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  1. Lois also apparently can't stand the fact that her family can actually get by without her for any length of time... despite constantly whining about the fact that she has to do everything. So she stalks her family in the hopes of watching them crash and burn, sees that they're still having a good Christmas without her, and instead of being proud of them like a sensible human being she goes out of her way to wreck their Christmas by stealing from her own family. To top it all off, she lets someone else take the blame for her crime and get deported. I know that none of these people are good, but this is Brian Griffin levels of Jerkassery here.
  2. The most absurd thing about this is that Mac is seen trying to come up with that solution himself in one episode and is frustrated that he can't... and nobody points out how ridiculous this is. Mac is one guy, a very smart and perhaps genius man but one guy. He's trying to solve a problem countless people across the world just as smart or smarter than him have been trying to solve. Of course he's not going to figure it out! There's billions upon billions of variables to consider and that's probably way lowballing it. Even a massive group like Codex isn't going to be able to do it, and it's obvious they didn't even try and are just going for a KILL EM ALL solution for their own gain. I am so glad we got back to Macgyver just saving people and stopping nutjobs because just like any attempt to do some sort of arc it just doesn't work with this show, it really doesn't. Seeing Mac coming up with inventive solutions to problems while the cast all snark at each other the whole time is what I watch this show for, not to deal with some big bad villain failing to get stopped for stupid reasons episode after episode all the while monologuing about nonsense. Regarding the most recent episode... it really was just an excuse to get Desi contorting for no reason, especially since the thing they were after wasn't even there. It took her a lot longer to learn the ropes of that whole laser wire practice considering how agile she normally is. I spent the whole time thinking that Desi be able to do it easily. That, and the fact that there would be no reason to put the lasers in such a haphazard fashion and instead just put them in a couple straight rows that would be impossible for a person to contort to pass through.
  3. Really? A COVID show? Seriously? I'm hoping this was written and taped way back when the pandemic started, when everybody thought it was going to last like 2 months and nobody took it seriously. By now everybody and his mother already knows all the warning and crap they were trying to preach here and anyone that isn't already heeding that doesn't care anyway. I thought fiction was supposed to be about escaping from reality.
  4. Precisely. Uncle Matt is being an abusive dick solely because he gets off on it. He could have very easily have not only have ditched Blue Valley long ago but could have put Rick up for adoption just as easily. All his problems are entirely self inflicted. I get the impression that it's simply that Beth was the first to even try putting on the goggles in the first place. I think as far as Court or Yolanda knew they were just the googles on a costume and would've worked for either of them had it occurred to them to put the googles on. Seriously. Pat, Courtney has made it more than clear that she's going to reform the Justice Society and be a superhero with or without you, and it's not like you even with your robot can actually stop her. Hell, at this point even if you managed to permanently get the staff away from her she'd probably run off and try to a hero anyway. It would give her the best chance if you'd just stop with this "don't be a hero" B.S. and get behind her 110% already. I'm guessing convincing the new Hourman to join up is probably intended to be that thing, but unless they give Beth something other than a pair of "I can see everything" googles and instead gives something she can actually use to fight with she's going to be pretty useless. I'm kinda hoping that one of the recruits Courtney ends up giving these random JSA trinkets to turns out to be evil and joins up with the ISA, or at least runs around being a threat of the week. That way Courtney can get the slap in the face she desperately needs to start treating all this seriously. Yeah, I'd say that is one of the most ridiculous super weaknesses ever if super weaknesses didn't get really really ridiculous, starting with the most famous example a glowing green rock. I just hope they give him something like martial arts training or something so that he doesn't just become the guy who whines that his superpowers just ran out for the 20th time in as many fights at the moment it would matter most that they didn't then gets taken out. That was my first thought too. I suppose the AI itself could surf the web and hack into databases to get the information but that's not what we were given. On the note of Beth, she seems like the kind of person who isn't just chatty but so excessively chatty it's incredibly annoying, but everybody she knows is too polite to tell her what she needs to hear: "SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY! Do you have any idea how F***ING annoying you are? You never ever shut your mouth and it is beyond irritating. God. Tone it down for f***'s sake." Her parents in particular. Some parents would kill to have that kind of close relationship with their teenage kids that Beth has with her parents, but it appears like Beth takes things so excessively far that it irritates even them.
