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  1. James Roday Rodriguez seems to have a big following from Psych, and from what I've read on this site, David Guintoli has a decent fan base from his work on other shows, none of which I've seen. I remember Romany Malco from 40-year-old Virgin and some random sitcoms, but no, other than Grace and James, no one on the cast approaches A-list caliber.
  2. Sara Gilbert clearly sees her future as a Show-runner, but between this show and The Talk maybe it's not meant to be. As another poster stated over on The Talk thread, it could be that SG just puts her name on projects and then delegates the decision-making to others. What ever's going on, it ain't working.
  3. Getting nostalgic. I remember Dan/Darlene/Becky in the original show's "Dad's extra-thick" milkshake scene in the Kitchen. It was a really sweet Dad/Daughters moment.
  4. Lol, that sounds like kind of a half compliment, but good description. Folks have told me I don't quite know how to give a compliment, yikes. What I meant was Lecy/Becky looked very nice, we almost never get to see the Connors dressed up. Lecy/Becky has always had a very unique, interesting (in a good way) look about her, as opposed to Darlene's perpetually dour countenance.
  5. To quote Eddie Murphy from about 40 years ago (in character as his Grandmother), "That's NASTY. You're NASTY baby." (Said in Little Old Lady Voice). 🤣 So much of this melodrama seems manufactured now. Less than two seasons in, and the show is already repeating itself, e.g., Rome and Regina taking in another lost youth. I just don't know...and there doesn't seem to be anything else on Thursday nights in this time slot... For some reason AMLT always makes me miss Brothers and Sisters. Guess it's because both shows had characters in the same basic age groups, but in the case of the latt
  6. Lecy cleans up quite nicely, she was borderline stunning in the Black dress. Don't think I've ever felt sadder for a fictional character as when Becky realized her made-up life was the one she really wanted for herself. Totally agree. With Darlene's Mini-"Roseanne-ness", I really don't see how she can ever keep a long-term relationship going with any man that's not like her father.
  7. Shallow note with a business undertone: AF is cute as a button, but no strip club owner looking to make a profit is putting that boyish figure on a Billboard. Plus, wouldn't new customers to the Club be disappointed when they find out "Bambi" (Christy's stripper name because of her big eyes) doesn't work there anymore? We've gotten a few Christy mentions lately and it makes me wonder if AF will be back for the finale. She really should be, but no one's really sure how she left things with CBS and the production company. 🤨
  8. Seriously. Let Cam work through his anger and grief without being so judgey/high horsey. We all know Cam will have to grovel once he learns Jason didn't kill Franco, so let him have his feelings now. I think we can all agree on this: Josslyn will forever be known on this Board as "She-Beast Jr."
  9. I was just thinking the same thing! Liesel was remarkably charming in the bar scene. I wouldn't mind the two of them having some mature loving. I don't think Scotty has gotten any in quite some time, lol. Now, if we could only find him some suits that fit well. Cyrus is a big dude too, and wardrobe usually does right by him.
  10. I actually DO like Valentin now as well as the actor. The writers are using him so well - he interacts with almost every major player on the canvass and does so well. I know he's not a big favorite here, but Luke used to do the very same thing back in the day - he might float in-and-out of S/Ls his character had very little to do with, and we got to see his interesting interaction with a variety of characters. GO VALENTIN!!!!!
  11. Those eyebrows give her away every time.
  12. Yeah like 98 pounds of Elizabeth is going to hurt anybody. Cyrus ruins everything. Laura seemed so happy to have another sibling. I think she and Martin will reconcile at some point in the future, maybe after Cyrus's timely demise. Liesel did seem to inspire fear in Peter for the very first time. Interesting.
  13. I noticed that too. My theory is that Mike's dialogue is more diverse than MB is used to. Sonny basically has three or four redundant conversations with about 4 characters, mostly St. Jasus and Carly. Mike has to talk about a lot of different things with multiple characters and it's pushing MB to his limits. I also noticed FH struggling a bit too, her responses to Olivia's questions about Dante were halting and not as mannered as the way Anna/FH usually speaks, but that may have been an acting choice.
  14. Yep, their scenes are great until Cyrus shows up with his "WHERE IS MY MOOTHERRRR????" routine. Totally kills all the joy.
  15. The slow-burn union of St. Jasus and Britt actually has me warming to KT and her character. SB isn't going to give her much to work with and KT, bless her heart, is really selling it. I'm actually a bit interested to see where this goes. I'm also enjoying the bonding between Laura and Martin. Laura Collins is the Big Sister every guy probably doesn't even know they want or need.
  16. Jamie/Maggie were all kinds of annoying last night. The peeing in front of someone, not flushing, and not washing your hands??? Really nasty Maggie, just when I was starting to think you were kinda cute. And Jamie? Charming Brit accent or not, get some boundaries dude. Stop digging through Gary's stuff. It's beyond rude. Not a big Gary fan, but when he finds out about the ring (and he will) I hope he tosses both your sorry asses out onto the Covid-infected street.
  17. Because a lot of men are pigs. Oh Peaches - I'm not. At least I don't think so.... Not sure how to feel about this one. As a straight male I've admired the actress for awhile, and not in a sleazy way, hopefully. But the whole "you've lost the privilege of looking at it (her body)" thing sounded a bit...much.
  18. So Rome and Regina are taken in again by another "lost" youth? Most gullible adults I have ever seen. Eddie - I just can't anymore. I hope this is rock bottom for him. Katherine, clueless as she is, deserves someone better. Still not missing Delilah one bit.
  19. As a Brooklyn ex-patriot, ITA. The only hospital in the area that's worse is Brookdale, IMO. More likely her doctor would have been at Methodist, Beth Israel, or NYP Brooklyn as you pointed out. Folks like Brooke Lynne wouldn't be caught dead - literally - at Kings County Hospital. Damn it writers, use Google!!!!! Plus - BL's ginormous, oddly-shaped baby bump looks phony to me. I'm on the "it's a faaaake" team. Granny Tracy would have come up with a much better ruse.
  20. You know what would be a hoot? If "Mike" ended up sleeping with Nina and knocking her up. (Running for my life now).
  21. I think Valerie Bertinelli would be the perfect replacement if this show continues. Word is that Regis Philbin wanted Valerie to replace Kathie Lee back in the day and ABC over-ruled him. Kelly Ripa supposedly got wind of this and never really forgave him. Or so the story goes.
  22. Actually, I'm happy to see Martin as one of the few Port Chuckles men that aren't hooked up, even though MEK has turned into a silver fox. Even more interesting, what if they turned Martin into a character that...wasn't into the ladies? On another note, I had never been a Valentin fan, but JPS really has me warming up to the character. Having him surgically removed from Nina's rectum was a big part of it, but as another poster noted, Valentin/JPS really seems to enjoy being around people and it shows. He interacts more frequently, and more effortlessly, with other characters than anyone e
  23. A thought occurred to me the other day - five episodes in and no one has mentioned Cousin Kara. Interesting.
  24. Yep, it's all that filler and botox. And her eyes are crazier than Kelly Thiebaud's lol.
  25. After today I've concluded that we're stuck with LWB until...he's no longer LWB.
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