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  1. Really feel bad for J, wish Pope hadn't blabbed about his business holdings. How did Pamela managed to stay so calm with Deran in her house with a gun? Did Smurf discussed the will with Pamela before she died?
  2. yawn! This show has become boring, it is a gradual decline, but now it is obvious. All these political messaging and posturing makes a very dull show. Where are the intriguing legal cases? Where are the clever legal maneuvers? I am losing interest of this show.
  3. I don't like the ending! It is so predictable and old fashioned. God forbid if a desperate housewife acted badly, and she had to be punished, but does she really? Why can't Alma get away with it? She's only pushed back against people who tried to oppress her. In real life, really evil men and women got away with much worse.
  4. Quick question, how did Pope know about J's business dealings? And who really is J's father? was it Baz?
  5. I don't know, but I hope Alma gets away with it all, I am rooting for her!
  6. Like everyone else said, the show is not very interesting without Melanie. If she is really dead, I will probably stop watching next season. I hope she finds a warm place to survive until the train is able to come back again to pick her up.
  7. So what did Shadow Moon expect to happen by agreeing to be hung on the tree? in other words, why did he do that? I still don't get it.
  8. Sorry, I don't get the plot. So Wilford came with a spare part and saved the engine he destroyed in the first place, but how does that lead to him taking power on the snowpiercer? Who put Andre in handcuffs? The head of the "police" is on Andre's side, who else is there to enforce Wilford's will? And then the police head Roche's family and himself got put in the drawer? again who will enforce that? Also, why would Andre hide the fact that Wilford sabotaged the train? Shouldn't that be enough for him to rally the masses to his side?
  9. Are we sure Wednesday is dead?
  10. I skipped the Audrey/Kevin scenes. what happened in them? Is Kevin in love with Wilford?
  11. I love the opening story of this episode, but not the dic* swinging orgy, it is such a cliche, that is not what being LGBT all about. So Wednesday just packed up and left? what about his war? It is not done with him yet. What is Shadow going to Florida?
  12. I am not sure what happened at the end of this episode, did Demeter ditch Wednesday and left on her own, or did she turn into wind and died?
  13. LOL! She does look haggard most of the time. BTW, is the show cancelled?
  14. What is the meaning of the ending? The ring incinerated the rouge Marsion war ship? but why? The death of Alex is weird, they just killed him off like that?
  15. I guess even professional hit man has desires and can fancy a woman. 🙂 Besides he is pretty good looking himself, and you got to admit, he is kind of fun.
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