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  1. I guess I was associating “pod” with schools/classroom arrangements. Or peas. But it makes sense… short for podcast. I am not current with so much stuff. As Countess Luann said on Real Housewives of New York: “be cool..don’t be all uncool” … she is a sage for the times. Meeka should draft her for KYV.
  2. Okay, I'll bite...what is a "pod" .... her house? Her friends? Social Life? Joe? Gosh, that is a sure way to be taken as a newsperson or journalist seriously. I do kind of envy how she is able to live her best life during all of this. (I am not saying she doesn't have struggles like anyone else; it is just the constant need for validation that queasies me) Most of us could give seminars on how to shop for groceries during a pandemic; take care of loved ones who are ill during a pandemic; handle household repairs during a pandemic; juggle kids, parents and jobs, schooling kids from home d
  3. Millennium- one of the best, most incise posts ever.
  4. Since I only watched the snippet from 7:00 til about 7:20 I must have seen a different show than the other 2 1/2 hours. Give or take. They were sitting close, laughing together, perfectly in harmony. (as the artist who was painting Simon and Daphne’s portrait said -“the very picture of devotion”) That was the most relaxed and happy I have seen Meeka in maybe years - glad to be out of Florida? Oh, wait. 🤓
  5. I am curious about how much time they will actually be in studio. Must be a trade off for the podcast and Morning Mika. Still can’t believe that one. I am shocked that anyone is surprised at how he runs right over her during the show. It has been going on for years; she lets it happen. He is a bully and she is passive aggressive. A perfect match. I do wonder what his other wives were like.
  6. I am over Jack (have always loved him) and his pity party. I sure do wish Tracy had done a Cher - slapped him and told him to Snap Out Of It. Someone above thread might have mentioned this. For the love of God, give him a love interest … someone new..a fun, glamorous courtship and big wedding. A happily ever after. Then we have the The Surrogacy storyline; and the awful darkness of what has happened to Mariah. The behavior of her supposed loved ones who just do not get it; Tessa is trying and failing. This is depressing stuff that I don’t want to watch. Jack crying, Tessa crying, Mariah
  7. Kemper


    Today, Morning Joe was back in the studio; but I know that this will not be an everyday thing for these hosts. I have noticed that when the shows, any of them, go back to the studio there is an entirely different feel. Everyone seems more engaged, no matter if the guests are there or via Zoom. Even having just one guest present makes a difference.
  8. 20 minutes of lightness was a mood lifter for me. Lord knows, in these times it can be sorely needed. But I know it may not be for everyone, considering these are News shows. And no one was plugging a book!
  9. Watching the start of the 7:00 hour - what a different show with everyone sitting around the desk. Heilemann! Donny D (who is not irritating!), Willie, and Al Sharpton. This is what made the show so good to watch back-in-the-day. The body language between The Twins was comfort and mutual affection. The Emmy discussion was fun, them talking about their favorite shows was so very nice to watch. The easiness they all have with one another was obvious and made for almost a half-hour of good tv. And I learned something… Al Sharpton is 66 years old! Is it just me who thought he was mid-70s? Too ba
  10. This sounds catty....but hey, let's be catty! When Meeka tries to go into Serious Journalist Voice mode, her voice goes high and shrill. Nails on a chalkboard. Meow.
  11. I know; then you have the droning voice. But I am so very glad that he is still in the game. And also am very happy to see Robert Costa again! I thought the interview went well - both authors have got to be exhausted with the media blitz. Joe is a natural at this when he isn’t trying to insert himself into the story. You could see Meeka reading her questions off the teleprompter - her eyes were darting back and forth! And then there was her very audible sigh when interviewing the French Ambassador; and then the snickering “yeah” towards the end. Again, Joe did an excellent interview - no
  12. I loved Meeka pretending interest in The Emmys. This could be newsy and fun; but I know that deep down, Meeka is faking. Then Joe has his pal on to discuss soccer -and, of course, they plug his book yet again. That is not just MJ; most of the regular guests, from 6 am through Brian Williams, have written books that they promote. Seemingly endlessly. Meeka did read the news headlines at 6:00; but didn't go into any depth on the stories. Posters here are correct; Joe is giving most of himself to his podcast. And I can't blame him - he obviously wants to do it. But not at the expens
  13. Cupid Stunt...your post is spot on about everything that is wrong with this entire storyline. It has been terrible;, and insulting to the entire surrogate process. At this point I wish the entire thing would go away. Shallow end of the pool but I forgot one of the most clueless of all. Sharon. The actress cannot help that the writing is terrible; but she is not up to the task. She has two expressions: smiling face and puzzled, vacant stare face. She is so bad that I almost prefer Phyllis; who can always be compared to watching a train wreck of a windmill.
  14. The substitute this morning for Ali Velshi was the guy that Joe cannot stand - he is not overtly obvious about it...but he cannot stand him. Hannan/Hanan something? He had the wild gray hair that he wore brushed straight up; it is shorter and a bit more subdued now. I really enjoyed his hosting! But here is the thing...he has the most wonderful voice - melodious and soft. I would love to hear him to on a rant like Joe; it would sound like melted butta. I have never seen him host before and was really surprised at how good he was.
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