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S03.E07: Ouroboros

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1 hour ago, Superclam said:

Oof, that was awful. Easily the worst episode of the series so far. The "dying/dream sequence" has been done better so many times on other shows. 

AMEN to that. I never want to see that again. 

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This is the second show in a week to go on a mind induced trip,lol. All this for Layton to suddenly feel guilty about his New Eden lie? Hmm I think he should keep it. I see the dream as a warning against telling the truth. If someone else takes over, they go down this dark road. If he keeps it together, they may find paradise. 

Interesting to see Wilford. He’s getting better and suspicion that Mel is actually alive surprises me. Still can’t figure out if he’s playing everyone but this is good  for everyone if it turns out right. 

in that regard, how the heck could Mel get to France? Did she walk? Did someone grab her and take her? And it happened in under 3 months.   She was in Colorado and n 3 months could be in France? 

Till and Audrey are together? Did I miss a scene where they even got along?  
Do we still have a triangle with Josie, Layton and Zara or did Zara indicate Josie could have Layton?  And Zara right , they are better as co parents than a couple. 

Laytons Dream: The best part was seeing Ruth, 😂 being the tough guy.  Everyone else was pretty much close variant. 

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There is the chance that the work on the track was done by an as yet unidentified person who also survived, a la Asha.  It strikes me as an attempt to string viewers along with the 'Is Melanie really alive' trick, because the show has more or less run out of ideas except for the crisis of the week episodes.

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Before this episode, I wondered if Layton’s visions of New Eden might be the result of undetected brain damage due to to lack of oxygen in the first episode of the season. The calendar is more mundane, but I prefer it as an explanation over Layton having mystical visions. 

I will be disappointed if Melanie isn’t actually alive, but I’ll be more disappointed if Melanie is alive in a real New Eden. 

Very little happening in this episode. They only have ten episodes a season, and would do better to have fewer episodes than filler episodes.

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It was really hard for me to watch this episode, because I didn't care at all about what happens in some sort of dream sequence.  How is that going to move the story forward?  It's just a waste of time.  

However, there were two big reveals:  Layton's New Eden vision is a result of seeing a calendar picture from Asha's hideaway.  I guess?  And then there is someone else out there, possibly Melanie.  But why did Wilford seem so delighted at the idea of Melanie being alive?  Didn't he want her dead?

Or of course it could be Wilford's brother Eli, driving around the world in Snowpiercer II.

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I'm the odd one out, because I liked it! I thought it was fun, though a bit too light compared to the rest of the series. 

I am curious if Wilford had his own fever-dream realizations when he was in his coma? Otherwise I'm not getting his 180, unless it's another one of his cons? 

1 hour ago, meep.meep said:

Nothing about this makes any sense.

If they had to come up with a small object to give to Roche, couldn't it have been a frog?

The hula dancer was on the dash of the engine control room, so I wonder if that was why it was used? Like Winnipeg's doll was used to hide the bomb, etc.


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Well that was…wierd.  And yeah Layton, you really thought New Eden was a god given vision?  Really?  I always that you knew it was wishful thinking.  

lol, Zarra tells Josie she and Layton are just parents and Josie already moved on with Ben, who now may get Melanie back.  Quite the quadruple.

Bess and Audrey…did not see that coming.

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