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  1. I was reading and the TV was on. The show Wipeout came on. It's apparently an old episode from Season 5, Episode 23. They throw toy rats at the contestants. One, of course, was our very own Rocky Dakota, before she was known as Rocky Dakota. Wait, IMDB say episode 24 but TV says 23. Here's a site with some stills from the show. And snark. https://bitchbybravo.com/2015/11/13/breaking-news-rocky-dakota-bartlow-in-third-reality-tv-show-she-appeared-on-season-5-of-abc-tvs-wipeout-exclusive-videophotos/
  2. It really depends on a lot of things. Their birthday (cut offs are much more strict these days) and their development. My sibling's kid had a late July birthday, Sept cut off, so he'd be one of the younger kids in class and he just socially was not ready to be moved up. The research shows that kids that are kept back in like pre-k until they are socially ready for K (or repeating K, equally ok to repeating pre-k depending on how the child's skills and knowledge are) and 1st grade have much more success in school. K is now a mix of 5 and 6 year olds, and 1st is a mix of 6 and 7 year olds. My SIL is also a first grade teacher and she was so thrilled that my sib kept his child back. She says that the ones that just aren't ready for that level of interaction do so much worse in a regular classroom environment. Both my SIL and I were four when we started K, which is close to unheard of now.
  3. A recent blind item said that when investigators went into Janelle's home, the holes in the walls seemed to mostly be made with a fist. The ones that weren't, were bullet holes. Huge explanation as to why those kids were finally taken from the home. Here's an article about Janelle's weird postings (like of ultrasounds and baby bumps with links going to things that have nothing to do with her) https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/former-teen-mom-2-star-jenelle-evans-is-back-to-toying-fans-with-a-picture-of-an-ultrasound-amid-custody-battle.html/
  4. On the first 90 day fiance (and I think this was before the big migration to previously.tv, on that other site that shut down) there was this guy that bothered everyone. He had very red lips so people found that attractive because they didn't find his personality attractive. I idly mentioned that I wondered if his nipple color matched his lips (as they generally do) and everyone was instantly grossed out, and also could not stop thinking about it. When UBT came on the scene, I had hoped he was a Jeremy type guy. Good job, not a horrible person. That idea went down the drain really fast.
  5. I"m entirely out of the loop this year, I didn't even realize this season had started until it finished. Can someone describe Vanjie's accent to me, where are they from? For people who don't know I"m Deaf and while I can tell someone has a different way of speaking I can't always place it.
  6. He only has access to her funds if she set it up that way. I know many marriages where the individual money earned is kept separate, the bills are divvied up, etc. It doesn't just magically happen, she had to put him on her accounts. He either pressured her to do it or she wanted to do it from some idealized version of marriage in her head.
  7. There are always blind items about Janelle and David floating around. This recent one thought might be believable. Apparently David is trying to grow pot on the property. The guy hasn't had a harvest yet, but that is the reason he is buying a shit ton of guns. And then there's the really deluded part: he's trying to get his friends to be enforcers, except there's nothing to be an enforcer of. He's making himself out to be some drug kingpin. Even if this is all fake (which is quite likely given many blind items) it does fit everything he's doing now. Getting more panicky about cops on his property, buying more guns, thinking he is some sort of powerful being when he's just someone who likes to have control over others...
  8. Jenelle annoyed me when she was driving with her knees and texting. I wonder if anyone called her out on it.
  9. She thinks her flirting is awesome but all it is is lawsuit material. Boris was totally not into her.
  10. I couldn't agree with you more about Gracie. She's been shorted as much as Ali is by their parenting. So I found out that Jordan sells medical supplies and equipment. Plus he's a realtor. He was wearing scrubs one day, I wonder if he did that for the show or if he actually is one of the people who sells devices and trains surgeons on how to use them. These people are often in surgeries telling the doctors what to do.
  11. You know, watching I think it was this episode, I see that Gracie is still a massive bitch to Ali. She still puts her down and I think she holds a ton of resentment towards her. She's too young to see the amount of hurt that Ali has and I fear that Gracie is going to explode with that resentment when she gets older. I know they talked about counseling and took her to one but that child still needs a lot of help.
  12. I'm trying to catch up on the season and I have to say, I love the new organization at PTV. I missed the groupings of shows by the type of show they were and always going alphabetically drove me insane. Two things. I have forgotten why Kail won't talk to Javi's new gf. Did the gf do anything or is Kail just pissed that Javi moved on? Second, is Janelle the world's worst liar or what? You can tell when she's making up a story, she's not a very good actor. Like in a show close to the first season she was telling some tale in a restaurant with Barb and the blond curly haired producer and both Barb and the producer knew she was lying but humored her. I almost forgot, I missed it somewhere, what job does Leah's new bf have?
  13. " I remember her saying she went to the doctor and the doctor said "No more monkeys jumping on the bed," as well as that her depression was just regular bipolar depression and not post partum depression. When did that change, other than when she felt she didn't get enough attention with it being bipolar and switching to post partum depression instead to have a storyline continue like Cate's? It was just "no, it's just bipolar, gotta go back on my meds" and boom! to "my post partum is so bad I wanna die."
  14. Ryan gets so many blind items. His most recent ones were that he has aimed a loaded rifle at family members and threatened them. He certainly owns a lot of guns. https://starcasm.net/photos-ryan-edwards-gun-collection-causes-concern-after-he-allegedly-threatened-to-shoot-taylor-mckinney/ And supposedly his new baby isn't actually his own baby so neither he nor Mackenzie care that he cheats. I am less likely to believe this one, but it does explain why they have no affectionate body language with each other and it explains how she managed to get pregnant when she looked like she never wanted to be touched by him again in her life. Both of these were from CDAN, which should be labeled the world's least reliable blind item site. I do believe that he has aimed a loaded rifle and threatened his family, and hopefully this is before rehab. Maybe that was what made him go into rehab finally and stay. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/12/blind-item-7_21.html And the one about him not being the father was at the same site on the 19th, I think, something like that.
  15. I thought the myth for shaving creating darker thicker coarser hair was long gone. It only seems coarser because you're chopping off the hair mid way instead of letting it grow out to the natural end of hair. It certainly doesn't give you more hair follicles to shave, so it's not thicker. And it only seems darker when you first shave because you're noticing the replacement hairs change as you go through puberty. I also thought at first that this might be something Leah wants to keep to herself instead of have on TV, but then again so many kids these days think it's fine to put their life on show for others. Additionally, I wonder if kids she hangs with have been talking about the hair on their legs which is a reason Leah is self conscious of having hers, but because the kids have spoken about as well as having talked about shaving already she's not self conscious about it. I've noticed that there are puberty related things that were still taboo when I was a kid that just don't seem to be as much of a taboo to talk about these days, plus are spoken about in more public ways and in mixed company. Does Dakota have a job in Austin? I know he gets disabililty from the military. What is keeping him there, instead of KY where the rest of his family seems to be?
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