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  1. Jen does not do a good job convincing me that she would not send threatening texts to my family members by screaming in everyones face, forcing them to pick sides and then getting into physical altercations.
  2. I never thought anything could top Johnny Backpack. I have watched the Greek Salad clip about 20 times, my only regret is that Paramount + takes so long to rewind. It is pure fucking improv gold, the delivery was impeccable. MTV should give her the money and just not finish the rest of the season. I don't need to see anything else.
  3. I do not know why Cohutta had to leave!!!!! This makes me so angry. Exactly what an above poster said, why didn't Cohutta at least have a chance to battle it out? There have been so many pregnancy storylines on the show the past 2 years. For the King's Palace to be so arrogant they sure didn't do well in the daily. OMG I LOVE THIS.
  4. Did Jasmine notice Tyler's disappointment in his pairing with her? I can never get to liking her. She will always remind me of a little twerp with stinky feet. I think she truly tries.
  5. Booooooorring. Tina, I want you to have a meltdown like Arissa.
  6. Now I'm getting fed up with everyone. Derrick is a sleaze ball to me. Can't stand him, can't stand Brad and how we all know he's kind of an idiot outside of the game. We all know Tori was always insisting he get a career job and he keeps coming back to this claiming it's for his kids. Jonna keeps sliding through. This is what I like about having to earn a skull in the newer seasons. It's so pathetic to send the same people over and over.
  7. I really need to unpack this whole Raquel family thing. Is this part of the reason she is so fragile? I've never in my life heard of a person giving away their baby to their sibling who was trying to have a child. I need more details. Was the sister just sooo desperate and nothing worked? Was Raquels bio-mom in a really hard up situation?
  8. I just started this episode and I can't fucking believe I have to listen to Jennie and Duy talk about kids again. Ugh ack it gets worse. She in general tries too hard. Like at the ice fishing event when she was screaming at everyone to get along and she had no part oin any of the conversations. And then today just BEGGING for someone to ask her what is wrong and she sounds like a 4-year-old "No one tells me what to do". I love the music background for this series. Also, will we ever see them not in the snow or will they always be filimng during the winter season?
  9. I removed this series from my DVR. It was nice knowing you all. Maybe I'll see you on other boards.
  10. I really wondered if Hughie had a butt job! I like Amber. She's a nice enough gal. No one ever truly takes her into their alliance but then get annoyed that she doesn't seem trust worthy enough. Well why would she when you kind of put her at the bottom? Priscill and Jeremiah were so funny and smart. YAY! I'll root for them now. I wonder if the producers deicded to just give up on having to earn a skull to have this rookie/vet rivalry again.
  11. I only came to find out why Colin did not wear a mask.
  12. The whole double date thing was very odd to me. "I think MacKenzie lives here". Did it take her a year to figure that out?
  13. I like Lal and James because I find them absolutely hilarious when they are not being crippling mean. Lala drinking her own milk is trying too hard, she doesn't need to do that. On their own they are just randomly funny sometimes. I like Raquel alright. Randall probably eats Lalas ass and vice cersa so the toothbrush in butt thing is probably no biggie. Katie and Tom will never have a baby. They don't have sex and haven't in a long time. We've seen this throughout the show. Even timing it is not going to work. Katie has AGED and the hairstyle is not helping. Ariana is going
  14. Oh Jennie is trying way too hard to insert herself, she made the fishing fight seems cringey. No one needed her to step in. Last week on WWHL Andy asked Meredith if she tipped the feds off and she just says "I said don't mess with my family" and doesn't deny it or even try to laugh like it's a joke. Her walk off the ice makes me think that she might. I don't know. The producers give Jen such funny edits. They must have hours of content on her but they pick out all her most glorious and incriminating statements and I love it!!!
  15. Oh, SNAP, Producers!! OH, SNAP!!! Loved that Amber is going on and on about being a good influence on her kids by pursuing her education and then cut to Kristina, who had her own rough path and blames nothing on it, already into nursing school while doing Leah's hair and have a gentle conversation about how Leah can do these things too. You know Amber would have just talked over Leah about how great she is and then include nothing about Leah's own future. Hey, everyone! Did you know that Boz is not allowed to live with his father because Cheyenne needs him to live with her?
