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  1. None of the couples being foreshadowed hold any promise. Sam/Dante? Robert/Olivia? Jason/Britt? Brando/Sasha? Ugh. No....just....no. Kills any kind of forward momentum this show has going for it.
  2. Right? I know I''m a drug dealing murderer who put your precious daughter into an iriversible coma but here's a picture of me as a kid when I was all innocent and shit. With our dad, who wasn't really your dad, and who's accidental death I caused. Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy and want to be my sister and stuff. Cyrus is really starting to bore the crap out of me. Even the freaking Balkan was more entertaining as far as Sonny's enemies go.
  3. Love this post, and your theory. Overall Wendy seems to complain the least and be the most functional of the group. You might be on to the reason why. Gee, I've really become Team Wendy. Tammy and Jill are definitively the two Drama Queens of the group and that seems to be drawing them together.
  4. You mean you're not missing the arched eyebrow acting already?
  5. With Big Bang Theory they did an exceptional job of wrapping up Leonard's character growth arc in Season 12. Guess that was because Johnny Galecki was the star.
  6. Agreed. The thought that I've been attempting to convey (perhaps not so articulately) is that the ladies are not optimizing the program.
  7. Thanks for that sugarbaker design! Of the group, Marjorie is the only one that mentions a higher power with any regularity, and that may have been three times over eight years. Your post really validates my and my BFFs take that AA really hasn't made most of the group better people. She has the most successful career of any of them, too. The rest of them aside from Jill and her money are losers compared to her. I don't get why the writers choose to depict her like this. I wonder of her friends realize that and there's some sub-conscious resentment? Maybe that's why there
  8. Aside from having no idea, the friends don't seem to care about Wendy at all. She's an afterthought to them and they often act like she's annoying them every time she talks. It's even more noticable to me now that Christy's gone. I'm not liking it. Almost from day one of this show, Wendy was placed in the "sad sack/team mascot" role. The writers don't do anything with the character unless its to advance someone else's "A" or "B" story. Have we ever even seen any of her family? I can't remember.
  9. Exactly. Being booze free hasn't made her a better or happier person. Andy wasn't perfect, but seemed like a decent enough guy (maybe a little clueless, but a lot of us are, heh) and he made an effort. Jill would be a handful for any guy, and without some changes, her relationships with men probably won't have much of a chance.
  10. I'm not a clinician, but to me there's a real connection. When Christy was a regular, it seemed like it only took maybe one stressful event to kick her gambling problem into gear, then she had to join GA too. It's like Les Brown (the motivational speaker) said about food addiction, "it's not what you're eating, but what's eating you). Great that they're keeping their addictions under control, but clearly Jill and Bonnie have other issues. Bravo for Bonnie going to therapy, but as another poster said, she's got a long way to go.
  11. Recently had a conversation with a friend who occasionally watches Mom and she said the exact same thing. Other than Marjorie (and maybe Wendy) none of them seem to be really benefiting from AA and Jill appears to have made no progress at all. Bonnie seemed to have been en route to becoming a better person, but has backslid a bit lately. Christy probably did good getting away from those flaming messes.
  12. "Dr. Rick," and I believe the Commercials are for Progressive (?). He is SUCH an annoying D-bag.
  13. Does anyone here remember Frusen Glädjé ice cream from the 1980s? Despite the name it was made in the USA. They had a French Vanilla flavor so good that eating it was like having an out-of-body experience. As for Kat? Really disappointing so far. I would have thought Mayim and Jim would have a much better handle on what's funny.
  14. Even more than Robert and Anna, JR's Sean Donnelly really was the definition of a "super-spy." He helped make GH a lot of fun in the 80s and 90s. He had some less-than-admirable moments (being rejected by Felicia being one, and being accidentally shot by Luke another) but Sean kept things interesting whenever he showed up. I remember his affair with Monica, short but sparkly. And the Aztec Treasure adventure was always one of my favorite GH action S/Ls.
  15. A friend joked two days ago that 2021 is 2020 wearing a wig as a disguise.
  16. I'm even starting to like the Southern Fried Accent.
  17. Maybe she's been taken hostage and is blinking "HELP" in Morse code? Happens in sitcoms all the time.
  18. That thought crossed my mind as well. It might be kind of funny if Bob made some kind of comment which confirmed that.
  19. Anyone remember Dinah Shore? Or Mike Douglas? or Dick Cavett? Maybe I'm ancient, but there used to be a way to air talk shows that didn't use nasty, mentally unhinged individuals to generate ratings.
  20. Can you imagine how dreary sex would be with someone like Abishola that is so joyless and closed-off? Yeah, you wouldn't see that mating dance.
  21. The fact that most of us are working so hard to make sense of WW 1984 is a telling commentary on how bad it was. While I think most DC movies are atrocious I loved Shazam! It was a simple, old-fashioned super-hero movie with no aspirations to be otherwise. It was a fun romp that made me feel 10 years old again. Even if there were flaws, that movie was so enjoyable that you didn't think about them.
  22. While I am among the many who didn't enjoy WW 1984, that same thought crossed my mind too. And the trope almost seems kind of sexist. With all their powers, it still seems important to highlight Diana and Kara as females that inspire hope. DC doesn't seem to go that way with Superman.
  23. Sonny is really powerful in nether region isn’t he? Of course, that would make Carly’s head spin even more. Another kid!!!! Hysterical. Sonny Corinthos, the Sperminator. I actually quite enjoyed Wednesday's episode, despite some minor flaws. While Carly may be an impulsive hothead, she took clear, decisive action to what she perceived (correctly) to be a clear and present danger. Something Jaysus and Sonny often fail to do. And for the first time we've seen Cyrus flustered and off-balance, something no one else had been able to do so far. I'm meh on the latest Alexis "of
  24. An interesting point - and you're right, it was so subtle that I didn't even get the comparison immediately. Wonder if that's where the writers got their inspiration from? Oh gawd, that story was so dumb. Didn't it end with a bunch of women flashing the judge and that made them rule in Olivia's favor? Or something? Oh yes, I remember that well, lovely ladies in their lingerie. Silly, but enjoyable. And while Laura has shined lately there have been a few "dumb" moments in the last two days, with her putting some bad ideas into Jackie's and Carly's heads. Neither ins
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