  5. Honestly Courtney is starting to annoy me a bit. How many times is Courtney going to have to get her butt kicked effortlessly by supervillains before she stops treating being Stargirl as a game? Pat is repeatedly trying to hammer into Courtney how dangerous the Injustice Society is and how even a group of veteran superheroes got killed by them yet even Icicle casually wasting a kid doesn't seem to get it into her thick skull just what she's in for. I'm guessing they'll throw in a few "villain/monster of the week" episodes during the season so that the new Justice Society can get a bit of experience under their belts. Or at least I hope so, because the idea that a bunch of rookie teenagers in costumes could take out veteran supervillains even just the whole JS vs 1 of them would be just plain ridiculous. Yeah, you would have expected the Injustice Society to have blown the place up or something or at the very least have swiped everything of worth in the building after they took out the Justice Society rather than just... leave it there. I guess the show's producers wanted to save money this episode because I kept thinking The Wizard guy would have blasted Icicle the second he opened his door instead of just jabbing his wand into his face. Wizard knows exactly what Icicle is capable of and yet that is what he does, he was practically begging for Icicle to kill him.
  6. I'm going to just single this out because it really fits. Logically as the former Director of the Time Bureau Ava is the best choice for second in command among all the Legends as she has actually experience commanding people. However, the problem is they keep showing Ava as very VERY incompetent at leadership, far more so than she should be. I'd be much more accepting of the idea if they actually showed Ava as a different but still effective style of leadership. The way it is now they make even MICK RORY look like they would be way better at leading the Legends than Ava would ever be, and that's just sad. Which is weird since they've already established that what Sara sees in her visions doesn't have to come to pass, she's averted them several times. When I heard Sara's "vision is happening" sound and then Sara lied about not seeing anything I knew where this episode was going and I HATED it. I could understand Sara being a bit freaked out, but not telling anybody she's going to die? As she explains to Ava Sara even knew exactly how she was going to die. If Sara had just told the Legends this the team could have at least tried to come up with somewhere else to go, and if that bar was really the best option they could have spent the time they spent drinking and screwing to shore up the place and keep the zombies out a bit longer rather than what they managed to slap together in a couple minutes as they did. Worst of all, if she HAD, the Time Courier would have charged and been ready and the Legends could have left to the Waverider with time to spare. It would've been one thing if they fortified the place, the zombies still broke in, and the Legends all got killed anyway, but with the way Sara was being this episode maybe she should pass the torch since she's clearly lost her touch. Yeah yeah I know, they're all going to come back anyway, but that's no excuse for a plot that's written specifically to kill them off with a really really simple and obvious way out. If you're going to kill off your main protagonists do it in a way that they can't be expected to get out of, pluck or no.
  7. Out of everything I'm hoping most of all that with the "Death of the Speed Force" and Barry and Co making an artificial one means they can finally do what I've always said they should do: Slow Barry down, a lot, and keep it that way. Barry has been so much faster and more powerful than nearly any threat he has faced for several seasons now. Only another Speedster can even begin to threaten Barry now, and they keep on not having Barry use his powers effectively like a moron over and over so that he doesn't utterly kill the plot. Season 6 got massively more interesting once The Speed Force died and Barry had to actively conserve his speed because it meant Barry finally had a reason he couldn't just magically Super Speed away nearly every problem Team Flash was ever faced with and even when he did use it The Speed Force tended to frizzle out on him. Fiction is much much more interesting when the protagonist can't just effortlessly solve everything without hardly trying and gets annoying when they can yet for no reason suddenly don't. If they dropped Barry's speed down to maybe the Speed of Sound at the most and kept him there it would be great for the show.
  8. They've never really given Mick much of anything to do. All he's ever really done is stand/sit around making a funny comment ever so often and then point his heat gun at someone menacingly, hardly ever actually use it, and then it utterly fails to do anything even when he does. In fact, this daughter storyline is probably the most significant thing he's had to do since way back in season 1 as Chronos. I STILL say they should've used that as an opportunity to evolve Mick as a character and turn him into something other than just the dumb muscle. Yeah. The ONE time in these Arrowverse shows they replace a character with another character who is *GASP* NOT utterly horrible and even if tolerable definitely far worse than who they replaced they kill them off. Not that Behrad did much of anything either except being entertaining to watch but at least I didn't spend the whole time wishing OG Zari was there instead. If they had to have somebody die to demonstrate how much of a threat the two Fate sisters were they might as well just killed Ray and Nora since he had to be written off the show anyway.
  9. Psychiatry in general has been portrayed in fiction as if we were 50-60 years back from where we are with it if not more, and that's if it was ever like that at all. Arkham Asylum in particular has been like something out of a mad scientist laboratory. Electroshock Therapy is actually completely harmless and not painful at all in this day and age, but in fiction it's cold blooded torture. I'm not surprised the doctor's way of making Alice sane involves shocking her repeatedly, and honestly I'm not sad the guy was killed and had his face stolen.
