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  1. I actually think Malia gets off relatively unscathed. I think the main problem with her is that most people feel she is a plant to get rid of Hannah and Kiko because of the coincidence of Bugsy being available on short notice and her boyfriend chef coincidentally arriving at the same time as Kiko is about to get canned. Most of the comments I have seen here have been positive about how she does her job.
  2. It's amazing what they can do with a relatively little amount of cash (compared to other shows).
  3. I just don't care for the look of them (and mine are two piece with a lip that accumulates mold). If mine looked like tile perhaps I would like them better.
  4. I thought that window was a waste of a lot of money that could have been spent on something else, but the homeowner seemed pleased. The son's room looked much better (and much larger) after the redo, and thank goodness they got rid of that step-up in her bedroom - that might be a hazard after one too many on a Sunday Funday! I did think the homeowner on the second house was a little flat, but then that might just be her demeanor. It didn't look like she had a whole lot of friends so who knows!
  5. Although if they re going to go cheap on something I would prefer it not to be one of the dreaded acrylic one piece bath/shower units - I despise mine and if I stay in this house my bathroom will one day get upgraded to tile.
  6. I think Bini said last night that when his former wife left him she blocked him so he has been unable to speak with her (even to figure out why she left) - of course this is his side of the story that he is relating to his future mother-in-law. If he hasn't heard from baby mama #1 he probably isn't on the hook for support either (of course BM#1 might be like me and figure she never was going to get support so why bother stressing out over it).
  7. If only I could win the lottery I would make that happen!
  8. Sounds like a neighborhood I would like to live in - walking distance to shops and restaurants and less than 30 minutes to downtown. My problem with the swinging bed is that if someone wanted to remove it they would have to then patch the ceiling to remove the large hooks (or whatever) they used to hang the bed rom (otherwise if I had a small child I would probably think it was pretty cool). Otherwise I think this was one of my favorite houses they have done recently because it made sense and it wasn't over-designed. I liked how they used leftover tile for a nice backsplash.
  9. The guests seemed very happy with the food from the night before. Sandy mentioned the steaks with the gravy over them which if I remember correctly was served for lunch, not dinner. The only complaint I heard about dinner was the one guest was served sea bass (or something like that) and one of the other guests said they would have preferred to have had that instead of the chicken they were served...well then you should have asked for it! The chef would hate me if I ever went on a super yacht - I don't eat fish and I love burgers, fries, steaks, Italian food, etc. Super yacht poison apparently.
  10. I was Team Juju all season long but I don't think that Shea is an unworthy winner and quite honestly I think she was the star of the last lip sync, and definitely the star of the group number.
  11. Either Captain Sandy is oblivious to negative attention or Bravo must be paying her a lot. She is making herself more and more unlikeable as time goes by. Hannah looked gorgeous - pregnancy becomes her. Kiko may not be up to par as a super yacht chef but nobody deserves to work in such a toxic environment (believe me, I know from experience) where you are berated by your supervisor and others are able to hear. It is so debilitating.
  12. I've never seen him on any other shows so I'm going to continue watching (besides, what the heck else do I have to do?), but I'm also going to trust you all that he gets better with time. I'm just not a fan of overly-frenetic energy and cuteness so hopefully he will grow on me.
  13. Maybe the cost of living in the bank-less village is low, and with both men relocating I figure they will have to find new jobs and that might take a while, especially with a language barrier.
  14. My daughter and I were watching some new HGTV design show (Design at Your Door perhaps?) and my daughter commented that Tamara's house was way too fussy and cluttered. She never watches Bargain Mansions so it cracked me up - I told her the people on Primetimer agreed!
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