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  1. If you cut your food on the bias, I hear it digests better... 🙂
  2. I think you are right. He stuck his neck out a fair bit with his parents, assuring them that she would do what they wanted. Then she does this. To be fair, I don't think they had many conversations where they listened to each other about what expectation there would be. I was impressed by his dad actually, he seemed more reasonable then I thought he would be. And I liked the "take her roses" line. We'll see what happens
  3. I find that both disturbing and somehow a bit fascinating!
  4. I think the older men she's dated like that helpless little girl act. It was, but not because of that. We had been on vacation in Feb and once place we stayed had one. So it was a useful coincidence!
  5. She strikes me as yet another one who is all "look at me, I'm so quirky and interesting" with no clue what she's getting into. Like those those comments in the talking heads, where they say things like "Who does this for love, I must be crazy" with a little grin
  6. We added bidet attachments to our toilets, and yes I may have used that line a time or two...
  7. I might agree with you had he not started out by catfishing Jenny. That alone would have been enough to send me packing
  8. I had to laugh at myself a bit during that. Background, my mom was injured a couple of years ago, and I am doing most of what she needs while my brother doesn't pitch in. So, I was side-eyeing the brother, thinking "yeah, you want him to take care of your parents so you don't have to". Yes, I know that is their culture, and it was interesting to listen to from my perspective.
  9. I don't get it either. She's another one who says kind of the right things, that he'll have to prove he's not lying, but she still goes back even though he didn't. I was cracking up during the scene with his friends, who clearly have his number. Am I understanding it correctly, that his parents didn't actually make that first $10,000 payment, but more loaned him the money? I thought I heard him say something about paying them back. And he really is turning his back on his family and culture. Right now, they are in a Romeo and Juliet, us against the world phase. I wonder how long this relationship will last if they get to a point where no one really cares if they are together. And it sinks in what each gave up for "love:?
  10. I wondered that too. If there was a legal reason he couldn't, or it was just not wanting to take his daughter away from extended family. Which he kind of is by moving several hours away.
  11. Watching Summit during the video call where Jenny asked him to go get his parents is a classic example of "shifty eyes"!! He looked off to the side and not at her several times. It was sadly funny.
  12. lh25

    S17.E12: Lucca

    This! It happens over and over on TC. Someone has a dish in their head and can't let it go if it doesn't fit the challenge. I think in Gregory's case, the back pain was a contributing factor of course.
  13. The problem I had with Malarkey's duo was that apparently the tastes of each part didn't go together. Even if they were meant to be eaten separately, it seems they need to at least complement each other if they are part of the same entree course.
  14. Hubby and I were talking about this watching the show. We can't decide how serious his bragging it. But it is funny how so often, the results he gets doesn't back up the brag.
  15. I agree. She tried several times to ask a question, he just kept talking over her. I wouldn't have given him a deal either if I were her.
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