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  1. CruiseDiva

    House Hunters

    I liked that second house as well, but whoever renovated it made a big mistake not putting in a dishwasher. Unless maybe there was a dishwasher hidden behind a faux cabinet front and Mrs Blue Hair wasn't bright enough to realize it? A lot of designers are putting those matching cabinet fronts on appliances these days.
  2. CruiseDiva

    Property Brothers

    I'm glad he refused to pay for the necessary beam for open concept and got his defined dining room space. It was disappointing that the Brothers didn't mount the TV over the fireplace after telling him that that was where it would go.
  3. CruiseDiva

    House Hunters

    It was difficult to watch Mr Handlebar Moustache and Mrs Blue Hair or take them seriously. They looked like they were auditioning for jobs in a carnival. The kitchen cabinets in primary colors were an eyesore. I hope the wife got her dishwasher. From what I understand about the way the ground settles and moves in parts of Texas that have a lot of clay in the soil I doubt that terrazzo floors were a practical choice. The husband acted so snippy when it was obvious they were going with his wife's preferred "style" that I was afraid he was going to hit her. He had a look of pure disgust on his face that he wasn't getting his way. Maybe that was part of his brutalist routine. Yet HE was the one who insisted on a bathtub so he could soak. He was kind of a sissy boy yet wanted to appear to be a manly man. Brutalist! Yeh, sure.
  4. CruiseDiva

    My Lottery Dream Home

    It's kind of sad that the show focuses more on David than the lottery-winning home buyers. I really liked him on Design Star, but his subsequent shows have been unimpressive.
  5. CruiseDiva

    Boise Boys

    As a viewer, all I could think of was the dust that would accumulate on that vinyl. Sadly, as a buyer my first thought would have been "wow, but how do I get rid of it?" My DVR cut off before any mention of a sale. Did they sell and for how much? Thanks in advance if anyone can answer. 😊
  6. CruiseDiva

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    It's disappointing that they are being packaged as new and the DVR records them, but they are repeats with a tiny "new" segment.
  7. CruiseDiva

    S01.E08: Wedding Special

    That must be why she's getting another season.
  8. CruiseDiva

    Good Bones

    I've noticed that on this show and on other reno shows as well. Those glass shower doors are costly--I put sliders with textured glass on a huge new shower in my master bath and even the mid-range ones I chose were nearly $1,000. But, c'mon... they spring for marble countertops and don't put in glass shower enclosures. Doesn't make sense to me.
  9. CruiseDiva

    House Hunters

    Wednesday night New Jersey househunter dude wants a fixer upper to save money because he's in construction and can do the work. He stands in front of a house and complains there are no gutters... but I noticed there are DOWNSPOUTS on both ends of the front facade of the house! Even I know that where there are downspouts, there are gutters. They were even a darker color than the siding and really stood out. Duh.
  10. CruiseDiva


    I gasped at the prices of the piano and furniture. The total for the piano, sofa, and chair was nearly $10,000. The restoration budget was $70,000 and ended up at $76,000 due to unexpected costs. Hopefully, those period pieces were borrowed or rented for staging purposes. I can't imagine a homeowner would be happy having such a large chunk of their budget being eaten up with period furniture that they had no input into selecting.
  11. CruiseDiva

    Good Bones

    I call BS on asking $400K as an asking price in a neighborhood with houses that have boarded up windows. With their tight budgets I question why they spend money on crap like a race car bed that would appeal to very few few buyers. Impractical at best.
  12. CruiseDiva

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    You didn't miss anything. The "new material" wasn't worth rewatching it for.
  13. CruiseDiva

    House Hunters

    I'd never want a house like the one my parents built in the early 50s. It was definitely mid-century modern and I didn't even like it as a child.
  14. CruiseDiva


    The porch turned out beautiful with the brick floor. Personally, instead of benches on either side of the porch I'd have preferred a couple comfortable chairs, a full length door for more privacy, and screening inside those shutters to keep out the bugs so I could actually sit outside and use it. The living room was still meh with the long sofa against the wall and only one chair. It was rather barren looking, but with the fireplace so oddly positioned the furniture placement will always be difficult. On the other hand, I thought the dining room was much improved and the kitchen was stunning. The homeowner wife looked so underwhelmed during the reveal that I would have loved to know what she was thinking.
  15. CruiseDiva

    Our Host - Christina

    Sooo... that's it? Seven episodes featuring Christina's "design expertise" for clients, including the BFF who planned her entire secret wedding, and then two shows exclusively devoted to her fab, multi-million-dollar lifestyle? Yawn. Anyone know if this has been picked up for another season?