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  1. The first thing I ever saw her in was Gypsy, as Baby Louise. She would have been about 11 when it was made.
  2. Do you think that there could be an element of PR at play for June? Right now, she's a celebrity of sorts, and could have a voice. Could wearing red be partly about reminding those around her that she is that June Osborne? I thought that the Red Centre scenes were intriguing. Aunt Lydia has had a soft spot (of sorts) for Janine from early on, and I could buy it that she is reluctant to send her to a breeding colony*. That reluctance would probably not have lasted, except that now she has found a use for Janine, and an excuse to keep her close at hand. Could we see Aunt Janine in the futur
  3. In the epilogue of the book, it's suggested that Particicution was intended as a release for the Handmaids, to give them the satisfaction of tearing a man apart with their bare hands. The show handles the Handmaids' role in executions differently. With hangings, for example, in the book, the Handmaids touch a length of rope as a symbolic participation in the hanging. On the show, they are doing the work when the Marthas are executed, physically pulling the ropes to open the trapdoors. I would say that, in the show, having the Handmaids participate in executions is a combination of framing
  4. Four seasons of waiting to see Fred die, and I was not disappointed with how he went out. Much more fitting than a hanging. I was, however, disappointed by the lack of common sense shown over the disposal of the carcass. I hoped that the women who banded together to reduce the world rapist population by one would bury it in a shallow grave or roll it into a pond or something, clean up and go back to their lives because Fred wasn't worth wasting another thought on. Canada and Serena assume that Fred was executed by Gilead for sharing information, Gilead assumes that Fred sang like a canary
  5. The Canadian government housed June in a nice hotel suite when she arrived. Maybe Nick and Moira got help with the house because they were the guardians of the famous Baby Nichole. It's also possible, given the extremely low birthrate, that suburban family homes are less in demand.
  6. I suspected it as soon as Serena's pregnancy was revealed. Nichole takes after June in terms of looks, so no clue there about paternity. If anything, Fred may arguably be the more likely candidate. Serena's pregnancy proves that he can father a child. There is no such proof where Nick is concerned.
  7. I wonder if the scene of the Handmaids and Aunts is a flashback. It looks like the other Aunt (Ruth?) is interceding when Aunt Lydia tasers one of the Handmaids, which doesn't fit with Aunt Lydia presenting herself as the benign protector of the new Handmaids.
  8. What horrifies me about the train's design and set-up is that they don't have any kind of back-up for the animals onboard. There were 1,001 cars. Why not have the cattle spaced out, so that if there is a breach in one car, there are still enough cattle left to maintain the species? They couldn't squeeze in a second aquarium car? In The 100, even though it was expected to be at least several generations before Earth was survivable again, the kids on the Ark took Earth Skills as a class. Even if it was expected that the children on Snowpiercer would not live to see the Earth become war
  9. What was the deal with Fred telling Serena that the pregnancy belonged to him as much as June's did to Serena? That was weird. The baby's paternity isn't in question, whereas there is no question of Nichole having any biological tie to Serena. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but I can't buy that Fred is sincere about wanting to help Serena. If their strategy ends with her going free or getting a lenient sentence, it will be a side effect. His ultimate goal is going to be to keep himself out of prison. Realistically, Fred has more information about the inner workings of Gilead that he can use
  10. Has Serena even mentioned Nichole since she learned that she was pregnant? Gilead seems to be getting credit for the pregnancy - the clean water, etc. Perhaps, if the pregnancy is successful, Serena will want to somehow get the word back to Gilead that maybe some of the Wives are no longer "barren". It seems that, if a Handmaid is assigned to a household, the Commander and Wife don't have sex so Serena could reason that, for all anybody knows, some Wives are unknowingly missing out on an opportunity to conceive. I would say that, while Handmaids are viewed as a necessity and some fam
  11. I was thinking more in terms of easing the burden on Canada, given that there would be a limited number of refugees that they would have the capacity to host. If some of those who make it from Gilead to Canada have the option of going elsewhere, and avail of it, Canada is less likely to be in a position where they turn away refugees at the border because they can't cope with the numbers.
  12. The exiled United States government seems to have control of Hawaii but that's not going to be able to hold all of the refugees from Gilead. It would be interesting to learn if any other countries accept refugees from Gilead. I'm Irish, and under our citizenship laws, anybody with an Irish grandparent is entitled to claim Irish citizenship. That would probably apply to a fair number of people in Gilead.
  13. What interests me about Mrs. Keyes is that, if she married a Commander rather than a lower-ranking solider, her father (natural or otherwise) is presumably highly placed in the regime. How are her parents going to react to their daughter being made a Handmaid?
  14. June was also in earshot when Fred yelled at Serena about it being her idea, wasn't she?
  15. June can potentially shoot some pretty significant holes in Serena's claim that it was all Fred's fault. Fred didn't force Serena to get June and Nick to produce a baby for them to claim. Fred didn't force Serena to use Hannah to blackmail June. Fred didn't force Serena to imprison June for not being pregnant. It would help Serena's cause if she could get June to support her story about it all being Fred's fault, and June advocating leniency could carry quite a bit of weight. If June decides to testify against her, it could do Serena's cause quite a bit of harm.
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