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  1. Eater of Worlds

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    Jenelle annoyed me when she was driving with her knees and texting. I wonder if anyone called her out on it.
  2. Eater of Worlds

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    She thinks her flirting is awesome but all it is is lawsuit material. Boris was totally not into her.
  3. Eater of Worlds

    S09.E07: Surprise

    I couldn't agree with you more about Gracie. She's been shorted as much as Ali is by their parenting. So I found out that Jordan sells medical supplies and equipment. Plus he's a realtor. He was wearing scrubs one day, I wonder if he did that for the show or if he actually is one of the people who sells devices and trains surgeons on how to use them. These people are often in surgeries telling the doctors what to do.
  4. Eater of Worlds

    S09.E07: Surprise

    You know, watching I think it was this episode, I see that Gracie is still a massive bitch to Ali. She still puts her down and I think she holds a ton of resentment towards her. She's too young to see the amount of hurt that Ali has and I fear that Gracie is going to explode with that resentment when she gets older. I know they talked about counseling and took her to one but that child still needs a lot of help.
  5. Eater of Worlds

    S09.E07: Surprise

    I'm trying to catch up on the season and I have to say, I love the new organization at PTV. I missed the groupings of shows by the type of show they were and always going alphabetically drove me insane. Two things. I have forgotten why Kail won't talk to Javi's new gf. Did the gf do anything or is Kail just pissed that Javi moved on? Second, is Janelle the world's worst liar or what? You can tell when she's making up a story, she's not a very good actor. Like in a show close to the first season she was telling some tale in a restaurant with Barb and the blond curly haired producer and both Barb and the producer knew she was lying but humored her. I almost forgot, I missed it somewhere, what job does Leah's new bf have?
  6. Eater of Worlds

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    " I remember her saying she went to the doctor and the doctor said "No more monkeys jumping on the bed," as well as that her depression was just regular bipolar depression and not post partum depression. When did that change, other than when she felt she didn't get enough attention with it being bipolar and switching to post partum depression instead to have a storyline continue like Cate's? It was just "no, it's just bipolar, gotta go back on my meds" and boom! to "my post partum is so bad I wanna die."
  7. Eater of Worlds

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    Ryan gets so many blind items. His most recent ones were that he has aimed a loaded rifle at family members and threatened them. He certainly owns a lot of guns. https://starcasm.net/photos-ryan-edwards-gun-collection-causes-concern-after-he-allegedly-threatened-to-shoot-taylor-mckinney/ And supposedly his new baby isn't actually his own baby so neither he nor Mackenzie care that he cheats. I am less likely to believe this one, but it does explain why they have no affectionate body language with each other and it explains how she managed to get pregnant when she looked like she never wanted to be touched by him again in her life. Both of these were from CDAN, which should be labeled the world's least reliable blind item site. I do believe that he has aimed a loaded rifle and threatened his family, and hopefully this is before rehab. Maybe that was what made him go into rehab finally and stay. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/12/blind-item-7_21.html And the one about him not being the father was at the same site on the 19th, I think, something like that.
  8. Eater of Worlds

    S07.E28: Modern Families

    I thought the myth for shaving creating darker thicker coarser hair was long gone. It only seems coarser because you're chopping off the hair mid way instead of letting it grow out to the natural end of hair. It certainly doesn't give you more hair follicles to shave, so it's not thicker. And it only seems darker when you first shave because you're noticing the replacement hairs change as you go through puberty. I also thought at first that this might be something Leah wants to keep to herself instead of have on TV, but then again so many kids these days think it's fine to put their life on show for others. Additionally, I wonder if kids she hangs with have been talking about the hair on their legs which is a reason Leah is self conscious of having hers, but because the kids have spoken about as well as having talked about shaving already she's not self conscious about it. I've noticed that there are puberty related things that were still taboo when I was a kid that just don't seem to be as much of a taboo to talk about these days, plus are spoken about in more public ways and in mixed company. Does Dakota have a job in Austin? I know he gets disabililty from the military. What is keeping him there, instead of KY where the rest of his family seems to be?
  9. Eater of Worlds

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    With Bruno's accident, did they cut the rope? I remember watching something where they had to cut a rope to free someone and not everyone had their knife on them. After that they made sure they had their knives at all times. I just don't remember if it was this show or not. But even if someone had a knife, would it have helped Ashton since that rope looked really thick to me (I have to watch it to see how thick it was). If it were super thick would they have been able to cut through it fast enough? If it were an inch or so thick I'd think they'd be able to slice through it pretty quickly.
  10. Eater of Worlds

    S06.E08: Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

    I didn't remember Caroline ever saying "The glass broke right on the stairs where the people are going to be walking up. Please don't allow them up there until I've cleaned it up." That would have solved every problem she had with that damn glass.
  11. Eater of Worlds

    S06.E08: Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

    So the Below Deck After Show said that Kate was harder on Chandler than we saw. I'm also curious why he had only one shoe one. That's also explained in the after show, but Bravo doesn't bother to caption them so I'm left wondering.
  12. Eater of Worlds

    S07.E14: Reunion Part 1

    I rewatched the reunion because I only saw bits and pieces of it. I've thought this before, but it was especially obvious in the Mona discussion how bad of a liar Mike really is. He has so many classic tells to his lying, I think that if Jessica had asked him if he were cheating she must have been deluded by love to believe him if he said no. I don't know if she asked him but I just don't see how she could have believed him if she did.
  13. Eater of Worlds

    S06.E07: New Kids on the Dock

    It was said that if someone has a prescription for something like Xanax then they can bring it when they go to another country. That's actually not a given. Some meds are banned in other countries or more highly controlled. In those countries you often have to contact the appropriate department in the country, send your medication list and letters from your doctor, then they will approve your entry into the country or not with those medications. In some of these countries, you're to do that just three weeks before you leave, so if you've made accommodations and bought tickets by then you're at risk of not being able to go. Japan is one of these countries. So I wouldn't assume that you can bring any meds just because you have a name on a prescription bottle. This might be down to editing, but did anyone notice what Caroline did in the last episode? Kate asked her how her foot was, or Caroline went up to her and told her something like "It's better, it even looks less swollen." Yet when someone else asked (Adrian, maybe) if it was the same or any better, Caroline said "no better." If that did happen that way, I think it was because Caroline knew she had used up Kate's store of tolerance for self-pity and she moved on to greener pastures.
  14. Eater of Worlds

    S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    I half wonder if she took the painkillers with some Xanax or some other benzo that she uses for anxiety. Of anything, I don't fault the name Aleks. He has a Russian last name (Taldykin) and Aleks is the short form of Aleksandr or Aleksey. It's also the short form for Alexander in a whole bunch of Slavic languages.
  15. Eater of Worlds

    S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    It's sad that because of all the bizarre shit that spewed from her mouth, we can easily believe that Sarah Palin actually said this.