  10. Even if Batman did try to kill Joker I highly doubt that it's a "choked the guy to death in a fit of rage" deal like Kate. I'd bet money Batman threw Joker over a cliff or something and just believed Joker was dead. Even if Batman did kill Joker deader than dead he comes back, he ALWAYS comes back. Having said that, short of dying or getting thrown into an alternate dimension or something that sounds like the only other possible reason for Bruce to be gone.
  11. I think the issue here with Mirror Iris is that we know she's a fake already. If we had just had a scene of Iris looking into Eva's office and then the episode ended and we didn't have any of those ominous "Iris is stuck in the mirror" or any other obvious scenes I'm pretty sure we'd be just as oblivious as the cast until the reveal. Mirror Iris has gone way out of her way to act just like Iris in her every scene where she actually needs to with maybe a slight hiccup at best which all are easily explainable. Even all of her speeches thus far have been textbook Iris. None of the cast have super "I know everything even things I have no reason to know" powers since Cisco stopped being Vibe at the least, none of them have any reason to notice anything is up with Iris. And no, we will not get an acknowledgement even in passing of Mirror Iris and Barry's sex life, we barely have ever gotten acknowledgement that the real Iris and Barry even had a sex life. It's like the fact that everybody in fiction takes a crap now and then but we never see it because it's not important to anything and especially not important to the plot.
  12. Well, Carter showed he was a total dick yet again, big surprise. Like you couldn't have asked for a change of clothes or something dude. Then he decides to smug it up by saying to Pride that the difference between them is he'd never admit he doesn't know the answers even when he doesn't. THAT'S NOT A POSITIVE! I figure he'll become slightly less annoying in a season at the most, but what is with this show replacing old characters with total assholes? Gregorio replaced Brody and spent her first several episodes as an obstructive holier than thou bitch with the most punch-able face ever before she became even remotely tolerable. Now we've got Carter who is smug, unprofessional, self righteous, pretentious and clearly thinks he's way better than he actually is. Why can't we just have replacements who are decent people from the word jump? Hanna was the only one I can think of who was actually likable from the get go. As for the episode itself, the only thing I have to mention aside from Carter's typical lack of human decency is they actually managed to bring in the bad guy ALIVE. That never happens.
  13. This episode was a beat for beat copy of every even remotely similar plot that has ever happened. A minority that has been discriminated against in the past has something horrible happen to them, all the characters act like political mouthpieces for the duration in ways few if any human beings would actually act, quoting statistics and sayings from great figures no human being would actually bring up, and at the end of it all we get is a bunch of meaningless quotes about how things will "get better" soon. Which since they've been doing plots like this for decades it clearly hasn't and probably won't, not in any real manner. What would've been a real surprise would've been had Ali actually DID have a gun and the cop's shooting was 100% justified. It would've lead to a much less cliched plot.
  14. If it was Martha Wayne's head in the freezer I'm pretty sure that would've set him off. Which is the ridiculous line of reasoning for that psycho to use and thus entirely appropriate for a nutjob to say. If you kills someone for well justified reasons like Kate did this episode it doesn't mean you're 1 iota more likely to kill again and if you do it won't be even the slightest bit easier. If you are more inclined to kill after having done it once no matter how justified you were completely nuts to begin with. Cartwright definitely deserved death and Kate shouldn't even the slightest bit guilty about killing him. In Kate's situation she should only be distressed that she lost it to such an extent that she'd kill someone in a blind rage, not that she did it. Onto the subject of Luke, if Kate had actually told him what was going on he probably would've found the house in the space of about 5 minutes and Alice would've been rescued quickly. Just tracking down the car Luke ended up finding out nearly everything Kate found out from Cartwright. Keep each other in the loop people!
  15. I've often thought about how a secret identity can ever work with a shapeshifter. I mean, Grace could just as easily shapeshift herself a bit when she's out in the field and if somebody finds out who she is she could just shapeshift to a whole new identity. The biggest threat for Grace would be putting the people she knows in danger, who are almost all superhumans anyway and thus can handle themselves. I wonder if Grace can even be hurt much by much of anything with her abilities. I'm hoping that this is leading up to Khalil and Painkiller having an all out showdown. Painkiller was never going to stay locked up forever, Khalil needs to kick his ass and bring him down for good. Though, knowing how the writers like to treat Khalil if that happens it'll be just minutes before Khalil sacrifices himself and dies... again. It's not like Khalil can actually be happy or anything.
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