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  1. Likewise ... first RuPaul song to actually make my liked list, and that's 900 strong and counting.
  2. Loved (I'm paraphrasing) "I can barely fit in my clothes, how am I supposed to fit in with them?" as Defender's champion faced the monitor filled with models.
  3. My favourite exchange of the evening: Vanessa: "I'm a lobster fisherman" Minh-Li: "I could tell!"
  4. She won't stay that way (spoiler alert!) as you get to know her better, I promise!
  5. Well, I truly felt for Sheldon. He's basically me, with slightly worse social skills. I learned nothing in class, and read novels to pass the time while the teachers explained the principles that had been clearly set out in the textbooks (that I'd read the first weekend in September). And he did me one better, since he's studying advanced topics, whereas I'd been content to learn the standard curriculum, then read fiction, rather than stretch myself to do better. Put yourself in his shoes. You're in class. All day long. And people less intelligent than you are trying to teach you thing
  6. Re the "packed schedules"—a few years ago I saw Eve Plumb Off-Broadway in Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage--I was one of the audience participation victims participants. Just 'cause they aren't in big box office films doesn't mean they aren't acting—I looked her up in imdb.com and she's done 13 film or tv gigs since then, and who knows what else that the imdb doesn't list.
  7. I'm assuming you mean how to determine who's right, not the part about how 5 points = victory. Contestants must pick which movie will make all the voiceovers happy. Only one of the three posters shown will fulfill all their requirements. So if someone says "I want to watch a romance!" then Revenge of the Blanket would not be an appropriate choice. Sometimes all the posters are in agreement (e.g. the voiceover might say "at least a two star movie," and if the posters are 2 star, 3 star, and 4 star, they all match, so that's simply a red-herring). Eventually you get enough information to
  8. I was born and raised in Canada. I didn't know the lyrics—I've never heard the song—I've never even heard of the song. I can do Snowbird, I Just Haven't Met You Yet, or When You're Gone, I don't not listen to music, but I don't think this song's as well known as you believe it to be.
  9. Which parts? Oh, the populated parts. That makes sense.
  10. Me too. I don't need to hear that they "sadly" vote to evict, or that Ms. C-M is looking "beautiful" today, and especially not loves/kisses/birthdaywishes etc. Just turn the sound off and have two buttons to press, one with Sam's face, one with Kat's face. We watch the hamster press the button, and Julie announces "Jack has voted for Sam," so the blind viewers can follow along.
  11. The moment just before, when she was running away, I thought was one of the prettiest things I'd seen on a TV screen all year. Sure, sometimes I think the modern sensibility is a bit unrealistic, but it's worth watching for the visuals alone!
  12. I completely agree, I just think it's stupid rather than mean.
  13. Not that I think the 8 are humanity's finest examples, but I'm not sure why "not being allowed to attend an alliance meeting when you're not in the alliance" counts as bullying. In one sense it's dumb, because it makes Completely Evident who's in the alliance and who's not, but it's hardly bullying, in a competition, to want to be allowed to strategize without the opposition being present. When non-alliance members showed up and tried to enter, they were told "not now" ... there's a difference between actual bullying (what Bella does), and, say, not being invited to the popular girl's party
  14. I can't remember a worse LSFYL than Silky's ... even Valentina, despite not knowing the words, didn't seem drunk and deranged. Silky's aimless flopping around (and not even desperate flopping around, casual out-of-time flopping around) had me in hysterics.
  15. That's my take too. Suddenly you've got all this time on your hands, and what do you do with it? If she were just trying to get affection from a new source, she'd hardly have gone to her neighbour's home ... she's kind of bored, and trying to figure out how to fill the time (while, clearly, missing Sheldon).
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