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  1. Interlibrary loan can be your friend.
  2. Nialla

    S05.E01: Panic

    The plane was supposedly heading for the tower, but there's no way to know if it would be a direct hit or how it would hit. A near miss or glancing blow could shatter the glass at the very least. Being under the desk might offer protection from falling debris. Trying to evacuate could have caused injuries in and of itself, and even if they got out of the tower, they might not be clear of debris, jet fuel, etc.
  3. It's parody/satire, which is covered by Fair Use. Disney could sue, but there's little chance of winning, and it would only draw more attention to the "negative" imagery.
  4. Nialla


    If your local library doesn't have what you're looking for, ask if they do interlibrary loans. Most do, for free or a minimal cost for postage. I worked my way through several UK series at $1.50 each for postage.
  5. I kept expecting a dialogue reference to Kara at some point. She was on Argo or something along those lines. IIRC, they first introduced Clark as messaging Kara, so even Clark receiving a text or PM from her would be a nice callback. I understand the reason why there isn't an in-person appearance, but TPTB could have done this sort of thing easily. It has me wondering why they're not even trying. Though part of it could be the two shows have a very different tone and TPTB don't want to cross the streams. All those DOD vehicles have to get to the Kent farm, and trust me, a small town is no
  6. I still have a niggle in my brain about why there's nary a mention of Kara in this series. An army of pseudo-Kryptonians, with an actual one in charge and related to Clark? Let's call in his cousin, who also remembers Krypton, yet is not trying to kill all humans. I know the real world limitations behind the lack, but sometimes I think it would be better if we learned that this is a different world than Kara's. Does anyone else think it's strange that no one in Smallville has noted the frequent DOD presence at the Kent farm? Or that the rest of the military folk with Gen. Lane haven'
  7. On the one hand, I know COVID affected what they wanted to do on many levels, but on the other hand... did it really? Season was cut short, they couldn't do the big ballroom scenes, etc., but did it really change the major plots they had planned out? I think certain things were pretty well set: Angel and Papi's wedding, Pray's death, and Blanca making it out alive and continuing to help people. The rest had to fit in around those events. Not sure if Elektra's stuff was changed around, but I would have been fine with her making her money with phone sex and not bringing in the mob. Having t
  8. I think we often forget that both of their parents are well known reporters too, so they grew up with high-powered parents even before superpowers were in the mix. It's not been clear how much of the reality of their grandfather's job they knew, but no doubt it would have been enough to add to the pressures of growing up. Their Aunt Alex would understand growing up "normal" with a superpowered relative. She could also show them there are other ways to help, but I'm sure she would stress the danger to both of them. I know they're avoiding crossovers for a while due to COVID, but I rea
  9. I wonder if they're ignoring Supergirl because that show is ending and they're unsure if they could gather on this show in the future? Just feels weird. It's almost like they're considering a do over to make this show not really part of the Arrowverse, which might not be a bad idea with shows ending and actors parting ways. You'd think just verbally mentioning her would be okay. JHI mentioned other Kryptonians on (his) earth as if the same was happening here, but no one ever said there's just one other? Could be fun to have the boys go visit Aunt Kara if the show needs them offscreen
  10. If the show had more time, it would have been nice for Aunt Jada to visit his found family in NYC. Not just because Aunt Jada vs. Elektra would automatically be iconic, but to make it clear that she's leaving the details to them because they deserve that right, but she knows if it's not a family member on the POA, then it's easier for someone else in the family to fight it. I think his mother would like to think she'd let him go in the way he wanted, but it's far too easy to fall back on your faith and tradition. Would she fight her own sister in court though? Probably not. In the midst o
  11. The gear lighting up their faces really throws me out of a scene if it's otherwise dark lighting. It would be like having a flashlight shining in their face, which means they wouldn't be able to see much, if anything. I've been noticing stuff that was probably a COVID adaptation in several shows, even those who aren't acknowledging it in the show itself. If it's something to help keep the actors safer, I'm all for it, even if it might not quite work in the plot.
  12. My understanding is the big issue is whether or not a culture is being offered versus taken. Then it's whether the person not of the culture is being respectful or treating it as a dress up costume. There are some things not offered to outsiders due to cultural or religious reasons though. I love the clothes, and as long as the Nigerian folks are okay with it, it could be fun to see Bob's family adapting their style for the wedding.
  13. I've been seeing a lot more people calling older folk aunt(ie) or uncle, and people near their age cousin in recent years. Mr/Ms First Name seems to be falling out of favor in more casual situations. Would've gotten very confusing calling adults by their last names where I live. There are some sprawling family trees around here, so it would be easy to lose track of who you're referring to.
  14. Nialla

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    They already tried to get Christopher at one point. This show is all about the drama, so I could see them going with Eddie had named Buck and/or Carla as Christopher's guardians in his will, and then there's a courtroom saga with Eddie's parents over custody. Even if Eddie survives, he theoretically has a long recovery ahead (though that rarely happens on this show), so I could see his parents swooping in. That might even spur them to pursue custody if they think they can make the case that Eddie can't take care of his kid. Again, cue custody battle with Buck and/or Carla playing a huge r
  15. Sometimes the remnants of those make it to Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond. Great fun with you have a rain shower followed by dust storm. Mud coated everything and it dries like concrete, and it's not the same color as the local mud. Not sure if those make it down to Austin, but either way, they show up in weather forecasts so it wouldn't really be a surprise. Unless they're coming up with yet another wacky way to do something. I'm a leaf on the wind, and I'll take your nickel. Owen being on site made a sort of sense, but I really wanted Judd to be involved in talking Tommy down. Lov
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