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  1. Might the paying phrase be "mansquito"? Regardless, Sun Lion 4 the win.
  2. Did y'all notice that in one scene Max was using a Big Boy Camera?!? I was momentarily worried that Nev had thrown Max's treasured tiny camera into a body of water, but it diligently returned a couple of scenes later.
  3. I wish that Justin's contract to appear on this show required a follow-up special in, say... fifteen years. I need cameras to capture his regret.
  4. Thought #1: Is "catfish" now synonymous with "scam"? Thought #2: Is Nev angling to earn a spot on some Celebrity Anger Rehab show [well... "Celebrity" Anger Rehab]?
  5. @ramble -- Adventure Time is the first thing that springs to mind. Same made-for-kids/works-for-adults sensibility as the TV show (if you've heard of that). Clever riffs on fairy tales, hero sagas, morality tales, and the comic genre in general.
  6. Road trip! Now the entire Clone Club needs to get together to recreate Alanis Morissette's Ironic video.
  7. I'm still relatively new to actively reading comics. I didn't know one could even, like, HAVE a "pull list"? Here's what I'm reading, though: Adventure Time [Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite, obvs] Saga [pretty much... every character is my favorite?] Hawkeye [the L.A. stuff is not my favorite, bro] Sex Criminals [this one might be even weirder than Adventure Time] Alex + Ada [one issue in seems like Her, the comic... in an awesome way] Ms. Marvel [about to read issue two] Have basically dropped: The Manhattan Project, Zero, East of West
  8. The movie was fun. But I would have liked more past/future interaction. It would have been interesting, for instance, for Wolverine to have been pulled back to the future midway through, forcing the future-folk to come up with a Plan B. Basically, I wanted more timey-wimey-ness and less raven-sad-face-ness.
  9. Vivacious' Ornacia on Drag Race was a more utile appendage than Max's ridiculous camera.
  10. I'm guessing that the next episode will start with a rational explanation for the fish-tapult/fish-nado. Maybe involving fish that was being shipped to the head honcho gangster guy at the beginning? Like the blizzard causes a truck full of fish to crash? And those fish get swept up in a windstorm thing? I also wonder about the case of money returned to the snowbank. Will that reappear this season? Or is that money going to be the thing that ties together various seasons of this show?
  11. This is my first season watching this dumb show. And I am VERY DISAPPOINTED to learn that there even are "happy" non-catfishing endings. All I was left with this episode was deciding whether I was more annoyed by Antoinette's horribleness or Nev's moralistic preening about Antoinette's horribleness.
  12. Martha survived the season! With her Chekhov-ian gun still in play! I predict now that Season Three will some some birth control hijinks from Miss Martha.
  13. I echo bagatelle. What's up with the fish? Spontaneous fish-nado? SUPER convoluted plot by Malvo? PT-Andersonian act of god?
  14. Kill me now, but I actually learned something from a Duggar last week. I had never seen that whole "put oil in a measuring cup before the honey" thing. So I gained new knowledge. From Jinger Duggar. Si-i-i-i-i-i-igh.
  15. Space-time continuum be damned, I've decided that Paige's "summer camp" is actually the crazy cult farm from Orphan Black. Paige and senior counselor Grace Florrick will bond while practicing their lip stitching skills.
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