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S19 Project Runway Season Finale Live Chat

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I’ve been watching, but just got here. I’m happy for these four ladies for making the finale and PR history in being the first show exclusively done by women. 

Kristina…a hoverboard? That could be a mistake of epic proportions. 

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Yes, I’m not seeing how the hoverboard is going to enhance a collection.

I do like how supportive all of these women are of one another.

Just saw a “curvy” model in one of Chasity’s dresses.  She needs better bust support!


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So far I’m not impressed by anyones collection. Chasity looks like Vegas show girl. Not sure I like Shantall’s  snake-y patterns. Kristina’s one model is naked and other stuff looks Victoria Secret. Corals might be OK although some look costume-y. I have to see how they walk, or hoverboard down the runway. 

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I feel like Chasity learned nothing from the judges’ critiques, because she is still doing pageant/prom gowns loaded with beading.  There is absolutely a market for that, but I just wonder if PR is that market.

I surprisingly like Coral’s collection the best.

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I think that during the finale, Christian should not be telling them how to redesign their collections.  He visited, he recommended, they executed….or not.   Time to let them sink or swim on their own.  

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