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S02.E01: Episode 1

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When Jean caught Otis in the car I yelled Oh God and cracked up so hard my husband thought something was wrong and came in to check on me. I pulled him away from the Titans game and that's hard to do considering how important this one is.

Do teenagers really not know what Chlamydia is? We knew in high school and believe me the lack of sex education in my school was appalling. We did get the VD movies though. 

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It's hard for me to understand the inability of any kid other than Otis to use the internet to look stuff up.

Why would they feel comfortable shrieking about this stuff, or even confiding in Otis about it, instead of using a search engine?

Oh well. The show is fun for me, but this particularity makes no sense and never has.

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There is a lot of misinformation on the internet though. I've assumed that Jean is super well known enough that people would naturally think Otis is more reliable. It's thin, but it's enough for me to roll with with it.

It's a silly show, but it's normalizing a lot of sex issues. I don't think it needs to be much more than that.

GA's line reading of 'I don't think the *car* is the appropriate space for that.' was killer.

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I did love that awkward talk between Otis and Jean. I just told my boys to just please put the sock in the laundry basket. I don't really like finding them, thanks. That was it for that talk .

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1 hour ago, festivus said:

I did love that awkward talk between Otis and Jean. I just told my boys to just please put the sock in the laundry basket. I don't really like finding them, thanks. That was it for that talk .

That talk really made me appreciate having only a daughter! (Though there are other issues and worries with daughters.)

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* Is Otis Milburn subconsciously trying to ‘get over’ Maeve Wiley by constantly ‘wank(ng’ over any visual or physical ‘stimulus’? In Season 1, it takes hanging out with Maeve and then actually kissing Ola (after Maeve expressed clear interest in Otis) for his to ‘wa)k’.


It’s notable that Otis isn’t utilizing his relationship with Ola for such personal pleasure and instead ‘wa)ks’. Not a good sign for Otis/Ola.


I’m not sure Otis was so ‘bottled up’ that essentially any ‘stimulus’ resulted in his ‘reaction’. S02E01 makes clear that many students are sleeping around, Otis has a girlfriend, and yet Otis isn’t doing much of anything sexual outside of ‘self-gratification’.



* Does Otis even know Maeve was ‘expelled’? It’s possible Otis didn’t get his family to provide legal representation to Maeve because Maeve couldn’t exactly ‘get out of’ admitting to selling drugs to fellow students at school and that such drugs almost resulted in the death of a student and that as-is, that student was psychically harmed by such drugs.


However, does Otis even know about the drugs?



* The new French Middle Eastern guy isn’t THAT attractive; although, maybe compared to the other guys in school…


His entrance scene reminds of Stefan Salvatore’s entrance at Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries. But Paul Wesley is much better looking and the Salvatores are essentially nobles in Mystic Falls.



* It’s great that the series manages to make Jackson Marchetti interesting after Season 1. In S1, he’s mostly there as ‘competition’ for Otis regarding Maeve and another reason Otis/Maeve doesn’t happen in S1.


Lily is so far there to be Ola’s friend and maybe provide advice to Ola regarding Ola’s relationship with Otis.



* Is Maeve Wiley a natural blonde?



* Why hasn’t Emma Mackey even been nominated for anything? She does great movie/film acting in a TV series.



* Regarding Maeve’s ending smile—did someone see the ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s series finale “Chosen” (BtVS 7.22)?







* Emma Mackey is stunning; so, it’s not as if her looks would be sullied by a new hair color. If anything, it seems her hair coloring, hair products, and makeup are all much improved over Season 1. And her hair styling is much improved. I’m not sure if that’s the character having more money for such products and haircuts or if simply the actor could demand such improvements and got them.


It’s also possible Mackey wanted the brown color for her movie roles and it’s maybe her actual hair color?



* WebMD is mostly not useful. It seems sex education at Moordale is severely lacking. And most people freak out about STDs/STIs.



* Sex Education isn’t a silly show. It’s among the best TV series of the last several years. And arguably the best ‘teen series’ since Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1-S3.



* Otis Milburn, aside from his sexual issues, is relatively very privileged. He comes from a rich and respected family. He’s tall and not ugly. He’s smart. And he’s able to get Maeve Wiley to prefer his virgin self over Jackson Marchetti.


In addition, he already has an almost guaranteed very successful career path.

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I wrote "S01E01" instead of "S02E02"
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Hey, Otis? Word of advice - wear tighter, more restrictive underwear so that your inconvenient erections aren't immediately obvious to everyone. Also, if he keeps up like he is doing, the damned thing is going to come off in his hand!

I love how this show continues to set its stall out right at the start. Forgot what you were watching? Here's a montage of our lead character wanking in ever more unsuitable places over ever more unsuitable things. Gillian Anderson's face when she realised what he was doing was amazing.

I love how extra everyone looks. Clothing, colours, hairstyles, it's all practically scifi. Then there's Otis in the same, washed out colours he wore in the first season.

I missed all these characters. Eric is such a pure soul, and I loved him pushing Otis to do the right thing and give sex advice again. And the unbridled joy he takes from Otis's boners was great. 

