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  1. Hillary does accomplish a lot despite the whining homeowners. My only fault with her results are that they are so specific to those homeowners that they might be virtually unsellable at the prices quoted after the renovation. I'm thinking of living rooms turned into an elaborate home office/place of business or playrooms with elements that would be difficult to get rid of unless a buyer really needed those spaces for their own small children. No one seems to think of that.
  2. I think HGTV must be encouraging the "artist" guy to "create" all that bizarre "design" work in order to make this show unique. What convinced me was seeing an article about them with photos of some of their earlier flips that were very traditional with nice staging.
  3. I sure hope they don't move to Discovery+. 🤢
  4. We get those "I want to buy your house" letters in the mail and immediately trash them. Out of curiosity I might call one of them some day if I'm really bored, but I'm sure it would be a low ball offer or some type of scam.
  5. I've wondered why the homeowner's furniture and accessories aren't moved back in when most of the pieces look quite nice. Perhaps the staging is available for them to purchase if they want it (like on Fixer Upper).
  6. Is Garden Grove all that desirable these days? When I lived in Yorba Linda in the early 70s we mocked Garden Grove as "Garbage Grove" because it had seen better times even back then. Has it made a comeback?
  7. That room looked like the entry to a bordello. I watch HGTV shows for the entertainment. This one is not very entertaining and I'm just not enjoying it.
  8. Plus, most people would put down a rug or two, which is what we did to mask the ugly tile in our last house until we could totally change it out.
  9. The open house visitors must be coached to oooo and ahhh over that crap. All those people can't love tacky "decor" can they?
  10. To grab attention? That would be my guess ☺️
  11. I looked at the article mentioned above by akg and there are photos of a couple of the guy's rehabs that look very nice--and normal--compared to the tackiness of what they are doing on HGTV.
  12. Painting the tile on that heated basement floor was one of the dumbest moves ever. I don't care what they say about tile paint--it just isn't that durable for a space that will get a lot of use, especially since there are heating elements beneath the tile. I could see that paint eventually bubbling and the whole floor will need replacing. There wasn't anything wrong with the existing floor tile that they called "dated" and a good scrubbing and freshening up the grout would. "update" it just fine. Even one of the potential buyers wasn't impressed.
  13. All the kiddo and family stuff seems to be an offshoot of JoJo and Chimp behavior and I fast forward through it all. I'd really rather have 30 minute shows without all the heartwarming family antics (gag!) that HGTV seems so fond of sharing these days. 🤮
  14. My kitchen cabinets are oak. They were built in place so I guess that's custom? I dunno. All I know is that when I saw this house in 1987 I was thrilled with the oak cabinets because my table and chairs for the adjacent breakfast area are oak and I have an antique oak chest and ice box that look great with those oak cabinets. And, by the way, not all oak is "orange"--ours is actually quite lovely with a warm walnut stain. Once a year I wipe them down with Murphy's oil soap and they gleam.
  15. My DVR recorded it as "new"... I don't record reruns.
  16. I've been through similar neighborhoods and have always felt bad for the homeowners whose houses were nice. Just a few derelict properties can spiral an entire neighborhood down. The neighbors do seem to appreciate the work being done to houses on their street. It will certainly increase property values, but will also probably increase property taxes. I hope the long time residents can afford any increase. If taxes increase, the community amenities should improve (schools, parks).
  17. When I lived in Orange County, California we didn't have central air. It honestly wasn't that bad with fans to move the air. At night the temperature dropped considerably and we never missed having AC. We did have central heat, which we seldom needed to use.
  18. The husband liked the change from an arch to a squared off opening with a beam at the top, but it looked a bit odd with the arched opening remaining in place right next to it.
  19. Realtors tell sellers to declutter and the twins overly clutter with their staging. Go figure. I liked it better as a half-hour show as well. I don't care that they are twins and really don't care for all the kiddo stuff, ala Chimp & JoJo.
  20. Spinster is kind of an old fashioned term, but I think we can all agree that Natalie is pretty far past her "sell by" date.
  21. Amira looked like a cheap streetwalker in that red bustier. That hair is beautiful, but is it extensions or a "fall"? It always looks too perfectly waved to be her actual real hair. And those lips! I think "lipstick on a pig" every time I see her (and Natalie too). It's obvious that Amira is going to fall in love with any American man who'll bring her to the US for a green card and her dream job behind a cosmetics counter at Macy's.
  22. The "themes" for their decor made no sense at all. This new show is a real disappointment. The only thing that would improve those houses after they are finished would be gallons of primer and paint to cover the "art" on the walls.
  23. Aha! But from what I read elsewhere, Stephanie is on Only Fans 😎
  24. She posted a nearly naked Before and After picture on her Instagram. Her stomach looks like it is improved, but her butt is still huge.
  25. The cosmetic procedures Rebecca described that she had were a surprise. Actually, I don't think her appearance was improved that much and those weren't cheap procedures. Also they aren't covered by medical insurance. She's supposed to be so broke... I wonder how she paid for them in addition to her princess wedding at the resort complete with a horse drawn carriage. Good for her losing weight, but she still has a very unattractive double chin and doesn't look younger. I had to laugh when Natalie admitted getting her lips done and that she was surprised that they turned out so big.
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