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  1. True dat. But still enough to screw with Cyrus's head. And she did try to kill Helena intentionally, but the old bat just wouldn't die.
  2. Her surgically precise strike against Cyrus brought back a little bit of my lost love for the character. Had I written the scene, though, it would have ended with her saying, "you'll want to stay away from my Grandson. Or have you forgotten, I have killed people too?" I really thought Britta was taking the long-hinted-at dirt nap today. First it was Cyrus's hoods with the aborted lethal injection, then I expected Cam was going to miss Jasus and actually shoot Britt in the back. But it seems like Britt has graduated to JaBorg's new "ride-or-die" chick, at least for a while. A lo
  3. This is one of the weakest GH storylines of all time. Very little makes sense. Sonny/"Mike" hasn't been seen wondering about this real identity in weeks. Does Nina even have a long-game, other than using Nixon Falls to escape her Port Chuckles woes? And whenever Sonny/"Mike" gets back home, is Nina prepared to deal with a lifetime of grief from Snarly? So many questions, and we probably won't get satisfactory answers to any of them.
  4. To quote Leonard Hofstader's mother: "needy baby, greedy baby."
  5. Don't have much to add, except - does anyone else think Cyrus's first word as a child was "mama?"
  6. --which probably made Bob realize that not only was he not a "real man" by the standards of his future in-laws (which he might have mentally brushed off a macho nonsense), but he wasn't even "anyone," that is, he was inadequate as a husband for Abishola and a stepdad for Dele in the eyes of those who he thought he had a good relationship and who he thought valued him. All of these ideas implied by the show bother me. I'm marginally handy, but can't fix a dish washer either. They're fairly complicated machines - mine even connects to an iPhone app. But while I can't fix a dish washer,
  7. Yep, genetics has a lot to do with it. Michael McDonald had a head full of grey hair by his late-30s, IIRC. I myself started greying about the same age, and by my mid-40s had a mane of silver hair which only seems to be getting brighter, lol. Bob and Abishola seem to be getting closer as a couple and were so in-sync last night - I loved it! And it was nice that she actually seemed to be looking forward to some after-dinner "fun time" with Bob, as couples sometimes do. This show is really hitting its stride now and I'm glad I decided to stick with it.
  8. My guess is if Stephanie Szostak doesn't agree to terms, they'll either re-cast her character or kill Delilah off. The latter event will provide at least half a season's worth of additional drama.
  9. I don't remember seeing Maggie at work before, but she really came off as a highly competent mental health practitioner. Maggie's actually quite likeable when she's removed from Jamie or Gary.
  10. Once he realized there was no emoting or clowning his way out of whatever Sophie's issue(s) was/were, he knew it was time to call a real grown-up into the room. Btw, although I don't condone it, I totally understand his impulse to beat the crap out of Peter. Kudos to him for controlling his rage and understanding how short-term gratification might have led to long term problems.
  11. So...Chase will probably have some rare viral infection that only Peter knows the cure for, as a result, Anna and Valentine will have to allow him to resume his dastardly deeds, is that it? AARGH...this show has been fairly decent lately, but the curse of LWB is really dragging it down.
  12. I've become a fan of Bob ❤️ Abishola and Vernee is one of the more consistently funny actors on a pretty good show. A little Aunt Stella bringing down the Hammer of Truth would be nice right about now. You and me both, heh. I was in 7th grade when Welcome Back Kotter premiered. "I'm Vinnie Barbarino," wow, how John Travolta has changed.
  13. I'm so tired of Peter and feel like the writers probably are too. I wish Helena were still around to comment on how tedious he's become.
  14. Winston Wolfe


    Same here. Damn, what a hot, goofy mess. TBS lets Search Party and The Detour go, but airs this crap? Seriously???
