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  1. This season got off to a great start for about three episodes and now its back to the same old crap. I'll give it one or two more episodes and if nothing changes for the better, I'm out. Really wanted to like this show. Nothing that happened last night had a semblance of reality, other than Covid's impact and Maggie's situation, both of which were depressing. Just realized that the male leads are nice too look at (I guess) for female viewers, but other than that they're different shades of sad. I can only hope there's some redemption somewhere down the line, but who the heck kn
  2. Yes, absolutely! They seemed much more like a couple in love and it was great. I hope we get more of that in the future.
  3. I actually saw the Thunderclap coming and grinned like crazy - it was the only way to dispatch Kilgore and his minions quickly. IMO, it's the coolest of the super-powers (love it when the Hulk does it too in the comics) and I'm happy the writers don't over-use that trick the way they often do with heat-vision and freeze breath. Has anyone else noticed that Clark uses his powers much more efficiently in fights than Cousin Kara?
  4. Spare me 🙄 Technical Sonny is a Greek/Latino savior. But tiresome (TM Helena Cassadine) under any circumstances. I'm still catching up on the episodes, but came back to do a little more Frisco bashing. Remember when the actress that plays Britt had a leg injury and they wrote it into the show as the result of a random accident? She and Maxie had beef back then, and Frisco was around for some reason. Britt ran into Frisco and she blamed him for the accident. Frisco pretty much confirmed it, smirking and saying "I get paid to kill bad guys." Well Frisco, Henrich is bad, bad,
  5. Probably one of the better episodes of the season, overall. Scott Galloway is everyone's favorite professor from college, the one whose enrollment quickly fills up. Intelligent and thought-provoking - a "woke" guy with real facts to back-up his argument. You gotta love it! The Annabelle Gurwitch chat was another opening segment I didn't get - Bill seems to use this spot now just to shoot-the-shit with old buddies. As he himself said, most of us had cheap, shitty apartments right out of college, Annabelle's insights weren't exactly epiphanies.
  6. THIS. And on top of that, I'm ready to see Peter GO. It's been a very long time since such a mediocre bad guy has lingered this long. LWB or not, it's really time to say adios.
  7. I was actually hoping that the writers would surprise us by having Jill NOT sleep with Rod, but no such luck. As another poster said, nearly zero growth on Jill's part, it's gotten old, she's a one-trick pony. And...does anyone else think Jill would sleep with Adam if she thought she could somehow get away with it?
  8. Forget about standing on the sidelines as the WSB did nothing about Peter. He stood on the sidelines knowing that his daughter was going to marry Peter who was being investigated by the WSB. Frisco was a shit father to start, but he seemed to be reading her the riot act over the phone, like he had any right to do that. Then he hung up on her. Take a fucking seat Frisco. I'll always cherish Frisco and Felicia as one of GH's last great super-couples, but now he just seems like a gigantic ass. As long as he's head of the WSB, I'm more than happy just hearing about
  9. Love the new Geico commercial with the lady biker and garage workers singing "Build Me Up Buttercup." Just tack any old classic 50s, 60s, or 70s tune into a commercial and you've pretty much got me. Then I go to YT and play the whole darn song, lol.
  10. Well, looks like I was wrong. To quote the Squire of Gothos, Franco is clearly "dead, dead, dead."
  11. You have always fascinated me, GHScorpiosRule! I actually get the Jock and Bobby Ewing thing, even as a male. They were both very good looking chaps. Interesting dreams indeed. Going way out on a limb and making what might seem to be a crazy prediction but....Franco's not dead. This is actually part of an elaborate scheme, involving a lot of folks, to get that old Master Schemer/Teflon Dude Peter August. Think about it...Franco's a pretty intelligent chap, why would he tie Peter's hands so poorly AND leave his gun within reach? It just doesn't track. I wouldn't be surprised if St. J
  12. In fact it was a little bit frightening. But they fought with expert timing.😆
  13. So happy to hear this. I've been a big America Ferrera fan ever since "Real Women Have Curves." She appears to be such a smart, authentic person. I believe she has an incredible future ahead of her either behind the camera or maybe even in politics.
  14. To coin an old saying - if Bonnie is the wise old sage in your group, then you need a new group.
  15. Could you please link to that if possible? This cancellation thing came up so fast, I'm kind of expecting an abrupt ending. Funny how some Chuck Lorre shows drag on far too long, like two-and-a-half men, and others, like Mike & Molly and Mom, seem to end when there's still a lot of story left to tell. M&M I kind of get, since Melissa McCarthy was on her way to becoming a superstar of sorts. Even TBBT went on two seasons longer than it should have IMO, but they ended well overall. As far a Mom goes, the character's ending I'm most interested in is Jill's. I'd like to hear she
  16. Interesting. The character certainly looks to be a young 44.
  17. Even though I love them dearly, Robert and Anna drive me bonkers sometimes. Hey, Mac gave you one job - keep Peter away from the Hospital, and you botched that too. Btw, if you had listened to your old Boss Sean Donnelly about 35 years ago and killed Faison there probably wouldn't even be a Peter August to deal with in the first place. But in all fairness, Sean always seemed to take the "License to Kill" concept more to heart than you guys.
  18. Carly to Jax: "When he's ready, we'll tell Wiley that Nell had a troubled childhood and did terrible things to people." Me: "Yeah, that's your excuse too, isn't it? Except you really don't need it anymore. You're horrible just on general principle."
  19. (Shallow Male Response) As long as there's some scuba gear down there it's a place I wouldn't mind being held hostage.😝
  20. I'm confused. Do we get new content in America at all? Going to check ABC.com now, not a place I usually visit.
  21. The episode-ending Flash Mob was the 2021 treat I didn't know I needed. Go Billy, Go!!!!!
  22. Not one of his strongest shows. A bit surprising since there is so much topical content to cover. I too didn't get the Jimmy Kimmell opening segment. It just seemed like a paid opportunity to hang out and they really didn't discuss anything of interest, other than Bill being a former minority owner of the New York Mets. Honestly, he really is turning into Dennis Miller right before our very eyes. Both Bill and Dennis (where is he now???) should look at some old George Carlin clips. That's how you do "grouchy old man" in a way that's both insightful and entertaining.
  23. IMO, the writing is bad (overall) yes. It isn't that Mayim isn't talented, she just can't pull off a lead role. Look at TBBT. No doubt that Johnny Galecki has comedic chops, but Jim Parsons became the breakout star. Mayim and Johnny both work best in supporting roles. But overall, this show both bites and blows chunks.
  24. Let's start with lots of barware to be thrown. And an extra special "bullet o' love" in the head to the lucky baby's mama as she's giving birth.😆
  25. None of the couples being foreshadowed hold any promise. Sam/Dante? Robert/Olivia? Jason/Britt? Brando/Sasha? Ugh. No....just....no. Kills any kind of forward momentum this show has going for it.
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