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  1. Oh I agree that Zac can be harsh, but at least his point was made to the contestant. Push yourself, don't go with the expected.
  2. Carmeon, not Candace. It is so sad to watch her new show "Redo my Rental" because he is in every episode. Never lived in a rental where they would have encouraged this type of changes though.
  3. A more flattering hairstyle would go a long way.
  4. I just started watching Homegrown and really like it, and I'm not a huge fan of gardening shows, but she makes having a backyard garden seem so accessible (too bad I'm about to sell my back yard).
  5. The bearded lady (sorry bold got turned on accidentally) was really interesting and I truly liked her and was so happy for her that she was getting such good results. What a sweetheart!
  6. Well Brian really wasn't running his construction business day to day while he was constructing the lake house, was he? True he did leave for a couple of days a couple of episodes ago but it appears for the most part he has been at the build site. I think this build was what got Sarah so overly involved in the business...I didn't know she had run a ballet studio until I watched this show. It seems to me that he has a great team who does most of the day in and day out running of his business. After all, he is on an island thousands of miles away while he is building the resort.
  7. It appears to me that when they built it they planned to spend the majority of the summer there.
  8. They are filming a new season and they announced on Facebook today that they have been picked up when DIY becomes the Magnolia Network when it comes to cable.
  9. I liked red velvet with chocolate chips but it is rather boring. It is expected and on this show they expect more. Zac has always been pretty abrupt in his judging so I wasn't surprised by his comments. I think he thinks being rude is cute. It's really not.
  10. I wondered about the house next door. Perhaps it was totally destroyed and the new owners did not have to retain any of the historical features (fire, flood, etc.)
  11. I don't understand those doors either, and I am always irritated on any show that tears out a perfectly good screened in porch.
  12. I would have put an elevator in that house. The boys are probably used to sharing...as they get older they can move to the other bedroom, and there will still be a guest room in the basement.
  13. I heard assistant teacher also.
  14. How many times has Amy been on a Food Network show? I count at least three.
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