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  1. Yeah they have heaps of kids on General Mobsters and Y&R
  2. Again @MsTree No she sounds like Eeyore constantly even when she's supposed to be "happy" like w her baby or Grandma and has dull eyes. And she's far from the only character on soaps that been raped there's like 157 on Days alone and they don't have the charisma of wilted kale. if your belief was accurate than Ciara, Sami, Eric, Brady, Marlena, Jenn, Kayla ect would all be monotone and drowsy and charmless like her and are all being portrayed wrong. The actors should get on her level of artistic interpretation.
  3. No it's not. It wasn't meant to be a surprise even before Allie came Lucas and others went on and on about how much of a party girl and wild and head strong she was. Since she's been here she's been drab and extremely low energy and doesn't even inject life into her performance.
  4. I'm sick of Days of our Goonsten
  5. When I think "manny" I think of Evan/ Christian Homely guy but great service!
  6. So it's Mother's Day in Salem (2022) because its Rachel's birthday. kristen is more focused on Chloe giving her daughter a gift and working w bf in an office... than her daughters birthday and the milestone holiday? Nice priorities
  7. Nicole is gonna cheat on her husband w her rapist. Cool! OT but AZ is a traditionally attractive woman who was a professional model. So it's interesting her hair styles, makeup and fashion misses, miss so hard.
  8. These Rafe and Ava scenes are excruciating. also I'm confused why this piece of cardboard entitled "cop" would be attracted to a self described mobster and and rapist who also said very recently to him she emotionally and physically abandoned her son simply for not being from the product of her obsessions spunk. A woman who's now thinks compulsively wiping counters and making fattening large meals constantly is a 'personality trait' the actress playing Kristen kept slipping into her "Susan" twang while bickering w Sami. Another stupid ass story. EJ is obsessed w Sami and Krist
  9. She's said and done several extremely racist things on a reality tv show.
  10. Did they fall out? I know they had a show together I didnt watch, Is it still on?
  11. This mask shit has got to go. This is Disney channel level storytelling (if we take out the rape and murder). Off hand has Gwen ever said she had a fucking job or schooling besides the one nanny thing handed to her for no reason and bizarrely since she was an asylum escapee? No women in 20s has career goals or hobbies I’ve noticed Ron has issues w them
  12. It was weird Kristen keep shading Kate as a cougar and saying dating age difference like she’s so much younger than Kate or a contemporary of Brady.
  13. This preview of Salem’s most low vibrational sluggo Allie kissing Chanel. I welcome some representation of alphabet community but .... also the love triangle of Rafe the compulsively cooking hand waving Ava and horrible hair bland Nicole has snore written all over it. They all suck #respectfully
  14. Then you can tune into Young and Restless and hear Victor and co mumble their words! 😂 👂
  15. I would have bought him having feelings for ORK Claire because she pushed all his buttons and called him on all of his shit.
  16. Yes like Arya and the hall of faces on Game of Thrones or Khloe Kardashian. https://youtu.be/_zQ3K-ylk-4
  17. Only on Days can you dramatically announce an exit and then a “shocking return” all on the same day the person still airing. Grand opening Grand closing
  18. I think Jan just to cover bases should kill Rafe
  19. What, like, is that a conflict of interest?
  20. Sorry even people w memory loss or brain damage are allowed to have consent. Ciara doesn’t seem to be mentally incompetent or finished other than her feelings for Ben and irl feelings can change, it doesn’t matter they were married or she said she loved him once.
  21. No idea who said this because each post on the site has looked like this for me for over a week. but show established all the apparent dwellers are upper class. At least in Chicago and NYC (maybe because of the crime) every building has a buzzer system or doorman. Even dumps in in the projects people have to be buzzed in or go through security
  22. Does Ava do anything besides cook? where is she getting the money for all these groceries she’s unpacking everyday when she’s said she’s so broke she can’t even afford a hotel room? But unemployed Ben and Xander both can afford hotel rooms? if they’re gonna bring this chick back just to stir sauce or chop peppers for hours a week they can keep it. There was actual performers who’s characters did things that Show pink slipped for this.
  23. You know... having Kristen shoved in our faces every episode for the entire episode for monthesssssssd then shipped off is horrible storytelling. This asshole has no sense of balance
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