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  1. Heh, and I'm such a child of the 80's, the current trend of untucked shirts looks completely weird to me. 😏
  2. Cowgirl

    S14.E08: Judge Cuts 1 - July 16, 2019

    I like the high kick team. I bet they are a dime a dozen in Texas, but we don't have anything like that in my state, so I enjoy watching their act. I would get on my knees and beg, if I thought it would keep this show from featuring singers. I am so sick of them -- even if they are good like the Swede and the dude who cried. I couldn't stomach listening to the golden buzzer girl. I often wonder how many acts would go through on these shows if they didn't have a sob story package shown.
  3. The early (or mid) 80's here featured both tuxedo blouses and leg-o-mutten shirts for us girls. You're right on the shoes. Don't forget the Izod shirts too. What we called "ankle boots" were also popular. They hit between ankle and calf-length and sometimes the tops were floppy and folded over.
  4. Heh! We started the week before Labor Day and ended before Memorial Day in my small rural Wyoming town. (I'm class of '86 too. Whoo hoo!) I always felt sorry for kids in Denver, whose semester didn't end until June. Going to school in June was completely unimaginable for us here. Have we discussed all the New Coke featured this season? I wish I could remember what it tasted like. I remember it wasn't as good as old Coke, but it wasn't horrible or anything like that. Nancy's red shirt with the black stripes was spot on. I had one similar back then.
  5. Cowgirl

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    This is great news. I have been hoping that Alana's money would be put in a trust account (I'm assuming that's what it is) and preserved from June's squandering of it.
  6. OMG! This!! I have been trying for four years now to figure out who he reminds me of, and you hit the nail on the head! Now I wonder how on earth I didn't make that connection. Thanks!
  7. I agree. It also lends itself to him being deemed an uncool nerd.
  8. They said "the American." Singular. How about the vid kids? In response to those wondering why El went with Joyce -- they set it up in prior seasons (though subtlely) that Joyce is the best mother figure El has had. While she met her aunt and mom, Joyce is the one who has comforted her and hugged her and looked out for her. In Season two, remember the big hug Joyce gave El when she returned to the cabin? El dissed Max in favor of giving Joyce a great big embrace. I think it's only natural that El would want to live with Joyce as a default.
  9. This, especially! I usually love Hopper too, but they did seem to make him a bit of a caricature of himself this time around. Plus now he has super action hero skills, despite being out of shape (I'm out of shape too, just for the record.).
  10. Okay, I can't find an "unpopular opinions" thread, so I guess I will go ahead and post here. First, I really love Stranger Things and am not some troll trying to stir up trouble. It's just that, when Hopper's speech morphed into some weird letter to El, I looked at the t.v. in disbelief. I just thought it was SO cheesy and lazily written to have him come back from the dead (if he really is dead) that way. And, I'm usually a sucker for sentimental writing. I don't know why I disliked the Hopper letter/voiceover so much, but I just really did. If he were that sentimental over El, he probably would have found a way to tell her when they were alone, not just morphed into his speech he planned to give the kids to settle down their makeout sessions. Hopper also annoyed me more than making me like him this season. I'm not even sure why. I think part of it might be that he just kept brushing Joyce aside. He only was actually nice to her and listened to her when he made his one comment about making her Detective Byers. Otherwise, the whole second half of the season was him bickering with her and dragging her around by the hand. That is, when he wasn't in ridiculously violent fights that I hated. By now he should know how tough and smart Joyce is.
  11. Cowgirl

    Good Witch

    Hee! Definitely -- this is a stress release for me! What actually happened though, was kind of funny. My secretary: "Do you want to talk to the Buildings Superintendent?" (I'm a deputy county attorney.) Me: "Sure." Hangs up phone. Clears confidential papers off desk. Waits for Buildings Supt. *Crickets* Wonders where he is. ***Buzzz*** Secretary: "The Buildings Supt. is back on the phone. He says he thinks you accidentally hung up on him." Me: *Facepalm* "I thought he was here in person, not on the phone!" *Apologizes to Buildings Supt. who, thankfully, laughed with me. So, I know how much you are annoyed by Martha's character Jacks-Son, so think of me when you see her because I do the civil law for our county and have to represent all the elected officials. I'm not browbeaten like poor Derrick was, but sometimes my politicians are as nutty and annoying as Martha -- only I have twelve of them! One of them called today wanting me to research the mysterious tax charge on her internet bill. (See why I need a break like this forum?!) If your grandson is not using your master bathroom, may I hide in there? Or, I'll bring my tablet and we can watch Good Witch re-runs together.
  12. Cowgirl

    Good Witch

    Lol! Well, as long as he's not drinking out of it! Hey! You just gave me an idea for a plot! Martha wants to use taxpayer money to install a bidet in the mayoral bathroom. The town needs that money to help fund the next festival. Cassie uses her prescience to steer Martha to an antique fountain she's just procured from some exotic location. Martha is thrilled to retrofit it as a bidet and, while the remodeling is being done, a secret artifact is found in the fountain and a secret clue to something in the town is found within the floor of the mayoral bathroom. Cassie gets to look knowingly several times towards the camera. The Hallmark formula of a town festival and the Good Witch formula of a secret clue or two are now both fulfilled. Sam sits in the living room at Grey House and drinks coffee and plays his guitar while Nick plays video games and bickers with Grace. (Sorry, my secretary is calling so I have no time to finish this. Feel free to take up the reins like one of those stories around the campfire that each person contributes to. I'll end on a cliffhanger...) Suddenly, Abigail bursts into the room and tells everyone they must come downtown and help Cassie, because...
  13. Cowgirl

    The InBetween

    Right? I did too. If they really wanted to make it a twist, cast this guy as a goody-two-shoes. Excited for the new episode tonight. I agree with @Cyranetta above -- the lead actress looks and sounds so much like Amy Adams it's almost distracting. I have the same thing with her foster father looking and sounding exactly like a young Sean Connery, but no complaint there! I was too young to think Sean Connery was a sexy actor, but now I can see why women might have been attracted to him as a younger man. Rowr! I'd never seen this actor in anything before, and found the recitations of his acting gigs, above, rather interesting.
  14. Cowgirl

    Good Witch

    I was just thinking -- if the writers wanted to start dipping their toes back into the witchy elements (though they probably don't, because isn't the base audience for Hallmark Channel now mostly conservative Christian women they are terrified to offend and lose?), they should start with bringing back Cassie's ability to communicate with animals. They did this for a hot second in the first season where she convinces a pigeon or some kind of bird to vacate Sam's new premises. Also, can't she have her green thumb back too? And finally, where has the set for Sam's house gone? Did it just evaporate into the ether, like Cassie's fantastic garden, spooky metal fence, and a good portion of the cast?
  15. Cowgirl

    Good Witch

    *Tries to picture Jacks-Son sitting on a chair outside his master bathroom (because a daughter or two have taken up residence in there and he must now wait his turn), trying to read Dianetics and he is alternating between chuckling, eye-rolling, gagging, and making scoffing noises.*