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  1. I was surprised they let that slide. So often on these shows you hear "If you promise us ____, you need to deliver"
  2. I do too, but I remember when JCS first came out, and a lot of Christians refused to listen to the music or watch it because they thought it was a disrespectful portrayal. Even in my pretty liberal part of the country. Based on that, I was surprised Mary would promote it.
  3. I agree. And I can see the food getting cold really fast outside in that weather.
  4. I went to the Easy Treezy site this morning, and there are some pretty big price cuts. Interesting idea, I'm one of those that doesn't like decorating trees, but would need to see it in person before I'd buy.
  5. Funny! I swear I heard "I'm down with hesitating" like he wasn't going to pressure her to do anything she wasn't ready for.
  6. I agree it really looks like gun. I wonder if it's his game controller?
  7. I also feel that way when I hear "This is me" being used to sell TGIF(I think) apps.
  8. I agree. And it's an interesting point for me on faith and belief in God. IMHO, God isn't a genie who grants wishes. Sometimes we go through hard things and learn from them. And often, we have to face up to what we've done and take responsibility. The GA did make sure that Paul had people around him supporting him. He could have just vanished as he had planned.
  9. I'm not a fan of the character, but I can see this. She could be strong in areas where there is structure, rules and she knows what she is doing. This is new, uncharted territory for her.
  10. Just for fun, I looked for the newest "Neighborhood Showroom" and it's about 1,500 miles from where I live. I did like the idea that businesses could be showrooms. I wouldn't want people coming by my home, nor do I like the idea of going to someone's home.
  11. I remember her, and her claim she made up "Witch-mas". I did love the Korean house, and how cute the baker was about telling Eddie how handsome she thought he was.
  12. I agree. I get it's for the show/drama, but it's also these people's companies and futures.
  13. Even in this episode. telling JR not to come help him unless he asked.
  14. Exactly, and they already had a meeting scheduled with the guy. That seems like it would take precedence. Hubby and I are both getting tired of the "they always take the right side, and pretty much always win".
  15. Good points. I realize how much I like this show when I find myself thinking and discussing these things!
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