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  1. That sucks so hard, I feel really bad for him. Losing everything in a fire is unimaginable.
  2. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I've been watching What Happens at The Abbey....I actually really like it. The drama is so way over the top that it's entertaining.
  3. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago and have switched to vaping. It's a lot less stinky and gross, and cheaper overall than continuously buying packs of cigarettes. Anyway my boyfriend still smokes (like a fucking chimney) and it grosses me out to smell it on him and when we kiss. The thing that bugs me most is that he has vapes. Like 3 of em. And he buys e-liquid....yet he won't quit the cigs. And if I even approach the subject with him he immediately gets defensive.
  4. LMAO!!!!! I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!
  5. I've always been underweight too, I can't even count how many times people have asked me if I was anorexic. Doctors, therapists, friends, strangers, teachers...it's really frustrating. And most of them didn't believe me anyway. Not only are both my parents thin, I also have extensive issues with my throat/stomach/digestive tract. At this point I am on TPN because I can barely eat anymore. It sucks. A lot. But honestly sometimes I wish it were just anorexia because you can recover from that and be (relatively) healthy. None of my health issues are going to magically go away with some therapy. E
  6. I wonder if the Duggars even teach their kids to write in cursive. Somehow I bet they don't.
  7. I want to like shrimp and grits but I really can't stand the texture and (lack of) taste of grits. My boyfriend is a chef, so he makes really good food, but that's one dish that I just don't really care for. The shrimp though, I could eat that all day.
  8. There's also the app called Shazam.
  9. I had nerdy friends like that, it seems like almost all of them had some sort of crush on me at one point or another. At one point I moved in with my best (nerdy guy) friend and after a few months he kicked me out because I had a few dates while I was living there and after 11 years of being BFFs he couldn't handle the fact that I didn't share his feelings. He originally said it was because the rent was going up and he didn't think I could afford it...but a few days later he wrote me this crazy 7 page letter detailing how awful of a person I was because I had "friend zoned" him, taken advantag
  10. I love Garfunkel and Oates. Their music is awesome, and funny. Fun fact, Garfunkel and Oates wrote the "Ode to Bernadette" that Howard sang while Bernie was quarantined after being exposed to a raccoon virus in season 7...or was it 6? Anyway..
  11. That dog print caftan Patricia was wearing was soooooo fugly. And she even has her own line of pet customizeable caftans (regular ones too I suppose)??? Totally creepy. And of course Landon bought one. Kiss ass. What is Pat's obsession with caftans? Anyone know? We almost never see her wearing anything else. To me, that is bizarre.
  12. Personally I think Craig has every right to be mad at Naomie for the things she's been doing. She treats him like shit, or like a child, and when she doesn't get her way she's a Pouty Patty. She also seems to enjoy airing their dirty laundry to anyone who will listen, along with picking fights in a group scenario....and none of that shit is cool in a relationship. She claims to be all "ride or die" to Craig and to the therapist, yet she refuses to take any responsibility for her part/actions that make Craig fired up like that. He doesn't just blow up out of nowhere, there's always a source. It
  13. It always confused me that Patti Stanger, a self professed [millionaire] matchmaker, can find so many clients "love" and yet is still single herself. Matchmaker my ass.
  14. Definitely nothing special about ShepGear. Besides, aren't trucker hats over by now? I will say I had a laugh at the Dad Bod shirt, because I could totally picture Tom Schwartz from VPR wearing it. But beyond that, Shep's "line" sucks.
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