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S20.E06: The Good Fighter

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I enjoy Kasie (she has hilarious delivery) and the current cast is refreshing, but what a lightweight, popcorn forgettable episode. It smells of a show from 2000's , not a current-day-show.

At this point ncis is written as nostalgia sadness. "Ooh look, a caf-pow mug at the water cooler! Lurve Abby and "McGeek"! Thank u show!"

I'm glad that early bets (based on the first 5 episodes, not this one) have NCIS predicted as being renewed for next season, because I enjoy seeing Gary Cole in a leading role as the cool agent. His character has many more stories to tell yet. (https://tvline.com/lists/cancelled-renewed-tv-shows-list-2023-scorecard/#more-1234889336)

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I dunno....  I kind of liked it.  It was a throwaway episode, yeah, but there were so many not-very-hidden easter egg callbacks to the classic NCIS that it had to have been written on purpose as a patchwork of nostalgic homages, actual logical plotline be damned.  There was the obvious Kasie being badass in the van and subduing the real bad guy which was a callback to the classic Abby plot with the exact same outcome.  There was the victim's pet vs agent callback.  There was "Abby's Lab for Dummies" handbook.  My favorite though, was Parker strolling in classic Gibbs style and seamlessly joining in the conversation with a specific reference to something that was just said ("Those quarter seconds really add up!").  It seems Parker has found Gibbs's acoustic sweet spot where conversations that occur at the Tony-now-McGee desk location are clearly overheard from a distance.  As soon as that happened, I knew what sort of episode we were in for.

I am concerned about Rocky Carrol though.  Is the actor OK?  When they had the scene with them all walking down the hallway, it looked like Rocky was a bit.....rocky.  Like he was having difficulty walking and was struggling with the scene.  A couple of times, with his arms awkwardly behind him I was wondering if he was carrying a cane concealed from the camera, ready to deploy if he was too unsteady.

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What kinds of scenarios/plots would you want to see in a final season? (How would you do it better, as everyone seems to think they’re “sitting back on heels, resting on laurels, phoning it in…?). 

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On 10/25/2022 at 10:54 AM, HurricaneVal said:

There was "Abby's Lab for Dummies" handbook. 

I can't recall any callbacks to Abby in a long time.  I know that Mark Harmon is still associated with the show as a producer or whatever, but I wonder if this reference would have gone through had Harmon still been as involved as he used to be.

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On 11/1/2022 at 5:21 PM, mythoughtis said:

Why would Knight need to sing the cat song when she had a recording of the owner singing it?  

Animals tend to be able to tell the difference between recordings and the real thing, so long as they've heard the real thing before.

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16 hours ago, immortalfrieza said:

Animals tend to be able to tell the difference between recordings and the real thing, so long as they've heard the real thing before.

It seems like that might still be better than some unknown person (to the cat) singing it?

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Overall, it was an ok episode but the entire way how they had Kasie investigate just seemed ridiculous. Who asks a forensic scientist with no field experience to investigate anyone? Even their argument that she has access to so many agents doesn't hold up. That's a step too far. I also thought that neither Parker nor McGee would let her interrogate them. Come on, show. Sometimes, you just can't suspend disbelief as much as they want us to.

I'm not sure if I wouldn't have been a bit upset if I were Knight. It sounded like Kasie took advantage of their friendship to gather information. That's quite different from investigating a colleague at work and I don't think it has anything with "doing a job" or "I did it to clear you". I would have considered it a breach of trust.

The plot felt like a cheap copy of the time when Abby was chosen to draw out the mole but the team works well, so I find that often times, the episodes work well in general.

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