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  1. I always felt Sally and Steffy could have been good together and either of them would be believable as bi.
  2. I’m streaming 2 soaps rn. Tubi the free app has all the my network tv prime time telenovelas and some Australian soaps (and the commercials are v minimal). I’m rewatching Fashion House, then will watch Wicked Wicked Games. On an bootleg app I stream, Riviera, which is an extremely high budget soap from UK and Monaco. it’s gorgeous: the locations, super yachts, fashions, luxury cars, mansions, art... I digress. what’s crucial and where Corday is being fucked is he wanted Sony to let him syndicate Days internationally and took them to court and I believe lost. Bell who owns and produces Bol
  3. One of Shins main criticisms of Chad was he took time of to situate Abby in FL. Now Jakers, who only just got the job and only experience and education is working on motorcycle engines, is perfectly fine to also go awol a month too? brady has a lot more history and emotion w Chloe than he does w Kristen. They were together from teens to mid 20 and married. this version of Claire is trying live/be Ciara vicariously and that includes caping for Ben like a deranged Stan and eventually and creepily banging the dude. The other and more preferable ORK/Claire was more fixated on Ciara a
  4. Lucas and Rex are kinda similar in their personalities.
  5. Someone told me they think this isn’t real Ciara. I swear if this is Eve in a Ciara mask
  6. Maybe he’s not seeing marriage and together to infinity and beyond but looking for companionship and sex for now?
  7. What is these giant white blocks covering half the posts & user names? Are we not done w the upgrade yet, 🥴. it’s been almost a week...
  8. It’s shocking the amount of legal things and prison stuff Ron gets wrong considering he was a lawyer irl.
  9. There’s murmurs they want Kristin Bell for a talk show to replace Ellen. I forgot who else they’re courting but I heard this tea a while ago on Deux Moi I could also envision a reality show since people go on those practically for free plus they can be in a covid bubble
  10. Actually it’s not. There’s a free version w a fuck ton of commercial and like 50% of the shows and movies. And a pay version with no commercials and the rest of the shit. This was a multi post convo on the main thread since one of the mods said she has the free version and no commercials and me and several other posters said we watch the free version and have hella ads, so wtf.
  11. It’s on brand for Jan to kill a rapist. we all called this bullshit. I wish it was Allie or Claire so either would be ushered off for a fresh start but their too bland and low vibrational to open a can of pickles let alone snuff a creep.
  12. That’s giving me Tyler Perry vibes like when he bragged he writes, produces, directs, and stars in all his own shit ans did like 5 productions in one month. Like we can tell. Because shit is rushed, unpolished, and low rent. Also Kristen is shoved into every storyline and doing the same stupid ass Cartoon villain bullshit over and over. Who asked for this and loved it to the point they wanted it redone 137x?
  13. She is. She looks almost exactly like Veronica from Archie Comics
  14. He’s mentioned her many x. When Thomas first stayed w him even they talked over ans over how it was ok since he always was at his gf place
  15. Is that how it’s gonna be w this dirtbag? So if they get in a big fight I’ve kids or money and she locks herself in the bathroom he’ll just kick the door down? Or if she goes for a drive to be alone drag her back by force? and btw drugging a woman who rejected you to get her to like you is horrible optics. @boes the Salem of everyone as Kristen you mentioned reminded me of Rick ans Morty. There were episodes where they was a dimension of everyone being a version of Morty and one of a planet full of versions of Rick.
  16. Yeah. But Ciara thinks it’s 3 years ago hence why she’s bitching about Claire playing tonsil hockey w her bf Tripp and believes it’s before she even became friends w Ben. So actually that poster is correct. She’d believe Adrienne is still alive because TJ happened way after that shit
  17. Oh. So they had sex? Xander’s a fan of wrapping it up tho. Remember when Sarah was horrified to wake up next to him after a one night stand and he held up an assortment of rainbow and flavored condoms?
  18. It would be funny if Chanel married Xander for his family wealth and bougie job title and then after realized he didn’t have either. But she comes into a previously unknown trust or inheritance and then he gets half . Then she had to scheme to end the marriage without him knowing or get it back from him or some shit.
  19. I’ve been a fan of Sami and Lucas since 1993. Watching her outrageous stories while drinking Clearly Canadian and eating Viennetta was living to young girl me.
  20. Marlena’s a bitch and her priorities are all fucked up.
  21. He won’t have to. Liam’s gonna be blabbing to him about it ans someone will overhear. Selling drugs.
  22. Did we really need to see on screen vomiting complete with it splashing all over an actress? 🤮 Ron’s so immature. Next they’ll be a plot point or gag a character has upset stomach and he’ll show a brown stain on their pants or audibly fart in a scene. the actress who plays Allie has extremely wide shoulders. I noticed it before when she was standing near other cast members and while walking through doors. I think Gwen’s pregnant. Hope she cuts down the drinking. She’s been knocking them back as recent as this week but already at the stage of morning sickness and banged Chad / f
  23. Tamera Braun talking with her hands excessively to try to look more “Italian” 🙄
  24. I’m sure at least once when nu-EJ comes on he’ll have sex w Kate. Because Kate
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