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  1. LOL yeah. Oops. All I noticed was Lani reply "speaking of sweet bits I heard you saw Eli naked..."
  2. I think the only woman he ever really loved was Chloe. I like him w her. In their HS days though I was a Broe shipper so Chanel's a baker. Of "Yummy Ballz" or whatever.
  3. The hell is going on w the wardrobe on this show?
  4. Julie's rules ans comments about alcohol should be taken w grain of salt anyways. When the famous Abby drugging by Gwen happened. Abby and Chadouche ordered a (entire) bottle of champagne to celebrate her story. julie opened it away from table and brought the open bottle over with full glasses (which was how Gwen could drug the toast). That's not how wine service goes .... like at all.
  5. Calling her "Julie Fubar" makes me think of if there was a parody "Too Wong Foo With All My Love, Julie Fubar"
  6. That's smart. You're right the bat probably flew into the window or wall. He was lying there folded up tense super still a good 20 mins and me grab him before flapping off me the flying like banshee. He was probably stunned or knocked. a s long as the basterd doesn't have rabies or some disease. George smelled his ass
  7. That's a good idea about recasting Taylor. If she's a strong enough actress and attractive there's a lot they could do story wise. She could get w Ridge or Bill or he'll even Eric. Be involved in Steffy's story's. There's a lot of actresses that could work in the role
  8. They made Baby Finnegan a boy so in five years when he's 16 he could have triangle with Beth and Lizzie and have rivalry / hatred with golden boy Douglas who as dates his sister Kelly.
  9. You have to tell me. also why was this damn thing out at like 8am and kicking it on the ground? Then even let us close (me grab him w towel) then flew off fast AF like Dracula's nephew?
  10. Yes! It flew off! And he could tell for smell it wasn't a mouse (he has this instinct chip in his brain like he hatesssss nice and rats, it's bred into Yorkies for a century. If he smells one, sees one he goes bonkers & he's caught and shook the shit out of one before outside). This one he didn't want to rip in half or even bite It looked just like a mouse & hunched up still and breathing hard. My dumbass went to the dollar tree and bought a towel and oil. (George was in car at this point) The way it was hunched up and not running away it looked like it physically couldn't the
  11. My dog corned a mouse today outside. That turned out to a be a bat arghhhhhhhh
  12. This entire time Liam and co acting like he's not son of billionaire w squeaky clean record.
  13. I think the dead body's gonna be Dr Meanie.
  14. I wouldn't mind if he ushered her off the show. Her characters been played out for a minute. ive always been like lukewarm on her (I like Sami and Kate since forever) ans if she's just gonna be around to be w Rafe, Ava and Alli she go and they can use the salary and screen time for someone who matters
  15. Word on the curb is This show is too boring for my liking and I'm annoyed w him I hope if he does he
  16. I feel like this recast will be like the Allie and Claire ones : (
  17. I foresee Kates blindness being a joke on show and show boards that now she's blind at least now she has an excuse for her fashion choices.
  18. Usually if a soap make lead is going to be a pushover or kinda ineffectual like him he is very good looking & it kinda fan wanks why women are putting up w this shit. Like Ethan from Passions, Holden ATWT, there's a bunch more
  19. Yeah they had a house set. It was Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Tyler Perry always has horrible wigs.
  20. Allie and Chanel are gonna start a business in Horton Square. They're both lazy, lack interests, and are tactless but sure. Ava, Rafe, and Nicole triangle is FF time. I can't stand any of them and they actually pathetic. They're so dorky and like out and low budgy Hallmark movie or some shit. "We share a teddy bear. But my best friend makes his giant lasagnas every meal and he smiles and 'mangia's in aprons..." Ciara want divorce from Ben so she can marry Theo we all saw this coming.
  21. Did Marlena outright say Susan was special? Yesterday she said she told the authorities Susan has "a childlike mind...and heart" i thought it's always been established she was eccentric but not IDD. of course Ron doesn't really know or care about the past or canon. She has been written as challenged this round through I think even another poster asked if was supposed to be a few pages back
  22. She bullied her w Mimi that's why it was a blink & you missed it call back when Chloe was in the trunk she called her "GG" Chloe's first few months in Salem she was called Ghoul Girl and freak, even Phillip made fun of her. Belle befriends her and was dating Shawn so he stood up for her too. Kids used to throw garbage at her and shit.
  23. There was an era where the good looking soap hunks were generally written more stupid and naive. I wanna say the 90's. Ethan (Passions), Jake (Melrose Place), Austin (Days), Joey (OLTL), Holden (ATWT), Ridge (B&B) ect ect The 80s the hunks were more heroic, crafty, have more savvy. Robert (GH), Victor (Y&R), ect ect
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