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  1. I can't believe I missed that joke! Hubby and I are Big Bang Theory fans, so we usually find those. And yes, that's where I learned about Schroedinger... Totally agree with that.
  2. I took it more as Grissom doesn't believe him, but also doesn't not believe him if that makes sense. He was more waiting to see where the evidence took them.
  3. Jenny is really immature, regardless of her age. She and Summit went into the counseling with the attitude that the counselor would tell his parents why they were wrong and should totally support the marriage. It was interesting though, showed a little more maybe about why his parents are so against it. There is the idea that their DILs should take care of them as they age of course. And since Jenny isn't going to be having babies at this point, they are concerned about who will take care of Summit when he gets old. Given their culture, makes some sense. I agree with the commen
  4. LOL-what I want to know is why do I want my uterus and cervix "tightened"?
  5. Would the glass in the interrogation room break that easily? I have to think people have thrown a chair at it a time or two, and it would be a lot more shatter resistant.
  6. And Adam is the creator of the show and a writer on it as well. Honestly, this feels like an example of the s'mothering they show on the show.
  7. I think they crossed that line at the beginning with including Erica.
  8. Looks like her. There is an ad running in my area for a healthcare system, might be Franciscan, that looks like her as well. If I find it, I'll post it here.
  9. I TOTALLY agree. I almost didn't watch this one because of it. I was mad enough to be yelling at the TV.
  10. Yes. Then realize that Summit has just been stringing her along and leave him!
  11. Good point. I don't get why she does, but she does. For me, it's less about if they get married or shack-up, but that he just can't be honest with her.
  12. It was just one more chance for Summit to show how far he'll go to not marry her!
  13. From your linked article: "“I’m pretty nervous because if Sumit is never gonna marry me, I don’t know if there’s any other way for me to stay in India.”" My question is why would she stay if he won't marry her?!
  14. He was trying to find a solution that didn't involve him marrying Jenny. I know he said something about a reason not to, can't remember what that was. But he is dragging his feet so hard there are ruts following him around.
  15. What in the world will it take for Jenny to see Summit for who he is? He started off catfishing her, she was OK with that. Then he didn't tell her he had gotten married while she was out of the country. Now she's facing having to leave the country and isn't sure when/if she can return. He can't go anywhere other then Nepal because his in-laws have his passport?! And he never followed up on that? And now, when they could get married and solve all this, he is STILL dragging his feet. And she smiles and says she is living her best life.
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