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  1. I agree wholeheartedly! They should at least let everyone have a turn at the buzzer. I'd rather see a whole hour of a "family" than two half-hours too. (Well, most families.)
  2. Thank you! I have never seen that show and wondered how on earth Paul Reubans was connected to her. I am so bummed we didn't get to see more of that team. It's like Drew Carey was barely there.
  3. This is one of the few shows in my life I stopped watching after just two episodes. SOOOOOO bad.
  4. My bestie sent me the funniest meme - it showed an ouija board painted out on a wood floor. The caption said something like, "Fun idea, but my Roomba would probaby summon a demon." (Sooooo true for my evil Roomba!!!) I wished one of the celebrity panelists would have asked how it got its name (French and German words for "yes.") and what the thing with the glass circle is called (a planchette). Instead Thomas Lennon was SO annoying in this episode!! He bugged me just as much as Mama Doris did, and that's sayin' somethin'! I don't mind Joel McHale though, I guess because I just like him
  5. He's on Luke Cage, which I think is on Netflix.
  6. I saw in my Google news on my tablet (I'm sorry not to have a site citation! I'm at work on a different computer now.) that they filmed two endings to this episode. One was if it was to be a season finale, and one to be if it was the series finale. Wish she could see the one filmed as a season ender! ETA: Here it is! https://heavy.com/entertainment/hallmark/good-witch-was-finale-planned/
  7. Love the questions posters posed above. I will add 8. Who is taking care of Abigail's house? (I mean, it's probably George and Joy, since they are right next door, but, still!) 9. How can a big deal head of surgery just leave with one day's notice? 10. Why weren't the chief hospital administrator and his wife at the wedding? Adam supposedly works back at the hospital now. (I suppose the wife had surgery.) It seems like there was a deleted scene where Joy must've told her ex that getting back together was a no-go. Hated the weird time jumps in this episode, along with t
  8. I thought "key hole." For Alec's breakup I thought "stone tablet." The yogurt dress question was a hard one. I loved that Mario Cantone acknowledged that the answers are supposed to try to match, not just be witty!
  9. Here here! (Or, should that be, "Hear! Hear!?") So, I seem to have lost the thread of the family tree this season. I bought the season on Amazon and someday will do a re-watch and try to figure out which ancestor is who. Here is the link to the family tree on the Hallmark site: https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/good-witch/the-merriwick-family-tree-good-witch It wasn't any help with the family ancestors involved in this season though. I've lost track of who was engaged and ran away with whom and who they are on the family tree.
  10. I wondered about Grace fainting too. I can't believe they are cancelling this show just as the words "witches" and "magic" are FINALLY acknowledged. No Samantha in this episode. Probably because they had to use the budget to pay the actor who plays Mr. Davenport. Why doesn't Mr. Davenport just talk to his wife about cutting back? She won't lead the luxe lifestyle and he will cut down on working. Pursue a new hobby together and reconnect. I keep thinking it's a good thing that fireplace at Grey House has never been replaced! First a loose brick held something a few years ago
  11. Well, she does already have the Tinsdale on Toast...
  12. Yes! I wondered if it was after you and another poster mentioned he seemed to be a good writer who cared about the canon, upthread. I forgot to mention the scrying. Although, it seemed a bit like an episode of "Charmed" at that point, I'll take it! I was happy with the Jake mention too. @iMonrey, thanks for the reminder about Martha and the binoculars. I noticed that too, and wondered if anyone else would get the joke. I keep wondering how on earth you pack a cake to get all the way to France in one, non-squished piece!! Also, Stephanie may have decorated it but didn't
  13. I know - I almost fell off my chair!! That was never even done in the movies. Maybe, for the last 3 episodes, they knew they might be cancelled and decided to throw in actual witchy things and magic. They are cancelling the series just as it's getting back to its roots! I had another nearly-fell-off-my-couch moment when the cousins lit the candles with magic!! Whoo hoo. And, for those of you complaining that you missed the Bell Book and Candle, it was back in the latest episode. I take back my earlier worry that George's girlfriend would be annoying. I find myself actually li
  14. Bwah ha ha ha ha! Forumlou, you supplied a belly laugh for me today - thanks! I think you mean Occam's razor.
  15. I haven't seen the episode yet. But, around here, restaurants serve pickles on their relish trays and everyone dips them in ranch dressing.
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