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  1. She cut her own hair? Really? When I tuned in this morning I thought it looked better than usual - that she had just had it cut and colored. I'm sorry. But we have all seen candid photos of her out and about - and her hair is usually just average; like most of us. And who is doing her on-camera make-up? Her ownself? Does she have someone come to the house every damn day? I could say this proves how vain she is - most of the other MSNBC female hosts look pretty basic right now; don't know about Andrea Mitchell because I haven't seen her. I know that Stephanie Ruhle's hair looked like she did it herself. And if so, good for her. Poking at Meeka right now gives me life. Some semblance of normal. May she never change.
  2. Meeka and Joe hosting a show together post-divorce? I would pay to see it...PAY, I tell you. However, I don't think they will ever divorce; they are a brand. You will have to pry him out of Meeka's cold hands.
  3. Those scenes the last couple of days with the vets make it glaring how awful some of the newbies are...Theo, the girl with the long curly hair (Adam's sister?), and someone else I am forgetting. You can add Kyle, Lola and Summer to this list in a way, because they are not ready for Prime Time compared to their parents. Maybe it is the terrible writing for them. Maybe it is lack of charisma or whatever that makes a soap character catch on. I feel you could replace Kyle with any nice-looking male-model type and there wouldn't be any difference. The Summer actress could probably do more but she isn't given very good material. I don't include Phyllis with the vets because she is not a good actress; one note. I don't mind Adam.
  4. Wasn't Dana Bash (I love Jeremy Bash, by the way...think he is very handsome)...also married to the John something on CNN? She seems to go for nice-looking guys. Wonder if she is married now. I do remember she and the CNN John had a baby; and maybe they divorced not a real long time after that. I may be dis-remembering. And why do I know these useless things?
  5. Greg G calling Joe a nutbag? Wouldn't this be a case of I Know You Are But What Am I?
  6. Sweet Jesus...there is a scent other than "needs washing" or no scent? I admit I have a grudging admiration for Gwyneth - because yes, suomi, she is laughing all the way to the bank. With Meeka, I think she actually believes (!) the tired schtick she peddles. Sad. 😁 I hate to admit this but without Meeka's delusions, shrieking, over-emoting and hysteria; without Joe's pompousness and yelling...would we still tune in? It is just that some days we need calm; that is why lately I tune to old reruns (oxymoron?) or CNN. At least CNN gives you the terrible news without the Oscar-worthy drama. Well, sometimes.
  7. I actually had to turn the show off this morning; the over-the-top hysteria, lecturing and shouting both terrifies and enrages me. Here we are - many of us "sheltering in place", watching more tv than we have ever watched in our lifetimes. My husband is sick, I cannot hug my kids and we are in the middle of a pandemic. I need toilet paper! I just want the facts; I don't want hysteria, yelling, shrillness and constant doomsday reporting. I know it is bad...I know it could get way worse; my local news does such a good job of reporting on this. Joe and Meeka are not helpful and not professional. Stephanie Ruhle does it without Schrmeeking (combination of shrieking and Meeka). Other anchors can do this without bringing doomsday down on us all. To give them their due. I don't think The Twins are alone in this. This morning I retreated into watching very old reruns of the NY Housewives. Good times.
  8. From what I saw in the 1/2 hour I watched (our governor held a press conference) - Phyllis and Amanda had "bestie" banter at the hotel bar. They were having celebratory drinks ... don't know what the occasion was. Michelle S kept fiddling with the cherry in her drink, twirling it around her finger, tasting it, making a big deal of of using it as a prop. As usual she took me and probably most people right out of the scene. I cannot imagine her fellow actresses (not actors) liking this kind of stuff. Viewers start concentrating on a prop instead of the actresses/actors and the dialog. I don't know if it is her hairstyle or what, but Michelle S is looking too old to play this kind of vamp or whatever it is she is going for. I hate to seem age shaming - she is a beautiful woman. But she is trying way to hard; and her tics and voice intonations are terrible. I wish the director or whoever is in charge would put a rein on her.