Maeve looked terrible but also still hot (because she can't not look hot) in that fast food uniform. I thought she looked great with the dark hair, and I think that's Emma Mackey's natural colour. Her face is so expressive, it's hard to believe even Otis wouldn't realise she's got it bad for him. Then again, maybe he's just so flustered by her all the time that he can't see it. They're both playing a dangerous game, thinking they can work together again.

Her mother is awful, and I hate this storyline already. Deadbeat TV parents don't come good and actually make amends, they just hurt their kids even more. But her English teacher is still great.

I laughed out loud at:

"You should wash your hands, you dirty pig!"

"I didn't do a poo!"

The actor looks like a budget version of Adam Driver.

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* Otis Milburn knows Maeve Wiley is ‘into’ him and he likely knows Maeve broke up with Jackson Marchetti because she’s actually ‘into’ Otis.


Otis doesn’t know in S01E08 and in S02E01 that Maeve is in love with Otis.


Remember: After The Moment in S01E05, Maeve rushes away and goes back to Maeve/Jackson.


At the Dance, after learning how Jackson ‘got’ her, she tells Otis that Otis and she “are done” and whisks away with Jackson, doesn’t communicate with Otis, then at Moordale tells Otis she doesn’t trust him anymore, etc. Otis apologizes to her by giving her the letter and the trophy. And then it doesn’t seem Otis and Maeve have much of any contact after Otis gave Maeve the letter and trophy. In S02E01, Otis says Maeve has ‘moved on’ and so has he.



The tension between Otis and Maeve in SE02E01 is because Otis knows Maeve has feelings for him and that he has feelings for her; and that Maeve knows Otis has some level of feelings for her.




All of post-S01E05 is because of The Moment that happens in S01E05. It’s arguable Maeve actually fell in love with Otis in S01E05 (or realizes she is) but Otis wasn’t actually in love with Maeve even in S01E08.


Otis is relatively not jealous that Maeve was having casual sex with Jackson. Otis doesn’t tell Maeve that Jackson is trying to get Otis to get Maeve to be Jackson’s girlfriend. Otis blurts out to Jackson things about Maeve that could result in Maeve’s being Jackson’s girlfriend. Maeve in S01E04 knows Otis is physically attracted to her, but it doesn't seem she considers Otis is jealous of Maeve/Jackson. Otis in the Pool Scene seems to actually encourage Maeve's becoming Jackson's girlfriend. Otis finally admits to Eric Effoing on ‘having a crush’ on Maeve because of the Pool Scene in S01E04, but then Otis is relatively fine after Maeve/Jackson become a couple. And Otis sabotages The Moment in S01E05 preventing Maeve from kissing him.


And then Otis tells Ola Nyman that Otis/Maeve couldn’t happen because Maeve is at least a few steps ‘up the food chain’. Does Otis actually believe that given The Moment and everything after?


“In love” means loving the person and wanting to have sex with the person. Otis in Season 1 couldn’t even wa)k until the last scene of S01E08. He felt bad and ‘wrong’ that he had a ‘wet dream’ of Otis/Maeve. Otis couldn’t even ‘finish’ after the Pool Scene. Otis never ‘made a move’ on Maeve. Otis got with Ola instead. It doesn’t seem Otis ever visited Maeve at her pretzel place mall job.


It's possible S01E05 is the first time Maeve considers Otis actually likes her and wants to date her. And that's because Otis expresses anger toward her that she doesn't seem to want to be around him outside of when she needs something from him and the clear subtext is he's jealous that she's 'with' Jackson.

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I'm not sure if it's her 'first day of school outfit', but it's perhaps very telling that Maeve in her first official day enrolled back at school wears the exact jacket, t-shirt, necklaces (though they are usually the same), maybe skirt (cannot really tell given the coloring), and boots (though they are her normal boots) combo that she was wearing when Otis bumped into her in S01E01 and was later 'checking her out' in class.

It could simply be a coincidence, but it's possible-to-likely that Maeve remembers what she was wearing when Otis and she first meet.

And it tracks with hers seemingly otherwise bizarrely 'taking the fall' for Otis's running into her in the hallway.

And with her in S01E01 somehow not sitting next to Aimee.

And really the rest of the series.

While it's possible both Otis and Maeve weren't interested in each other at all before S01E01, it's probably more likely that each were at least somewhat interested in the other before S01E01.

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The opening montage of Otis's wanks was mildly amusing me, and then Jean got out of the car and said she'd be gone ten minutes, and I knew a bigger laugh was coming.  I just had no idea how big.  Oh my gods, the look on GA's face was utterly perfect.  As was the conversation between Jean and Otis; I love that it wasn't just the uncomfortably open mom reassuring her embarrassed son that it's a normal, healthy thing, but it was also about no masturbating in shared spaces - and, by the way, son, exposing one's genitals in public is a crime - and I live here, too, and also need hot water, so quit using so much shower time to jack off.  I so enjoy their relationship in all its dysfunctional glory.  I'm glad it's not my relationship, but I love watching it.

I'm excited to be watching this again (I've seen the first three episodes of the season so far).

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Lordy, I finally got around to settling into watching this for some light distraction, and in the first school scene everyone is wearing surgical masks. (Due to the chlamydia scare.) 


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