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  1. Nope, not getting turned off by the show. Robert is 16 and not a professional actor. I don't find him off-putting at all. I suspect he feels like he has to fill his dad's shoes (who was also more than a little over the top), but one of the things I like about this show is that they aren't actors. Sometimes they are awkward, but I think of them as earnest people who are trying to share their love for animals and their concern for the future of said animals with the public, raise awareness (and money), and for the most part I find them almost painfully sincere. In a television viewing
  2. and said poster appreciates it!
  3. LOL...might depend on the vacation...of course my daughter is 24 - she would sell out MY privacy at this point. I'm guessing Hazel on the banana.
  4. This might be old news (sorry) but my daughter found this...Clay Aiken and Bianca Del Rio teaming up...could be pretty funny. ‘NewsBeat’: Drag Queens Nina West, Bianca Del Rio & More Unite For News Show From Politicon, EP Clay Aiken (msn.com)
  5. I'm not going to lie. If somebody paid me to go on vacation and all I had to do was post a couple of pictures and say something about the benefactor I would do it in a minute! Well, to parents of school children summer starts the day the kids get out of school...and here in Texas it usually gets hot by mid-May (although this year we are having weird weather so it has been uncharacteristically rainy and cooler so far).
  6. I watched the last two episodes but for some reason this hasn't charmed me as much as Home Town (MS) does. I do hope this gives the town a boost and bring people downtown. I loved the Farmer's Market idea but think if they had built a children's playground it would have been a better use of space (along with the Farmer's Market). Quite honestly I could live without seeing Ty Pennington (and I used to really like him). He just seems so full of himself and hasn't aged well IMO.
  7. Thanks, I will look into that. I am going to be looking into a service that will allow me E! and Bravo and VH1 (Drag Race you know!). Just want to make sure I don't end up spending as much on streaming services as I did on cable.
  8. The Lost Kitchen is the name of the restaurant show.
  9. I also watched a show on Magnolia about a woman who has a restaurant staffed by all women - it was a great show and I hope more episodes are forthcoming. I agree - some clarity about what showed (I too like Restored, the Galveston show and that crazy New Orleans lady, plus Maine Cabin Masters is a huge favorite) about what shows are going to be on in the future would be nice. Plus I am ready for more episodes of the Magnolia shows to be rolled out (and if you haven't tried Joanna's biscuit recipe I highly recommend it if you are a biscuit person). I did see that Maine Cabin
  10. When I am on a river I want to look at the river. I think there are way too many tvs in restaurants these days - sports bar or not.
  11. Honestly I can't even remember so I guess it wasn't that shocking. Maybe we will be shocked next week (is there another half to the tell all or have both aired - apparently I'm not very invested!)?
  12. I was trying to figure out who was worse - Colt or Ed, and it is a close race, but I have decided it is Ed. He is just so very creepy. I honestly don't think he wants a relationship - only to manipulate women for his own devices. His insistence on getting a kiss, then on to the next step. He is a groomer. Then he resorts to tears and mea culpas when he gets caught in his game. Says he's going to therapy...give me a break! Colt is gross but I do think he sometimes owns who and what he is. Ed never sill, and for what it's worth I think his mother knows exactly who he is but because
  13. Ed’s daughter lives in Las Vegas but I assumed Liz’s daughter lived with her - I think she was only 6. Ed said her priorities were her daughter, her job, her friends and then him - that doesn’t sound like a non-custodial parent.
  14. So where did Liz’s daughter stay when Liz was sleeping over at Ed’s? This would have been my Tell-All Question. Where was she supposed to sleep of Liz moved in with Ed? Bunk with his mother? On the couch? In the dog bed?
  15. I get so tickled though. Every one of them talk about how they want “something that nobody else has” and yet almost every show...burning the cedar - check! Cabinets made of pallets - check! Having said that some of these are so cool!
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