  15. His laugh always cracks me up. Sounds like a Cartoon villian.
  16. I'm far from a Gary supporter, but he was 100% correct in telling Katherine that no one would blame her if she walked away. Eddie has put her through more shit than a little bit. If not for the Theo factor, she'd be done already and Eddie knows it. The writers have their work cut out for them in redeeming Eddie. It is very shady, yes. Are we supposed to think this reputable guitar teacher has regularly been hooking up with his underage students? I know it happens, but I wish every show did not feel they need to write in a storyline like this. I think the writers had this
  17. Just saw today's episode and all I can say is damn, who turned the Clock back to 1983? This is the GH I loved in College, and really miss so much. No mob stuff, no endless baby shenanigans, just some old-fashioned, character-driven soap based on a rich body of history. Yeah, I know what you mean, it would be more like real life. We never get to see the characters relax and hang out (as people do) without it being storyline driven. Love this classic clip from the Aztec Treasure S/L, featuring Sean, Luke, Laura, Frisco, Felicia, Robert and Holly:. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f
  18. Re: Darlene - she was horrible as a young person and seems to have pretty much stayed that way. Of the entire family only DJ seems to have become significantly less awful, and we barely see him. Has anyone else noticed that the Connors barely mention Roseanne when speaking to others outside of the family? Becky made no mention of her Mother passing at dinner with her HS classmate, nor did Darlene when she first encountered Molly. Very odd, and I wonder if that was intentional on the writers' part.
  19. It actually was. And also a pleasant change to see Darlene less miserable for a change. I'm still a little bit confused as to whether Darlene actually cashed in the tickets though. Really nice of Molly to do that, I don't remember Darlene ever really being nice to her. Ben's starting to come off as someone who's just sticking with a losing cause out of stubbornness - or to make a point. He knows who the Connors are (and aren't) at this point. He probably needs a more stable, sensible GF and Darlene needs...I don't know really.
  20. My main reason is that, knowing the end is in sight, I may as well finish the ride and see how it ends on the off chance that some small part of it might be relevant to Superman & Lois... some actual proof that they occupy the actual same Earth maybe? Because you know who’d be the first person I’d ask for help with a busted Phantom Zone projector? Maybe the guy who actually built it and kept it stored in his Fortress? Who’s also Kara’s actual blood relative? Maybe? Just possibly? Nah, let’s find a random space vampire to fix it... and let’s not call Superman when Lex
  21. This show will never overcome it's mostly bad writing. Take this episode's title, "A Few Good Women." Between the two of them, Lena and Eve probably have a combined IQ of nearly 1,000. That's more than enough brainpower for the two of them to put Lex out-of-commission, trial or no trial.
  22. Technically, Jason would kill her. He indicated he would murder Diego's mother if she testified about seeing him during the shootout at the MetroCourt Hotel (when Sonny and Jason had no problem with their men murdering innocent people who were witnesses until Jason found out SWSNBN would be a casualty). ABC needs me writing this Soap for one month. If these characters are meant to be badass then write them that way. I would have had Snarly tell Cyrus, "look mama's boy. Stop going around making empty threats or you'll never see mommy again. And then Sonny's capos will make you disapp
  23. This year's Season Primere should have been the last we saw of Lex. There's really nothing left of this character to mine now. Cryer's take on Lex has been great, he's really enjoying himself, for sure. The only Actor I've seen having a better time playing a Super Villain is Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. But I was really kind of hoping the writers would come up with more interesting baddies for the final season.
  24. Big bad mobster with a ponytail. Evey third word out of his mouth is "mama." Worse than Stavros Cassadine, who I once thought was the worst "mama's boy" of all time (even Luke called him that, lol). But even when talking with Sasha, he had trouble manning up. She asked him what he wanted and his first response was, "What do you want?" If you grow a pair, they might help you get out from under Carly's thumb, kid. Too late. She Beast Sr. already had Mikey spayed and neutered. I did too. But MW was looking particularly gorgeous today.
  25. That being said, if BL were smart, she'd loop Ned in on the scam and benefit from his decades of Q-family scheming. No Brains has this Girl.
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