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  1. The article also noted, a nondisclosure agreement with CNBC and the show's production company, Machete, which threatens a $1 million penalty for breaching the confidentiality terms.
  2. Oh ok I agree and if you read the post I made which the mods here changed from the The Darkside of the profit? To the profit in the media. If you read the contract which INC. obtained, they say they can edit, dub, humiliate and look to show you in a bad light. You have to be desperate for money or to be on TV.
  3. Inc did an exclusive on Marcus, breaking down the profit, they actually got a look at the contract businesses sign. And Marcus's answer to them was interesting on that topic. It's funny Larissa Swanson hasn't tweeted in a year but when this came out last week she retweeted it. https://twitter.com/lariss89s?lang=en From the article: As with any reality TV show, the journey on The Profit begins with signing away some of your rights. Inc. obtained the show's contract, which gives The Profit's production company, Machete, and CNBC, the legal right to "portray [a] company in a
  4. What do you mean? Marcus has a net worth of $900 million to $1Billion, he gets paid to do the show and the show is a popular show. If some of these investments go awry, I doubt he is materially affected.
  5. Looks like Larissa has moved on to working in the plastic surgery field https://www.linkedin.com/in/larissa-swanson-96733912a
  6. From an article last month on Silive.com https://www.silive.com/expo/life_and_culture/erry-2018/06/86e61e8ca35385/standard_burger_whats_next_for.html The article says Lemonis and Sammy are out.
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