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  1. @Koalagirl, so sorry your husband had to go through that. I had a client who would get multiple TIAs and it was awful. Hope your hubby is doing better! That certainly did seem like a setup for something to come, didn't it? LOL about my mistaking Gwen for Gail, above!! Thanks for setting me straight @iMonrey! My memory is going. Heck, I'd even forgotten that Brandon came to Cassie & Sam's wedding. They seem to be doing a good job so far, but they'd better not make Joy into Abigail 2.0.
  2. Do you mean Cassie's stepson and stepdaughter, Brandon and Laurie were suspicious of Abigail? If so, they gave a throw-away one-liner about Laurie having a journalism assignment (or was it a whole new job?) elsewhere and never mentioned her again, and I think they might have had a throwaway line about why Brandon left, but heck if I can remember what it is. We also lost police chief Derrick. And, don't forget George's wife Gail. She's the one whose absence they literally have given zero explanation about. Maybe the plants in Cassie's garden ate her? Oh wait, they are suddenly not magic anymore either...
  3. LOL, it's sad that it takes magic for that! They did use a lot more magic in this episode and I liked it! I think Joy also used magic to get her bullseye. @iMonrey, I agree that Stephanie's ex husband looked like a young Tom. In fact, when he came into the diner, I paused my DVR to make sure it wasn't Tom. If she would like to run back to him I will gladly console the handsome pastor! I really like him. Glad George got a bit of a storyline and interacted with other characters too. You might just be right about hiring a former writer -- or at least they got some that pay attention to the storyline and care about the viewers.
  4. Yes, Cooper craves structure and discipline, but he also craves affection, in my opinion. But, he's getting nothing from Katie. She hasn't even looked at him when he's been in the room or with the family in several episodes.
  5. All I have to say is Khloe, please put your boobs away during your talking heads. You don't look sexy, just ridiculous, tacky, and desperate. Thank you.
  6. It is absolutely absurd that she holds herself out to be some sort of uber mom. I will go back and read on this thread, to see if it's already been said, but "Poosh" or however you spell it, sounds like a euphamism for "fart."
  7. They don't get back together until Schooled.
  8. I liked this episode too, but the thing that bugged me the most was that Katie never acknowledged Cooper. She didn't thank him for calling Lisa Vanderpump. I keep imagining that she thanked him, at least, for coming with his driver to come pick up her and Greg. She hasn't acknowledged Cooper in several episodes. The kid just wants love, and it doesn't seem like he's getting any from Katie either. The writers lost an opportunity for a nice little moment there. Instead, they just continue to make Katie worse and worse. They have to temper the selfishness, etc. with some heartfelt moments too.
  9. @iMonrey, some states allow politicians to re-run if there has been at least one term since they were in office. Who knows how it works in Middleton. They were pretty anvilicious in telegraphing that Joy would be a member of the family. I'm with you in thinking that they didn't need another character. I just realized something -- there was some actual magic employed, which we almost never see anymore! In last week's episode the book flew off the shelf and landed at Joy's feet. I also liked how Cassie and Abigail knew all about Joy and her identity. So there prescience still goes beyond just knowing who walked into a room or building! Now, if we could just have a little animal interaction again. I like the new title card or credits or whatever you call it. Gone is the blooming tea and its replaced with Grey House imposed over a full mooon.
  10. I think they did a good job with casting the new cousin (forgot her name though). She really does look like she could be related to both Cassie and Abigail. I really rather liked last night's episode. Both Tom and George had good roles this time. Good fakeout regarding the sweet chili. I used to hate Abigail's character, but I'm actually enjoying her these past couple of seasons. I am surprised that no one told the girl Stephanie was watching that, when your bestie needs a break, it's an opportunty for you to branch out and make new friends. Or, that no one told her to try hanging out with them and she might like her bestie's new friend. (Not that either of those always works!)
  11. June's family: "Oh my God! That's what she looks like now? She looks horrible!" Me: "Oh wow, she doesn't look too bad, for her. Honestly, I thought she looked better than the last time she was featured on the show. Then again, that's a very low bar. So, a few episodes ago Jennifer mentioned her granddaughter. I can't stop wondering if her dad is Jennifer's creepy son that they showed during her wedding, and during another episode or two. I don't meant to be unkind, but something about that guy really gave me the creeps. Yeah Jennifer, if he's the result, you're a GREAT mom!! I also wonder what happened to Doe Doe's younger son who was in one episode a couple of years ago, and Alana wasn't very nice to him. He seems shy, and I bet he decided he didn't want to be filmed again.
  12. So, I think that the comedienne who helped Alana, Kara with a "K," was on last season of America's Got Talent. She made it past the first round, but not all the judges liked her. She seemed more likeable on this show than on AGT. Thanks @druzy for the article about the tooth makeover. Now, if we could just please get Geno on Dr. Pimple Popper to remove that neck lump.
  13. Ooo, I did't know that, so thank you! I was just thinking I needed to look that up, and you saved me the trouble.
  14. @Mojoween, did you also watch Sex and the City? In the episode where Charolette first gets married, he is the jack rabbit sex partner of Carrie. That's what I'll remember him for eternally.
  15. I like Chip Coffey well enough, but I really hate how Amy and Adam will seem to glom onto a theory and that's it! They won't consider anything else or if they have a bias. I wish I could think of an example right now, but the past two seasons seemed full of this. It also makes my eyes roll at how much people shoult and cuss in these ghost shows. If you're looking for older ghosts, many people in prior eras were very offended by cussing. Try to be more respectful. If I were a ghost, I'd push the hunters down the stairs for their potty mouths!
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