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  1. KHenry14


    I thought Season 1 was terrific. Brockmire wrecks his life, gets the worst broadcasting job possible, dates a challenging woman. They could have had stories for years, yet by Season 2 all that good stuff evaporates. Dumb
  2. Irony is that the Enquirer's lead story this week is how badly Bella wants to get out of $cientology
  3. KHenry14

    Selling Sunset

    OK, I was intrigued enough to watch the first 3 episodes....and I wish I hadn't bothered. What a bunch of self centered egomaniacs. Just an annoying show all around
  4. KHenry14

    S06:E10 Smithlfly Designs

    This guy's products are top flight, so I was surprised of his reluctance to embrace other types of fishing equipment. And yes, this is an obvious play for Marcus to put Smith### in Camping World or Gander Mtn.
  5. KHenry14

    Leave It To Beaver

    Years ago I actually spoke to Frank Bank in his financial advisor role. He was counselling a client about their 401K which my company managed, After I helped them, he asked me who played Lumpy Rutherford on LITB? I of course knew the answer and I proudly said "Frank Bank." He said I was the only person who ever answered that correctly, then he introduced himself as Frank Bank. Made my day!
  6. KHenry14

    Cold Justice

    I do look up the status of the shows. Its always surprising to see how long it takes for these cases to come to trial.
  7. KHenry14

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    One curious bit of information from the show was how poorly Everkin and Ellison are doing. Secondly, I thought it was a good idea it was to bring these two dorks into the Community fold. Too bad their arrogance got in the way of actually working at the job at hand. And finally, it was interesting to see Marcus starting up his own little Shark Tank.
  8. In 2006 Tom Cruise and his business partner took over United Artists and produced the invisible "Lions for Lambs" and the lamentable "Valkyrie". While Tom didn't run the business, he was involved to some extent. But the scenario fell apart after only two years and Tom went back to Paramount. While Cruise may not have ever "run" a business, a guy at his level is usually deeply involved with the finances
  9. KHenry14

    S03.E03: Spies Like Us

    Well, based upon the midterms, they didn't do a very good job of running Republicans in CA. The Congressman in Hemet is Raul Ruiz a 4 term Democrat. He's the guy who needs to get the ball rolling at Gold Base. As for Clearwater, its in the Florida 13th district represented by former Gov. Charlie Crist a Democrat. Crist was re-elected by 15 points, so it would be an uphill fight for Co$ to get him out in 2020. IMO, the fight over tax-exempt status has to start with these two guys.
  10. KHenry14

    S03.E03: Spies Like Us

    And you have to assume that Co$ already has a plan of action figured out if the IRS or somebody comes after them. And it will be a take no prisoners posture that the IRS will need to be prepared to deal with.
  11. KHenry14

    S03.E03: Spies Like Us

    Despite the obvious evidence of Malfeasance, I just don't see a DA, or Congressman or the IRS being willing to take Co$ on.
  12. KHenry14

    S10.E04: Episode 4

    I thought the Butter Shirt was an excellent idea. But I was curious why nobody mentioned going out to retail. Seems to me it would be a perfect match form Nordstrom and other's like them.
  13. KHenry14

    Where Are They Now?: Former Contestants

    How could Fox be so negligent to not have checked with UK Immigration to make sure that the winner would be able to take the job? That makes no sense whatsoever
  14. KHenry14

    S10.E01: Episode 1

    I'm a little surprised there was no discussion with the Straw People about getting their costs down. $20 for this straw is way too much, but at $9.99 they might sell. Lego glue kid has a product that is a great play for Lego themselves to license. Put a small bit of glue in those kits so the kids who built a Millennium Falcon or Hogworts can keep it together. This wont make them a bazillion dollars, but it will pay for those two kids to go to college. The fold flat camping pots are a great idea, but its essentially a backpackers item, and less a generic camping item. Campers have access to cars lots of time, those people don't really need this item. But anyone into backpacking or scouting, this could be a hugely popular item. I really had a problem with the front door lock guys, This only works if UPS/FedEx/USPS etc. climb on board. And I don't see any real advantage for them to do this. Only way I can see it working is to give the carriers a royalty for every package they scan and leave locked. And I don't see that happening.
  15. KHenry14

    Cold Justice

    Well, I think part of the reason for doing this show, was to use the pressure a TV can bring to the DA's office. I've seen a number of pissed off people publish the telephone numbers of the DA's office, and I bet the DA is pretty pissed about this.