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One of  my favorite memories as a kid, was making a variety of cookies for Thanksgiving and Christmas with my mom.

My mom used to make Czech cookies.   They were delicious.  It has been so long since I had them.  The dough used a yeast cake and was rolled out on powder sugar and baked.   They had some sort of pecan filling.

Other than that, I loved pecan tassies.

The sugar cookies were okay, unfortunately it didn't take long of them to get hard.

Bar cookies are pretty good and easy to make.

Brownies are probably the easiest, and delicious..

Spritz were a little more difficult to make.  The dough had to be just right to be put through a cookie press.

Snowball cookies are also delicious and easy to make.  IMO, they are way overpriced when bought in the store.

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The Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie recipe that was blowing up the web years ago inspired me to make a couple of changes to my standard tollhouse cookies--doubling the vanilla and resting the dough in the fridge for a couple of days. So I just made a batch with brown butter and toasted white sugar. If it's possible to make a cookie too caramel-y, this borders right up on it. It really needs the double salt treatment. And you can't use milk chocolate chips. Semi-sweet might be too sweet.


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