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  1. Did Marlena outright say Susan was special? Yesterday she said she told the authorities Susan has "a childlike mind...and heart" i thought it's always been established she was eccentric but not IDD. of course Ron doesn't really know or care about the past or canon. She has been written as challenged this round through I think even another poster asked if was supposed to be a few pages back
  2. She bullied her w Mimi that's why it was a blink & you missed it call back when Chloe was in the trunk she called her "GG" Chloe's first few months in Salem she was called Ghoul Girl and freak, even Phillip made fun of her. Belle befriends her and was dating Shawn so he stood up for her too. Kids used to throw garbage at her and shit.
  3. There was an era where the good looking soap hunks were generally written more stupid and naive. I wanna say the 90's. Ethan (Passions), Jake (Melrose Place), Austin (Days), Joey (OLTL), Holden (ATWT), Ridge (B&B) ect ect The 80s the hunks were more heroic, crafty, have more savvy. Robert (GH), Victor (Y&R), ect ect
  4. Well... Ron IS an asshole. Corday isn't exactly Mr Personality either
  5. LOLZ remember when she screamed her head off at Sarah for being a few minutes late "Where the hell were you?!? I called 20 min ago" and Sarah squeaked "I was with Xander and my ringer was off" and she huffed "no excuse I needed you" like the bitch jumped out! and remember when she wanted to harvest the heart from Kate ans was wheeling her into the OR and Kate woke up and started hollering? 😂 the hell?!
  6. Irl the actress who plays Victoria has gone to producers multiple x and asked them to pair her w Devon. there was a whole page about it in SOD where she said she campaigned to the honchos fervently and they kept declining and a pic of her hugged up on Bryton making flirty eyes.
  7. Yeah I was like "are they chem testing them or...?" 🤷🏻‍♀️ And the scene just dragged like they were trying to reach a time limit or word count for school LOL i like Jan and the crazy doctor it's fun having bad guys who aren't Kristen. Ben and Jordan always seem like they have sexual tension. The last time before she was killed off they were almost flirting some scenes 😬
  8. She doesn't know if she call 911 they could trace her call and location? and she looks practically same age as Belle her "mom" so really should get some common sense as well as stop Single White Female-ing Ciara life. Like now she want to f Ben so she can vicariously feel like she "is" Ciara. That's the difference old Claire had interests a job lived independently. She hated Ciara but didn't want to BE her or wear her flesh.... she wanted to All About Eve her & X out. She wouldn't be falling for any old bullshit from Charlie or Jan either, she was a schemer and scammer herself. I
  9. He did actually change his name though officially and I believe legally. He's not trolling like some losers in life .... 😊 i think he actually believes this his new name is "The Whisper Within"
  10. I hate Abby more than any character on soaps, but like her solely because of MM's interpretation and I'm okay being alone on this
  11. Lolz I meant DH / Mar not DE 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think both Freddie and Chandler would come back if they were asked. I'd rather them be around at once Lumi is here and Gabi's front burner. There's a lot they could do right now. Show could stand to snip some other people on current roster as well.
  12. The first time ages ago. He's finished college then came back, he's 30. The poster you quoted was talking about them firing his ass now and keeping Ben and shoving him front burner now because of DE clout. GG is only active and given story because Cordays wife has a crush on him ans prevailed on her husband. Ben was rehired because of DE pulling rank. I don't like soaps that run that way. It's an artistic vision not your fantasy crush employment agency. Also as touched on above I think that could cause major resentment behind the scenes. Like "why did you go to bat for this person b
  13. Kristen face masks for Covid. Not only protect you from virus but also make you able to impersonate anyone in town.
  14. I get we're supposed to suspend belief cuz it's a soap, but literally every situation is so dumbed down & preposterous it's like watching a Disney sitcom
  15. Didn't Vivian got to prison without a trial or anything? Apparently in Salem it's except from US laws
  16. The model who replaced him. Rob was first male model in history of Price is Right then they added James and Devin.
  17. Did you post this entire comment on another site? Because the one who did also has posted others comments from here so I don't know if it's multiple people sharing an account over there or what? LOL
  18. Deirdre Hall / Mar went to Corday and asked he keep him. I would rather he was back on the Price is Right, that seems more his "speed" and he could still make a very nice living. James is starting to look like an average joe slob w the covid beard and sloppy hair.
  19. It's all moronic anyhow because they said Stefan got the crib due to being DiMera CEO & since then Gabi has had it and been CEO, the douchbag Chad got the job, than other douchbag Jake. I don't think even Ron remembers or cares at this point. They need to utilize their sets better than having everyone live on top each other in 3 houses and a motel. Then talk about how incredibly rich and bougie they are 🙄I watch novellas they need to it show homes of some of these weirdos and have them run into, fight, sex, ect at a cheap spa set or health club where it'd make sense they'd cross
  20. He's pretty good looking especially shirtless or nude. And the actor is vegan and a dog lover irl so I'm already rooting for him. @bunnyblue just guessing but I think it will be a Lumi/Ejami triangle based on all the dialogue between Sami and Lucas.
  21. Yeah but I want Evan/Christian back. He's good looking and bisexual and unrelated to anyone so he could be paired lots of people. He hates Ben, that's a plus. And detests Rafe too.
  22. if Jordan eventually isn't dead can that mean Evan/Christian can come back too?
  23. Chad's / Salem are supposed to be in a suburb or quick drive to Chicago ans we had no snow.
  24. Since Kristen's secret is out... that means we won't have to listen to that horrible fake Susan accent everyday anymore
  25. Right. And the show had Sarah mention multiple x he was making major money so the fact characters keep screaming his broke makes zero sense. i guess it's too much to expect Ron to remember his own writing past a month ago or use basic intelligence
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