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  1. Not only that, but it was installed so sloppy. None of those bathrooms were really outstanding in my opinion, but I liked the one with the single mirror the best. That could have been fixed easily with two smaller mirrors. I loved the bedroom with the paneling and the "rope" bed. I'd have given them the win despite the room not having a closet. A nice clothes rack would have solved that for a beach rental property. It's a shame they didn't install one instead of the dresser.
  2. Homely guy. The scruffy beard doesn't help.
  3. It will be interesting to hear what the pros say when they come in to appraise the houses. I think that bamboo ceiling would lower the value of that house. Not only was it poorly executed, it didn't fit in with the locale. C'mon, Team Homeless Guy... you're in Alabama, not the South Pacific. I've stayed in condos at Gulf Shores and they all seemed to be "rustic-beachy" with beams and a lot of wood.
  4. Boring and repetitive should be the brothers middle names.
  5. The false eyelashes did nothing to improve her appearance. Maybe she thinks the very obvious eyelashes distract from that big old mole between her eyebrows? That was all I kept noticing during the entire show. I also saw that the realtor had on booties but the buyers didn't. That was odd, but maybe they didn't put them on because they'd already bought the townhouse.
  6. As I rule I fast forward whenever Cassie appears on the show. I'm unimpressed with her personality and neediness. Plus, she's a waste of viewing time. BUT, if she and Christina share a "weird and awkward" scene I will watch that. Thanks for the heads-up on snark value. 🤣
  7. Cory's house turned out really nice. I love the siding color and the contrast of the black porch railing. His excitement was touching to watch.
  8. That kitchen was hideous with those dark grey cabinets and dark blue tile, along with the fancy (sharp looking!) counter top corners that appeared like they'd be dangerous for both children and adults to run into. Does anyone else think Tiffany's renovations are over priced? Maybe labor, materials, and furnishings cost more in the Chicago area, but homeowners don't seem to get a lot for the money.
  9. That big chess board on the lawn was probably a waste of money. Didn't I hear the homeowners say they don't know how to play? A cornhole set would have been more practical.
  10. Most of the shotgun houses I'm aware of have a hallway from the front to back or the bedrooms open directly from the main rooms. For instance, the living room, dining room, kitchen are on one side of the house and you enter the bedrooms, which are on the other side of the house, through doors from those rooms. Hope that's clear. LSU Tiger here!!!
  11. If I were renovating and agreed on a specific budget I would be pissed that the money was spent on something as stupid and impractical as a neon sign.
  12. I was pleased to see it was a new show. The twin sisters with head bumps were a hoot.
  13. That washer/dryer in the corner of the bonus room was one of the stupidest uses of space I've seen on HGTV. I couldn't believe they took the wall down and then put the "laundry" right in the larger room that had carpeting on the floor--they should have put it in the original smaller room which then could have been used for storage as well. There would have still been plenty of room in the original configuration for play time and TV watching in what was probably originally used as a bedroom.
  14. I find the show interesting, but I worry about the quality of their work.
  15. I really like that as well, especially if the real estate ads have a lot of photos.
  16. Agreed. I saw that Flip or Flop house that sold for over $2M and thought that the kitchen needed upper cabinets over the counter where the dishwasher was located (between two windows). I have some wine glasses on the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet with doors and they need washing before I use them because they are used so seldom. For me, so much open shelving would be a nightmare.
  17. Very true. And there aren't likely very many buyers for houses with areas that are so overly personalized. The homeowners would likely ask top dollar because of those personal/sentimental "upgrades" for which buyers wouldn't be willing to pay extra.
  18. I wouldn't let them near my house either. I rarely watch the PB's any more, but they seem to be all over the place. Often when I open a program saved on my DVR there is a final minute or so of PBs after a reveal and they are partying with the happy homeowners who act like the PBs are family members. I wonder how the homeowners feel about them a year or so later when things are not so new and glitzy. And possibly falling apart?
  19. Yours sound lovely. We've always had a soffit above the cabinets in the three homes we've owned. In our present kitchen the cabinets were custom built on site below the soffit, but the soffit is "hollow" and the top shelf in each cabinet is "open" to the ceiling so tall items fit in there easily. I just need to use a stool to reach whatever is in the back of those shelves. 😎 The cabinets are oak with a walnut stain and I love them as much as I did in 1987... our breakfast room table, commode, and ice box that we already had are oak antiques.
  20. That would be my demand as well. What were those dudes thinking? Who the heck would want to use that decrepit camper for "living" space? Even fixed up it was an eyesore. Instead of messing around with the camper they could have put in an upper cabinet in the kitchen.
  21. I noticed that as well and though it would be totally unusable with the stove below it. I didn't see a range hood. Do these guys ever put one in?
  22. Those were two of the least obnoxious houses they've renovated, but the geometric "pass through" from the kitchen to the living area in each house was weird. Also... very little storage in those kitchens without upper cabinets.
  23. Homeowners don't get much renovation for the money in Chicago, do they? Personally, I thought the master bedroom looked better in the before than in the after. It was so dark with that deep grey paint everywhere. Even on the ceiling! Those huge bedside chandeliers were hideous. The closets and bathroom were nice, but so much staging stuff on the vanity didn't even leave room enough for a toothbrush. 🙄
  24. Well, they did also have the area in the back of the yard with chairs and a little "fire pit" thing for sitting around. I agree about the pergola. We live in Georgia and built one on our deck over our hot tub. It provided no real shade so we had to put sail cloth over the slats to shade the tub.
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