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  1. So... Krypton had robots with very advanced A.I., interstellar travel, the ability to grow massive crystalline structures, and probably dozens and dozens of other things I'm forgetting, but somehow they couldn't effortlessly deal with trash in the oceans? Also, a ton of trash in the ocean is going to lead to the Earth exploding, because that's what happened to Krypton... somehow. Of course Zor-El's plan ended up backfiring and turning into the threat of the week, just like how the protagonists have access to the tech from dozens of different species on top of an alien that is implied to be
  2. Amen. Especially without the goggles Beth has no purpose on the JSA and she didn't do that much even when she did have Chuck. Either get her some high tech super gadgets to fight with or something or just leave her behind because she's just a liability. Yeah, Mike was all depressed about screwing up but he didn't, not really. All that happened was his genie wasn't powerful enough to handle the bad guy who, let's face it, was probably was going to end up fighting the whole JSA and effortlessly kicking their butts regardless. If I were Mike, my first wish after finding out about that
  3. I prefer it this way. Jenny's ring is OPed if she knew how to use it and the effects are probably REALLY expensive, so Jenny would barely be able to use her powers anyway. This way we avoid the "why doesn't Jenny just wish this problem away?" question that would constantly come up. Just as long as Zeke isn't secretly a supervillain and implants the robot with evil A.I. or something I'm satisfied whatever happens with him. Oh Cindy definitely would've come after Bobbie. She's just vindictive enough to hunt her down just for the crime of DARING to try to escape. Though appare
  4. Doesn't look like it. On top of that, that group home lady was a total bitch. Look, I get it, she's 18 so you you kick her to the curb, but at least have the decency to do it bright and early in the morning where she could actually make arrangements for somewhere to live or something instead of the middle of the night! My guess is Bobbie is spending the rest of eternity suffering in a hellscape or something. Because you do not get killed by a demonic being and not end up in a hellscape. And what's worse is Cindy clearly knows exactly what Eclipso is. She doesn't even have the e
  5. Courtney caused? Ms Green Lantern was an intruder in their house. A misunderstanding my butt, Courtney had every right to react the way she did. Then when said intruder fought her she fought back with equal force, which given that one has a green lantern ring and the other a cosmic staff, of course the house gets wrecked. And of course both of the kids didn't want to go, because nobody born in the last 30 years has ever wanted to go to Yellowstone National Park or camping or anything like that. (Even I don't know if I'm being sarcastic about that or not) At least the kids had altruisti
  6. Probably because Rory wouldn't have been able to keep his cool for 5 seconds, much less calm down when a giant worm thing was bearing down on him.
  7. I think it makes significantly more sense that there's a lot of Kryptonians popping up. Rather than like in most Superman media where somehow, someway, everybody in a planet with at least a population in the hundreds of millions full of advanced technology doesn't notice the planet is going to explode or doesn't care, resulting in... in this continuity 3 Kryptonian kids whose parents who gave enough of a crap to let them evacuate the planet. If anything the idea that there wasn't mass exodus to planets like Earth is ridiculous. I don't think it has anything to do with COVID-19, I think
  8. The worst thing is they could've easily had Circe get away anyway without making Sophie and Co look like useless idiots. Just have Circe dodge the bolt, or if they really wanted to make her look like a badass, have her catch it out of the air, then run. In fact, 99 times out of a hundred it would only take a very VERY small change to avoid making characters in the show look like idiots and still had the same plot points happen. Like maybe having Circe not be insanely obvious to Luke, Mary, and Sophie that she was not Kate by simply actually acting like Kate Kane. She was way too playful for
  9. He was. Since Ruby Rose left and thus they had to completely change the entire plot they were planning for the reason they've been awkwardly trying to shove in a redemption arc into a villain that they never intended to have a redemption arc before since they don't know what else to do with her. I would've greatly preferred it if Alice had just gotten killed and that was the end of it, because there's no way this complete psychopath could be redeemed in any way. The only way this whole thing could be more ridiculous is if they killed Ryan off and made Alice the new Batwoman, but there's no way
  10. I'd like to see it more. Clark Kent being called a great reporter isn't half as good as actually witnessing it, and let's be frank, in most media he isn't. Clark just happens to have a leg up on getting a story over everybody else because he's got superpowers he can use info on a story, and that's if he isn't part of the story and thus reporting on himself. It would be nice to see him walking around interviewing people and doing research and all the other things reporters have to actually do. Lois is the one who is actually doing this. Personally, I saw it less as badass and more like
  11. In nearly any version of Gotham City any remotely sane person would've left the city by the time it was a 1/10th as bad as it is when actually gets shown, even if they had to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back, so no surprise they're not. Coast City looks rather lovely! I'm sure there's no Ax Crazy Supervillains there or anything. Well, there's the red guy with pointy ears and a yellow ring that can shoot laser beams, but he's pretty harmless I'm sure. On that note, did Jacob actually think up that name? The name "Crows" does not inspire confidence that they
  12. It's even worse than that: Everyone from the original multiverse should be dead because every single universe was destroyed. Then, the multiverse was recreated, and somehow this resulted in the new "Prime" universe where several universes all merged together despite the fact that they were destroyed, and then somehow this new Prime universe has all the noteworthy people from every universe that was merged into despite the sheer unlikeihood of such people actually existing all on an Earth where the conditions for all the other people to exist also happened at the same time, not to mention being
  13. Yep. Now there's absolutely nobody around to rein Kramer in. No doubt Kramer will pull some strings to have Joe replaced by some yes man who will do everything she says. The only way this would make any sense is if Joe is banking on something horrible happening and forcing Kramer to go down a "My God What Have I Done..." trip for him to swoop in and say "I told you so." Though if so Joe that's a really bad thing to hope for. Honestly I think the whole idea that this is somehow wrong is stupid. They should've had every last cop in the CCPD have a clip of those cure bullets on hand y
  14. From what I can piece together from the previous episodes, it seems like Morgan Edge was behind the widespread foreclosings. I wouldn't be surprised if he had been systematically cutting Smallville off from any possible sources of prosperity long before the series started so he could swoop in with this whole "make this a mining town!" thing, use the town as cheap labor, and then abandon it when he got what he wanted. Can't help but point out, that girl in front of the map? That's actually a guy. My biggest worry is they're setting Jonathan up for either a big depression storyli
  15. Oh yeah. The problem is they turned Sophie, Luke, and Ryan getting arrested into some big race issue when the three would've gotten arrested for the way they acted regardless of their race. Ryan was getting up in the face of the cops, Sophie was too, and Luke ended up collateral damage. Similarly, Luke would've gotten his butt shot for doing something as stupid as very suddenly pulling out his cell phone in front of a bunch of Crows pointing guns at them no matter what, while it was clear what they were going for Luke being black had nothing to do with it. Being purely about police brutality w
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