after lying to her. I can't really explain why I didn't hate this one. Maybe it's that I love Jody and Billie and found the reaper entertaining. Maybe it's that I am a sucker for the guys risking everything for just one person. Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome and low expectations. It's a mystery! But after struggling to get through some of this season, I found myself enjoying this one. Also, made fun of Chuck's slow destruction of Kaia's world and then saw the tvs full of disasters and realized that was very on brand for Chuck, so they probably did get one thing right. Those meteors, though. 😆🙄
  9. It was really dark. I assume it's setting up some major points this season, but it was really serious and I missed some of the absurdity. The physical effects are so amazing and horrifying. Blame a steady diet of horror movies but despite not being able to handle a bloody nose in real life, I love special effects and this show is amazing. Somehow two exploding bodies last season and some really gross stuff in this one (that arm!) the breastmilk was somehow the most horrifying part for me too. I think it was even more disturbing after he killed her so mercilessly. Homelander is really creepy. I am interested to see where the NotScientology story goes. I am having a lot of trouble rooting for Hughie too, particularly because he can't find anyone to be all in with, so he just feels indecisive. I did really like what they did with Starlight so far this season. She has taken a lot more ownership and it is good to watch.
  10. I thought it was the case as well. This was my perception. If it was wrong, I am still going with it, not because the writers deserve the benefit of the doubt, but because I deserve to enjoy an episode dammit. And I did like this one. I loved the concept. I really liked Fortuna and the bartender and even the waitress with the pie. I liked the guys being on the same page mostly, but talking when they weren't. I loved Sam trusting Dean and giving him credit for all the ways Dean shaped him. I loved cocky Dean at the pool table. In short, I am calling it a win, putting my fingers in my ears and LALALALAing everything else. 😆 I didn't even post on the prior episode, which I will probably only acknowledge as set up for this one and then do my best to forget.
  11. I also liked the reveal that they were actual endings and that Chuck manipulated the Eileen thing. Yeah, it seems to me like the guys often take care of an immediate problem and then deal with the next problem. Even if it was true, it seems like trapping God and then figuring out the monster thing would make more sense. And agreed that they wouldn't have allowed themselves to stick around and hurt their friends. I thought JA was great in this and there were some pretty good parts to counteract some fairly dumb ones. The script sort of felt like a first draft and there was some and thenning. I feel like the writers cannot figure out pacing (among so many other things) and it is maddening.
  12. I love her and she was fire in that red dress. This is my problem. I like her as a character and she feels like a plot device. The potential normal life who will be murdered to give Sam the feels. It was so ridiculous. The writing is so bad, though, I wasn't 100% sure it wasn't intentional. 😆😭 This was definitely an "and then" spaghetti-on-the-wall episode, but I felt like some of it was okay. I loved Rowena, obviously. I also liked the concept of a symbiotic angel-host relationship. And I am sorta glad the poor kid is out of hell. Interestingly, this marks the episode thar was current when I started S1E1, so I have caught up to where the season was when I started the show. That's pretty rad.
  13. Their chemistry was great. I might have started shipping them were it not for the fact that he was so obviously the bad guy. I would absolutely watch this. Maybe we can at least get a guest star appearance in Leverage? I actually enjoyed this one a lot. Sure, there was like negative dramatic tension in the Sam plot (oh no, are they going to kill Sam? I mean, come on). That being said, I found Christian Kane to be amazing and really enjoyed his scenes with Dean. I like Eileen a lot and enjoyed the pairing with Sam. And i am glad to have Castiel back. Given how crappy so many of the episodes have been, I declare this one watchable.
  14. I love their friendship so much. David's face during the performance was life. I mean, basically all of this. Why am I even posting. 😆 I did love how Moira dismissed the news with the idea that they have their entire lives to celebrate. I really didn't expect Moira/Stevie to be a pairing that destroyed me, but it was so so great. The excerpts of the show were so freaking good. Cabaret has particular meaning for me. A mentor who was murdered played the Emcee. The show always makes me think of him, so I was probably already predisposed to be a bit of a mess, but this was just so great.
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