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  1. Gaaaahhhh!!! So, I was sad Erin and, especially Tom, got the axe. They were the best part of the show. I at least had some hope for Tyra. I found her a bit self-absorbed on ANTM, but I actually liked her on AGT. This past summer, my guilty pleasure was Celebrity Watch Party and Tyra and her mom were a lot of fun in their bits, in my opinon. Then, the DWTS episodes started. The first one was a disaster. I thought she was stiff and her banter was just weird and recycled. I had hopes she'd come into her own on subsequent episodes. NOPE! I absolutely HATE how they will cut the judges' commentary off so she can inanely try to make the contestants talk about their feelings. It is SO bad!! I have decided to turn this into a drinking game -- and I don't really drink! Take a shot every time: Tyra asked how something or someone felt Tyra tells people they can go relax Tyra tries to get a breathless celebrity to give a soliliquy Derek Hough says, "I see you!" (Though someone must've alerted him to his overuse of that phrase, because I don't think he used it at all last night.) Carrie Ann gets emotional over a contemporary dance Bruno gets out of his chair We will all be schnockered by the end of hour 1!
  2. Update, as I watch further. I noticed that Cassie's storefront has at least 3 different iterations, but that don't evolve through time -- when they need a stock shot of the store's outside look, they just seem to grab one of the three. There may even be four, but I am having eye trouble, so I'm not certain. there is a "flatter" storefront sign, which is flush with the building, basically. Then, there is a sign that is wooden and made to sick out a foot or so from the building. I've noticed that sometimes the sign is unstained pine-looking wood, and other times the sign was stained. We may have discussed this at the time the episodes aired, but I noticed that, in Season 2 (I think?) in the episode where Martha's son wants to get married and Martha tries hard not to take over, but the bride's mother turns up and is even pushier than Martha with a good dose of snootiness thrown in, that their wedding and/or reception is going to be at the Mill. It is distinctive because of the waterfall nearby. There is a chi-chi restaurant and meeting space there. Very upscale. Then, in season 4, Abigail's techie boyfriend wants to buy the mill, which Martha describes as dilapidated or run-down. When Abigail tours the property with other prospective buyers, Martha points out that a lot of the mill's equipment is left there and it just looks like a big industrial space. (Also, does the town own it? Why is Martha acting as real estate agent? I realize she'd want to attract buyers to stimulate the town's economy, but yeesh.) And, I laughed in the wedding episode where George asks Nick what he is going to call him, and points out that Nick is George's daughter's husband's wife's stepson. It was not a nod to all the unexplained disappearing characters, but it made me laugh. Cassie's family has foster relations, step relations, blood relatives, and people that were just chosen to be part of the family. (I like families like that!)
  3. Sorry I can't offer any info on streaming the movies, Quickbeam. Hope you can find them. Hallmark ought to be doing a marathon soon for Halloween, if nothing else. I started watching the T.V. series from the start this weekend while I was sick. I got through the first two seasons. I must say, I like this a lot better binge-watched! This surprised me. Another surprise was the continuity of the look between episodes. Sometimes I wonder if they filmed two episodes at once. Now, of course, I'm not talking about continuity of characters, as we all know that the characters often disappear into the aether. Also, the location of the hospital seemed to start shifting around as early as season 2. During season 2, Sam makes such a big deal about keeping his private practice, then I swear we never see it again. I will check that out as I watch further. I guess we can count Eve, his chatty office manager, among the list of disappearing characters! Just a note if you haven't yet bought the streaming seasons: The movies from the previous seasons are found at the end of the next season. For instance, season 1's movie, which aired that October after the end of season 1, is found in season two, at the end of the episodes, and is listed as episode 101. I don't know why they can't put the movies at the beginning of the new season, as they come before the rest of the episodes in the timeline.
  4. I wonder who she will be paired with to dance? How soon before wardrobe puts her in a leopard print? (Or tiger?)
  5. So, can anyone tell me when Season 15 is to premier on television? I have been trying to figure that out, with no success.
  6. One episode was another "pop up" and the second was new, with her doing telemedicine consultations. Patients would send her a video, which she'd watch, then she'd video call them. Most people had someone else there to move the lump around to show Dr. Lee whether it was stuck down or not. Looks like she'll have some interesting and extreme cases when she gets back to the office!
  7. So, we have found a palatable replacement for Mama Doris -- Barbara, come on up here! I would gladly watch Barbara over Mama! I'm surprised Mama didn't get jealous and admonish Anthony.
  8. I loved all the movies too, though the last two weren't as good, I thought. Still no word that there will be an October episode, so I doubt it will happen. I do wish that the costumer would pick up a copy of the Pyramid catalogue and order some outfits from there for Cassie. I miss her dressing more "witchy."
  9. The do in the form of their "revealed" episodes. They have also been running a couple of look-back episodes this summer, if I recall correctly. I just watched a Revealed episode from Season 1, and it always make me shake my head a bit at how angry Amy is when Matt asks her a question so the audience can get some perspective. I don't know if this was at the start of their divorce, or if producers had a talk with her after season 1, but she's much better about explaining what she's seeing so everone else can try to understand.
  10. Whoops, sorry I keep get it wrong. Thanks for the correction.
  11. So, remember how city hall had archives in the basement? I think that all of our lost characters (Gail, Derek, those mentioned by CarpeFelis, those I've mentioned in numerous other posts, etc.) have somehow wandered into the archive room and have been sucked in by a vortex hidden behind a shelf stacked with boxes. On the last episode of the series, some curse will be broken, and they will be spit back out again.
  12. The show was pre-empted by the DNC in my time zone, so I had to watch it with On Demand. I hadn't seen it the first time, so i was glad to watch it. How cool that the latina girls were triplets! For some reason I found it amusing that the real conjoined twins didn't know about Chang and Eng.
  13. Wow, that's interesting they have lined up an attorney to represent any tipster who might need defending, and to do it pro bono! I'm glad that the attorney mentioned that they cannot guarantee results and negotiations depend on the facts of the case. We attorneys have to do that, under our rules of ethics, but with all the sleezy people depicted in the documentary, I was worried that this attorney wouldn't be aquainted with our rules of ethics.
  14. I saw the drug commerial featuring bad grammar again. It is for some asthma drug and the voiceover says you will have less asthma and less symptoms. AAAAAAIIIIGH!
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