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    The OA

    I hope there is a Season 3 and a conclusion and then it ends there. Some of this got really silly.
  2. IDreamofJoaquin

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    Oh no. Singing.
  3. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E15: One Wedding And A Polygraph

    Lisa's lie detector was a shit show. She put in her nasty comments and then had to include questions that show "poor me" when asked if she could ever trust the group again. She is so manipulative and now it is out of control. I'm glad Rinna brought up the Yolanda illness thing, I had forgotten about that. Another thing Lisa stirred shit up with. She evens fucks over the Toms on VPR.
  4. IDreamofJoaquin

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Chelsea is my favorite and I am glad she has been on the show the last few years. They are totally trying to introduce Eliza as the new Kathryn. When does the impressive family lineage die out though I wonder? 15th generation? Okay then. Does Kathryn's house have an outside space for the kids to play? Is she really walking up and down those 4 flights of stairs? The whole arrangement bothers me. Cam has never been cool, she's a total dork. The ladies only eat on camera and then never any other time I swear. That's how they are staying so small. Some of them are in their mid 30's and the metabolism has to be slowing down. They can't eat and drink all that heavy stuff and be so tiny.
  5. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    This post just makes so much sense!! I know it took a bit to write and I wanted to tell you I really appreciate it. Kristin seems so trashy to me now. She always has a look on her face that she is smelling a fart. Sandoval is right about the incestous group. I just would not keep hanging out with someone who slept with my boyfriend behind my back. They have an allegiance to no one, not even Schwartz and Katie to each other. FI and Ariana seems to be the only rational ones but even they look past shit. If Katie wanted Schwartz to have a hard dick then maybe she shouldn't be so awful and he would be attracted to her and able to achieve a hard on.
  6. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E16: This is the End

    This final challenge was BRUTAL. Not being able to even lay down to sleep. Holy shit!! They really roughed these people up. Well, take care folks!
  7. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    I remember that. It was in my state. He did terrible things to them first. Fucking crazy asshole. I loved what Nessa did. No one ever calls any of the girls out. So what if they haven't done it before with other things, they did this time and I finally feel satisfied. It's something I stand behind as well. If Jenelle was so well versed in her beliefs she could have easily fired back. But she didn't. She denied it, hid and ran away and blamed it on everyone else.
  8. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E14: The Show Must Go On

    On WWHL she said she pays her own bills but then on this episode it sounded like he still contributes quite a bit. I will say one thing about Ericka and it's that she never appears to be flirting or into any other men unlike some of the New York Housewives. She seems solidly into her marriage with Tom and just satisfied having girlfriends and her glam squad around. I loved her TH with the red and black outfit and hat. She makes me smile sometimes. Rinna says iconic way too fucking much. She said it about that stupid bunny on WWHL and then mentioned a few other things being iconic within the same half hour and I was like calm down. The bunny is not an iconic moment, it's a reality TV blip that will soon disappear as soon fast as you can say Laurel or Yanny. I'm disappointed she gave into pressure and started doing other things with her hair. That's not owning it!!! They keep talking about how Kyle just gets a few drinks in her and gets pretty lively but it's been many, many years of this...,doing splits on a table, shaking her butt and this moment with Mauricio was just gross. She just loves that attention and alcohol is an excuse. They went home and slept with like 3 kids in their bed and 5 dogs, the kink was for show. Camille is trying so hard this year and it's embarassing. We don't need her gross stories about using a strap on or fingering a prostate and what the fuck blue coat was she wearing? These ladies are just dorks and get excited about the lamest things. John Cougar Mellencamp, Boy George, Billy Idol were 30 years ago. Ericka is not the entertainer she wants us to believe. We need some relevant entertainers up in this bitch. Aaron is kind and handsome and seems like a good stepdad but I wonder if he is a little kooky. Who knows. Who knows why Denise's male assistant was carrying 7-year-old Eloise. I think Lisa is lying and in denial and her dumb thing about needing to remodel her kitchen because her friend confronted her for 10 minutes is just fucking ridiculous. Just say you want to remodel your kitchen stop screeching about how your friend yelled at you. I think it goes to show she is used to being in control and she lost favor with all the women and can't accept it. I guess I had a lot to say about BH!!
  9. IDreamofJoaquin

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I'm not here to be casual about my snarky comments. Madison looks like a guy. Kathryn looks puffy and big. Austens video was so fake. Why does Palmer go to "preschool?" I don't think she can even walk yet. If Cameran needs a break from the baby that's fine but don't try and dress it up. She goes to daycare. I'm surprised her husband lets Palmer be on screen since he isn't. Cameran had no interest in talking to a 22-year-old twit like Eliza. I don't want another little kid on the show, they need to be around the same age group. Whitney is still gross but he looks much more handsome than he did Season 1/2 when he was at his douchiest.
  10. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    They all claim they were so drunk and blacked out they can't remember anything (AHEM Brittany) that I wonder if they just do this for fun but don't finish. Being so wasted makes it really hard to concentrate on actually feeling much. I think they just do it for sport and for reactions like how they were all making out In Mexico.
  11. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    Yeah I mean.....why else would Raquel be working there if not to be on the show? She is so bland too, she reminds me of one of the boring 'Summer House' people. If she wants to brag about going to college why is she not pursuing a career in what she went to school for?
  12. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E18: Family Portrait

    Nova was cracking me up during the photo shoot. She probably has a lot of fun at her dads. Kail's kids are always funny. But I thought it was silly that Isaac didn't know she had that job when she was pregant. He's been told by now. He comes across sweet but a little scattered. I also didn't understand the whole Addie thing. If my kid had a swollen throat like that I wouldn't have laid in bed and "tossed and turned" like Leah. I would have gone in then. Leah clearly has no other obligations so it's not like she had to rearrange her whole day. Then Addie just sits in the back chatting and popping grapes.
  13. IDreamofJoaquin

