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  1. This past episode with Jenna Fischer and Angela was so awkward with the actresses dressed as men. I had to rewind during because I was so confused about who they were and something was so off. The end was ridiculous with Andy going off about how they really pulled off their gender role switch. No. They did not. Kiki Palmer claimed to have changed her voice and she didn't do a good job. It was so weird.
  2. Everyone skips fast Jade and only one person commented about the baby chewing on a fucking balloon in her car seat!!
  3. I don't understand why they have not had a French Stewart/Krisitin Johnson scene. Do they two not like each other? Other tv shows do fun little reunions like this. American Housewife did it for The Drew Carey show, Cougartown did it for Scrubs.
  4. I feel like this forum has some real power. Remember all last year we bitched about Georgia? Then they kill her off!! Let's talk about how we want to see Ryan Eggold naked over and over again. The show is back with it's same ridiculous and unrealistic storylines with a little current events social justice sprinkled in and I am here for it,
  5. This was a great episode. It had me in tears a few times. I don't know if it was because we got a break from the whiny regular cast or what but it was written very well and we got a mini House reunion!
  6. Didn't Leroy swim pretty slow? They just rag on people for doing the same shit that others do, but others are more "popular". Who was it that cheated in the UK team on the challenge that they had to brak open the locks in the cynlinder. If I recall those same teammates ragged on others who actually played. I used to really root for Leroy but now he just seems middle of the pack. He's always following along after Johnny and the past few seasons it has not made him get ahead in any way. Johnny is such a sore loser. Announcing ahead of time he would go to the UK team was just another move to save face and say he hated his team in preperation of him losing. It's Episode 5 and Kyle hasn't banged anyone yet.
  7. Laurel was scary and I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I was having a hard time watching her and Johnny screw with the game. Does anyone else feel a little offended when they are talking about being traitors and they will defend Team USA? It's not a war and not the Olympics. They make it seem dirty. I hate everything about Josh. I hate his face, voice, emotions and the fact that he tried to hook up with Amanda last year. Bad taste.
  8. Do we not have a MacKenzie thread yet? I saw she and Josh are already splitting. Ugh this is all we get to listen to now if there is yet another season. https://people.com/tv/mackenzie-mckee-splits-from-husband-josh-teen-mom-og/
  9. I thought Kathryn looked amazing. It was maybe just not the place to weat the ensemble. I think sometimes people make stupid jokes that make things awkward, we all do it - we just aren't filmed on camera. Even Shep wiping his feet on the dress was just a joke that came off badly. So I think that may be what happened with Metul and Cameran. Cameran has always been a dork. Her husband is very plain looks wise. I think most of the time I comment on here I am saying what a nerd she actually is. There was so much set up this season. I want the first 2 seasons back. Ashley is sent in to spice things up, Whitney tries to create drama by sleeping with Kathryn. Why was Craig so willing to pait up with Shep after Shep had treated him like complete shit? I think all of what Shep does is real. Yes, folks, he really is that much of an asshole.
  10. This season has gotten better when they focus more on ranch life. That's the show I expected to see when I started it. Still confused as to why Beth hates Jamie THAT much but at the same time every single interaction she has makes it seem like she wants to bang him. The actors have a sexual tention between them, sometimes it just shows up on screen. Jamie gets told to kill himself and then not to and then gets chided for killing the reporter but next week shows John saying they will kill the Beck brothers? Figure out what you want please. This week Beth's nasty mouth and hard attitude worked for her. It's usually so misplaced.
  11. So yet another Teen Mom who foots the bill and lets her partner treat her like shit. Why can't these ladies learn? Mackenzie needs to drop Josh quickly and I am assuming it will happen next season because that's how this show rolls. He is ugly and has no personality. I would be absolutely livid if I went to a place like a winery to get away from my kids and a little kid was running around screaming. Why is Cheyenne never going to McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese? They are always having these huge parties and going to high end restaurants almost like to prove something. The rest of the girls are eating at places in run down rural strip malls so you already have one up on them, stop trying so hard. Amber is just a crabby person and will never be happy. I can't even give suggestions on how to help her at this point. It's been too long and she has accomplished nothing to improve her situation. Moving will not help her at all and I dread her doing it. All we would hear was "I moved to a sunnier location to help improve my mood and this means I don't get to see Leah as much". I thought Cate and Tyler were getting a little better about the B+T boundaries until Tyler has to screech out he should be allowed to be his authentic self. Maci and Taylor have 3 kids, I have no idea why Taylor feels the need to continue to procreate when it is obvious his wife is not down with it. He's done his biological duty - next!
  12. Jennie and Tori were soooo boring. Is Jennie shy or did she just come across as being a snob? Tori is thirsty for anything so I'm surprised she came off as boring too, maybe she was following Jennie's lead for some reason. Also, what did she mean that she was a tough girl because she was from the Midwest and Glendale, AZ? She's from the country in Illinois. Are those places notorious for crime and creating street fighting personalities? No. That made no fucking sense.
  13. Amber totally wants Leah to have a social media account and probably wants to use it for herself for some insane reason. My son is the same age and none of his friends have one so how many of Leah's friends actually do? The Mackenize add reminds me of Bristol. They start right when some drama is occuring, like her marriage does not seem "rock solid". Jayde is so cute. Maci and Taylor keep Bentley interested in activities and involved with healthy things that will help Bentley determine what he wants to do during high school, college. Lazy Ryan wouldn't understand that. He was being filmed behind the fence. HA!
  14. I haven't had a lopt of time to come on and chat but I've been wanting to come on and see if anyone else thought the Uber to the blood test was weird also. I mean what?
  15. The most suprising thing about this episode was seeing any of them cook actual food. They almost always have take-out in front of them at home.
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