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  1. Mrs. Howard's response was a master class in how to handle that situation. Luckily a lot of my ex students I see working so I can sneak a glance at their nametag.
  2. And it's a lot of paperwork and other crap that Barbara doesn't have much interest in. She probably didn't want it. Not to mention dealing with parents and discipline issues most of the day.
  3. The best scene in the whole movie. So well done. I love the emotion from various characters as they sing it. I remember hearing that a lot of the extras were refugees. Madeleine Lebeau(Yvonne) and Marcel Dalio (Emil) were married and barely managed to escape France before the Nazis invaded.
  4. I also really enjoyed her other book, the Gods of Jade and Shadow
  5. Juniors would be a stretch, but I have heard of proposals at the Senior Prom
  6. Why weren't you allowed to eat in the teacher's lounge? Do you have to eat in your classroom?
  7. It's ALWAYS the copy machine. One time ours set off the smoke alarm and we had to wait outside until the fire dept came.
  8. I never watched "Everybody Hates Chris", so I was racking my brain, trying to figure out where I'd seen him before. Turns out it was "Go On" (which I loved). Thanks, IMDB. I loved Go on too, but forgot he was on the show.
  9. I think it was Cantinflas. I've never seen the movie, but heard there were a lot of cameos from many actors/actresses of that time.
  10. I love this book. Does anyone know if there are other books that are similar?
  11. Yeah, you hear people talk about snow on tv, but never how their cars are covered with yellow pollen certain times of the year.
  12. Nope, not just you. I usually have to take something if a smoker comes over, because I can smell it on their clothes.
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