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  1. I found that out the hard way when I was laid off after 31 years with the same company a couple of years ago...nobody stays at a job for that long anymore and in some ways it is considered a detriment.
  2. True, but I have found on LinkedIn that you try and put your most professional, business oriented description (makes me think perhaps I should go and read mine). Veronica seems to stay employed.
  3. I don't think Alexi liked the stripper but I think that at this point he's gotten over it and doesn't want to revisit it (I think a lot of men would not be a fan of their fiancees being lap danced by some other male).
  4. This is her job description on LinkedIn...she is a "Lead Sourcing Relationship Manager - USLR at Equitable" - sounds like she has a very good job - according to ziprecruiter the average annual salary is $75,725. It does look like she's a bit of a job hopper though (although in this economy that's not unusual). About A multi-lingual, results driven, outgoing and ambitious professional with over ten years of supervisory and leadership skills. Cross-functional experience in both retail and IT with a focus on vendor management and end-to-end procurement. Excellent client centric focus, as well as advanced verbal and written skills. A decisive, results-driven team member with a focus on developing relationships and driving results to add value to the company.
  5. I actually don't think Varya is unattractive. She has great coloring (dark hair, blue eyes) and I suspect that she's one of those people who is more attractive in person. I think she's a bit more "fresh" than Mary, who is also not a bad looking woman but appears several years older.
  6. You are smart. I find myself constantly having to go through my scheduled recording list and delete stuff because of the way that they retread shows (different names but repeats of shows). I'm almost about sick of the 90 Days shows because right now there are simply too many.
  7. I actually enjoy this show for the most part. I think all six of the girls are so cute and yes, kids eat boogers. My biggest issue with that is that some day in the future Hazel's booger eating will come back to haunt her. I hope her parents have done a good enough job of building up her self-esteem that she will be able to deal with it. Having worn ugly glasses most of my childhood I do feel bad for her and her eye issues but most of us survive and become (relatively) normal human beings. Being surrounded by loving parents and family members doesn't hurt. I think Danielle copes fairly well with living in the midst of six very loud children. You just can't fight every battle so sometimes you just let the chaos carry on and take care of the important things. At the end of the day her children appear to be clean, well fed and clothed, and make it to school on time and ready to participate in class (and kudos to having each of the quints in separate groups this year - it will help them to develop their own identities). I have a friend who has triplets who are almost teenagers and they still dress the same all the time - I'm uncertain at this point as to whether it is their choice or their mom's. Whatever - not my kid not my problem! I think Adam is a bit of a drama queen, but last night even he admitted to this. Sorry to see that Danielle had to have a hysterectomy at a relatively young age. I guess carrying five children at once can do serious damage to your uterus. Hope she feels a lot better. I think as women we all go through a little mourning period when we realize that the door has shut for having more children, even if we really didn't want anymore. It's just sad to have that choice taken away from us. I think Hazel has gorgeous hair, as do several of the other quints. Last night she said her hair was fire colored - obviously she is proud of her red hair. It is cute to see that as they get older their differences are more accentuated.
  8. Must have looked at one date and typed another! Sorry. I was just excited Dr. Jeff will be back (and I should have figured out that it would be on a Saturday, right?).
  9. Why may I ask? My daughter watches Jeffree Starr's makeup demonstrations all the time.
  10. I felt like Georgia was either drunk or trying to look like she was drunk. Perhaps she was drinking in solidarity with Ciara and Paget? Too much Parker and too little Chris (who apparently has not opted for surgery - hope that doesn't come back and bite him in the future).
  11. I'm not a fan of those cases (and that girl last night was beyond trashy with her filthy mouth - she was so beautiful and yet ewwwww), but at least she was smart enough to understand the consequences of questionable plastic surgery (and I guess even Daddy wouldn't fit close to $100,000 worth of procedures for her butt). It does fascinate me to what lengths that people will go to change their body - kind of like watching a tattoo show for me.
  12. Does the Bravo staff tell them to be disrespectful and insolent to their superiors? Is that part of the employee orientation when you sign up for Below Deck?
  13. Do you watch The Aquarium? They had the sweetest story this week about the birth of a new beluga whale.
  14. I think it is realistic to show that no matter how hard they try that sometimes things just happen in the lives of the animals at the zoo. The keepers work so hard and they have such strong relationships with their animals - it must be dreadful to lose one like Rimba. I hope they find the female tiger a new mate soon.
  15. I watched the little beluga being born two different times (I napped through part of the show the first time - just woke up in time to see the whale swimming around with the little flukes sticking out!). I wonder if the intervention was really necessary but sure did love seeing the little (girl?) sliding out and swimming around with Whisper.
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