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  1. I agree the "fight" was stupid and made no sense. And Altman once again shows he's a douchebag. With that said, I think opening his own shop is a good idea. Serhant did it in New York and he's wildly successful. Frankly, i'm kind of surprised that he took so long to do it. I'd never heard of a wooden tub before, that's an interesting item in that house. But overall, i'd feel lost in a house the size of the Castle.
  2. I gotta call BS on Altman singing that song. No way he made that up on the spot. It's not like he's the Real Estate version of Wayne Brady.
  3. Chocolate milk guys would have at least a year of formulating their drink before they could go to market. Can't see any shark willing to wait that long. Also, $2.99 per can prices them out of the protein drink market. IMO, its way too soon for these guys to have been allowed on the show.
  4. I was disappointed Olivia was cut and they kept Grace. Over The Rainbow? Really? And maybe its me, but a reggae version of Country Roads just didn't work for me. I do applaud Arthur for trying it however. And I hope this will be the last we see of Jonny. That version of Faithfully was lame. But all in all, a pretty good top 10.
  5. I agree, LOTS of good talent on this season. Still liking not-pregnant Amber and Wackerman. But am I wrong, or is the group of country artists rather weak this season?
  6. OMG, tonight's ep was an unmitigated disaster. 3 of the 4 contestants didn't meet parameters, including one guy who basically submitted a foot long hunk of steel. 😕 At least the winner submitted a beautiful ladder pattern Damascus sword. In fact, i'd daresay its one of the best swords ever made on the show. Too bad everyone else on the show sucked
  7. KHenry14


    The difference is we were supposed to hate Singer...we were supposed to like Mic.. Didn't work out that way
  8. Really? The LA version gave us the pretentious weddings of Flagg and Altman, plus Altman's baby adventures. The main differences in the shows is houses in LA and apartments in NYC.
  9. ^^^this is really true. Notice how Ryan struggled over the rental building deal. His instinct is to always make the deal....but this one goes counter to his business philosophy. He knows he should pass....yet he really wants to do it too. BTW, I'm a little annoyed how they portray the brokers as always so desperate to get a listing, like it would be the end of the world if they don't get it. Jeez Serhant has 60 brokers on staff and Freddy has offices in 3 cities. Missing a listing wont break them, but the producers sure want them to act like it would.
  10. Mike Rinder's Blog indicates that there will be more to come: https://www.mikerindersblog.org/aftermath-announcement/ Interesting that Mike says that TV had constraints on them that they had to deal with. Wonder what that means...
  11. O-Face Bar was the most dysfunctional bar ever in the history of the show. The owner got arrested for sexual assault and did 3 months in jail and is considered a sexual predator and has to register as that for the rest of his life And no, they are no longer open
  12. Mendez gets almost 40 years!
  13. The edits in that episode always bothered me. The dialogue from that guy is part of the evidence, and editing screws the show up.
  14. Many thoughts on the finale... Laine is an underwhelming winner. Frankly he sounds like a guy playing on a Disney Cruise going nowhere fast. Alejandro is completely unique. His voice is thin, but he can really play his instruments...which isn't a huge Idol thing, as this is more a singing contest. Madison has a terrific voice, but the things people have been criticized her for are IMO mostly because she's young and inexperienced. She'll grow and be a better performer in short time With that said, it was a terrific final 10. The depth of quality performers was impressive. And I have to say, the stage for them was outstanding. The lasers around Jerimiah and Katy were just awesome. My main criticism is the judges. They are just too nice to the performers. While I don't think they need to go all Simon Cowell on them...a little honestly makes the show a bit more real. To be honest, I haven't watched Idol in many years. But I was pleased by this season and I'll be watching next season.
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