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  1. I've never seen The Sopranos so have never heard of her or seen her act. After listening to her screeching and obnoxious cackling I doubt I'd be anxious to watch anything else with her in it. Having said that, I muted the sound and enjoyed the show. The contractor is doing amazing work.
  2. The boathouse was my favorite part of the renovation and I teared up a bit when Chase presented him with the tee-shirt.
  3. With their $300K-plus budget, I didn't understand why they were renovating when they could have demo-ed the entire house and built all new. The house turned out okay, especially for the teenage daughter, but I hated the words etched into the wood floor entryway. The baby blue kitchen cabinets looked odd with those over-the-top expensive white appliances. And... no upper cabinets. Where do people store stuff? With the front entry moved to what had been a bedroom, did that make a 3-bedroom house into a 2-bedroom house? I like the Marrs couple, but I question the practicality of th
  4. When we lived in Yorba Linda, CA we had two avocado trees in the yard and it was wonderful to pick them and slice them up for salads and guacamole whenever we felt the urge.
  5. My thought was... are shower curtain liners readily available that long? I've never seen them any longer than the standard length. Of course two rods could be installed. One for the lengthy curtain and one to accommodate a shorter liner. I also noted the location of the liquor cabinet right next to the heater and wondered about it as well.
  6. I felt bad for the Compton wife when she went along with her el cheapo husband and bought that horrible dump. Honestly, it looked like a crack house with all that mold and filth. It's going to cost a small fortune to make it livable and I don't think they have enough money to accomplish a decent renovation, particularly if there is asbestos in any of those old building materials. However, if there is asbestos I imagine they'll just live with it because I can't see them pulling permits for the work they plan to do or have anything tested. That hard working woman deserved the nicely fixed u
  7. When I saw that planter box over the living room window I cringed. I could envision water dripping on the floor and furniture. I'd have very nicely asked her to move it to on an outside wall on the patio. Maybe it's just me, but house plants have no place in my home... I have allergies and cannot tolerate being around them.
  8. I got one at Walgreens. They do the job nicely ☺️
  9. When we renovated our master bath and put in new glass doors I selected a "rain effect" glass that doesn't show water spots and isn't "clear" so from either side you don't see in or out ☺️
  10. She was definitely clueless and arrogant as well. Her real estate agent looked like she was ready to bitch slap her at any moment if she didn't shut up.
  11. That master bedroom turned out beautiful and so functional for the way the family lives. Brett really is a genius at picking up the hidden 'secrets' of the original house designs. I really liked the ladies' dressing room, but I was a little disappointed with the master bath. The front lawn turned out gorgeous and the subtle paint scheme on the house made it look fresh and inviting. Such a great idea to put in plantings to "hide" the roof of the house across the way without losing that wonderful mountain view.
  12. Yes, I'm watching it and am quite impressed by the work Jasmine and her crew do. I like this show better than her other one, Hidden Potential. Those homeowners are idiots for sure.
  13. The only "skills" the Scott brothers bring to the table are acting the part of a realtor and contractor. The bros are actors following a script.
  14. By unattractive I don't mean simply her physical appearance, although she dresses like a Mardi Gras clown. She acts totally wired and while she may know her market well--she certainly must to be successful--she doesn't come across that way. She comes across as a "know-it-all" who's actually a ditz who's trying to be cutesy but failing in a big way. Why does she need a "team" to suggest homes for her to show potential buyers? Is she too lazy or too self-important to do the research herself?
  15. Brittany is basically an unattractive woman who's trying too hard to be perky and cool. Her team members are just boring. It's annoying that so much time is wasted "introducing" the team every week and then having to watch them "stage" some irrelevant property. If that time were used to show the home buyers another house it might save the show. As it is, I don't see it being picked up for another season unless HGTV is desperate.
  16. Did I hear them say the purchase of the house they chose is contingent on the sale of the home they live in? If so, I doubt that a seller would be open to a "deal" on the price of the house they want to buy.
  17. Renovation costs must vary greatly across the country. Our home was brand new in 1987 when we bought it so it was time for some updates. We live in the deep south and when we did a gut reno of the master bath two years ago and the final cost was about $19K. We saved vanities in the dressing area and the toilet. Everything else was replaced, including drywall. We got rid of a garden tub and in its place is a very large shower with bench. There's a closet where the original smaller shower was with room to hang bathrobes and shelves for linens. I chose all the plumbing fixtures, lights, 1 'x 2' c
  18. Joanna Gaines put up rusty light fixtures over a dining room table on an early episode of Fixer Upper. I nearly gagged when I saw them installed. I thought for sure she'd "fixer upper" them by sanding off the rust and repainting them when she bought them, but no... Doesn't everyone like little rust flakes in their food?
  19. I'm not sure I remember the timeline correctly, but didn't Christina buy her Newport Beach house after selling the Yorba Linda home she owned with Tarek and before she and Ant married? Didn't guests for the "secret wedding" think they were invited to a housewarming party to celebrate her new home? If the house has four bedrooms, one master and one for each of her children, then there was only one bedroom left for Ant's children when they would visit. I would be kind of inappropriate for his children, a teen girl and a boy to share a room when visiting, but the boy could bunk with Christi
  20. I found the house on Zillow and looked at the photos. You're right. There is a door to what I imagine is a coat closet. opposite the front door. The wall the closet is on separates the tiny foyer from the stairway, which takes a dogleg into the living room. The filming of the show jumps around so much that I missed it. I agree, the coffee bar is more likely to be used as a dry bar for liquor. Too bad they didn't put a little sink in the counter there. According to Zillow, the house was on the market for $815K and sold for $790K. Allison is lucky she didn't lose money on that one. The
  21. The Bridgeport house... others have already pointed out the painted antiques and depressing black brick facade, which were ridiculous. Why spend the money on that expensive pier mirror when it didn't really add anything to the actual value of the house? At least the fireplace was a selling feature. Okay, I lived in the Chicago suburbs for about ten years and every place we lived had a coat closet. Even apartments. The weather in northern Illinois sucks and people wear coats at least half the year. Instead of that hipster "coffee bar" under the stairs. a coat closet would have been a prac
  22. The baby was cute but I hope Sarah followed Bryan's instruction and ran the idea of a kiddie play space past the homeowners before just going ahead with it. The homeowners' plan was for that to be a workout space.
  23. No surprise there. My husband watches Wheeler Dealers and I've never thought Ant is comfortable working/living in the US. That humongous expensive house that's in her name never seemed to excite him and Christina didn't really dedicate space for his two children from his previous marriage in the house. She said there was room for them to feel at home when they visit, but in actuality there weren't enough bedrooms for that to be true.
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