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  1. Vandy10

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Sorry, I saw no body, no funeral, and no grave. Therefore, Logan is lying somewhere in a coma from which he will shortly wake up. That’s my head cannon, anyway.
  2. Vandy10

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I’m cracking up at all the comments here about Whitney being great and classy—this is the guy who named his band RENOB because it’s boner backwards. LOL. I don’t hate him, but he’s not really above all the salaciousness.
  3. Vandy10

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    What does this even mean? It don't make no sense!
  4. Vandy10

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Wasn't it a couple seasons ago when they told Tyler (very nicely, IMO) that he was disrespecting their wishes to keep Carly off their social media? Tyler was pissed, but Cate said she didn't care about SM so long as she could keep seeing Carly. And that led to the 2-year gap in visits? Or it was their wedding when Tyler and Cate "let" Butch totally disrespect B&T's wishes that he not accost Carly? I can't remember which of those two filmed incidents came first.
  5. Vandy10

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    At least Chelsea understands that nothing good was happening on a plantation 200 years ago. Everyone's reaction shots to crazy Ashley were hilarious. Props to the editors!
  6. Vandy10

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I think Gary and Kristina, like Jo and Vee, have to walk a fine line. They know their kid’s mother is total shit, but they also know they need to keep things calm and pleasant for the kids. I can’t judge them too harshly for how they navigate the beasts that are Amber and Kail. I mean, I snark here with y’all, so obviously I sit in judgement of these people. But the truth is that I know I never could’ve handled coparenting with these losers as well as Gary/Kristina and Jo/Vee. The petty in me is too strong and I would have to let the whole world know how shitty my ex is. I’ve admired how well Gary has handled Amber for the past 10 years, during some very difficult times. So, even though I don’t understand it, I have some faith that Gary is doing this (going to court with Amber) for the right reasons.
  7. Vandy10

    S08.E06: Momcation

    BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG! Cheyenne looked like she was having a blast on that trip. /sarcasm So did MTV pick the craziest 16 and Pregnant girls because they knew they’d make for good TV, or does being on reality TV for a decade during your formative years make you crazy? Chicken and egg, I suppose.
  8. Vandy10

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    I’m probably overthinking this, but in the preview for next week, a certain person is reintroduced with a shot of her walking in tall, black boots. I hope that is (not?) an explicit connection to the boots Cameron spotted on Shep’s floor this episode.
  9. Vandy10

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    Uhh...is this the episode where the producers fell out of love with Craig? Between that weird, no-reason fight with Austen and including the scene where Naomie said Craig used to call her a f#&+ing c@&t when she wanted to stay in at night....eeesh. Also, it was so telling when Dani and Kathryn came up during the fight and Cameron kept saying, “No, it’s real. It’s real.” I didn’t hear exactly what Dani and Kathryn said, but it basically seemed like Cameron was assuring them it was a real fight and not a staged fight for the cameras and storyline. I know reality TV is all producer-manipulated and not that real, and I like when we can see behind that.
  10. Vandy10

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    This is so extra unpleasant now that Carly’s 10, Bentley’s almost 10, and Leah’s 9. These poor kids.
  11. Vandy10

    S08.E04: One Big Happy Family

    I watched that whole scene with Cate leaving for the spa just cringing. I was also thinking about how much shit she was going to get on the internet for it. What Cate doesn't realize is that we know her history (props to the editors for putting all the pig scenes in this episode!) and that influences what people think and say. Sorry Cate, the slate's not clean. A better mom would get some grace for what happened because, yes, moms need time away and all kids have clingy moments. But Cate's left not-Carly too often, and we've seen it all.
  12. Vandy10

    S08.E03: Blessings Not Baggage

    I think that's what she said Tyler told Nova, but yeah...I caught that too.
  13. Vandy10

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It could just be all the abuse and neglect. Some internationally adopted children display ASD traits at first too, due to the effects of institutionalization and neglect. For most of them, these symptoms lessen once they're in safe, nurturing homes. Hopefully the same will happen for Ensley, if she gets to stay in a loving home.
  14. Vandy10

    S09.E21 Reunion Part 3

    I don't think Nessa's dumb. She's doing the job MTV wants her to do. After she pushed Jenelle about her posts about Colin K., MTV then had a screen inviting viewers to visit MTV's newest website about race. She had clearly been given the go-ahead by producers to bring up the subject with Jenelle. I say the same thing about Dr. Drew. He's not dumb. He is an out-of-touch famewhore who doesn't watch the show or keep up with the girls' social media the way we do, but he's not dumb. MTV doesn't want hosts who dig for the truth and ask the questions we would want to ask because a) it would upset the "talent," and b) it would reveal too much of MTV's fakery and ruin their carefully crafted storylines. All the hosts of reality TV season wrap ups have to behave the same way at the behest of producers. The host of 90 Day Fiance's tell alls does the same thing where she won't press the "talent" or ask them questions that fans truly want to know because the producers won't let her. The only one I've seen who does kind of push the cast members is Andy with the Real Housewives. But he started off as a producer, so that's different than the other shows that just hire random hosts.
  15. Vandy10

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Of course Jenelle just keeps making this even messier and messier. I don't think CPS will put much stock in the complaints that the swamp monsters are making about Barb, but even if they do, Ensley's not coming back to the Land any time soon. Instead, she'd be removed to non-kinship foster care (ie strangers). I can't tell if Jenelle is just so stupid that she doesn't realize her complaints won't bring Ensley back home, or if she knows that and is just so spiteful that she doesn't care if Ensley's current kinship placement gets disrupted. It's a toss-up with Jenelle; either one could be true. I haven't watched the videos, but I can actually believe Ensley was crying for her mom in them. That doesn't mean Jenelle's a good mom. It means that young children get attached to, and love, their parents no matter how shitty they are. It's one of the most traumatic parts of removal for children who have to be taken from their parents for neglect and/or abuse.