  16. I feel so lonely here!!! I like Brooks and think he is very handsome. I do not think Jennie's kids are cute at all. I think they want us to think the little one is funny. Meredith looks so different on WWHL. I think it was the fuller hair, probably had someting done to the face. I CAN.NOT believe Jen is going to really hide behind that fact that other people handle her social media accounts. How hard is it to say "Don't make me look like an asshole or homophobic?" Whitney is probably getting too old for her husband. And also he's too old now, does she really think he's
  17. Okay, I've had it with Katie's decision making. It's awkward and not confident. None of it has made sense all season. Why WHY would it be harder to have Delaney there? She can do laundry and clean bathrooms. Maybe I'm just a bitter person but I don't know why Lexi gets any grace displayed on her behalf. Why hugs goodbye? I would stop talking to her and avoid her after the first night. Courtney is my favorite of all time in the history of any Below Deck. And Mzi with his Lexi impressions are everything.
  18. Mat is very gross and obnoxious so those two can go at it all day long and I will defend neither one of them. How did Lexi sleep in the van for over 2 hours and then when she got to the table they were just getting their entrees? Was she drinking as much as Mzi? You would have thought she slept some of it off. Calling someone an R" word is never okay. Was Llyod having PTSD with all the mean remarks flying around? I think Courtney and Mzi have been having fun and she has not led him on and she said never say never. Maybe she just means in terms of not carrying on a relationship as
  19. I have been diagnosed as bipolar for close to 30 years now and I'm sick of these excuses. Yes, there is a lot that is out of our control and it's frustrating. But we have to work on our health and not blame our behavior on a diagnosis. I can tell people, I'm really manic right now and it's hard to focus, or I'm too exhausted to function because I've been having racing thoughts and insomnia recenty. But that does not allow me to go on social media and calls someone a whore. That's just being a shitty person. I am sure Amber loves and hates her illness. It sucks but its her crutch. She
  20. Yes, but I hate Jenn so much, the fact that this really gets to her, whether she did show it or not, fills me with absolute delight. On another note Heather and Jen have gigantic faces. They are just huge.
  21. The first few minutes of this episode were absolutely glooooriousss. I saved it so I could watch it again. Jennie has an interesting story but they way they forced it on us is obnoxious. If Lisa and Jennie were such good friends wouldn't her teenage son know that Jennie got here on a boat by now? And then they had to mention bumping bellies after a talking head already did. Okay, we got the jist of why Jennie is on the show. How rich are they going to be with her hubby being a chiropractor? It's a good living but I dont know any that live in the absolute opulence that some of thes
  22. Does anyone else ever think that Delaney is overcompensating because she is not as self assured as she makes herself out to be? I actually don't believe she did anything of those things. Because if she could teach herself to have a worse delay in speech why wouldn't she eventually be able to teach herself to pronounce some words clearly. If she had said it once then I wouldn't have thought much about it. But the constant brag that she has manipulated people just makes me think she suffers from Dunning Krueger effect.
  23. I think they picked up on filiming immediately after the reunion because it was Easter time and I don't think Maci pursued having them removed yet, that seemed to come at least a month after. They will probably only be in a few segments hopefully because I can't stand listening to Jen and Larry anymore. Amber OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. Christina has never done anything for Leah? Not like Amber right who went to jail for her. Can anyone just ANYONE in her life point out that most mothers actually do not have to go to jail for their children in the first place. To me Cheyenne sta
  24. Can you imagine going to a sex party and seeing Mathew there? I'd never go to one again. The crew frustrates me. Katie is trying to be a good leader but she could have eliminated her apologizing for yelling at Lexi and then giving her a hug. Ugh why? Or when Lexi ran off crying after having to apologize because she was finally forced to. Courtney tells her she loves her. Or Malia trying to pump her up and then Lexi immediately talking trash about her. Like just let her do a job and stop trying with this beast.
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