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  1. Ridge will probably hire him just to stick it to Bill.
  2. Yes! Not to mention his best friend is a killer! Who lives in his apartment! yet another reason I think he's both an idiot and a douchbag, shit he says like that. I agree w @boes the show looks cheap. Which is weird because I've watched lower budget novellas and web soaps ans they have more polished sets and they fit the stories better.
  3. This is literally everything I was saying to my friends earlier today
  4. That's gender fluid. What @peachmangosteen said was she was sexually fluid. Which means she's attracted to people regardless of gender so she may hook up w a girl, date a transgender or non binary, marry man, so forth.... David from Schitts Creek is also pan.
  5. Like on Arrested Development when Maggie the character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus pretended she was blind LOL
  6. I don't agree at all but w don't have a groan button here 🤣😂. If someone's too thin skinned to deal when people talk trash then need to get the f out the public eye. Or he can just not have a public twitter account. It's not that hard. Also he's arguing with a kid and making an idiotic threat. Like literally. That makes sense to you? That would be like someone saying my posts were dumb and I'm annoying then me being like "I'll find you where you work then make a scene in front of your boss about you saying making some stupid Internet insult." They'd call the police
  7. Chad could leave the entire show for all I care. When MM/Abby comes back I want to see her free. he's such a loser! LOL i like Kate I always have and always will but I'm not feeling her with Jake he's a loser also. I'm not sure why Gabi's in love with him and then he said he was in love with her after calling her crazy, weird, stalker, freak and shit daily for months.
  8. There was a kid on Twitter calling him a hack and saying he sucked & on his bio he listed his high school name and year like "Brooklyn Prep '09" or something and Ron tweeted him back saying "how'd you like if if I came down to your school and showed your principal what you write in your free time?" LOL! like principal would expel him or recind his college recommendation based on some mean tweets off campus? Or not think that this middle aged stranger man was being a creepo
  9. Kates good when she's being bad but with a rival on her level. I like her messing against or with Sami. Or against Victor, if he was still on (I think he just cut his hours back because of health precautions) I could see her having a rivalry against Jackeé and that being funny too. as far as sex sense I wanna see nu-EJ in one his body is amazing. AS/Sami always commits to sex scenes. But Nicole and Kate will probably take him for a spin too. They're always suckers for EJ plus they seem to have welcoming romps with any newbie
  10. Reminds me of Sister Patterson from I Love NY 1&2 or Mama Joyce from RHOA.
  11. No they broke up ages ago and she's married to somebody. Obviously they're still friendly if they can joke about it. The actors who play Nicole and Rex also made an inside joke recently (they were married & had a child but now w other people) There was tea that the actress who played Ciara had an affair w the dude who plays Ben, he has a gf, maybe I should get a job on the show.... lol
  12. Lol what? I surmised that.... both tweets embedded in yourpost. I was just remarking it was kind he replied to you. He replies to everyone. Some soap stars dont
  13. PT is so nice. There's a few other ones on soaps that always reply to fans or thank them. Some soap stars though think they're like A List stars or are rude it's so silly. Of course Ron is one as well he's super conceited & if anyone dare @ him with criticism or reply to one of his posts critically he used to personally attack them even children viewers LOL
  14. Raven Bowen's looks older than PW/Chanel...Not like a ton but noticeably too me. Not as bad as the replacement that they got for Allie, she looks like an old HS buddy of MM/Belle, rather than her child.
  15. I'm confused also. Her plan for the Square is for grants to go to minority, low income new business owners. Chanel is black, unemployed/broke, and wants to start a small business. bakeries even small ones are huge amounts of work. There was one by me ran by 2 lifelong best friends for 5 years and they'd have to get to work at 6 am finally leave at 6pm with no break. Eventually their friendship fell apart and they sold the business for a large profit and moved away they were really close to my dog and named a pastry after him.
  16. Eli! And they love to wrestle. He loves when George pins him or tosses him around then they roll around like those old school comics when it's just a cloud and weird symbols like a hashtag or exclamation point would be shooting out. Ans then Eli signature move is to grab one of George's arms and pretend to bite up & down it like a corn on the cob. his other good friend Macaroni moved away because that family had financial crisis from pandemic : ( he was so so sad they were crazy about each other. But then met Eli at the park and they play a lot.
  17. He apparently worked on his parents farm in his decade break from acting. Anyhow I like his strange facial expressions & character it's entertaining. I was team Broe OG stan but this week I found myself leaning Phloe.
  18. You know who's cool as shit on social media and rl is Brody Hutzler who played Patrick Lockheart. He was like the only entertaining Lockheart amirite @peachmangosteen and @boes? he's some real estate agent in LA now.
  19. Alice's Donuts are baked, like you, I have made donuts via deep fat fryer. Fresh & hot glazed at home beats the brakes off Krispy Kreme. Alice's Donuts Alice Horton Famous Donut Recipe
  20. I was under the impression it's Jennifer's house and she inherited it directly from Alice. Also it's supposed to only have like 3 bedrooms.
  21. He said in the article he had issues w sex and gambling as well. I feel like the leadership on the show could create a more nurturing and supportive environment for its talent. They don't even have a set acting couch to help them prepare or review. I don't think they checking in to see how well people are doing or let them know their valued, JMHO
  22. How many x is Ben gonna just psychically rescue a girl from a fire, or cabin, or cabin on fire? Maybe he will replace JJ as town EMT... His psychosis might be a hurdle. As well as only having the ESP hero abilities w girls he wants to bang.
  23. He can't stand her or her family & usually only sees them for the show. His agent was in someone else's YouTube vlog drinking at a bar & you could him saying it and "it's all fake"
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