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  1. I think none of them should have been cancelled. they could have found ways to save money. but it was like aww when I heard the Llanview mention. Of my relatives that watched ABC soaps, GH was always their least favorite, even during its late 70s-mid 80s heyday. I still believe Oprah missed out on a second fortune when OWN didn't pick up AMC and OLTL after the Prospect Park online debacle.
  2. Yeah, wardrobe consistently fails on this show. There's absolutely no reason for a small busted girl like Joss to be only seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction. Conversely, I too thought Trina looked nice in her swim ware. In other news, can anyone remember a TJ/Molly scene over the last year that didn't include the term "domestic partners?" It's not even like the term is used that often IRL. Hey Finn and Liz - Peter's been in that basement for awhile now. Unless you injected him with some embalming fluid old Henrik is probably pretty gamey right about now.
  3. Thing is, it seems the writers were trying to grant the actor's wish of making Curtis "the Black Luke Spencer," meaning the cool one circa 1979-1985. Everything was lining up, the PI-business, then the Club (still don't see why he can't do both) and now, what exactly??? Wondering around, pining after Portia and having redundant, daily conversations? Really disappointing.
  4. Wow, how many of us guessed that Country Doctor Austin is actually Jimmy Lee Holt's son (?) I guess. Please writers - get some creative ideas, I'm begging you. The only good thing about this reveal is that it revives the Qs - at least a bit. What we really need is for Robert to return and team with Anna, Valentin and Dante (and maybe a completely recovered Chase) and go on a good, old-fashioned Espionage jaunt.
  5. Did anyone else notice the odd moon-walk/slide-step RoHo did when walking away from She Beast Sr? Hilariously interesting acting choice.
  6. Yeah, it's not like this Soap is about a Hospital or anything. Come to think of it, this mob-centric show can't even portray gangsters correctly. It is, to once again quote Jake Tapper, "a hot mess, in a dumpster fire, on its way to a train wreck."
  7. YES!!!! Fizz for the win. Incredibly, Rebecca just getting prettier with each passing year. Simple amazing. She and JPS just vibe so effortlessly with other characters, making it easy for the writers to integrate them across story lines. And as another poster pointed out awhile back, JPS genuinely seems to enjoy interacting with other people, making him enjoyable to watch. It looked like Same was about to throw-up when she heard the news. Best acting from KMo in a very long time.
  8. Well...they could always call that "fixer" guy...what's his name...the Wolfe or something? I hear tell he knows what to do with a dead body. Just sayin.😉
  9. Kudos to those of you who called the impending nuptials. The really sad thing is we're about to get a steady diet of MB for who knows how long. Just when this show was getting to be not-so-horrific. Ugh.
  10. Yay Finn - Peter's dirt nap was long overdue. Good triumphs over evil so rarely on GH nowadays Finn has become one of my favorite characters. Even if he doesn't appreciate Chase's mad pitching mound skills. I never could figure out how to throw a slider.
  11. Totally agree. Bill has beaten the cancel culture/woke-ness horse to death so hard it wouldn't even make good dog food. I had always heard that almond milk was bad for the environment, but never read why. I'd love more enlightenment like that from this show. Otherwise, last night's episode was decidedly nondescript.
  12. Well Bill seems to be very happy to be getting back on the road. Now if we can only get him to stop talking about this solar panels. It's been a long time.
  13. In all fairness to the writers, I don't know how someone could marry Luke Spencer AND Stefan Cassadine and not have some darkness in them.
  14. I always assumed he regenerated in a Borg Alcove.
  15. The fact that SMike and Phyllis both kind of laughed after he said it was really very sad actually. What kind of people are they?
  16. To quote Dr. Leonard McCoy, Tyson "talks a lot, but doesn't really say anything." I've learned more science from watching episodes of the Big Bang Theory with Jim Parsons. Tyson is a pop science fraud IMO. He wanted so badly to play the "fatty card" once again and somehow managed to hold back. Bitecofer kind of beat him to the punch by citing her 40 pound weight loss.
  17. @Cheyanne11 - Thanks, I missed that. Re: the DL Brock actor - David Groh - I don't recall ever seeing him in a role where he wasn't cast as an angry guy. Even when he played Rhoda's husband it seemed like he was always five seconds away from exploding.
  18. Yes THIS. All of THIS. I'm feeling the Fizz like I haven't for any couple on GH in a very, very long time. Just hope the writers don't screw it up. Looks like the other upcoming pairings on GH are going to be Millow, Dante/Sam, Jasus/Britt, and quite possibly Anna/Valentin and Chase/Brooke Lynne once he recovers. Could be worse, and at least two, maybe three of these combos might be pretty interesting to watch IMO.
  19. JJ used to cry so profusely I thought he might get dehydrated.
  20. Even with that I remember the thinly-veiled contempt that Lucky had for Skye when she briefly dated Luke. It seemed to come from nowhere (other than the fact that Lucky could be one judgmental SOB) and I don't recall the animus ever really being explained.
  21. At least Bailey doesn't understand. Thing is, with Nina babbling inappropriately to Wiley (who we know can understand at least part of what's being said) proved the SLS right - she's clearly unhinged and shouldn't be left around children unsupervised. How long will it be before little Wiley blurts out "Grandpa is alive?"
  22. Some brass knuckles and a couple of sweat socks filled with rolled-up quarters would be more effective. Just saying.
  23. JLo rotates boyfriends so much I'd swear she was on a soap opera.
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