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S06.E11: The Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent Monologues

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After the camera feed cuts out, the eliminated queen rejoins the competition. For the main challenge, the queens are tasked to write and perform a monologue, in which they tell a story about their life as drag queens.

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Breathing a sigh of relief that Ru chose to bring back Eureka over Silky.  Though I'm sad to see Trinity go. 

Honestly, I thought all of the monologue performances were on par with each other.  So I wonder if Eureka benefited from going last (and being the freshest in Ru's mind) and Trinity was at a disadvantage going first.

Did we not get a Drag makeover challenge this season?  I'm guessing it was too much of a covid risk to bring in  that many outsiders but I always liked that challenge.

At this point, this is Kylie's competition to lose.

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Gosh, how surprising that a competitive reality show has some type of dramatic competition to bring back a contestant only to end up bringing back the person who just got eliminated.  I have never, ever ever seen that before.  How utterly and totally unexpected.

I’ve actually enjoyed this season more than most All-Stars,  but the “game within a game” predictably turned out to be the same old BS shenanigans a lot of us know and hate about All-Stars.

Trinity seemed depressed and like she knew she was going home even before Eureka re-entered the competition.  Hmmm.  I think she may have watched All-Stars before.

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I was really rooting for Kylie to win, I think she deserved it. I refused to watch Eureka after she announced what her story was about; just no.  Rajah didn't wow me, and I'm really sick of Ginger.    Overall this challenge inevitably touched a lot of the same material as the roundtable talk-show challenge they did a few episodes ago; we already know who the queens are and this episode feels like filler designed to promote Eureka.  These last two episodes were completely unnecessary.   

Regardless, I'm #TeamKylie 100% and so glad this season is over. 

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Finally caught up with this season. I have a feeling we will be seeing Silky again (and again and again). It seems like Kylie is their winner, but if it's a big girl this season, I think Ginger deserves it more than Eureka based on series performance.

I've hated seeing so many of the queens doubting themselves and trying to figure out what Ru wants and being so stressed out over it. (Akeria, Jan, Trinity, Scarlet, and what on earth was going on with Pandora, who was so down and lifeless every single episode.) Ru wants them to lay their souls bare for our entertainment, but I just want to have fun. 


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1 hour ago, TVbitch said:

Ru wants them to lay their souls bare for our entertainment, but I just want to have fun. 


Agreed. I feel like they can simplify this whole thing, and make it fun again, by featuring a couple queens each episode (a little info on what they've been doing, tell us whatever sad stuff some viewers apparently need to know to relate to these characters), and ending each episode with a lip sync battle or runway walk off. Get to a final four that way, have a fun finale where they do whatever it is they do best to show off that all of these queens are super talented, call it a day. 

Who's the target audience for this show now, anyway?  

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I'm glad Eureka was the one to come back and thought she really shone this episode. All the stories were quite good -  though I felt disconnected to TKB's and thought Kylie told hers really well.

Overall I feel like this has been an evenly good season (unlike All stars 3 and 4 which started out guns blazing and then went out with a whimper after the front runners were chopped). Don't mind really who wins - they are all worthy in their own ways.

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I just wanted to give snaps to the adorable Jermaine Fowler, I like how he provided the queens with helpful guidance and suggestions for their performances. And Alec Mapa too. 

Thank the drag goddesses that Silky did not return to the competition tho you know Ru wanted her back. 

I think this is Kylie or Fingers to lose tho Raja may sneak in to snatch the crown.

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Dayum this season has been a slog. When did drag race stop being fun? I don’t care for any of the finalists:

- Eureka is plain annoying and not half as funny as she thinks she is

- Ginger has her moments but she comes across as scripted and fake and I feel for some reason there is a streak of nastiness in her

- Rajah has a voice that strips paint and I can’t stand to be in the same room as it

- Kylie has me torn. She seems nice enough and can be entertaining but I don’t think what she is doing is drag, it’s more burlesque. 

And as a final point: none of the final 4 look different in and out of drag. Isn’t that completely missing the point? 

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I never thought I would be sad for Trinity but I really felt bad for her.  On the flip side though I am now team Kylie 100%.  Just am not a huge fan of Rajah, think Ginger is way too polished and doesn't read as genuine, and am meh on Eureka plus I could have lived all my life without hearing her poop story.


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I thought Eureka was spot on in her delivery of her story, and so glad she got a win and some cash. Ginger's was too scripted and polished, and the deliberate play to Ru's favourite movie seemed a bit manipulative. TKB was really moving this episode, so left on a good note. Can't recall Ra'jah's story. Kylie was okay, she's got charm. But Eureka was the clear winner. I'm glad she was the one to come back.

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On 8/28/2021 at 7:12 PM, Electricwireles said:

Dayum this season has been a slog. When did drag race stop being fun?

These seasons aren't really any longer than before but it does feel like All-Stars has been on for 6 months (the same with the regular season before). I think it comes down to there is just too much RPDR on right now. There is no breathing room in between the various seasons and therefore no real anticipation. I'm just getting burned out. I realize I can skip a season or not watch the foreign ones (I really only have watched UK and Australia) but it does suck me in at first and then I have to finish it even though there is little joy.

Regarding this episode, TKB really sabotaged herself. I thought she was going to take it all. I don't get the griping over Eureka's return - it happens every season! They should expect that "twist". So, honestly, I'm glad she went because her attitude about it was stank. I get she was worried but she could've pulled it out. I don't think I'd mind any of the remaining queens winning (although Ra'jah is a distant 4th for me). But I agree it will likely be Kylie (with a possible Ginger upset).

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I'm Team Ginger. I think her problem is she's possibly too smart for the room! At my house I have to keep explaining her jokes to my better half (e.g. this week when Eureka came back, Ginger cried "We found her!" and he didn't know why I was laughing).

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12 hours ago, xander874 said:

These seasons aren't really any longer than before but it does feel like All-Stars has been on for 6 months (the same with the regular season before)

Actually All Stars 6 and Season 13 both have 2 additional episodes each than they were supposed to. This is due to the cancellation of the previously approved Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2. This was supposed to have been 4 episodes and was cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

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