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  1. Thanks- I thought I misheard that. I think Bernstein is contracted to CNN; book tours are the loophole. It was a really good interview- Bernstein never disappoints.
  2. Lily and Victoria are two characters that I wish would take a really really hard fall. Victoria’s sense of entitlement, her starved look .. all teeth, monotone, eyes and hair. The hair is sometimes gorgeous, though. And then Lilly. Valley Girl talk and skirts up to near the ladyparts. I can’t blame the actresses for the terrible storylines they have been given. And it makes me sad to see women “executives” written this way. But it doesn’t help that both actresses are weak. Annoying as Abby is, the actress appears to at least be trying.
  3. This sounds terrible; but I hope it turns out that Stitch is the father, kidnaps the baby and Dom is not found until he is a teen. Which could be in a couple of years. Or Stitch is the father, goes to jail, Devon loses interest, Abby and Chance have sole “ownership” of Dom. Dom is then banished to the nanny, nursery and then boarding school.
  4. Granted, I have no idea what is truly going on with Wendy W and her son. But I would think the best way for him to truly help his mother would be to keep her issues and pictures off of social media. It would seem counterproductive in the long run.
  5. That pic/clip of Joe and Meeka above - it struck me how much current-day Paris Hilton looks like then-day Meeka? It may be the hair and the pout.
  6. I am grateful to the Mods here for keeping us on track re the difference in the threads; sometimes The Twins can cross several borders. I just need to get this out and get past it. Here goes. I like the concept of women knowing their value. The problem is that it is “run” by a woman who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has never earned any job she has had gifted to her. I would like to see a woman, single or married, parent or not, who juggles a job, family, house, all without a nanny, housekeeper, etc. Who has an income of, say, not over $100,000. How this woman can get mo
  7. I tuned in for a discussion on the New York apartment fire. “Discussion” consisted of taped interviews from maybe yesterday - the mayor, fire official, etc. I flipped to CNN to see a sweet, funny interview with Gilbert Gottfried talking about his long friendship with Bob Saget. He was able to talk; Brianna K and John B were engaged. It was a sadly nice way to start my day. They then switched to a live shot with a reporter from the site of the fire. Live. Interview. Back to MJ to see an interview (“interview” being a misnomer; guests get to talk a bit while Joe pontificates about the subje
  8. What I wonder is who is paying for Meeka's sojourn to the UAE. The network? Her own self? Sorry, but I cannot take anything she does regarding KYV seriously. But. Credit where credit might be due. She obviously loves doing Educated Women Knowing Their Value; and Privileged Women Over 50; she practically lights up when discussing it. That is where her interest lies so she should pursue it. Full Time. Neona - I think talking to women anywhere in the Mid East is such a good idea; and finding women who want to talk is quite something.
  9. Amanda is drifting into Ambulance Chasing Lawyer territory. At least the actress who plays her sister seems to have some animation and life.
  10. Ah, but I think this one has been edited or added onto. Because if possible, it is way worse. They have “Martha”, who seems waiting-to-be-tossed into a wood chipper, with a dark hair color and maybe no glasses. A disguise! And a younger woman with a terrible, horrific, put-on voice (could maybe make one’s ears bleed), and then Jimmy Walker shrieking. This has to be in the top three worst, offensive, terrible, annoying commercials ever made. My question is … who is the targeted audience? It is an insult to senior citizens, people with eyes and ears , people who walk upright. If this is not a ne
  11. Jacourt …. Wonderful, insightful, heart rendering , honest post. One of the best posts ever.
  12. I cannot believe anyone, even with an ego the size of Joe’s, would be so unaware of their own cushy job and lifestyle. Joe sounds like the male equivalent of Marie Antoinette. When did he say this? I guess what we have long suspected is true - Joe can say just about anything and get away with it…never a repercussion. He is golden at the network.
  13. There is something alien-like about Noella; from her voice, her mannerisms, her fashion and hair choices. It is like she is “studying” everything…people, especially. To see what personna to present. Honestly, I find her to be a tad creepy. One of these days I hope one of the other Housewives points her finger at Noella and shrieks “Not One of Us”….okay, aging myself with that one.
  14. Yes! I get Ashley Williams and Erin Cahill confused; except for the sometimes maniacal grin on Ashley Williams’ face. I never watched Hallmark Christmas movies until last year; even so, one year later, I had already seen most of the ones shown this yesr. Every once in awhile one would pop up that was older - but not often. Seeing the same actors/actresses over and over again, playing the same characters, is tiring.
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