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  1. The episode was okay, but I almost threw something at the TV when they conned Izzy into doing $3500 worth of electrical work in a swap for "personal training."
  2. I didn't really get their back story. Are they marrying each other or having a double wedding with grooms? I'm confused.
  3. I live in Augusta, Georgia and cringed with embarrassment over their actions. I assure you, most of us southern ladies behave with a bit more grace. I wanted to smack that Chinese bride and tell her to stop crying and grow up. Frankly, I thought she was too immature to be getting married.
  4. Not sure, but when I lived in California I had to provide my own fridge in the apartment I rented.
  5. In addition, when some of the "improvements" are very specific to the homeowners' wants. Like turning a dining room into a "man cave/office" or a recent one that I saw where a master bedroom was cut in half to create an office.
  6. Hilary has done that on Love It or List It as well. Aside from being an eyesore, it's a waste of space that could be useful for some other purpose.
  7. I'm from Baton Rouge and an LSU gal, which is how I know the correct pronunciation. 😊
  8. I was surprised that they picked the house in town, but loved the character of the place with the front porches. That blue paint did wonders to brighten up the inside. I cringed every time the moderator mispronounced Lafayette. You probably won't know what I mean if you aren't from Louisiana. 😎
  9. Well, bless her heart. Every time she said something wasn't "postable" I wanted to stomp on her toes. Can you just imagine how her friends and relatives who haven't "overcome their modest upbringing" must feel when she brags about what she has? Social media has created some monsters in our current society.
  10. Wow. Those two were insufferable. Good luck planning a wedding, ladies. At least the setting will be nice.
  11. Glad to see others enjoy this show too 😊 I really like what I've seen so far.
  12. I just looked at the "before & after" photos on the HGTV website and the appraisals were certainly spot on in terms of the top two. Mina and Jasmine both converted the house to 4 bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 baths. That really added value, IMO. I don't remember seeing this on TV, but Jasmine used the extra 'niche' (storage) space in the garage to create an exercise room. That was the area that Mina turned into an office and Leanne used to expand the master bath/closet. Alison was the only one to ignore it. Alison also had some dumb 'decor' on the outside of back wall of the house that no one here has mentioned...a faux 'fireplace' mantel and some crap hanging above it. To me that just looked silly and out of place. Who hangs stuff on the back of their house, unless it's perhaps an interesting scrolled iron piece or something like that? In terms of 'value' it was a nothing-burger. Just staging, like Alison's wine room, as was pointed out by the appraisers. Just wondering what y'all thought of the critical comments about not putting more custom closet organizers in the master closet. I forget which of the ladies was criticized for that, but I really don't care for those organizers with more room devoted to drawers than hanging rods. Some open shelving is nice to have for shoes and purses, but give me more rods for hanging clothes and I'll keep folded clothing in bedroom dressers. I'm curious about what other people prefer?
  13. It's interesting to see how close the appraisals are. I had to laugh when the judges commented that Alison's "wine room" was just staging that added no value to the house and that Jasmine's front yard "seating" also added nothing in terms of value. I was pulling for either Jasmine or Mina so was happy with the outcome.
  14. When I lived in the west side Chicago suburb of Hillside, my roomie's boyfriend was in the moving business and craned in her furniture for our third floor walk up apartment. They took the glass out of a picture window in the living room to get a big sofa inside easily and then just brought everything else of hers in the same way with the window removed. It was interesting. When movers brought my bedroom furniture a few days later they delivered it the old fashioned way--up the stairs. The windows in the Harlem place didn't appear to be as conducive to craning since they weren't terribly large, but the HO said they'd crane in his piano at great expense.
  15. In Louisiana we call the gator catchers Nuisance Alligator Control.
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