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  1. I'm all for people expressing themselves with their art, but I do think that David has expressed himself to the point where it is distracting. I've always thought he was such an attractive man but the ink and the porn moustache and pointed goatee are just not my thing - but then again it isn't my body and he's not my man so I guess I don't get a vote...LOL!
  2. I would suspect (although I am definitely not a sailor) that the lines have to be tied off in certain order to make sure that the boat is pulled into dock properly and will not veer off in the wrong direction - plus an inappropriately done line could snap and injure someone either on the vessel or on the dock.
  3. She could certainly do a much better job at the reunion show than Andy did.
  4. I just realized I posted in the wrong thread! So we will see if Jason if as good as he thinks he is - but flash challenges are going to be challenging unless they let him adapt to being on his own. I was surprised at how some of those tattoos just weren't good designs.
  5. Well, we will see if Jason's mouth and tattoo talent are strong enough for him to succeed...it sure will make flash challenges harder though!
  6. I also think the fact that Grayson has consistently been either in the top or safe as opposed to Liam who has not helped Grayson stay - and I think Sam's granola was a big factor in him being in the top 2.
  7. Even if you argue that they should know enough about doing their job that they do not need to be taught, if she is going to reprimand Georgia for the condition of the laundry room then she should have set out what her requirements were at the beginning so that Georgia would have known what was expected (and of course yes, Georgia should be able to tell a man's shirt from a woman's).
  8. I watched WWHL last night because Jenna was on it and she had on so much eye makeup that she could barely keep her eyes open - and that was unfortunate because honestly her eyes are her best feature. She explains that the stew service area is basically in the same area as the galley so that's why it looks like she spends so much time with Adam. She wasn't any more likeable on this show than she is on Below Deck Sailing. Quite honestly the opportunity to get away from being closed in four walls with a newborn doesn't sound that bad - plus you add in a doting grandmother who wants to take the baby at times, your husband not working so he is available to help out at any time, having someone else cook your meals and clean up after you - and it isn't like the baby is going to be crawling around - I was just happy at that point to go and spend the weekend with my mom so somebody else cold take care of the baby! I find Parker mostly harmless but his self-affirmation does get annoying - "I'm just trying to be the best Parker I can be."
  9. I wonder about Reggie's background. I think he's just a kid who hasn't gotten out of his everyday surroundings very often so he reacts by not liking stuff he hasn't experienced yet...but it comes out unintentionally funny.
  10. I really don't like Jenna. She thinks she is all that and she really isn't. She has absolutely zero personal charm.
  11. I'm over Leo, who is obviously the chosen one. He really has no interest in cooking but instead mugging for the camera.
  12. I think the woman adopter's history of having a large dog (Warg is large but she had a half-Lab, half Great Dane before so she knows giant dogs!) previously and having it for many years gave them comfort that Warg would not be abandoned no matter what. He was not the most beautiful dog I have ever seen but I'm sure with being lovingly homed he would make an amazing pet - plus I loved how he loved being in the car.
  13. Ugh...another week of Leo. He's going to be in the finale, that's for sure. Mike might have not been the best this week but he has consistently been better than Leo.
  14. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but I don't know what any unaired clips would show that would excuse Ashton's actions in the van, nor have any of the other guys (despite their hatred of Kate) disputed any of the facts.
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