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  1. This episode was a beat for beat copy of every even remotely similar plot that has ever happened. A minority that has been discriminated against in the past has something horrible happen to them, all the characters act like political mouthpieces for the duration in ways few if any human beings would actually act, quoting statistics and sayings from great figures no human being would actually bring up, and at the end of it all we get is a bunch of meaningless quotes about how things will "get better" soon. Which since they've been doing plots like this for decades it clearly hasn't and probably won't, not in any real manner. What would've been a real surprise would've been had Ali actually DID have a gun and the cop's shooting was 100% justified. It would've lead to a much less cliched plot.
  2. If it was Martha Wayne's head in the freezer I'm pretty sure that would've set him off. Which is the ridiculous line of reasoning for that psycho to use and thus entirely appropriate for a nutjob to say. If you kills someone for well justified reasons like Kate did this episode it doesn't mean you're 1 iota more likely to kill again and if you do it won't be even the slightest bit easier. If you are more inclined to kill after having done it once no matter how justified you were completely nuts to begin with. Cartwright definitely deserved death and Kate shouldn't even the slightest bit guilty about killing him. In Kate's situation she should only be distressed that she lost it to such an extent that she'd kill someone in a blind rage, not that she did it. Onto the subject of Luke, if Kate had actually told him what was going on he probably would've found the house in the space of about 5 minutes and Alice would've been rescued quickly. Just tracking down the car Luke ended up finding out nearly everything Kate found out from Cartwright. Keep each other in the loop people!
  3. I've often thought about how a secret identity can ever work with a shapeshifter. I mean, Grace could just as easily shapeshift herself a bit when she's out in the field and if somebody finds out who she is she could just shapeshift to a whole new identity. The biggest threat for Grace would be putting the people she knows in danger, who are almost all superhumans anyway and thus can handle themselves. I wonder if Grace can even be hurt much by much of anything with her abilities. I'm hoping that this is leading up to Khalil and Painkiller having an all out showdown. Painkiller was never going to stay locked up forever, Khalil needs to kick his ass and bring him down for good. Though, knowing how the writers like to treat Khalil if that happens it'll be just minutes before Khalil sacrifices himself and dies... again. It's not like Khalil can actually be happy or anything.
  4. This is of course AFTER Alice spent most of the season trying to convince Kate to give up on her and giving Kate plenty of reasons to do so. Now that Kate finally has Alice is desperate for her approval and for Kate to not give up on her. At least Kate finally did what she should've done within the first few episodes of the season and told Alice to shove it where the sun don't shine. This is typical of media that has superheroes in it that aren't accepted by the law right off. The superhero makes the authorities look like chumps so instead of just letting the hero go about their business and they going theirs if not supporting them as best they can they try to actively undermine the heroes' efforts if not outright trying to capture and/or kill them. They may come up with some B.S. justification but it's really about jealousy and finger pointing because they can't or won't measure up. I doubt it, but I'm hoping, praying almost, that Sophie will ultimately realize how full of it Jacob really is. That like Kate with Alice she'll tell Jacob where to stick it and point out that maybe Batwoman is so popular because she's actually effective while the Crows have been utterly useless at every turn (not to mention corrupt) and rather that using her as a example to aspire to and improving the Crows so that she's not needed Jacob would rather hunt her down.
  5. That at least was explained. Apparently Mary still had some of the cure-all in her system (somehow) and that giving a dose to both of them wouldn't have done any good. They were both still dopplegangers of each other and were still in the same universe and thus would still be killing each other by simply existing. Giving a dose to both of them wouldn't have done anything but make them both feel better for a bit before they started dying all over again. On that note, the whole "two dopplegangers in the same universe kills them both" is obviously just a stupid excuse to get rid of one of the Beths, and since Good Beth isn't interesting it had to be her. It would've made much much more sense for Alice to simply have kidnapped and then killed Beth, likely in an very gruesome and cruel fashion. Both thematically, as Alice literally killing the Beth side of her is appropriate and give Kate and everybody else another reason to want Alice gone, but in terms of continuity as well.
  6. As someone who used to watch SG-1 (mostly after it was over) I admit to squeeing a bit when I saw the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain. They had so many (reused naturally) shots of the entrance they would show nearly every time an episode took place mostly on Earth. The old guy whose name I still can't remember jumped a few badass points this episode with his LEEROOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEENKINS!!!! Which was just another way of saying "attack one of the guards and run."