  9. I think Show lets Dr. Zeke Emmanuel on, not because he is brilliant (which he is) but because his brother is Joe and Meeka's agent. From what I have heard/seen of him over the last years (perhaps starting with Obama) he is brilliant and a straight shooter. And we certainly cannot have that on MJ; Joe likes to think of himself as the Original Straight Shooter. Yes, I would like to see the bookshelves of The Twins. I would bet that Meeka is not well-read; Joe may be a bit better. I think Joe does read the papers; and envies the regular print reporters who make appearances on MJ. Perhaps they have a copy of the Kama Sutra by the bed. Meeks may have read it...it is basically a picture book.
  10. Kemper


    The decor of the reporters doing their on-camera jobs from home is fascinating to me. Loaded, messy bookshelves in the background; questionable wallpaper as mentioned above, bric-a-brac on desks. Love it; it's nice to see a glimpse of them as people and not the kind-of automatons they can appear to be on-camera.
  11. Princess, your family sounds a bit like mine...a mix of Irish and Italian. Mr. Kemper is from a gentle Southern Baptist family, so it was a bit of culture shock to him. But he adapted quickly and they loved him. At the time he had his hair (dark and curly) really long with a beard. No one in my family had ever brought anyone home who looked like him. The first family "heated" discussion wowed him ; he had a hard time closing his mouth. The most amazing thing was that after it was over, everyone sat down together, ate and drank. I am trying to give up saying the "F" word for lent. I am paying quarters into a jar. Plumbago...I feel your pain. I had no hand sanitizer (well, maybe one of those small sample bottles you get from the grocery/drug store bins); had not much toilet paper or paper towels. And a six-pack of water from this past summer. I made hand sanitizer from 70% rubbing alcohol and aloe vera; it smells awful. And I would have been a wreck with your water situation. Glad it turned out okay.
  12. I got an email this morning from HGTV regarding this weekend’s programming. They are going to be marathoning certain shows to make all of us feel better in these times. But. They are the SAME shows that they continually marathon every fricken day. With the exception of Flea Market Flip- which hasn’t been on for awhile. Just think - hours and hours of The Brothers, Chip and Joanna, Hometown, Love it or List it, etc. I wish I could see a spreadsheet that displays how many times a good many of these shows have been on. Here’s a thought - how about opening the vault of shows that haven’t been seen in awhile. I cannot believe they are bragging about this and think they are doing something innovative. I am not a big fan of the schmaltzy Christmas movies on Hallmark; but they sound better than what HGTV is doing. Because Hallmark is marathoning these movies this weekend. I know I am sounding grumpy; too much time spent inside this week. But I would expect something a little better and entertaining from this network.
  13. After today's performance, the network should start to ease Meeka out of her chair. She was worse than anything I have observed on Fox News. When Tucker Carlson is way more professional than an MSNBC "anchor" .... there is a problem. Her ego is off the charts (she is apparently untouchable thanks to her husband); I was half asleep and had a sinus headache this morning; I swear, after the first 5 minutes, my gums and teeth were hurting. Sweet Jesus, I just can't stand her; she is incapable of running a show on her own. She needs to take some time off and maybe take a Xanax. Or two.
  14. Meeka is terrible at this. Turrible.
  15. Things on the health-front with Mr. Kemper have improved; he has an optimistic nature and we keep one another entertained, bolster one another and sometimes cry with one another. But we laugh a lot; Mr. Kemper is back to cursing Joe (and using the F word again!), he makes fun of the daily "press briefings" and heaves a few epitaphs at most everyone who steps up to the microphone. We are reduced to FaceTiming with family; so we make a wee party out of it; I set up the iPad so it looks like we are having a fireside chat; we pour cocktails (sadly, right now, Mr. Kemper is reduced to O'Doul's) and we let the conversations fly. I don't know about anyone else, but I love reading this Board first thing and see the snark and opinions. We need to keep doing this....can you imagine not having anyone to bitch about in the morning? Other than the usual news makers.
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