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  1. ashleylm

    S17.E02: Auditions (2)

    I'm 53, and I have it as well. Do you want people to have unpopular, weird futuristic haircuts, or unpopular, sad, dated haircuts? It's only reasonable more people will sport whatever style is currently popular, regardless of what it reminds you of.
  2. ashleylm

    S02.E13: A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovey

    Re Missy's supposed meanness--I'm not getting that, I'm seeing a girl who's delighted to have learned interesting secrets about other people, not one who's chortling over their misery. (I also think Young Sheldon is still cute, but I also think that of my 15 year old nephew who's well into puberty--neither of them are equivalent to a nine-week kitten, but who is?)
  3. ashleylm

    S02.07 Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

    I hope you mean "could have been viewed." The thought that merely being introduced to gay people in a social situation would currently constitute child abuse boggles.
  4. ashleylm

    S02.E07: Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon

    I was Sheldon (or as close as), and learned nothing in elementary school. Nothing. I could read before Grade One, and ever since I'd just read the text books they handed out that first week, and be bored for all subsequent weeks (or read novels in class while the teacher taught concepts I'd already learned). When I switched to a private school, it was revelatory. I no longer seemed to be the smartest kid in the class, but that was because they'd actually been taught concepts I'd never come across. Took me a year to catch up, and then I was on top again. You can only do so much (pre-Internet) with the books in your library and a school catering to the average student.
  5. ashleylm

    S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

    I think it was closer to "What an interesting way to say a normal thing," which (after "All my fears are mine again") was my 2nd line of the night.
  6. ashleylm

    The Block

    Finally saw the season, and want to go on record that it's ridiculously unfair (though ultimately not really a game changer) that the girls got to make the decision about whether Kim & Chris could also share in the increased-window-space advantage. And, game or not, morally wrong to decide as they did. I don't love Kim and Chris' style, but I was on their side at least for the rest of the season!
  7. ashleylm

    S1.E01: Pilot

    I liked it a lot, and thought the details and the tone were spot on (I was 7 in 1972). Yes! How many of our homes today look like they were decorated in the-latest-trends-for-2018? In my case we have the bones of a 1999 build (kitchen cabinets, moldings, etc.), the colours from a 2008 redecoration, furniture from 1890 through 2010, with a lot of it circa 2001 when we upsized and needed more things. Aside from a few throw pillows and an Amazon echo, there's nothing to reflect the current zeitgeist. Most people don't entirely redecorate their home every three years just 'cause.
  8. ashleylm

    The Cool Kids

    Best of the three so far, I think!
  9. ashleylm

    The Cool Kids

    Somehow I saw the pilot before y'all (I guess the schedule's different in Canada) so posted in the wrong thread as this one didn't exist last week. Don't know how to move posts, so here's a repeat: I thought the first episode was pretty good--I laughed out loud several times, esp. with regards to Leslie Jordan and Vicki Lawrence. It reminded me a bit of Hot in Cleveland--if you enjoy the actors a lot, and they make the most of decent if not spectacular material, then you'll have a good time. Really, for a comedy, it's just about whether I'm laughing or not (unless they're deliberately setting out to do something dramedy-ish, like G.L.O.W.) I didn't crack a smile at Single Parents, but I chuckled a lot during this.
  10. ashleylm

    S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    Because it's filmed in Vancouver. We're a temperate rainforest. It makes for lush gardens, but unconvincing supposedly-L.A. sets.
  11. ashleylm

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Actually (sorry to be that person) you're incredulous, whereas the premise is incredible (as in hard-to-credit, unbelievable, unconvincing, etc., not the other meaning of fantastic, amazing, etc.). To be incredulous means you have trouble believing something.
  12. ashleylm

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Underwhelmed, annoyed, bored ... but also wondering if this is a rare case of pilot being less interesting than successive episodes (it's happened before, not often). Yup, I would much rather have seen a show where the main characters were the ones trying to figure out what happened, rather than the victims. I think the pilot should have started by setting up the characters, focussing on those who took the first flight, then the shocking mid-act break is the discovery that the second plane is missing. We jump ahead and see how everyone's coping with missing their missing, presumed dead, loved ones, when suddenly we get the news that the second plane has landed, five years late. That's another surprise. And instead of announcing that no time is past (or showing it to us), we get the visceral shock of seeing your loved ones and realising they haven't changed, even the youngest. Blackout, cliffhanger. It's irksome the professionals can't figure out the most interesting way to tell a story. But I guess if they want a procedural where, yet again (yawn) people with surprising abilities team up with crime-fighting professionals to solve mysteries, then so be it. I'll check out episode number two to see if it corrects episode one's errors, or is just another crime-solving show (and jeepers, if you're going to talk to yourself telepathically, wouldn't you be a bit less cryptic with yourself? I would think "go slower" means I should take it easy and relax a bit, not that I should yell at the bus driver. After all, "set them free" wasn't a command to a third party).
  13. ashleylm

    Single Parents

    Didn't laugh, didn't like it, didn't find it believable, didn't find it enjoyably unbelievable (Kimmy Schmidt or The Goldbergs know how to handle over-the-top unbelievability in a way that works), the kids were extra (that's new slang that means "too much," right?) ... I don't mind not laughing if it's not a comedy, but I'm fairly certain this was intended to be one. Everyone's dialogue came out as "funny lines written by comedy writers" rather than anything anyone would ever actually say, which immediately renders them "not funny lines written by comedy writers," unfortunately. I gave it to the halfway point because I'm still sad I ditched Mom after the first 5 minutes only to discover years later I'd missed out on a gem. If this turns out to be a gem, someone will eventually let me know. I'm out!
  14. ashleylm


    Didn't grab me. Watched about 30 minutes and it was a bunch of people talking, rather than scintillating dialogue, a compelling plotline, a stunning production design, etc. In today's landscape (with brilliant television like (your mileage may vary) Bojack Horseman, Game of Thrones, The Good Place, GLOW, Veep, The Good Fight, etc.) I need more than competent television before I'll commit to a series! I'd rather watch a comforting only semi-guilty pleasure like The Great British Bake Off or Skin Wars before yet another competent procedural. You know, I get why there's a pizza place near me, despite the fact that there are thousands of other pizza places already in the world ... but the same logic doesn't apply to TV shows. They're all basically equally accessible, and we don't need more of the same. I can imagine network TV trying to create something similar to a hit on cable (with the understanding that some people won't have access, sort of the pizza analogy), but there's no need to do the same old same as what's already on other channels out there. The only difference is the name of the investigators' team.
  15. ashleylm

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I also gave up halfway through. My Dad died this year and I'm feeling mortal, so "Life is Short" is my current mantra ... if I don't love something, it's one and done for me (if that), whether books, films, or tv series. Thought the lead actor was charismatic, but the show was stupid, stupid, stupid (I completely gave up at the "behave like a human" exchange, groan). Just in case I'm sleepy/cranky I check out reviews after I bail on a new show, and I thought Vulture mag had this one nailed--if you like confirmation bias and you don't like New Amsterdam, check it out!