  7. Mixed results... and then they kept piling more and more "Squinterns" as they were called, constantly rotating them around, and didn't know when to stop, rather than just pruning them down to the good and well received 2 or three and leaving it at that. Palmer's assistant hunt this episode was like that distilled into a single episode. Even worse, with 1 utterly unqualified for the position (at least all of Bones' Squinterns could actually DO their jobs even if a lot of them were insufferable) 1 an obvious budding serial killer, and 1 just a caricature of Ducky who despite that was good at his job and then we get to the bad part just leaves for no real reason. Besides, Palmer has been the sole ME (and Ducky would leave for long periods on top of that) for a long time now and never had any issues with completing his work. It seems like Palmer just had to suddenly have problems he never had before to have the episode occur.
  8. Precisely. Mouse was just as responsible for Beth's/Alice's (got to remember to actually differentiate them now) imprisonment, torture, and subsequent madness as his father was. Mouse was abused sure, but he could've gotten both Beth/Alice and himself out of that situation at any time, and his attempts to be a "friend" to her only made the woman even more twisted than she would've been otherwise. The fact that Alice doesn't recognize this and hasn't killed him long before is stockholm syndrome.
  9. What's bad is that both alternate Jennifers are supposed to be a cautionary tale of what could happen to "our" Jen could become if she either gave up her powers or embraced them and worked for Odell. However, "evil" Jennifer is just so over the top evil it's impossible to even imagine "our" Jennifer becoming anything like that whatsoever. Dark Anti-Hero maybe, but she'd never start killing innocent people left and right not to mention her family just because she can like "evil" Jennifer did. Also, once again it's a strawman for the idea that if Jennifer (or any of the heroes in general really) start killing people. The idea that they could kill only as much as absolutely necessary for some and then nonlethally bringing in people otherwise on a case by case basis doesn't seem to occur when it comes to superheroes.
  10. Finally getting caught up with Arrow this season, and this is the first episode I've felt compelled to comment. The reason being, as others have said, is that Oliver giving up and accepting Quentin's death not to mention his own is not only against years of character development but against who he is at his core. The REAL Laurel Lance said it best: "I know who you are in your bones Oliver, and that person doesn't give up!" Had this been anything other than the final season I would've fully expected Oliver to find a way to save Quentin anyway, despite the Monitor's attempts to throw the two into one unwinnable situation after another, his willpower pulling him through. Then do the same with his "inevitable" death in Crisis. However, since this IS the final season I don't expect that's how it's going to go. Instead, we got an episode where the Monitor put Oliver in a time loop so he could teach Oliver to bark only when the Monitor said he should bark. Get on leash Oliver! Little doggy!
  11. Yep, and it all started with Pride being stupid enough to willingly go into that house. Does Pride have brain damage from all the times he's been shot and ended up in the hospital? The only thing that doing that would result in is making the situation much worse and it's obvious that would've been the case. Considering Pride just shot a man in cold blood when he could've easily taken him in and that it was a dream, I'm pretty sure I know who the man in red is supposed to represent.
  12. That was the problem with Smith in Season 1, she actively made things worse with her every action and was directly or indirectly responsible for nearly every bad thing that happened the entire season. Not only that Smith got obvious about it really quickly to the Robinsons at the very least. This season at least had Smith help out every few episodes, (the sailing, talking that teacher into the crate, and the heroic sacrifice are what come to mind) while not being anywhere near as detrimental or obvious about it which helped justify the fact that the Robinsons didn't toss her out an airlock the first chance they got. I found Smith a lot more tolerable this season as a result. My guess is they might not even address it. Correct me if I'm wrong but did they ever explain how the Resolute got to the same star system as the Robinsons? I know for sure they never explained how SAR and the Robot got to the desert planet from the Resolute and what they spent 7 months doing. If they do, they'll probably toss in some throwaway line like "we didn't have the engine so they stopped giving a crap about any of us." Which is funny considering Penny spends most of this season feeling useless compared to the other Robinsons and her arc for the season is largely about that... and the writers don't give her much of anything to do that her skills might apply to (I'm drawing a blank, what skills does she even have?) to or have her work on developing skills that might actually be useful in response. Even Will ends up doing much more even without the Robot than Penny does on this show.
  13. Couldn't think of a better place to put this, but here goes. Probably the thing I like most about this show is that unlike Gotham and the Batman mythos in general Gotham City is not hopeless, at least so far. In the Crows and what little we've seen of the GCPD it's got some semi-competent law enforcement. Batwoman is there more to handle the things that are just a bit beyond those people than to be a one woman police force for the entire city. With Gotham the show started pretty dark and hopeless at the start and just nosedived down and down more and more as the seasons went on until Gotham City was clearly beyond any hope of redemption or even being remotely livable of a city to the point it was impossible to care anymore. Even as bad as it got even Star City never got as bad as Gotham City did in that show. I hope that, for all the trials that Batwoman has to go through to help Gotham City it never goes anywhere CLOSE to what the titular city of Gotham became.
