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  1. I was horrified at the appliance painting. Even though it was done by a professional, it will eventually chip. It seems that things like that are done simply to demonstrate that they can be done. Wallpaper might be "in" again as it was in 1987 when my home was built. In only ten years I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I cringe every time an HGTV renovator puts up wallpaper. I only hope that the homeowner was aware of those costs and approved the appliance painting and wallpaper choice.
  2. It looked to me like the recliner was in the spare bedroom. I was disappointed in the "sectional" they put in the living room. It looked too bulky and oddly shaped for the room. With a smaller sofa there would have been plenty of space in the living room for the recliner. At least they reupholstered it instead of throwing it away. I loved the flowers in the pot on the banister 🙂
  3. Now, now... don't make fun. I did hand modeling for department store advertising and catalogs in my younger days when gloves were a popular accessory. My hands are very slender and fingers long and thin. I have naturally long fingernails and wear a size 3 ring. The pay wasn't great, but I got free manicures for photos that included bracelets and watches.
  4. Really lovely family. I agree with everything you said. When they all sat around the beautiful table the late husband built I got teary. When the mom hugged Clint after seeing her room and the wedding photo on her desk and he teared up I surprised myself and actually cried a little. I have only one tiny quibble... when the family sat on that nice comfy sectional and said they'd "nest" there to watch movies together I looked really close and didn't see a television.
  5. I hope I didn't upset you. Of course you are right... I was being sarcastic. Like, she is after all Suzanne Sommers so she's special and everyone would be impressed seeing her stuff and how she's lived. LOL!
  6. Well, she does live there and has for a long time. The same could be said about my house. 🤣 Tracy doesn't wear her clothes. The clothes wear her. She is hot... a hot mess.
  7. Maybe his wife simply didn't like living in Indianapolis? I would hate it.
  8. I'm from Baton Rouge (no longer live there) and looked forward to this show. I hoped to see interesting houses with character in the city, but it seems the 'buyers' are being shown more properties on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain, such as McMansions in Mandeville, etc. Those are almost as boring as the staging segments. Very disappointing.
  9. Interesting meeting Flagg had with Suzanne Sommers. Her Palm Springs home is certainly one of a kind. I met her in 2014 on a cruise ship when she hosted a fan group. As part of the media group I was invited to attend her one woman show and she was quite entertaining. As you can see from the photo my husband took of her, she looks quite different now than she did seven years ago.
  10. What Karen did with that vanity/dresser was just ugly. A decent carpenter could have restored the piece with replacement doors on one side and drawers on the other, but what she did was a horrific piece of crap. It turned out dumpster worthy. Otherwise, the house was okay except for using marble tile on a bathroom floor. That is very slippery tile even when it's not wet. I don't understand Mina's love for marble tile. It isn't appropriate for every use.
  11. Keep in mind that Dr. Lee is a small woman. I can totally understand how her fingers/hands would get sore and/or cramped doing so many pops. I am small boned, with a size 3 ring finger, and I have trouble twisting the lid off a water bottle.
  12. It's probably not so much "competition" as having a show to fill in after a full season of Dr. Pimple Popper. Dr. Lee's fans won't give up on her show. 😍
  13. I finally got around to watching the Naples house hunt. Denise needs an intervention. She would be a very attractive woman for her age without the cheap looking wig, the obviously false eyelashes, and inappropriate clothing. And Jim? Not only did he dress like a slob, he looked dirty with that greasy hair. They really wanted to give the Country Club Rich People Vibe, but were driving a Chevy! I just laughed when I saw the vehicle they were getting out of. With her love of bling, I'd have expected at least a BMW or Mercedes.
  14. The screaming gives me a headache, but I do enjoy looking at the old houses so I've been watching it with the sound muted. Hopefully this is a one season show and it will be replaced with something better. A show with people actually renovating those old houses would be far more interesting and entertaining.
  15. My husband's son and snooty daughter-in-law bought a house in Chapel Hill. I think their area is Governor's Village (or something like that). Snooty D-I-L said a home in their 'hood was on LIOLI.
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