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  1. That's why I record and watch the show on DVR. I fast forward through all the sob stories and angst. We get enough "background" when Person with a Horrible Condition is in Dr. Lee's office and explaining it to her.
  2. We had a hot tub and I always wore a bathing suit in it. Hubby went au natural. We never had a real problem with cloudy water, but I was careful to check the PH daily and add the necessary chemicals. You can get quite sick sitting around in hot water that's not properly balanced. As I recall, when we bought the hot tub it came with a beginners supply of chemicals and one of them was a liquid to "repair" cloudy water. I used it a few times when we'd been out of town and the tub chemicals weren't adjusted daily and the water sparkled after dumping some of it in. We usually only emptied the tub w
  3. The lawsuit doesn't surprise me either. The allegations about him and Alison Victoria's faux angst made the second season of the show unwatchable. Shame on the production company for filming it and HGTV for airing it.
  4. I suspected that Donavan wasn't the total bad guy that Alison made him out to be. She's so arrogant that I have a hard time believing anything she claims.
  5. It's great that your cabinets were able to be reused like that! We bought some inexpensive cabinets from Lowe's for our garage. If we ever had to replace or kitchen cabinets we wouldn't be able to recycle them because they were custom built in place and, thankfully, are still in good condition after 30+ years. Even if they are the oak that people hate these days. I liked them when we bought our house because they match my oak breakfast room table and antique ice box. My brother worked for Steven McQueen many years ago and enjoyed being his bodyguard/motorcycle mechanic. Thanks for the ti
  6. It was a thrill to see him and his entire family so happy.
  7. Our first choice of wedding day was May 10 (1975) and Mother's Day was the next day. Our priest suggested we change it to the following Saturday, May 17, which we did because on the weekend of Mother's Day he advised us that it would be next to impossible to get flowers and even a cake would be iffy. One week later was no big deal. That said, I really felt bad for Julia. Future mother-in-law Betty is an insufferable bitch who doesn't seem to realize Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May every year and can fall as late as mid-May.
  8. LOL! Rebel Wilson is one of the few that I actually recognized.
  9. Am I the only person who hasn't a clue about who some of these "celebrities" are?
  10. Loved the Dallas real estate agent! She should get a medal for putting up with those two.
  11. What's up with calling the master suite the "main" bedroom & bath? I've noticed that on HH and other HGTV shows.
  12. I don't believe for a minute that someone with Bryan's experience was surprised by the mold. He commented on the mold smell when they first walked in and it was right out in the open in the basement foundation walls and attic roof. He's playing dumb for drama.
  13. That stool was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. If it were me, I'd return it for a refund, but that homeowner wife seemed like the type who'd like it. Edgy, ya know. The rest of the sun room, as well as the front entryway, did look nice. The outside of the house didn't look as bad as I thought it would with the dark siding on the new sun room. Glad to see that the husband got something for himself in the garage with all the money spent.
  14. I don't mind her voice so much, but she sure has grown to love those ugly patterned tiles that will soon scream 2019, wallpaper in inappropriate places--ceilings and laundry rooms--often with big prints that went out of style in 1989, and a mish-mash of dark colors. Her mixed metals clash. Don't get me started on the light fixtures that, like you say, are hideous and out of place in the older homes she often renovates. The first season was so much different and I liked it better.
  15. And... the St. Johns County, FL house hunter wife was a total bitch. So glad the husband got the kitchen he wanted--it was adorable to see the little daughter cooking with him.
  16. That's what we did when my husband had a job transfer. We actually rented for a full year.
  17. That lower level in the skiier's house really turned out nice. I don't think the beams really added anything, but the ceiling is high enough for them and the homeowners like them so they were good.
  18. Agreed. The first season was so different and I must say that I liked her work in the past more than what we are seeing now. Not sure what's changed, but she seems to be following "trends" more now than before. I would have kept the wet bar as well. We had one in a previous house and I really missed it when we moved on. Plus, it would have been a MCM feature, more so than some of the other changes she made.
  19. Yes, it was cheap and tacky looking. I wasn't impressed by the wall of shelves held up by painted pipes and backed by tile either. Don't most people buying a high priced house have their own dining room furniture that might include a buffet or china cabinet for which they would need wall space? I also thought she screwed up the laundry room by stacking the washer and dryer so there would be her all important "mud space" and then it wasn't really anything useful. With a washer and dryer on the second floor she could have made that utility room a mud room and created a functional laundry room in
  20. A patterned carpet runner on the stairs would have looked better than those ugly patterned tiles around the fireplace.
  21. She supposedly shipped the ping pong table from her home in the US and on the side of it in big letters is Made in Germany. I'm so tired of hearing "ping pong room" like that's a big deal for families. Maybe it is for he and her grandchildren, but how often will the children actually be there? In the end, it turned out to be a nice family room with a ping pong table. I was glad to see sofas and other accoutrements. It's a lovely spot for her and her guests to enjoy whether they play ping pong or not. Likely drinking good wine, not often playing... 😎 Didn't those stairs to the bedroom look
  22. And they got kittens!!! Cat Dads! 😻😻 That just melted my heart.
  23. My DVR cut off early. So it was a flop?
  24. It seemed to me that all the ones with her "crew" commentary were rehashed from season one. They all looked familiar. Might be my Geezer Gal memory playing tricks on me 😎 but I just didn't see any recent shows that looked like they were specifically a "season two."
  25. Is anyone else really sick of these shows from last year being repackaged as "new"? My DVR keeps recording "new" episodes that I know I've seen twice already.
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