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  1. I didn't see Jeff Daniels on Show this morning; I turned it off after the first 45 minutes or so. I, too, thought they would go into a legal discussion on the tax returns. But no, Joe bloviated forever; the usual guests wrung their hands and parroted what Joe said. Then they went directly to The Polls. Meeka was trying to get some mileage from her "Biggest Loser" comment or some such. Let me tell you....from the little I have observed lately, the thrill seems to be gone between The Twins. Not that they are on the rocks, but there is no longer the casual banter and laughing between the two. Tsk. Getting back to Jeff Daniels. He was on with Nicole Wallace today and it was a fantastic interview; she even asked him to stay for another segment. Maybe this morning's interview was Way Too Early for him. Snerk.
  2. I am relatively new to Hallmark movies; I watch the mysteries and that is about it. But. There have been changes in my life and I find the regular and seasonal movies can be cheering. I still wish they would run The Golden Girls during the night. Anyway, I caught the last part of the Daisy Hills movie and...just my opinion...that lead actor was terrible. He was the worst of the Ken-Doll/cardboard cut-out types that they sometimes cast; I hate to say this, because I am sure in real life he is attractive. But not in this movie - it was off-putting. I didn't mind the blonde actress all that much. His hair, and yes, as stated above...his forehead, his blandness. And no chemistry with the actress. It was anti-chemistry. Has he been in many Hallmark movies?
  3. Meeka was off today? So do each of them only work four days a week now? It seems like one or the other is "off today" each week. Their contracts must be the envy of every person in the media.
  4. plumbagoblues....my favorite news crush is Nick Confessori. He is tan and has a beard! To be 40 years younger.
  5. She will eat the show next year; she just about did this year, too. And she dominated the reunion. Having watched a few of the Housewives franchises for years, I am afraid she is the future. Coarser, louder, cheaper; and that is saying a lot! I watched Orange County and New York from the beginning; Beverly Hills for a couple of years. The meanness, off-the-rails bullying, swearing (nothing against swearing - I do it all the time) just for effect has put me off these shows, probably for good. I cannot watch another season of Leah's drunken rages and behavior; while blaming everything on being bi-polar. To those who like her - she has had her good moments; she can talk rationally about events and the other ladies at times; she comes off as being pretty aware of what is going on - and what she is being paid to do. I am afraid next season she will be encouraged by Andy (a chauvinistic, pig of a little man) and Bravo to bring more of the terrible antics; and that may do her eventual harm; they will have created a monster.
  6. ByaNose...I am also going to put my house up for sale next summer. I am going to get new appliances and do some paint touch-ups. I will hire someone to do a house inspection before I put it up for sale so there are no unpleasant surprises. But hopefully just the appliances and paint will be enough. And a clean house!
  7. Neona...you are spot on. It is just that I don't want peas and mashed cauliflower. I want some potatoes au gratin and a green bean casserole. Or candied yams...twice-baked potatoes...etc. If I must eat my vegetables I want ones that I like. But yes, a show needs all the ingredients to be successful.
  8. Spot on. I really like Kasie's straight news reporting. But I could not stay with her for an entire show. Hosting a show on cable is probably one of the hardest jobs on tv and not that many do it well. But I think a natural sense of humor is probably one of the most important things a host should have. In truth, I think Joe has it but the network has let him get carried away with his own importance. Meeka does not have it. I miss the days when they would all sit around the desk, report the news, snark a bit, talk sports, tv and music. Then more news. It was like a 3-hour coffee klatsch. (Spelling? Well, you get the drift). Of course those were the days when the show was actually 3 hours. I watched Claire M this morning; when they threw the mic and picture to her she seemed to be a bit surprised. No one really knows how long Joe's rants will take. Where is Heidi Przbyla? Robert Costa isn't on that much anymore; Elise; etc. Joe's rant this morning was really off-the-rails. It was almost entertaining in a fun way.
  9. teddysmom....you are on fire today and have said everything I have thought. I would say that Meeka is a silly, immature woman with a case of high-school-arrested-development (a condition I just made up), but I think it is more than that. All the cakes, sundaes and seminars in the world won't fix it. But I hate to admit that she gives us much to discuss and poke at. The show would be better with just Joe; we could still have fun with his ranting, ego, music and aspiring-authorship. Another condition I made up. But please, no Kasie hosting. Just Joe. How is that for the new name? Just Joe. Morning Joe would be a thing of the past. Just Joe. Just Jack. Tomato/Tomahto.
  10. Joe’s book is coming out in November; they showed the cover. You can pre-order! I can only imagine the “push” we are in for. I wonder how Joe will fare when he makes the rounds on all the MSNBC shows.
  11. I watched the latest episodes last night. The realtor is unjustifiably full of herself; and the show itself is full of itself. But you know what? I don’t care...I watch for the house porn. I don’t care that the show is fake; most of the HGTV shows are. Love the scenes from the bustling city; love the peek at historic houses. I wouldn’t mind seeing some houses that were smaller, cottage-style that weren’t quite so glitzy. But I will take this house-hunting show over the myriad flip shows, shows hosted by some of the couples that focus a lot on their familees; they all blend together. But. I could do without the segment on staging a random house.
  12. Dear God... 12 minutes in and Joe is already hysterical. Imitating Republicans in a Donald Duck voice when Bill Clinton said “It is what it is” back in the day. Fasten your seatbelts, this morning is looking to be a wowser.
  13. Joe does seem more relaxed and humorous when Meeka isn't there. I do really like Kasie on Capital Hill; she does an excellent job getting her questions asked and doesn't back down. However, I don't think she is a good fit to host a show, especially one that is so early in the morning. But I hope I am wrong; I just can't imagine how exhausting her day will be with a really young one and such an early schedule. But if it is a boost to her career, good for her. Yasmin was very good in that spot; and I would think she has a bright future.
  14. It seems like Leah is now the Star and future of this franchise. Either she is talking about herself or the others are talking about/to her. Andy seems to defer to her. I don't mind her when she is sober and/or rational; but when she drinks she is completely out-of-control and it is scary; Dorinda-esque. Tonight I thought we would be treated to a bit of a Dorinda pile-on and she would collapse in a puddle of tears. Instead the show was a boring shout-fest. As women, have we fallen this far? The fact that Andy and Bravo would allow out-of-control bullying on at least two franchises (the other being Beverly Hills) and think that is what women want is depressing. I guess Denise Richards quit Beverly Hills over it (and I don't care what the accusations were against her or whether they were true or not). No network should air this kind of meanness and almost-physical threats among it's employees. And that is what these women are... employees. I know I sound old; I like when the Housewives party-it-up, drink too much, sleep with pirates, fall in bushes, etc. And act bitchy towards one another occasionally. But watching this show during Covid should be a welcome escape and treat. House porn, glitzy clothes and trips, petty squabbles. That is entertainment. What I've seen this season fails on so many levels.
  15. I would bet Meeka has never seen Princess Bride. I only saw the last couple minutes of that interview; it seemed that she kind of brushed them off at the end; but again, I didn’t see most of it. I remember when Robin Wright was “Kelly” on Santa Barbara (a soap).
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