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  1. If they change the format the show will instantly fail. People will be tuning in to see a specific type of show....anything other than the traditional format will alienate the fanbase and piss off a lot of people. Me included
  2. KHenry14

    NFL Thread

    AT&T/Directv is bleeding money and customers, so I find it hard to believe they could find the money to pay for Sunday Ticket
  3. One thing I noticed....I would much rather live in the homes shown on MDLLA than in the NYC show
  4. And doing all that in a $230,000 car.
  5. Season 6 started tonight. The guilt is written all over the widow and her mother, but they only arrested the one guy. My thought is he might get a deal if he can implicate either of those two.
  6. A floating grill is about the dumbest idea ever to be on Shark Tank.....and thats a pretty high bar to reach!
  7. There's a part of me who has a problem with punishing a 12 yr old. But this isn't a situation that one can just blame on his youth. He had to know what this represented, and he did it anyway. and his parents bear some responsibilty too. But beyond leaving AI, I'm wondering if this makes him toxic in Nashville too?
  8. Am I wrong, but didn't one of the people with Courage.b go to work for Marcus?
  9. Some random thoughts... 1) Don't really know Coldplay other than Fix You.....but then again I dont know most of the artsts they cover. 2) Willie needs to sing some thing other than a ballad. Something like Superstition or Do I Do by Stevie Wonder should be right in his wheelhouse. 3) I agree with the many who think Chayce is going to win, this despite him being the weakest singer left. And is it me or does his performances seem to all sound the same? 4) Is Caleb enjoying any of this? Because he sure doesn't seem like it. But its clear he has a big future ahead, even
  10. All in all, a very good night. Caleb--finally did a song I liked and he was real good. Not sure why he's so popular, but he is. Go figure Willie--a bit of a cliche song choice, but he sung it well. Yet, I was a bit bored Deshawn--Nice change of the arrangement, but ultimately it was no big deal Casey--took a chance by singing the world's saddest song....and she pulled it off! Alyssa--She looked and sounded terrific. I wouldn't surprised if she gets signed by some label Chayce--didn't feel Baby Mine at all. But he evidently can do no wrong, so he moves on. Art
  11. I've gotta say...I was very much underwhelmed by the Comback Crew. Only ones I liked were Arthur, Makayla and Louis. And none of those 3 would stand a chance against the 9 from the current season.
  12. Well, not a great night. Some pretty good, but mostly a lot of meh. Grace--The biggest voice in the competition...and she picks a song that doesn't show it off. With that said, she was pretty good Ava--City of Stars wasn't a bad chice IMO, but it wasn't the zowie song she needed to stay in the competition Alyssa--Another good performance, but I want more from her. I thought she would win it all when I first saw her...now im not so sure. Chayce--picked the wrong song. I mean if he could have done Bryan Adams songs like Cuts Like a Knife or Summer of 69 he'd have done
  13. I'd be interested in the Truffle Salt, but not the classes. The soap thing is way too expensive The salad wrap was kind of a joke. No way I'd ever use that. And the water bottle thing was just too expensive for my blood
  14. First, Willie Spence is in the finals, mark my word. Alyssa and Grace just killed it. And I think Alyssa could join Willie in the finals.
  15. First, Army Girl doing Bad Girl was..interesting. Her gyrations are ineffective in a singing contest tryout. But kudos for singing it fairly well. Purple haired girl at the end is the real deal, prolly top 3 finalist. Also interesting is the judges picking up on the lack of confidence in a few of the contestants. None of the judges lack in that regard, but its nice to see them try and help those kids (especially the country boy in the black Stetson). By and large I don't like the contestants singing originals. Typically they are unpolished, and weak lyrically. Ash's song to he
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