  14. What's really fucking stupid is how Lena seems to treat Kara not telling her like because they were friends she somehow had a right to know anything and everything Kara. If Kara wanted to keep the fact that she was Supergirl from Lena that's her choice and right to do so and not a betrayal in any sense of the word, let it go. Of course, that's just typical Luthor behavior. Act all morally superior and that you are never ever in the wrong while doing things that are very clearly wrong by any standard whatsoever under the guise of being "for the greater good". All the while never taking any responsibility for anything you do. That's been Lex's characterization in nearly every incarnation of the character and that's why I hate to see Lena falling down the same trap. In fact, the reason I loved the character was specifically because they went out of their way to show Lena wasn't the typical Luthor in any way other than being a genius just to turn her into Lex 2.0 this season.
  15. immortalfrieza

    Iris West

    There's being hopeful and there's being a moron. Iris knew Barry had been taken over by Ramsey and she walked right into what could only have been more obviously a trap if Barry had started screaming "ACKBAR! ACKBAR!" into the radio and very nearly got killed as a result. The idea that it could be a trap doesn't even enter her head until Cisco outright says it and then she does it anyway. It doesn't matter if Iris has talked Barry down from similar instances before, and if it did in those instances she didn't have any other choices. It's still an incredibly stupid thing to do that could've gotten her killed and very nearly did when she clearly had other options in front of her at the time. Attempting to talk Barry down when he was in Star Labs with Iris having nowhere to run with his hand literally at her throat is one thing, deliberately walking right into a situation that made the same thing happening all but inevitable is quite another. Yeah, something she displays once a season, if that. Forgive me if I happened to dismiss her so called "combat skills" after looking over the dozens of times Iris has been in peril and not even put up a token defense, even when it's against a bog standard human or close enough to it that she should be able to fight back against. Most of the time she doesn't even carry around or have nearby one of those sci-fi tech rifles that Joe and other nonpowered people are sometimes seen using when coming against a meta. So yeah, combat skills? Could've fooled me. First, I didn't say the others have combat skills, though most of them at least have something, it's that Iris doesn't and she doesn't have anything else to contribute in place of that while everybody else does. Cisco, Ralph, and Caitlin have or had superpowers and even without them are all perfectly capable of contributing. Cisco is the "smart guy" who invents all the tech and usually (his occasional blunders with things like the photon gun this episode aside aside) can use it effectively. Caitlin has her medical knowledge and years of experience with the health of metahumans. Even Ralph has years of experience as a private investigator and quite a number of shady contacts he can use to help out. While Joe both has combat skills and the legal authority to make arrests and bring reinforcements against the foes Team Flash comes up against. What does Iris have? Nothing. The vast majority of the time she's completely helpless against any given threat and has made no effort throughout the run of the show to remedy that. She has nothing to provide to help Team Flash succeed, not even things the other members of the group could do just as well or even better to be able to serve as a backup. Again, all she can do is prop her hubby up with the 10,000th speech about how he's a great person and he will always win. Barry's mental well being is the most she can contribute because she doesn't have anything of actual substance to do so. If the writers wanted Iris in that kind of role then they should've given her a psychiatry degree and had her be the team therapist, at least then it would be an actual role in the team. Also generally I LIKE Iris as a character. However, the writers have put Iris into this box of uselessness that they refuse to take her out of. I'm not hating Iris for this, I'm just extremely disappointed by the utter refusal to allow Iris to grow as a character to help the problem of the week as anything other than a motivation, if that much. Even the brief glimpses of storylines outside of being Barry's girlfriend/wife that they've given her tend to either be motivated by Barry on some level or avoided until Barry gives Iris her own pep talk. Like how she was refusing to launch the Citizen in the hopes that not doing so would somehow prevent Barry's disappearance until Barry talked her into doing it. Now any Citizen storylines are going to be tainted by that even if Barry never gets involved with any of it again. She doesn't think or do much of anything outside of Barry just for her own sake, and she has nothing to provide for the storyline outside of propping up Barry either. It's really the only thing wrong with her character. In short, my problem with this criticism is that people here are acting like what they're doing with Iris now hasn't been the Status Quo from day 1 when the reality is it has been like this for the entire run of the show.
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