    S06.E20: Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip

    I work with foster kids so I get how the process works. I just thought Tammy seemed a lot younger than Bonnie and I could not remember how they met, outside of Bonnie seeing her again when she went to volunteer at the prison and wanted to help her out. I think the ages are relevant if they were at the same home at the same time.
  14. IDreamofJoaquin

    S06.E20: Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip

    I watch this show without missing an episode and I can't remember Bonnie and Tammy's connection. Is Tammy really supposed to be in her 50's as well? How far apart is the age gap between them that they would have had the same foster parents at the same time? I want a scene with Kristin Johnson and French Stewart. Why they have held back, I have no idea.
  15. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E17 Checks and Balances

    This is perfect, especially Javi's! Another thing about Jo is that he is just so dang unattractive. His head shape and hair are awful. Maybe Vi sees something in him or they have some sort of chemistry but she's so pretty. Stella has her dad's eyes. I don't know how Briana and John will make their relationship work with the distance. I can't imagine him moving down there, he seems like he has a life unlike a lot of these guys that pop up and can jus start living with the girls (Matt, David) and Briana is not moving to New York.
  16. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Why would Kristen think she would be the Maid of Honor? Because she ate Brittany out? This was a really gross episode with the cast putting their shittiness on a mantel for everyone to see. Scheana seriously? I wish I could be a fly on that wall and see how the making out on the bed thing happened. How set up was it...how awkward did she make it trying to naturally get on the bed with cameras around. That is not real intimacy. And then saying she had threesomes when she first got to Hollywood? No shame in having fun but I wondered what kind she had. Was she the girl with multiple guys, or she and another girl with one guy. Oh, it must be like fucking a mud puddle by now! And then she is like "Oh Adam is mad at me". Stop playing games. Then Jax with his "I have to take care of me first". You asshole!! Brittany will take care of you. And you take care of her. I can never in my life imagine being any of these people, saying any of the things they do or be in any situations they are in.
  17. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E18: End of an Era

  18. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E10: To All the Partners I've Loved Before

    Happy Bear is gone but not happy MTV will keep asking him back because of how obnoxious he is.
  19. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    His scrub wearing reminds me of Dirty John. MTV is applauding itself for talking about birth control options when basically Leah doesn't even use it and just complained about all of them. The whole Barb and Jenelle thing was way awkward. Why did they need to be Live for that long? So not only were they being filmed but then they were filming themselves? Their fun seemed strange and fake.
  20. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E12: Do the Dangle

    Briana's kids are on their tablets and phones way too fucking much. My kids are never allowed to use the tablet in the car unless the trip is 4+ hours long. They get electronics and sometimes it is more time than it should be if I am having a super busy day but her kids are constantly plopped in front of it just walking around with a tablet, while eating, etc. It really bothers me. I liked how Chelsea's segments were just about her breastfeeding in the car.
  21. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I am over the motorcycle and sidecar thing. I want to just FF the scene when it comes on next week just in case of the .00001% chance I ever meet Fl and he asks if I saw him go to his restaurant opening I can say "I didn't, but I saw Lala talking about playing with her man's asshole". Lala needs to be doing something else with her grief, abusing people is not okay. I do think it is okay if she yelled at Billie only because when Billie was on WWHL she was preaching about being a feminist and didn't even recognize a picture of Gloria Steinem. Why is Kristen still given top billing on the show when Lisa hates her so much? Does Lisa have any power over the show? Also, Lisa folded very quickly by making up the fact that if Kristen is on the boys list she can come. Adam is Scheana's best friend?
  22. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    I really laughed when Briana told Nova not to talk about farting when her mom was the one who jumped up on a table screaming. Nova does not want his last name. Also I am surprised Roxanne is so willing to have the baby girls have their fathers name when she has raised man haters. Karl is getting treated how she treats people - by ignoring them. I don't see how any person in the world would find her attractive by looks or her awkward, standoffish, bitch attitude. She can't see how messy and complicated SHE makes it for everyone. Okay, I really did not understand Andrew and Barb's communication. Why can't he go to North Carolina but can go to Florida? And he doesn't even tell her. I would have been like "this was your one chance and you blew it" but of course MTV is probably setting this up and paid for her to go to New York because I would have been PISSED about spending all that money. Instead she starts casually chatting with him. And then asking the family their genetic history when it's her family that Jace would get all of this from (or both...but we know it's from her side for sure). It's getting to the point where Watson is crying in every scene and I don't like it. My daughter is 2 1/2 and cries and whines a lot. I don't need more of it.
  23. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This is the ONE time I will believe Janelle. When she was saying "he says and does weird stuff". I totally believe this is true. He seemed really strange in his clip. Nonsensical talking and acting like he has been trying to be in Jace's life when he was gone when he was an infant. Both him and his friend were very unnerving to watch. Where is the friend that was telling Karl last week that she needs to talk to Javi and be mature? Is she ousted now? She is just making her boys lives difficult. I don't want to hear her cry about her communication issues with not knowing if she and Chris are a couple. She clearly does not know how to communicate with anyone. Wasn't that her major in college?? Just full on ignoring people for no damn reason. Of course Devoid shows 6 months of paying attention to Nova (because the show has been filming) and now Briana considers that Nova should have his last name. So dumb. Stella looks like Luis.
  24. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Sad CT is gone but glad Wes, Leroy and Zach are still there. It takes me a few season to warm up to rookies.
  25. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    I honestly was putting my hand to my forehead and panting saying "oh wow, oh wow" when Johnny left. I've been dying for a season free of him. I usually love Wes but since he has been so shitty at Challenges lately it's just embarrassing for him to brag. I'm starting to have a new appreciation for Da'Vonne