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  1. I finally got around to watching the Naples house hunt. Denise needs an intervention. She would be a very attractive woman for her age without the cheap looking wig, the obviously false eyelashes, and inappropriate clothing. And Jim? Not only did he dress like a slob, he looked dirty with that greasy hair. They really wanted to give the Country Club Rich People Vibe, but were driving a Chevy! I just laughed when I saw the vehicle they were getting out of. With her love of bling, I'd have expected at least a BMW or Mercedes.
  2. The screaming gives me a headache, but I do enjoy looking at the old houses so I've been watching it with the sound muted. Hopefully this is a one season show and it will be replaced with something better. A show with people actually renovating those old houses would be far more interesting and entertaining.
  3. My husband's son and snooty daughter-in-law bought a house in Chapel Hill. I think their area is Governor's Village (or something like that). Snooty D-I-L said a home in their 'hood was on LIOLI.
  4. From the 'preview' I saw it looks like a very promising show. I really like Luke & Clint and think the work they do is quite good. Well, with the exception of some of the artsy stuff.
  5. He thinks he's hot stuff, but he's just a hot mess. I'm surprised that the management allow him to show up looking like a bum.
  6. While Debra was shopping for outdoor furniture she made it a point that a patio umbrella would be needed for shade. During the reveal there was no patio umbrella on the deck. Someone also commented during the planning stage that the deck would be at ground level. However, the deck was three steps up from the ground--I counted. Isn't it usually code that a railing is needed for a raised deck? Mike Holmes would not have approved. YMMV, but I thought the homeowners' original fire pit with the metal surround that had carvings in it was nicer than what they ended up with in the reveal. Ap
  7. Scott and Debra got more tiresome as the season went on. They aren't "cute" or even funny with all their "quips" and silliness.
  8. YMMV, but I think that's as silly as Fredrik is insufferable.
  9. SYTTD at Kleinfeld's and in England have featured some Essence of Australia gowns recently that were unique and quite pretty, as well as not outrageously expensive.
  10. Interestingly, there is now a show on TV here in the US called "Renovation, Inc" about the Baeumlers building their lakefront vacation home. It was obviously filmed some years ago as they only have three children and one of them is a baby. They are using the same designer who appeared in their previous show about building their home. Sarah talks about how she needed the designer because she had didn't know anything about design herself and then goes on to meet with the architect, convinces him to change the drawings for the lake house to include another bedroom--adding hundreds of square feet,
  11. The homeowner made of point of saying HE bought the toilet seat and it really annoyed me that Debra was so critical of it. She can be a real bitch and some of the choices she makes ARE disgusting. The toilet seat actually fit in with their "beach" theme so why not use it as a nod to the homeowner? It could always be changed out later, but that should be the homeowner's decision, not some Debra Downer Designer's decision. Personally, I think she's a terrible designer.
  12. So, we're supposed to believe that Mina's nitwit wrecking crew relatives do good quality work when it comes to rebuilding those run-down houses? I have my doubts. Lately I record shows, watch the first part and then FF to the reveal. I can watch a one hour show in ten minutes. It's very efficient.
  13. I watched a few of the shows and thought, "What's the point?" The old house porn is interesting, but then nothing happens. Boring.
  14. Is it all inclusive? Their website is terrible--it's impossible to navigate and there are no interior photos of rooms and villas.
  15. I can't remember, but was it the horse trough couple who put up the privacy wall that was only being held in place with one screw and it fell down during the night because it was windy? Such a quality improvement 🙄
  16. That movie projector was a really dumb idea. There's no way those curtains will be an acceptable "screen" with breezes coming off the Gulf. Anything projected on them will be in constant motion, not to mention with a "line" down the middle where they are pulled together. I think the right team won.
  17. Charlotte's puppy is adorable. I felt bad for her having no privacy and being tasked as the "older, responsible sibling" and basically a full-time babysitter. The younger sister doesn't seem too bad, but that brother is very bratty. When Lincoln arrived with a haircut I think that was the first time I ever actually saw his face. In earlier episodes I didn't know his name and I thought he was a girl.
  18. I usually enjoy Randy's in person interactions with the brides, but his "virtual" appearances are nothing short of awkward and for the most part unnecessary. Scale them back, SYTTD! That said, I do like most of Randy's gowns.
  19. My husband used to travel to St Croix for business a couple times a year and after a major hurricane the island had a lot of damage. Workers were brought down from the US to rebuild and not only did they do shoddy work, they caused a lot of problems. Apparently some of the workers went on a crime spree as well. Not all of them were criminals, but there were enough problems that the residents and business owners were up in arms.
  20. I forgot Hinsdale. Very old money 😎 When we lived in Lisle, Illinois we used to pass by the Naperville K-Mart and go shop at the one further down on Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove because the prices were cheaper. Back then K-Mart set their prices according to the financial demographic of nearby residents.
  21. Prestigious? Really? Downers Grove isn't Oak Brook or Naperville... when I lived up there those two were far more prestigious.
  22. I could do without both of them.
  23. I think you're right about an unfinished basement. Not sure if a finished basement can be added to the square footage, but Mina mentioned that if the buyer finished it off that they would be able to ask a higher price for the house if they sold it in the future. We don't have basements in my area of the south, but many of us have "Florida" rooms, which are essentially three season sun rooms. They can't be added to the square footage of the house unless they have heat & AC. They also can't be considered in the size of the dwelling for property tax purposes unless they are heated and co
  24. My home is 2850 square feet and compared to that house mine has a living room, dining room, family room, kitchen with breakfast room. powder room, and laundry room on the first floor. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. My master bedroom is huge with two walk-in closets, a vanity/dressing area, and bathroom with tub and shower. That house is only 50 square feet smaller but seemed tiny compared to mine. I just didn't get it and wondered where all the space disappeared to.
  25. Not only that, but it was installed so sloppy. None of those bathrooms were really outstanding in my opinion, but I liked the one with the single mirror the best. That could have been fixed easily with two smaller mirrors. I loved the bedroom with the paneling and the "rope" bed. I'd have given them the win despite the room not having a closet. A nice clothes rack would have solved that for a beach rental property. It's a shame they didn't install one instead of the dresser.
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