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  1. I know I am so late in posting but I loved that Yvie was crowned the winner and Nina is Miss Congeniality! The show finally got something right this season. Also loved seeing certain queens from past seasons onstage, seeing them again made me love them even more. The In Mammarium to Michelle's breasts actually made me LOL. Hope she is doing well and kudos to her for shining a light on a serious issue that (to me) does not get discussed much. Another LOL moment was finding out Papa Oddly had his motorcycle club buddies watch RPDR to see his baby. Also, awwww!
  2. Ha! ITA. In fact I had to rewind after the word vagina was shown, I was like WTF was that. LOL I do have another best part: the recognition and love for Nina, who was robbed. I had totally forgotten about Honey and Kahanna, that's how memorable they were to me. Team Yvie.
  3. If I didn't know better I would think Ru/WOW has already signed up Silky for her own show and that's why Silky's sloppy ass is still on the show at this point. Nina deserved better.
  4. Congrats to Nina on the well deserved win, her team was so much more cohesive than oof, Team Black Magic, which had one of the worst Drag Race performances I can recall. Shuga in the bottom two was imho unfair, she was on the winning team, ffs. I'll definitely miss her positivity and humor on the show and hope she continues to grow as a performer. The caftan runway was one of those "it's about time they did this!" moments. I immediately thought of he fabulous Three's Company's Mrs. Roper and Bewitched's Endora. LOL I've been over Silky for awhile now (I just find her not funny and, as someone else here pointed out, slovenly at times) reading here about death threats she has received (I do not follow social media) is unacceptable. Jump off the Silky train, Ru, she is not what you want her to be!
  5. The library may have been open but it's clear this group of queens need extra tutoring in reading. These were the worst reads I have ever heard! And Silky continuing to skate by on everything is beyond annoying. I'm surprised it took this long for the show to knockoff Reno 911, one of my fave half hour shows ever. The other best things about this ep were the fantastic Fortune Feister and Brook's reveal on the runway. Plastique is a sweetie but it was her time to go.
  6. This cannot be said enough. I actually liked her at first, I think it took all of 2 episodes for me to regret my initial impressions of her. You know it was a dismal SG (exceptions being Nina & Shuga, who were robbed) when Silky was declared winner. If there is a big girl in final three I hope it's Nina, who continues to evolve, and NOT the odious & stagnant Silky. Always nice to see Jinkx, her Little Edie remains a classic. Brook Lynn also entered Drag Race herstory with both her truly awful Celine on SG AND that stunning runway, she slaaaayed it! Shuga's runway was also stunning, I hope she continues, with Nina to shine. Loved Clea & Tony as guest judges, they were both adorbs.
  7. Silky, I'm in America and I do not love you. If she starts addressing America directly I wouldn't be surprised if the late great Bernie Mac came back from beyond to set her straight about addressing America. (I LOVED the Bernie Mac Show) 😄 When Rajah referred to her TWO times in the bottom (before this ep) I was like "Lower Tier Queen, it's THREE times, we were ALL subjected to that six queen LSFYL, this is your time so just GO already" complete with finger wag and eyeroll. So glad she is gone, I cannot think of one look of hers this season that impressed me. What is it with the O'Haras and their toxicity?! Thank God for Alyssa, who brightens any room she's in. Still loving Yvie and Nina and Brook, I like Shuga but want to get to know her more. I just cannot stop watching Untucked, locas. I think it's curiosity re which guest judge will visit them and what they talk about. Vangie's colossal fit really unnerved me but Yvie needs to learn that maybe letting something go for another time would be best?
  8. Oh me too, she was fabulous and hilarious! Hearing Bianca speak during one of the remixes made me miss her sooooo much. Hope Nina, Brooke and Yvie make Final Three, as much as I like Vangie she insists on staying in a very rigid lane when it comes to her runway. Zzzzz
  9. I agree, I find so much of her looks and challenge performances as blah. And Silky just needs to go, I find her not really trying anymore, if she ever did, other than the brief moment she shone as Oprah. The true winner of this challenge was Elvira, who always was, continues to be and always will be the bomb. Silky as Oprah going as Dolly Parton? I was ROFL at that one. LOL I loved how awesome and way superior Brook Lynn's witch-look performance as Cara Delivigne's character in Suicide Squad was and done in front of Cara. And Yvie continues to be a real threat to the other queens, luv her!
  10. Joel's continuous "yeah"s to Michelle's growing annoyance is already one of my fave moments of 2019 and it's only March. Love loved him! My boyfriend couldn't recall who New York until I said Flavor of Love and that Pumkin spit on her. The things we remember. SMH My fave: Yvie's talking heads, runway and performance as the Cryptkeeper v.2 aka Kellyanne Conway. Honorable mention: Ginger Minj as the orange tumor currently entrenched in the White House. The other standouts for me were Nina, Brook Lynn and Shuga. Silky as the winner? Uh sure?
  11. I did not realize how much I liked Nina West until her performance, talking heads & runway this ep, what a sweetie. Loved her reaction to her win! Team IBBN was so tight & the queens on that team were so in sync, Team Mariah didn't have a chance. Love Yvie & of course Vangie. I will always heart Guillermo Diaz not for Scandal, but for his guest spots on the Dave Chappelle Show, and he deserved better than being assaulted by Silky during Untucked. Btw for the past eleven seasons, everytime we see Ru dressed as a fabulous car racing pit crew member in her fabulous pink jumpsuit during the show's opening credits & after commercial breaks... I immediately think of Mariah in her Loverboy music video from back in the day. LOL
  12. I know, right? Tho I started liking Ariel from the start since she's from South Jersey. It takes a lot for me to notice anyone else when Vangie's onscreen, she just sparkles. I am still over the moon with Bobby Moynihan as a guest judge, you can always tell who true fans of the show are! Loved his appearance on Untucked too, work it Bobby, work, work!
  13. As with most first eps there were too many queens for me to remember names and faces (forever love to Tom and Lorenzo's site for screen caps and name) so the only ones I can clearly recall are Miss Vaaaaangie, Plastique, Brook Lynn, Yvie, Silky and Ariel (Jersey represent!). Vangie hiding behind that screen along with her running commentary actually made me LOL. LOVED seeing queens from past seasons for the photo shoots, Manila especially. I feel bad that Soju had to sashay away, hopefully she can work on her drag (she seems so young) and enjoy the exposure being on the show will no doubt bring. Miley usually annoys me but she was actually not grating my nerves this one time. Still waiting for her fabulous godmother Dolly Parton to be on this show tho!
  14. That dual crowning was some bullshittery and I say that as someone who likes Monet and Trinity. Manila was robbed. She's the true All Star to me. Loved seeing Alaska and Chad again! And Trixie too. 😄
  15. This was awful. I miss Manila and after seeing her fantastic planned kitty outffit posted above (thank you for posting here!) I'm in an even worse mood that Naomi is top four and Manila is not. I admit to being tickled seeing Jason Wu with Ru the doll perched on his shoulder, he is too cute.
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