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  1. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    It looked to me like she had on kind-of ripped jeans and sneakers! But the tank top was tight enough to ensure "the girls" were out and proud. The blazer was the nod to being professional. Is MJ the only show that is going to air The Interview? Will it make the nightly news or any of the other news outlets? I have been flipping in and out of today's show and it seems every time I land, a portion of the interview is being shown. I wonder if Meeka is trying to be the next Diane Sawyer?
  2. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I wonder if this will be a new crusade. KYV has women covered; now she is going for the teens. Anything to keep herself out front. And these are "safe" causes...she doesn't have to get her hands too dirty. Sorry...my Meeka dislike is showing.
  3. I just clicked on the "comments" section and they are really critical; apparently it is not just this board who notice that they are hardly ever in the NY studio. And are in separate locations a lot of the time. One of the comments stated that they were "just phoning it in" and it was spot on. Is there no limit to their egos, especially hers? It has sneaked up on everyone but at this point I think her ego and satisfaction with herself is even worse than his. But without his name beside hers she will go back to being on "the island of lost toys" .. which is how she described the early days of the show. Bless her heart.
  4. Kemper

    HGTV: Now With a Lot Less "G"

    Does anyone know when the Gaines'show will be starting on whatever network? I am so glad to be rid of the constant marathons...and it seems that almost anytime I have tuned in these last few weeks, Fixer Upper is on; so maybe once they are on the other network, HGTV will not be able to show them anymore? (A blessing) But. I wish the network would stop trying to make Christina happen. Granted, she is an attractive-looking package; until she starts talking. I saw where the Chicago flipper...the attractive woman with the long dark hair (who I don't watch) is in trouble with the City? And maybe a partner, if she has one. Something to do with permits or some such. This could be a blessing; if they have to stop production, we would be spared marathons.
  5. Kemper

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Only saw the last 20 minutes; so thankfully missed the Bethenny/Dennis discussion. Maybe an unpopular opinion but...how on earth can such attractive women during the season ... appear looking like kind-of hookers on these reunion shows? To me the dresses looked like what Blanche, Rose and Dorothy would be wearing if they had a show on today. Shiny material (in person is was probably very pretty) that sort-of looked like cheap polyester. The makeup was over-the-top. And what was going on with Ramona? Granted, what I saw was mostly LuAnn and Dorinda. Ramona was sitting on the end, the dress making her look hunched over and crone-like.
  6. I enjoy some of the Hallmark Mystery Movies; but ... as stated above ... most times the hair/wigs are terrible. I think some of the trouble started when the network decided to have 24/7 Christmas movies on for what seems like 3 or 4 months a year. This sometimes results in stale, poorly written and sometimes poorly acted movies. And viewer fatigue. This channel can be a wonderful escape from the day-to-day stress we all experience...maybe we expect too much from it?
  7. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    What's next? Team members appearing at a KYV shaminar? I'm serious.
  8. Phyllis is the only person on this show (or maybe on tv) who could make Victoria seem almost normal weight. But Phyllis looks robust(ier).
  9. The kind-of-smarmy guy who is supposed to be working with Ana...just flattered Summer so ickily (!) that it made my teeth hurt. I see the writers are giving her major insecurity issues that no one but a guy can cure. Writers...shame. And Chelsea looks terrible..the hair today while she was "grieving" over the dead husband...it was different colors (and not in a good way) and hanging down in her face. The other day she was talking to ... maybe Nick ..and the "tan" was so oily that I cannot imagine she didn't leave brown goo all over the furniture.. I love my Clarks flip-flops...and my Alegria sandals (most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my poor feet). I wear my Birkenstocks in the winter with sandals...to my daughter's horror. She says it is "wrong on so many levels" - whilst I hope to live long enough to see her in her 70's with feet/knee/heel problems. I am 73 and she is 49...I can wait.
  10. Kemper

    Unpopular Opinions

    Other than Phyllis (Michelle S) I am enjoying the show a little more than I have in awhile. I like Jack having some snark - which means the writers probably won't keep it. And while I usually cannot stand Kevin, I like him with Mariah and showing some humor and smiling once in awhile. That is what soaps don't have...humor and a bit of lightness. And for the love of God, get rid of Cane. When Lily makes an appearance, how about sending her Adam's way? The other couplings for him are stale. And I am saying this as not a huge Lily fan. Just please, mix things up a little.
  11. The carafe/coffee pot/over-the-head. Whose noggin? Sharon or Abby? I hope we aren't in for a bout of amnesia or brain tumor.
  12. Kemper

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    I have always thought Donny D was a pig . Remember him gifting Meeka the shoes and her cooing over them? It is not all on him in this case. I had never heard the "Cosby Pill" story. When you think about it, MSNBC has a few of the most "macho" commentators on the air...Joe, Donny, Chris come to immediate mind. In their own way they are almost ("almost" being the operative word) as bad as a few on another network whose name shall not be mentioned. But if MSNBC decides to put some of these guys out to pasture with maybe occasional appearances...I hope they don't replace them with The Blands. This would almost be worse...KC/DC comes to mind. Sorry for the negativity this morning...we are going to have one of our cats put to sleep tomorrow; I am dreading the idea of this farce of a parade and lastly...we are going to a cookout this afternoon/evening and I have to bring "something to share" when all I want to do is lie on the sofa and watch Midsomer Murders on Netflix...comfort food. Maybe I will send Mr. Kemper with a bucket of KFC. Winning. Totally shallow end...I noticed in one of the Donnie quotes someone above posted...he used "lay" instead of "lie"...or vice versa.
  13. Thornbirds, Shogun, Winds of War...North and South..Centennial. I miss those event mini-series and a good many of the movies-of-the-week. Anything with Tracy Gold, Melissa Gilbert. Always kind of camp and fun to watch. I guess with so many name actors appearing on Netflix, there probably won't be the kind of mini-series that I loved. The ones produced now with these actors are mostly the "dark" ones - and not in a fun-dark way. I think that Lifetime may be trying to fill the void with the camp series but I just don't like them. Not all of the actors are interesting or good enough.
  14. I read the article; or at least as much as I could stand. Sweet Jesus...she is full of herself. I can't even rationally comment on any of it. I do wonder how Joe will react to it; but I have always thought that in private she rules the roost. And he loves the image of being a kind-of enlightened guy. One thing that bothers me about articles like this...the "comments" section. It is one thing to dislike someone and coherently comment on it (maybe with a dash of humor). But articles like this and most of the articles on sites like Mediaite kind of scare me a little. The things people write (really hateful) are sobering - it makes you realize how scary-angry seemingly normal-looking people are. But it is a bit gratifying to know that other people "can't stand" her as much as we do. Well, me.
  15. Kemper

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    A bat got into our bedroom once many years ago (our kids were still teen/pre-teen). It flew over my head (luckily I had not been asleep); I shrieked...Mr. Kemper knows the shriek drill...and he woke to full alert. I put a pillow over my face while Mr. Kemper drove the narrative on where the bat was. It finally rested on top of the curtain rod. I ran out of the bedroom (slamming the door behind me), down the stairs and grabbed a broom (all the while with a sheet over my head). I ran back upstairs, tossed the broom into the room and slammed the door again. Mr. Kemper quietly slid the window open and "broomed" the bat out. My Hero. All this was accomplished while our dog was barking, the cat was puffed up to twice it's size and the kids were alternately shrieking and cheering on their Dad.